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ArchivedStickied postModerator of r/streeteats

Thank you all subscribers, it's been a thrill for me to see this sub grow.

The key to keep this community going and growing is the content, so I encourage you all to post your pictures and videos. Tell your friends about this place.


We have been in Malaysia for almost 6 months and I can't get enough of the food here. I love that you can go to 2 different places and order the same thing and it can taste completely different. You really end up with a few favourite stalls that you can't help going back to time and again.

Also the food here is incredible cheap, and fresh. You see it made right before your eyes with fresh ingredients. When we leave here we will definitely miss it.

Here is a review we wrote about some of the most popular food here.

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A place to share pictures and experiences about street food from around the world

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