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July 18th, 2018 - /r/EelMemes: Enlightening the world about the true potential of our slimy friends.


936 readers for 3 months!

After a dangerous plague spread over PrequelMemes, cursing all OC to fall victim to their eel overlords, a selective few of enlightened prequel memers decided to capture this essence of creativity and protect it in its own subreddit. However, the outbreak was not controlled, and newspapers such as The Daily Dot. Fans wanted us dead, but we were resilient to this discrimination, and only responded with peace. Soon we were replaced by the ants, then pewdiepie fans and so on, but a special haven still continues on that protects us from the flame of war that wages on throughout reddit.

So while you sit at your desk at work, scroll through your phone on the bus or gaze at this post while you were meant to be doing homework you all probably have a similar thought in mind - what in Neptunes beard does this quirky sub have to offer? Well, we offer cute photos of eels, actual living and breathing eel owners and some very special memes, featuring the likes of Donald Trump, Obi Wan Kenobi and characters from Spongebob if your into that kind of stuff. So come down, embrace the culture, meet the locals and become one with our slimy friends.

Written by special guest writer, /u/WaffleChurro.

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July 17th, 2018 - /r/ProblemChild: Comics of the problem child series.


1,004 readers for 5 months!

Problem Child is a dysfunctional family drama, following high school freshman Amber Bailey and her bitter, alcoholic mother, Sandra as they both struggle to find acceptance and cope with their circumstances. Each new episode will expand upon Amber or Sandra in some small way and as it goes on, you'll get to know Amber and Sandra, along with their pasts, baggage, character flaws and personality quirks and how these things affect their everyday life.

First comic HERE

Problem Child is a serialized slife-of-life comic series that follows the lives of alcoholic mother, Sandra Bailey and her teenage daughter, Amber, as they try to learn how to cope with their circumstances. The series is R-rated, includes heavy cursing, drug and alcohol references, and explores several mature themes including, but not limited to, coping with trauma, the cycle of abuse, self-worth and depression, asking for help, dependancy, and unhealthy relationships. Sandra's tragic past is constantly haunting her, causing her to spiral into self-destructive behavior in a desperate attempt to escape her trauma. With a negligent, abusive mother, and an absent father, Amber's upbringing has left her unconfident and anxious, as she's left to fend for herself and find her own ways of dealing with her baggage. While Amber fights to avoid being consumed by her pain, Sandra is desperately clawing her way back out of her own pit of despair. In their own personal journies, they'll struggle to accept themselves and learn that they are products of their pasts, but they don't have to be prisoners of it. Problem Child is currently in its second volume, and updates with a new 6-panel episode every day at 3PM CST.

Written by special guest writer, /u/thecriclover99

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July 16th, 2018 - /r/thepromisedneverland: Gonna eat you up!


5,857 Premium Quality Kids fighting demons for 1 year!

It's been almost 2 years since this series released, and the orphans of the Grace Field Plantation are still moving ahead in this world at full steam! The Promised Neverland is a manga serialised in Weekly Shonen Jump written by Kaiu Shirai and drawn by Demizu Posuka. It's a Dark Fantasy that centres on a group of children who grow up in a happy orphanage, only to discover one day that their longtime home is actually a breeding ground for human meat to be fed to their demonic overlords! The stickler in these demons plans is that these children happen to have been raised as geniuses, in order to develop their brains to be as tasty as possible...

/r/thepromisedneverland is growing steadily and is the best possible outlet on Reddit for Neverland discussion among fans. With an anime on the way soon, consider this an invitation to join us on an epic adventure that isn't over yet!

Here are some featured posts chosen by the writer:

Written by /u/WithYouInSpirit99 - Writer/Moderator

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July 15th, 2018 - /r/FindAReddit: A good subreddit for finding good subreddits on Reddit!


147,181 Reddit guides for 7 Years!


We all love Reddit. I mean, I assume we all do anyways, seeing as you're on the site and all that. But no matter your feelings on the site and the direction it's being taken, there are still tons of subs out there. Like, hundreds of thousands. Most dead, but still a massive amount of thriving communities. In this sea of content from all over the place, with a massive array of content types, how's one meant to find what ones they like?

Of course, there's /r/All, but even that it always filled with the same few subs. And while it's a great place to find new subs, a small subreddit basically has to hit the Reddit lottery to get up there. That's where /r/All fails. And of course, there's r/SubredditOfTheDay, which is clearly the best method of finding subreddits, with well written articles that totally aren't being written 45 minutes after their release date ended, but even then, maybe you want more than one sub a day.So how are people meant to find those small subreddits, and the interesting content they provide?

That's where /r/FindAReddit comes into the scene. You want to find a subreddit for a specific type of content? Just ask. /r/FindAReddit is a subreddit where you can find subreddits for... Whatever you want. Seriously, there's subs for everything, I'm sure you'll almost always find one for what you want. It's an excellent resource for any newcomers to Reddit; the defaults are rather abstract in their topics, and /r/Popular suffers from the same issues as /r/All, and doesn't even have any porn as a compensation. For casual browsing, /r/all wins, but /r/FindAReddit is the best method of finding communities that fit with your specific interests, because there's no algorithm of upvotes that dictate what you see, it's just people telling eachother about cool subs that they think OP will like.


Written by /u/ConalFisher, writer

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July 14th, 2018 - /r/LOTRmemes: The dankest Memes from the Lord of the Rings.


83,602 readers for 5 years!

The beacons are lit! /r/LOTRmemes calls for a feature!

And /r/SubredditOfTheDay will answer!

This subreddit is for all the dankest Memes from the lord of the rings universe. From the top post, "When you try to get Boromir to the front page using a different quote.", to another top post of all time, "When your alarm goes off at 6:00AM on a Saturday", and to my personal favourite on the subreddit, Samwise the racist.

I have personally never seen an more welcoming community than r/LOTRmemes. I joined the community roughly 6 or so months ago, I rarely see a comment taking the piss out of someone, it's honestly one of the most non-toxic communities on reddit. Yeah sure, you might find an odd wanker on there, but that is usually not the case with r/LOTRmemes.

Additionally, the moderation is superb from the moderators, they're doing a cracking job, fair play.

You also can't forget the original meme, the reason the subreddit exists, "They are taking the hobbits to Isnegard"

Written by writer, /u/HoldMyAwp

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July 13th, 2018 - /r/ToonTownRewritten: Are YOU Toon Enough?


5,151 readers for 4 years!

Imagine a world where jokes and pranks on friends are considered as etiquette, where you buy gags and clothes using delectable jellybeans as currency, and where you can swim through rings, launch yourselves from cannons, and jump along jungle vines with your friends daily! Initially released in 2003 buy Disney Interactive, the Massively Multiplayer Online game Toontown Online had a very simple concept. You and your friends are well-known characters from Disney’s cartoons that coexist in the lovely world of Toontown. However, there is an opposing force known as the cogs, which are robot businessmen that seek to suck all the fun from the cartoon world for profit. However, these cogs cannot stand a joke, so you and your friends can use gags (such as a throwing a cream pie at a cog’s face) to destroy the cogs and restore the cartoony world. As a Toon, you start out with the two basic gag tracks known as throw and squirt as well as 15 laff points. When you reach 0 laff points, you go sad and cannot fight another cog until you get happier. From completing Toontasks (quests in the game to access more gags and gain laff points) to exploring the six playgrounds (or stepping foot into one of the four dangerous cog HQ’s!) to enjoying things on the side such as golfing or racing, the possibilities in this world of fun are as limited as your imagination!

However, the history of Toontown Online was not all fun and games. After the release of the fourth and final cog headquarters in 2008, it was clear to many that Disney was starting to move on from the game of Toontown. The game started to become updated less and less until it closed its doors for the final time in September of 2013. However, while Disney was ready to move on from this cartoon world that thousands have gotten to know and love, the community was unwilling to let go. The same day that the closure of Toontown Online was announced, a group of community members announced a private server known as Toontown Rewritten, or TTR for short, which seeked to continue the storyline and development of Toontown Online in a way that Disney would have. Despite a lack of experience that a corporation such as Disney had, the game opened for everyone exactly one year after Toontown Online closed, on September 19th, 2014. However, the progress did not end there. Ever since then, a crazy amount of progress has been made on this fan server to make it the best it could be. The fourth cog headquarters, Bossbot HQ was redesigned from the ground up, original features in the game were redesigned, tweaks were implemented as suggested by the community, and in September 1, 2017, the game left open beta, bringing two new Toon species with it. To this day, the TTR team continues to add updates to the game and keep Toontown alive outside of the game as well, which includes hosting panels at gaming conventions. TTR’s fourth annual panel will be held at ReplayFX later this July.

Final paragraph was supposed to have links, so here it is revised:

While TTR has been very successful over the four years of its lifespan, nothing would have been possible if it were not for the amazing community supporting the game. The hub of the community for TTR can be found at the subreddit, /r/ToontownRewritten. Every week, events are hosted in the game for both stronger and weaker Toons so that members of the subreddit can meet each other and make friends in the game. Every once in a while, the subreddit hosts contests both in game and out of game for prizes that are exclusive to few members in the community. Members of the community are chiming in with fan art, concepts and ideas to make the game better, and are answering others’ questions (as well as making a few memes) to make this fifteen year old franchise as engaging and friendly as it was originally made to be in year one. The TTR community has even been able to establish a connection with those that were designers of the original game and have gotten support from them to keep making the game in their original views. The subreddit has recently been able to rally together and donate thousands of dollars after a Toontown content creator named Kong tragically passed away. The subreddit has also helped raise thousands of dollars for the Extra Life foundation during three-day long streams known as Toonfest for Charity runs, which happen about 2 or 3 times a year. And finally, the subreddit has worked together to solve the puzzles set out by TTR on their website which has involved encryption, sorting out words using specific sound frequencies in a bunch of white noise, and much more. All of this (and much more!) is why TTR and the Toontown franchise has continued to stay strong for this long.

So what are you waiting for! Hop onto Toontown Rewritten today to enjoy the thrill of battling cogs and exploring the world of Toontown! Just hop on over to today to experience the lovely cartoon world with a decade and a half of history for yourselves, and stop by the subreddit today for discussion, artwork, and much more. Are YOU Toon Enough?

Written by special guest writer, /u/KoalaCards, edited by /u/Coteup

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July 12th, 2018 - /r/LigaMX: The subreddit for the most popular soccer league in the Mexico and the United States as well as all things Mexican Soccer


8,300 fans for 6 years!

Liga MX is the most popular soccer league in the United States and Mexico. As the current mod administration took over a dead subreddit back in 2015, little by little we have grown from 1,500 subs to over 8,300 subscribers. As we have grown organically, our community has a sense of family as the user base has grown to be very familiar and friendly with each other. /r/LigaMX is not only a sub but a family that welcomes other soccer and sports fans with open arms to experience the amazing Liga MX and its culture.

In addition, we have incredible contributors that provide the subreddit with incredible content. Every match in the season has goal highlights and match highlights from many users under the match thread. Contributors follow the young players every week with their progress as the season goes by with incredible data and input. In this case, this contributor has done this series for almost 2 years! We also have had a long running Pick Em that has been running since 2015 that has been kept alive by active users. The pick helps make the league a little more exciting for everyone and helps new followers get into the league easier. Another exemplary user always keeps us in touch with in depth stories and updates within the league with his amazing write ups and transfer threads detailing every single transfer in the league. All in all, our community is very proud of what we've become in such short period of time with quality content and an amazing user base.

Written by special guest writer /u/Man0nTheMoon915

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July 10th, 2018 - /r/InTheSoulStone: Perfectly Balanced


193,540 readers for 11 days!

This feature today is for all the half of users from r/ThanosDidNothingWrong due to their banning the day before This was one of the biggest events in reddit history, even admins got involved, even though they first said it wasn't possible for this to happen. All in all, this event has giving reddit a lot of free publicity, including being on news websites such as, the BBC, and to IndieWire reporting the banning on the r/ThanosDidNothingWrong.

All in all, the subreddit, r/InTheSoulStone, and r/ThanosDidNothingWrong is based off the blockbuster film "Avengers: Infinity War". The subreddit became famous before the banning, going from about 60k subscribers to around 700k subscribers in about 1-2 weeks.

Additionally, I also got snapped by Thanos, as a result of this, I was permanently banned from the subreddit, and had to unsubscribe from r/ThanosDidNothingWrong, and subscribe to r/InTheSoulStone. Around 350k reddit users was also snapped by Thanos.

What did it cost?


Written by child of Thanos, /u/HoldMyAwp

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July 9th, 2018 - /r/ThanosDidNothingWrong: SNAP!


554,540 ( /2 277,270) children of Thanos for 3 Months!

It's a simple calculation. Original content on Reddit is finite. Upvotes, are finite. Memes, shitposts, bandwidth, server capacity, bots, are all finite. But the subscribers are growing exponentially. Just in the past week, the amount has tripled. Left unchecked, the entire subreddit would have collapse into nothingness.

But we understood the problem. We were willing to sacrifice everything for the greater good. We, the children of Thanos, crafted the bot to remove half the population, gathered the scattered 6 pieces of the subscriber list, and fought off the fierce opposition of u/spez and the Reddit engineers. We did this all to bring about perfect balance to our subreddit, as all things should be.

Those of us who remain would like those who have turned to dust be remembered. Their sacrifice was not made in vain.

And we, the remaining, know our duty. We may have brought balance to our sub, but others still suffer. We shall turn our sights to greater heights, and bring eternal balance to all of Reddit.

You can dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arives.

Written by child of Thanos, /u/Codeskull


July 9th, 2018 - /r/ThanosIsWrong:


8,994 heroes about to lose for 2 Months!

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be... I hope they remember you... r/ThanosIsWrong

Written by SuperPig /u/ShaneH7646


July 8th, 2018 - /r/KneadyCats: The largest subreddit about cats making bread dough


33 995 cat lovers for 1 year!

Kneady cats are a class apart for cats aficionados. This one sub is for those who can't get over the cute, tweeny little act of kneading observed in some cats, whether they are making biscuits, kneading dough, or massaging a happy cat owner. There is no discrimination. We enjoy some classic cats learning to cook, tough cougar ready to pounce, clawy cuties, or even big derps planning to rule the world.

Let's not forget some Reddit classics as well, mild NSFW.

Why do cats knead? Some experts say it's a leftover behavior as a kitty getting nursed, and as an adult cat it becomes an act of happyness, comfort and well-being. Or as an instinctual behavior for patting down foliage to settle down, much like dogs' digging behavior.

We might never know, but while we're at it, let us just enjoy some gifs of these cute little beasts.

Please enjoy /r/KneadyCats, as part of our network of cats subs currently holding the Admins hostage and thus currently a trending sub.

Written by emergency writer /u/Kate_4_President

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July 7th, 2018 - /r/NotintheMovie: Scenes from movie trailers that aren’t in the movie!


10,981 readers for 18 days!

Have you ever watched a movie trailer and saw that amazing action scene, funny line, or creepy moment and thought wow! I can’t wait to see it, then it never arrives when you watch the movie? Well, that us!

The idea behind this subreddit came from many trailers I’ve seen recently, specifically comic book movies, looking at you Infinity War and Justice League. I thought that this has to happen pretty often and started looking into and found it was pretty common. Movies are one of my biggest interests and figured this has to be on interest other people would have and probably noticed.

At the time of writing this we are just over two weeks old, but we are already over 10,700 subscribers and featured by Reddit as a trending community. New content is posted all the time and we have some pretty big events planned.

The best comment I saw about us was r/movies, r/MovieDetails, and r/NotintheMovie is my perfect trio of movie subreddits, and I’m inclined to agree! I hope you’ll check us out, and tell us what scene you really wanted to see from the trailer!

Written by special guest writer /u/HellotoHorse.

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July 6th, 2018 - /r/Starfield: The biggest, most epic science fiction thing you can possibly imagine!


4,161 noun verb for 1 Year!

though it's effectively only been a community for 26 days since the trailer dropped, but I digress


There was a lot to get hyped about in this year's E3. So many good games were announced from tons of companies. Bethesda, in particular, had an excellent conference:

And, of course, the one everyone was super hyped for: The Elder Scrolls VI. I could gush about TES for hours and all the semi-baseless theories I managed to get from a 37 second trailer, but this feature isn't about /r/ElderScrolls, so I'll spare you for now. Just before the TES 6 trailer dropped, there was another small trailer, that, while not getting as much hype as some of the titles announced, certainly excited a ton of people. The trailer was for a new, original IP named Starfield.

Now, we know very little about Starfield. We know it's a game, set in space, with a cool space station and some explody thing in the background, and... That's about it, really, as far as solid facts go. According to God Howard Todd Howard, one of the lead developers, it is "The biggest, most epic science fiction thing you can possibly imagine." That's a pretty massive claim, and, as expected, it's generated a lot of hype. This hype has lead to the somewhat premature birth of /r/Starfield.

/r/Starfield is fairly chaotic right now. Not in a bad sense, of course, but at the moment there's not really much we know. It's a little bit like /r/Mother4 (Winter 2014, guys). In the future, it will, of course, be a subreddit about the game Starfield, but at the moment there's no game. So currently, the sub is filled with theories and discussion about the unreleased game. What type of game will it be? Will it be on a new engine? Will it be procedurally generated? Will it be a TES/Fallout style RPG? What the fuck was that big explosion in the trailer?

As of right now, most of the answers are non-existant. We don't know almost anything about the game. So we're currently just analysing the trailer and making theories and hoping the game lives up to the hype that has been artificially generated. Personally, I'm hoping that it doesn't have the "No Man's Sky" effect, in that there's so much hype generated that the game can't live up to it. But this is Bethesda. They're a large company, who have apparently been working on this game for years. So for now, /r/Starfield will be hyped, and will discuss everything there is to be discussed.


Starfield looks promising to me. Of course, there isn't much to look at right now. But what's there, and what we can deduce from Bethesda's usual style looks really good. Imagine Skyrim in space. No, scratch that, imagine Morrowind in space. Mmm.

If you're excited for Starfield, head over to /r/Starfield, and jump on the hype train. Check out some theories, or watch the trailer frame by frame 25 times, and wait for the next announcement, and the discussion that comes along with it.


Written by /u/ConalFisher, writer

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July 5th, 2018 - /r/WorldCup: The World's Greatest Event.


247,088 readers for 8 years!

The world cup is the world's best football teams competing in an competition to become the winner of the tournament, and to become the world's the best team. The competition happens every four years in summer time - June to July - thirty two teams compete in the competition, with qualifying taking place up to three years before the world cup starts. In UEFA, (Europe) there is 6 pots for the teams to put into groups, with pot 1 being the best ranked teams from 1- 9 while pot 6 contains the teams ranked 46-52, each six team group contains teams from every pot, so for example, Wales ( rank 10 at the time) couldn't play England ( rank 9 at the time) since they was both in the same pot.

The world cup has giving us some beautiful memories over the years, from the famous Cruyff Turn, to the Zinedine Zidane headbutt to probably the most famous world cup goal to the 7-1 Brazilian destruction by Germany

The world's current champion is Germany, having won the world cup in 2014, however, Germany suffered an humiliating exit in the group stage after losing against Mexico 1-0, and losing on the last game of the group 2-0 to South Korea. This was the worst result from Germany since 1938, we all know what happened the following year.

Records in the world cup

  • The most successful team in the world cup is Brazil, having won the world cup 5 times.

  • Most goals scored in world cups, Miroslav Klose, 16

  • Youngest goal scorer, Pelé 17 years and 239 days, Brazil Vs Wales

  • Youngest hat-trick scorer, Pelé, 17 years and 244 days, Brazil Vs France

  • Youngest goal scorer in a final, Pelé, 17 years and 249 days, Brazil Vs Sweden

  • Youngest player, Norman Whiteside, 17 years and 41 days, for Northern Ireland Vs Yugoslavia

  • Highest attendance, 114,600, Argentina Vs West Germany, Mexico City, 1986

Written by writer /u/HoldMyAwp

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July 4th, 2018 - /r/OneJob: How can someone fail at such an easy task?

(No independence Day post today. The mods of /r/SubredditOfTheDay are all either lazy or not American, or both. We very much regret missing the Canadian Independence Day though. Sorry, Canadians.)


72,788 people trying their best for 6 Years!




noun * inability to do something successfully; ineptitude


"Incompetence" can be used to describe a worryingly large portion of the population. In our daily lives all of society relies on people being able to do their jobs. It's scary, the amount of trust we put on others in order to keep the world running. But generally, it works out. There are lots of "easy" jobs out there, and usually those incompetent people get one of the "easier" (obviously it's all relative) jobs. And they can do those jobs, and life around us continues.

But even with these seemingly easy tasks, people still, stupefyingly, find a way to fuck it up.

/r/OneJob is a sub that highlights people fucking up at the simplest of tasks. Like seriously, you had ONE job! And you fucked it up.

hence the name, of course

Your faith in humanity's ability to function will drop significantly upon going through the posts in this sub. Really, is it THAT hard to make a children's book maze, or fill in a drop down menu properly? Or even just do the thing that you went to school for and get paid to do professionally? This sub shows that there are people who can mess up even the most basic of tasks. Remember that next time you're driving on the road with a bunch of those idiots.


Written by /u/ConalFisher, writer

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15 days ago

July 3rd, 2018 - /r/Astrobotany: Let's Grow Plants in Space.


454 readers for 7 months!

/r/astrobotany is the niche science subreddit dedicated to the emerging field of spaceflight plant biology. If you want to learn more about growing plants in space, we are the place to go. Though we are a young subreddit, we are growing steadily with a mission of helping humans become a multi-planetary species.

User flairs include the famed "Mark Watney" from the hit movie "The Martian", as well as Elon Musk, and even a Budweiser beer bottle (they sent barley to space).

Come join our ever growing community and let's grow plants in space! :)

Written by special guest writer /u/kailimanjaro

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July 2nd, 2018 - /r/MusicTheory: The hidden rules to music that you never knew existed!


111,077 musicians theorising for 9 years!


There's a lot of stuff that goes into writing a good piece. You have to build a melody, get a countermelody, get a harmony, some chord progressions, get an overall structure, and so much more depending on what you're writing. I'm sure most of the people reading this have never even heard of terms like "secondary dominant", "tritone substitution", "subdominant function". There's so much that goes into making music that most musicians don't even know it all. And while most popular music these days mainly sticks to major/minor keys (or Ionian and Aeolian if you want to sound fancy), I-V-vi-IV chord progressions and basic homophony, that's not even scratching the surface of what some musicians have thought up. Welcome to the magical land of Music Theory, where you learn the rules of music then realise that those rules are arbitrary and there are no rules, then you realise that there are rules but there aren't at the same time and oh my gOD WHY IS THIS SO COMPLICATED.

Anyways, /r/MusicTheory is just that: a place to discuss music theory, ask for help about various things related to mucus theory, and to expand your knowledge on music theory. Don't worry if you don't know much about theory; many people on the sub dont. The sub is rather welcoming to new people, and there's no elitism like you'd expect from the "classical music is the only good music" stereotype you often see around the subject. Hell, the sub can be downright funny at times. If you're interested in learning about theory, want to figure out why a special song sounds like it does, or just want to make a cool chord progression, /r/MusicTheory is the perfect subreddit for you!


Written by /u/ConalFisher, writer

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17 days ago

July 1st, 2018 - /r/BoneAppleTea: Bon-appetit.


35,040 readers for 1 year!

One year ago, this subreddit began with a simple joke. u/TheNekkedNinja absolutely never thought it would come this far. But now, with over 30,000 subscribers, r/boneappletea is growing really fast. Bone apple tea was a meme where someone misheard bon-appetit and the mishearing later made its way to text. In this subreddit, we poke fun at all of the people who have made mistakes like this. From Florida Ceiling windows to researching silverside, there are plenty of ways to mess up common words. If you've been to r/excgarated, it's kind of like that, but instead of just typos the people truly think their word is spelled that way. If you're in for a laugh, stop by!

Written by special guest writer /u/UnevenSeal

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17 days ago

June 30th, 2018 - /r/NintendoMemes: The forefront of Nintendo Memeology


1,398 readers for 1 year!

NintendoMemes is leading a revolution in the world of memes. Never before has such a comprehensive library of the dankest memiest memes ever been collected since Ashurbanipal collected ancient Gilgamesh memes in his massive library back in the 20s. And we're not just collecting memes, we're making them too. Have you ever heard of a library that also writes books? I haven't, and I've been to at least two libraries before in my entire life.

According to our experts, this is the best Nintendo meme ever created in modern history: a piece by Macasso. And here we have a work by Van Doke which is almost as popular. Finally, this hidden gem created by the esteemed Dan. We are very proud with the culture and tradition our subreddit has cultivated and it gets better every decade or so.

Do you waaah yourself to bed every night knowing Waluigi will never be playable in Smash? Do you worship His spiky facial spears? Are you the kind of guy who can really get down with blue eyeliner? Well, r/NintendoMemes is a place for you. Thanks to an economic boom following the Great Depression of the mid 2010s, r/NintendoMemes has been growing at an unprecedented rate. Please drop by and wah to your heart's content.

Written by special guest writer /u/Talpss

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June 29th, 2018 - /r/AteTheOnion: Tastes like chocolate!


132,069 onion chefs For 1 Year!


There's a lot of scary things going on in the world today. Here's just a few of those things:

  • The USA is only 182nd alphabetically as of today, being surpassed by even Afghanistan and Mexico.

  • Due to the melting of polar ice caps, there has been an upsurge in protesting from evil villians who have been having their secret lairs exposed.

  • Mass shootings in schools have gotten so had that President Trump has been forced to ban schools.


Scary, right?

If you read through those and believed any of them, then congrats! You just ate the Onion!

For context; The Onion is a satirical news site, that create "news" stories about the most extreme of things, that the rest of the media is afraid to report on. If course, it's all fake as fuck (here's a personal favourite of mine), but it's still a hilarious place to read, made even more hilarious by the people who actually believe it's real.

"Eating the Onion" refers to falling for an article by the Onion (or any satirical news site), believing that it's actually real. Since you'd have to be a complete idiot to believe that stuff, it's no surprise that you find it most often on Facebook. /r/AteTheOnion is a subreddit made to document these monumentally idiotic responses to the articles.

The sub isn't exclusive to The Onion, it can be any satirical site. All that matters is that there's someone eating it up. The sub is filled with screenshots of people reacting rather violently towards these articles. There's a massive amount of these stupid people, even government isn't safe from the stupidity.

It's a blend between r/insanepeoplefacebook, r/facepalm (without the r/facepalmfacepalms) and r/theonion, and these characteristics make it an excellent sub to browse through, and laugh at other people's stupidity the whole time. Ah, Internet.


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June 28th, 2018 - /r/WeWontCallYou: Share your stories of bad interviews!


3,739 readers for 28 days!

r/wewontcallyou is a subreddit where you can share stories about bad interviews you've conducted, witnessed, or been a part of. It's in the same vein as the Tales From subreddits, r/IDontWorkHereLady, and r/MaliciousCompliance (where the subreddit was first coined). We've made friends with some of the bigger story focused subreddits (such as r/IDontWorkHereLady, thanks to the team there putting us on their sidebar) in order to keep people aware that we exist and want to hear some funny stories.

At the time of writing, this subreddit is just 22 days old. It's one of those subreddits that just flashed into existence and may or may not survive. In a month it may be dead, who knows, but for now let's enjoy it while we can. As the head mod, I'm trying my best to keep it alive and fresh. It's not easy since the nature of this subreddit is so niche, but I'm pretty confident that this community will grow like our peers.

We also have a small Discord channel in case anyone wants to drop by and have some casual chat.

Bottom line, we're all about sharing stories of bad interviews, short or long, well written or very casual, about yourself or others. If you like threads on r/AskReddit about stories, or r/IDontWorkHereLady, or r/MaliciousCompliance, then you ought to like r/wewontcallyou.

Written by special guest writer /u/Talpss

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June 27th, 2018 - /r/MysteryDungeon: Guildmaster, we've been featured!


7,031 brave adventurers for 6 years!

Mystery Dungeon is a franchise developed by Spike Chunsoft, a company which you have probably never heard of unless you’ve played their games. Of course, the Mystery Dungeon franchise includes many different games, but the definite defining set of games are the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, which is what I will be referring to.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are daunted by one of two things about the series: 1) it’s pokemon, and 2) it’s a dungeon crawler. However, get past the cover and you’ll find an amazing story inside.

And that’s what Mystery Dungeon is all about. The plots are comparable to what you would see top the box office. In fact, I believe that one of the only things holding back the story is the target audience, which unfortunately causes a lot of the greatness to go by unexposed to most people.

Also, don’t even get me started on the other aspects of these games. Character development is present everywhere, even in side characters (Gates to Infinity). Plot twists are everywhere and always seem to completely destroy you immediately. And, while the gameplay is perhaps hindered by the fact that the games are dungeon crawlers, it is very clean and easy to learn.

As for my own experience, the Mystery Dungeon games definitely gave me some new standards for a game’s plot. Gates to Infinity was the first video game that ever made my cry, Super Mystery Dungeon was the first game that I felt a full sense of completion on (Super Mario 3D World got close but I couldn’t beat the last bonus level), and I got into emulation just to play Rescue Team.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this franchise for anybody hoping to try out a new and interesting combination of mechanics. There are so many more things I could say here, but I don’t want to make this post too long, so let’s just skip to the interview, kindly conducted by /u/conalfisher.

Interview with the moderator team of /r/MysteryDungeon

1: How and why did you get involved in the subreddit?

/u/TooSkilled I was a fan of Mystery Dungeon and a few years ago I saw the moderators were inactive on reddit so I requested the subreddit, and instead I was made a moderator as well.

/u/l_u_c_a_r_i_o So, /r/MysteryDungeon has always been one of my favorite subreddits, going back to probably 2013. I followed it pretty consistently, which was easy enough seeing as how there would only be like one or two posts per week. Given the inactivity, I had started to wonder if there was anything that might be able to make the sub more lively. I think in the process of that happening, I ended up considering reddit requesting the sub, only to find that there had been a very recent one by /u/TooSkilled. When /u/AnEpicPerson ended up actually responding, we both brought up instead being brought up as mods, with myself willing to give CSS a shot. At that point, the sub was 100% standard design with no CSS, so anything would be an improvement. Even though I didn’t know too much, I brought together my google-fu and /r/csshelp to complete a basic redesign, and add some extra flairs, of course. Over the next while, I helped to continue working on the overall design of the subreddit.

/u/thekoreansun Just a little over three years ago, I woke up one morning to the news that a new Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game would be releasing later that year and, understandably, became super excited (pun not intended). I'd only just gotten into Reddit at the time, and considering that I was the only one I knew who was thrilled by the announcement, I decided to see whether there was a subreddit for the Mystery Dungeon games. And there was! A community of about 300 users who were celebrating the news, just like I was. I don't remember exactly why I decided to stick around, or why I requested to become a moderator a few weeks later, but I'll always be thankful that I did. Since then, I've been able to watch /r/MysteryDungeon grow into one of the most welcoming and friendly communities on the Internet, and I'd like to think that I had a hand in making that happen.

/u/aalp234 A little over 2 years ago, I found /r/MysteryDungeon and was lucky enough to connect with all these people who loved the same game series as I had for years. For a series which left an impact on me until today, this was a big deal.

2: What's moderating the sub like?

/u/TooSkilled The other mods do all the work and I do almost nothing. I delete a comment occasionally or make a wrong decision about leaving Age of Ultron spoilers up 🤔

/u/l_u_c_a_r_i_o In my opinion, the community almost moderates itself (except when it comes to flairs, haha), and everyone generally tends to get along pretty well. It goes without saying that it's one of my favorite communities on reddit

/u/thekoreansun /r/MysteryDungeon is the first and only subreddit I've ever moderated, so I don't have any context behind my experiences there and how it compare to other subreddits. But even so, it's been an absolute pleasure to be a moderator for my fellow Mystery Dungeon fans. Even the occasional absence of a post flair won't change how much I enjoy seeing everyone discuss, share, and collaborate on a daily basis.

/u/aalp234 It’s honestly quite calm, we have a fantastic community here. Personally, /r/Mystery Dungeon served as a stepping stone for me to start moderating the much larger /r/europe, but I remember my roots dearly.

3: What are some of your favourite posts on the sub?

/u/TooSkilled The greatest post on the sub of all time

Note from the editor: This isn’t actually in the right subreddit, but I’ll let it slide. :)

/u/l_u_c_a_r_i_o Shitposts aside, I love all of the creative projects that have come out of the community, and all in all just seeing more people express how much they love these games that I also hold dear to my heart.

/u/thekoreansun It's always impressive seeing the immense creativity of the people in the community at work. Some of my personal favorites have been the amazing remixes of PMD tracks and the countless top-notch memes that have graced the subreddit.

/u/aalp234 Artwork takes the cake for me, as well as some of the fanfiction that fantastic writers make. Some of those stories could be games themselves!

4: Which Mystery Dungeon game is your favourite, and why?

/u/TooSkilled  I’ll probably be alone in saying Blue Rescue Team. It’s probably entirely nostalgia but I think Blue Rescue Team has a lot of charm to the story and the writing, but it knows when to get to the point. There are times in the later games where you’re watching cutscenes of things that happened to you a minute ago. I also prefer the story of Blue Rescue Team. Plus the music for Buried Relic

/u/l_u_c_a_r_i_o My favorite mystery dungeon game would undoubtedly be Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. The story really stands apart as being really unique and compelling. The music, too; I could go on for a long time talking about it, and it definitely has my favorite soundtrack. There’s just such a palpable level of charm that you can really feel from the game. There may be a little bit of nostalgia invested in it too, but I just really love it.

/u/thekoreansun They're all great for their own reasons, but Explorers of Sky will forever be the one closest to my heart. All of you already know how much of an impact a good story can have on someone, and for my younger self, it brought up an emotional response that I haven't really experienced since. Compassion and confidence, selflessness and sacrifice; all of that is overwhelmingly present in this game. The fact that I can replay my copy of Sky yet another time and still find myself shedding a tear at the heartwarming moments is a testament to just how special it actually is.

/u/aalp234 I’d have to say Explorers of Time, it was the first game which I truly connected with in my childhood. It was quite honestly mindboggling to my young self the level of emotional depth that it went into, so much so that the game remains immensely deep and interesting even after all these years! Explorers of Sky was also fantastic in the sense that it wrapped up loopholes in the already existing story, leaving a lot of fans (including myself) very happy.

5: Which Mystery Dungeon game would you recommend to any newcomers who want to get into the series?

/u/TooSkilled Explorers of Sky is probably a better place to start, especially if you’re completely new to the series and know nothing about it. Just go download a ROM because the game’s like 60 bucks that’s too expensive I have kids to feed.

/u/l_u_c_a_r_i_o If you want to really get into the series, I’d say go for Explorers of Sky. It’s got a huge amount of content. From there, I’d personally recommend PMD1 -> PMD4. One thing I’d advise is that unlike reviewersdon’t be afraid to take your time getting into it.

/u/thekoreansun I'd recommend everyone to play Explorers of Sky at least once; it's just that good. But the other PMD games are also great for beginners and veterans of the dungeon-crawler genre alike. Mechanically, I'd say that all of the games have the same underlying simplicity that makes them accessible, but Rescue Team and Super Mystery Dungeon are the more difficult entries in the series. Gates to Infinity had some ideas that made it stand out despite its limitations, so that's another solid option. As for the non-Pokémon variety of Mystery Dungeon games, I haven't ever had the chance to get into them, but it's important to note that they are much less story-driven than their PMD counterparts.

/u/aalp234 Explorers of Sky, for sure. It’s a refined and developed version of Explorers of Time/Darkness, and the story is absolutely fantastic! It blows 95% of modern game’s storylines straight out of the water.

6: In your opinion, what is it that makes the Mystery Dungeon series so memorable?

/u/TooSkilled When you won’t give Mankey chestnut

/u/l_u_c_a_r_i_o  I think that it’s just that the game has a certain charm to it, and really pulls your emotions along for the ride if you let it. Through the music, art, and plot, it really goes about building atmospheres in a special way. And, of course, no spoilers, but there are some really special and heartfelt moments well known to bring players to tears.

/u/thekoreansun I've already touched on it a bit, but every Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game has a fantastic story to tell. There aren't too many games that can claim to have the same level of presentation and quality in the story department as Explorers of Sky or Gates to Infinity. But the gameplay of the series is also pretty great, and while it is somewhat hit or miss, the way it blends the mechanics of the main series Pokémon games with the random nature of rogue-likes makes it so that fans of both can have a blast playing through them. And the music! Ah, it's so amazing! There's Brine Cave, and Scorching Desert, and On The Beach At Dusk, and... wait, I should probably just let you discover how great these tracks are on your own.

/u/aalp234 The story. Period. I’m not embarrassed to admit it, I cried when I played Explorers of Time, and people who have played the game through its entirety will know precisely the moment that we all wept at. The music is also out of this world: Go search up some of the songs and you’ll know what I mean! Especially as someone who knows the story inside out, listening to the soundtrack also brings back rich memories from different parts of my adventure.

7: What are your plans for the sub in the future?

/u/TooSkilled See question 8

/u/l_u_c_a_r_i_o Looking forward, it really depends on when the next major installment in the Mystery Dungeon franchise comes about. Up until then, we’ll try to keep fostering our stellar community. If and when the next game is announced, we’re sure to get a large uptick and hype, so we’ll just have to hold out until then.

/u/thekoreansun Honestly, I'm not sure! Like /u/l_u_c_a_r_i_o said, it all depends on what the next PMD installment brings to the table. I do think it's about time that I let AutoModerator take care of the flair notifications from now on. If anyone knows how to configure it to do so, we would greatly appreciate you letting us know!

/u/aalp234 Much like the others, it depends what the future holds! We’ll keep moderating this community with love and care, for it deserves all of that and more. We can only hope that the PMD series is revived in the near future, but if the current titles is all we’ll ever get, it’s still more than enough to have one hell of an adventure.

8: Anything else you want to add?

/u/TooSkilled When I joined reddit I would have never thought I’d be moderator of a subreddit of the day subreddit. But I didn’t really do anything. All of the other mods put in all the work, koreansun, epicperson, lucario, aalp, they did everything I was just the dingleberry on the asshole of success. Thank you guys so much for putting in a lot of hard work, you made the subreddit truly great and one of the purest communities on reddit. Anyway long story short I’m deleting my reddit account after this subreddit of the day post goes up. I did it Julian! I’m free! PUSH CHAD GABLE! PRAISE KEKLEON!

/u/l_u_c_a_r_i_o I guess there is one thing: despite most of the posts and the banner, we aren’t solely about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Other titles, such as Etrian Mystery Dungeon and the OG Shiren The Wanderer have a place here too! The pokemon titles just get a little more attention since they’ve got a bit wider of an audience, I guess.

/u/thekoreansun Honestly, just... thank you. To all of my fellow mods for being partners I can depend on, to the people over at Nintendo and Spike Chunsoft for making these incredible games a reality, and to everyone over on /r/MysteryDungeon for being so kind and respectful to one another. The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series has done more for me over these past few years than I ever thought possible thanks to you guys, and I hope that we all continue to talk about the games we hold so dear to our hearts into the distant future!

/u/aalp234 I’d like to truly thank the /r/MysteryDungeon community, with special mention to my fellow mods, for all that they’ve done these past few years. I talked with a lot of you when I was going through hard times and it really did help me get through them. This community was also crucial to me being able to land the job as /r/Europe moderator, where I’ve developed as both a reddit mod and as a person immensely with the team over there. Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible. YOOM-TAH!

written by umbresp | spin the v-wheel | join our discord

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June 26th, 2018 - /r/OneTruthPrevails: There is always only one truth.


4,023 readers for 4 years!

It's been an even longer time since I featured /r/OneTruthPrevails back on November 4th, 2016. It's been quite a long time still since I featured it for the first time on November 29th, 2014. It's been growing steadily ever since the first feature, now at nearly ten times the size. I could have waited a few months and made it an even two years, but again, I fall short of that goal through impatience and the temptations of pizza. Oh, how I've changed. I'll leave some details out of this and point you toward the previous features for more.

Detective Conan is an anime/manga series that has been running since the Paleolithic era. As of this writing, it has 904 episodes and 1012 manga chapters. There have been 47 opening themes and 56 closing themes. Twenty-two movies, twelve OVAs, a side series with its own manga, six 'magic files', six TV specials, two more movies that cross with Lupin III, countless soundtrack CDs, a live-action drama series, thirty-seven video games, real-world cafes, an airport... Detective Conan has spawned more things than Genghis Khan.

What it is is a mystery show. A teenage detective reverts to the body of an elementary schooler, keeping his mind, as a result of a criminal organization who now thinks he's dead. Hiding his identity, he moves in with his friend/love interest and her professional detective father (who is pretty bad at his job). To take down the criminal organization who poisoned him he must solve crimes and piece together clues all the while protecting himself and his friends and family. He does this by using deductive reasoning, investigation, and a series of gadgets built for him by his friend Professor Agasa such as a voice-changing bowtie, a stun-dart wristwatch, and (showing the show's age), a portable fax machine. I know, it's very high tech stuff we're dealing with here.

Detective Conan first came to America under the name Case Closed, a dubbed show with some changes and only fifty episodes being aired on TV. It was in this time, around 2004, that I got into Case Closed. I forgot about it for quite a while after that until, in late 2006, I found several Case Closed DVDs at, oddly enough, a corner grocery store's $1 bin of random junk. This was the same day I found a copy of Beyond Good & Evil for the GameCube at the same place. I don't know how they obtained these things, but I paid my dollars and went home happy. A marathon of Case Closed later I tried to find the rest of the DVDs and instead found out that the anime didn't spontaneously stop without an end and that, at that point, there were over four hundred episodes of the series. Well, that was that.

I never did obtain the rest of the DVDs in no small part to the unbelievable price. The dub goes all the way to episode 130, but to my understanding, a lot of major content is cut out from it which would make continuing from where it left off a difficult task. I did look into getting some collectibles, maybe a replica of something from the series. If I had to pick one, I'd choose Gin's Porsche 356A. I mean, my god. The man has taste. Short of that, I'm content with watching alone. If you came to hear about the manga, I apologize, but I'm not a manga person. Not even the good manga can make me fall into that medium.

Want to continue discussing Detective Conan and Case Closed? Check out /r/OneTruthPrevails, the Discord Community, and get to watching. Episodes 131+ are on Crunchyroll, but you'll need to search up the early ones (or ask on the subreddit/discord, I imagine). I highly recommend it.

This has been your generic villain silhouette, Xavier Mendel, signing off.

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June 25th, 2018 - /r/UnexpectedOuija: When the spirits of the hivemind visit other subreddits.


6700 people observing spirits of the hivemind for 1 Year!

/r/UnexpectedOuija was created to observe the increasing phenomenon of /r/AskOuija type responses, which consist of 1 letter comments in a reply-chain, leaking out into other parts of Reddit. This has created some mildly infuriating, funny and truly amazing posts. Posts can be submitted as a screenshot, or as a link, with the sidebar showcasing this unexpected ouija, as well as this unexpected ouija found in the wild. The founder recently left as a moderator, so I spoke to one of the new mods.

1. What's the best thing about the sub?

/u/IwataFan One of the best things about Reddit is finding subreddits dedicated to really unexpected things. Unexpected Ouija is perfect for Reddit because it's a common thing to see in comments across the website and I think it just really captures the fun spirit of Reddit.

2. Which post is your favourite?

/u/IwataFan My favorite post is "O spirits, you failed us." A short but sweet message from the spirits, which somehow makes it even more funny to me.

In conclusion, I recommend visiting /r/unexpectedouija, as it's a great place to observe the hivemind on their travels, or to just have a good laugh. I've certainly enjoyed moderating it so far.

Written by (intern) /u/Occlpv2

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June 24th, 2018 - /r/okbuddyretard: "Ok, Buddy, Retard."


17,766 buddies being redards for 6 months!

r/okbuddyretard is all about giffs, gaffs, and goofs. Imagine a bunch of actually very smart intellectuals getting together in a reddit to pretend to be retarded and make memes, that is /r/okbuddyretard.

Prime example of this community can be seen on the front page but one of my favorites is "ok here is the plan" featuring my favorite character Lightning McQueen.

At okbuddyretard, political correct is at the BOTTOM of the priority list!

Okbuddyretard is going to be an archive for archaic memes that will be looked on by future beings and will be a staple of human accomplishment. Anyone who understands and appreciates this kind of humor would love this subreddit since it is unique.

Written by special guest writer /u/CaptDiscosLoveShack.

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