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Posted by
Diamond IV
11 days ago
Stickied post

Hello summoners!

In order to create better discussion in the subreddit, we will be redirecting all simple or mundane questions to this thread.

Got a simple question?

If you have a quick question that violates our Promote Critical Thinking rule, or doesn't generate much discussion then post it in this thread. Here at Summoner School, we try to encourage great discussions about how to play League better, and getting the same questions over and over gets very, very annoying. Here are the most common mundane questions we get:

  • What do I build on [x]?
  • What do I do when [y]?
  • Here is my OP.GG profile / replay. How can I improve?
  • Who should I play?
  • Is [z] viable?
  • What runes should I use on [a]?
  • When my team is doing [b], what should I do?
  • [Situational question with little in-game context]

and on and on. This is not an all inclusive list of mundane questions.

As you can see, a lot of these questions are easily answerable with maybe one or two cookie cutter sentences. They're not great at all for facilitating any sort of discussion, so we're taking it on ourselves to compile them into this one giant weekly megathread!

What you can do to help!

For now, this is a weekly thread, meaning it will be posted once a week. Checking back on this thread later in the week and answering any questions that have been posted would be a huge help!

In addition, if you see any threads that break any of our rules, please use the report feature! This sends it directly to us mods, and we will review it.

If you're trying to ask a question, the more specific you are, the better it is for all of us! We can't give you any help if we don't get much to work with in the first place.


If you have any suggestions for this thread, please let us know through modmail how we could improve!

Posted by
Challenger I
5 hours ago
Stickied post

Hi guys, my name is 5mi. I did an AMA a couple years back when I was under a different name and master tier. Now that I've hit Challenger, I'm back to answer any more questions you might have.


As a Teemo main, I've tried every type of build, runes and roles, as Teemo can be versatile and basically play with whatever you want that will work someway. One of the tests that called my attention and made me try more and often play with is Teemo in the jungle with Dark Harvest rune. Usually, playing that champion in this role isn't that hard. He doesn't have problems about clearing the jungle (especially because of his Q) and his ganks are similar to Ezreal's ganks. With dark harvest, our hated loved scout turns into the most perfect assassin ever. It deals a decent amount of damage, 100-0 squishy targets within seconds (with echos, gunblade build) and Teemo can finally properly use his passive to actually kill someone instead of hiding.


At the beginning of the match, you will have 0 AP and a decent amount of ad due to the runes adaptive damage. It helps you to fastly kill red buff and start clearing your jungle. As celerity got a "buff" on the 8.12 patch, it's giving Teemo a lot of base stats because of his W. That should help you at lvl 2-3. Your main goal by this time is to take as many resources as possible and only gank if the possibility of a kill is eminent. Your trade with other jungles by this time is OK, specially if they are AD based in AA (As Camille). Once you've finished your jungle item (red item with echos) you are near one of your power spikes. The red smite procs with your poison damage and can deal a lot of damage in ganks and trades. By this time you'll have a decent amount of damage. Always take the dark harvest soul to gank. When you reach level 6, start putting shrooms into enemy jungle entrances. This will help you to control where the enemy is and prevents ganks on your teammates.

One good power spike:

After finishing echo's, your next item will be Hextech gunblade. Try to buy the Revolver as fast as possible. Once you've bought it, you'll deal a lot of damage and you are ready to gank every time your revolver is up. With the revolver/dark harvest/echo combo, one single basic attack together with your Q will take 70~80% of your target life, guaranteeing an easy kill.


At midgame, you should be careful about a certain kind of champion. Mages. They can destroy you before you get to them. In order to kill those champions, it's time to use your passive wisely. Try to be invisible in key points of the map, where the enemies pass through. If you've already reached 150 stacks, it will have almost 100% efficiency as an assassin. They won't think that there's a Teemo hiding in a lane corner waiting to 100-0 in 1 second with just AA+Q+Gunblade (together with red smite). By this time of the game, your main objective is to make those plays and ensure some kills for your team. Trust me, Teemo's burst is insane.


In lategame, teemo becomes a very squishy target, but with basically the potential to kill every enemy easily. As a teamfight comes, it's important to always position your shrooms correctly to poke the enemies before it starts. Try to play safely and at the teamfight, once you've wasted your dark harvest, try to find another on the ground. You can literally burst them all. Try focusing on squeashy targets. They will all die very quickly. By this part of the game, you are basically unbeatable. If your team plays correctly and protect you, you can solo carry them to victory. Dark Harvest makes Teemo a lategame monster.


I usually go for domination--> sorcery. I take Dark Harvest- Sudden Impact- Eyeball collection- Ravenous Hunter. Celerity-Scorch. Sudden Impact is for the extra burst when leaving passive to become an assassin, Scorch for the extra early game damage and Celerity for the extra stats with W passive and active.


I've always found very funny to play with Teemo, and with this build, it's even funnier. Teemo becomes the best assassin ever, deals lots of damage in lategame (where he is known for falling) and can make the best use of the mushrooms, because he will be free to run into the map and control objectives. I think Teemo jungle can once become a tier 1 jungle if more people try it out. Now it's high time for you to play it. Try it out and comment here for feedback. It's all about using my tips above. Then, you'll be successful.

>! About finishing builds, as many people asked for some tips, that's what I can say: Liandry's for the shroom damage, Morello if the enemy team hasn't made enough MR and Rabadon for finishing. Lots of mages=MR boots + Banshee's. Lich Bane=extra burst but having to give up build space (ex Liandry's). Alternative: Go for Nashor's+Runaan's combo to become "AP ADC" if needed. Zonya's is very situational. Void Staff only if the enemy team has made enough MR for you to think about it. Boots are magic penetration usually. If there's a very fed AD, go for ninja tabi. Echo+Gunblade combo is essential. !<

Posted by
Silver III
6 hours ago

The main junglers that come to mind are Warwick and Shyvana. They can solo Dragon at levels 3 or 4 and I can get away with it most of the time at low elo. But the risk of being caught and the time spent doing it, does the benefits outweigh the risks and costs of possibly spending that time farming camps worth it?


As the title says, my MMR is much lower than my rank, but I don’t want to suffer through a loss streak just to get a fair LP gain/loss ratio.

I dropped down to Bronze I 30 LP and got myself back up to Silver 5 50LP in a winstreak, but that, especially when combined with my recent loss streak, only dented my huge MMR/rank difference.

“Easy”, you say. “Just main the champions you have a big winrate with”. But that’s the problem: every champion I have a good ranked winrate with is a crit ADC. I am NOT going to touch that subrole anymore.

So, aside from playing a dead role or suffering through the ultimate loss streak, what do I do to fix this?

(My is SnarkySneaks. Be gentle).


So I’ve taken a break from League of Legends for over a year now and now I face this weird meta for bottom lane.

What caused this to happen and why are people doing it? Most of the team these comps are losing their lane because they are unskilled and causing the game to be lost.


Sorry if the seems really obvious there are just some thing I cant wrap my head around.

As a mage what are you supposed to do if you cast your spells on the enemy and they survive? Your auto attacks are useless on most mages so what do you do?

Why is it so important to play certain champions in certain lanes? Playing a ranged character against a tank/fighter seems like it would go pretty well.

What's the difference between runes and masteries?

Is there a way to get more rune pages? In regards to the rune pages you have, do you make rune pages specialised to certain Champions for example would make a page call "Master Yi" and only use it on him or do you make rune pages for groups of champions like one for mages or for jungle assassins?

What are you supposes to do if the enemy are under their tower? If you push them all the way back under their tower

Those are my questions if you could answer any of them that would be apppreciated


We watched Rekkles play Janna and Karma botlane, which was pretty miserable, but I honestly think that the pick is good but pro ADCs are just having trouble adjusting to the new picks. (Same with bruisers and such)

I made a comment about Sona before here.

I also did play a few games (in Normals) back in February:

I didn't do particularly well (Not good at ADC or support, and was probably pretty bad back then too), but those are the builds I went with.

The idea is that while a majority of supports like Alistar and Blitzcrank do not need gold to be effective, shielding/healing supports like Sona, Karma, or Janna have really high AP ratios.

However, unlike Karma or Janna, Sona has never been viable in a solo lane. As a result, Sona is balanced around having a support's income, so by giving her a carry's income, her effectiveness gets boosted through the roof.

Sona definitely can not play top lane because of shitty matchups (e.g. Irelia would shit on her) and she would get ganked a lot.

Sona jungle is a joke.

Sona mid has zero waveclear, which is a huge problem for midlaners since they need to be able to affect the map.

And before this patch, Sona botlane would just be unviable because of how strong marksman are.

However, with the sustain of Marksman being nerfed (which buffs Sona's poke and since she already has sustain in her kit), and the nerfs of crit ADCs, more champions are being picked up botlane. Also, her aura is really good with multiple champions in one lane.

TL;DR, Sona has really high AP ratios, but can't abuse them as a support.

I think Sona is better than Janna/Karma bot lane.

I am NOT a support main, so I'm not sure if these builds are any good, but here's what I've been thinking.

Doran's Ring/Doran's Shield -> Tear -> Athene's -> Archangel's Staff -> Ardent -> Zhonya's -> Deathcap -> Void Staff.

Stick a Zhonya's in for Ardent Censor if you need to. Ardent Censor is fine, but since less marksman are being played and since it doesn't really scale with gold that well, I think it's subpar.

Lichbane is a no from me. While it's probably not terrible, Sona's heal and movement speed scalings are just too high in my opinion.

Void Staff is overpowered, but I'm not sure if I should keep it, since flat AP is probably better for protecting her team.

CDR boots(?). I get Transcendence, so CDR boots are fine I guess, but I remember Sona sometimes just skips boots since she has rotation speed with her E. Also, swiftness boots aren't bad I think.

Here is what I have. The website is outdated a bit though.

  • Summon Aery helps with early game harass, but also nice shields late game.
  • Manaflow band is really good on all tear users.
  • Transcendence to hit that 40% CDR cap earlier.
  • Scorch for early pressure.

Resolve secondary because you're going to get stomped in lane otherwise.

  • Revitalize - Why would you not get this?
  • Second Wind/Bone plating depending on who you're against, not sure which one is better.

Main problems would be that Sona spikes way too late. She spikes at around the same time that marksman do, so I assume she isn't amazing. However, the same argument can probably be made for Janna in my opinion.

Also, if it's bad, don't blame me. I'm also pretty bad.



I climb on Top lane, and I am currently D3 0LP, and I have been stuck at this rating for 2 months.

I play in a slightly smaller server(SEA) and as a result of this, I am often put in teams with 5-6 challengers above. I don't die in lane, but often times I find that I have too little impact due to my lane being a farmfest most of the time because I don't fight often. I mostly play tanks and bruisers, but 70% is probably on tanks.

If this helps, I am in an amateur team I formed with friends and we are all diamond/plat, and we actively take part in locally organised tournaments and are able to take games off full challenger teams. When I play in the tournaments, I don't die in lane at all and when we transition into the mid-game, I am the main shotcaller and I tell my friends what to do and we coordinate really well, allowing us to topple even challenger-tier teams. But I just can't seem to find the same level on success in solo queue.

Maybe it's because I'm too safe of a laner, and my strength is mostly in shotcalling?

If that's so, should I adjust my playstyle to become a little more aggressive, or should I pick up new champions that can impact the laning phase actively? I managed to climb to d3 playing stuff like ornn, and in lower diamond it is really easy to force and swing fights with high cc abilities. But now I find that I am often times simply a passenger in the games and my lane opponent actively impacts the map more than I do, and I have very little lane presence, and is often shoved under my tower, and this causes my jungler and sometimes mid lane to suffer. Or maybe I should try to shotcall more by making a lot of pings and telling my jungler what to do instead of letting him do his own thing?


Basically I'm thinking a fed singed is something that can hard carry a game in the right hands. He's not anything you can specifically build to counter. Few champions hard counter him past laning. So would it work out well? Top that off with the idea of a Nunu speed boost, and I think he'd be a monster. Am I wrong? Especially including his poison being a good farming tool.


for some context:
my main role is mid. more than any other class, mages come the most naturally to me.
i notice that, a lot of the time, the people i play with dont attempt to apply pressure in more than one spot at a time. i would like to be able to take this into my own hands, preferably with the class i enjoy the most.
swain seems like he can do it effectively. are there any others?

Posted by
4 hours ago

My CS'ing is ok laning phase wise but I want to know how to keep the CS up.

I play Lux mid and my general strategy is to help take first tower bot and then try to focus towers / objectives after that. Because of this, I end up roaming quite a bit. I try to take raptors whenever I notice they're up, but other than that I don't really take any other camps. The rest of the game I'm helping push lanes with E poke, getting kills and assists if we can kill the enemies blocking push, and getting little CS because of it (pretty much just the castors and occasionally some melee and cannons).

Past midgame, I do try to set up the far lanes to slowpush to tower to get a lot of CS, but usually I end up pinging someone else to go get the CS and I rarely ever take it myself. In these situations, I'm probably mid or another place trying to create pressure.

I feel that I'm having trouble extending my lead because of my lack of CS, since the enemy team easily catches up with me through superior CS regardless of how fed I am early game. Also, in games where the enemy ends up taking the lead and beating us, I'm not sure how to recover from this and get fed by CS'ing.

What should I, as a midlaner, be focusing on to not only help win the game, but also get CS while doing so? Thanks in advance!


Just had this quinn that hugged enemy tower, constantly getting ganks and pulling the ol' "junglers fault" tactic. All game she was stealing my camps and feeding and saying "troll nunu, please report" meanwhile I had a good kda, and got 3 drags. After she said I wasn't getting any objectives and obviously inting. I know I should've muted her but I don't know how to carry a game with a teammate that is basically aiding the other team


Hey, So, I used to main mid in soloq, playing Taliyah, Zed, Ahri or even Swain and Ekko. Lately, I feel like all of these champs can't carry anymore no matter how fed I am in this patch. I switched into playing jungle just to stick to Taliyah, but still, as a there are still some mid reflexes, I lack some of the junglers' way of thinking (such as drake control and stuff). That's when I decided to come back to mid, but the meta now confuses me (Irelia, Noc, and Taric have the highest win rate). So, what do you think are the best mid laner of the moment ? Give like 3 to 5 champs.


Over the past few days, I have been trying to work on Warwick. Although I like to think that I'm not too terrible, I feel like I am missing some basic strategies, since I have just started playing league about two-three weeks ago. Over those past few days, I have built a decent (in my opinion) final build consisting of:

- Titanic Hydra

- Frozen Mallet

- The Black Cleaver

- Randuin's Omen

- Dead Man's Plate

- Warmog's Armor

Are there any other things I should remove / add within the build?

Also, I watched a few games in the higher ranks such as diamond and I was wondering how to keep your cc up consistently. Roughly, I have about 100 - 150 cc per game, and I want to know how I can increase my cc.

I'm also more on the aggressive side of play-style, and I've been wondering how I can play a more aggressive Warwick.

For my runes, I have:

Precision ; Press the attack , Triumph, Legend: Alacrity, Coup De Grace

Sorcery ; Celerity , Waterwalking

As I want to main Warwick for my future games, how can I improve on him? Are there any tips to playing a Warwick with my play-style? Should I be playing a little bit more passive? Should I switch up on my build and my runes? Also, are there any other things I should work on for an early game lead? Late game strategies? Basically any Warwick tips that can improve my game-play, K:D wise and game sense wise.

If you have any questions on other things that you're wondering, feel free to comment down below and I'll respond as fast as I can. Thank you in advance.


by this, i mean primarily ap users/scalers.

what mid lane mages are there that are actually consistently viable as well in top other than vladimir? i feel like swain has way too many bad matchups and overall performs better mid and champions that can easily go in either like heimerdinger get fucked due to simply being in a somewhat iffy spot right now.

what mages fit the criteria of being able to fare well mid and top? if there aren't really any solid picks, do you think riot will ever do anything to improve the situation at hand of there being very few choices for ap in toplane?


I’m still pretty new lvl 27 and last night I had my most irritating game so far and I wasn’t sure how to counter it or if there was anything I could do at all. I was playing twisted tree as sivir ( just unlocked) and I ended up on bottoms vs pyke and Yasuo. Anytime I tried to do anything pyke would hit me with the spear and Yasuo would throw up a wall where I couldn’t get away. So I started hugging the tower trying to stay away and farm once minions got close to tower but pyke would pull me out from under it and Yasuo would throw up that damn wall again. My team both toplane neither willing to help me just kept saying I’m feeding and I need to stop dying blah blah blah. After that I turned off the game and was done for the night. Is there anything I could have done against those two while still being able to lvl up?


So I've read through so many articles and videos and paid for coaching yet I can climb no higher than silver at this point in time. I took a hard look in the mirror to try and figure out what is holding me back and I've come to the conclusion that it is quite simply ego. I constantly go into games thinking I'm better than the people I play against even when I get my face stomped I have some sort of excuse, "Oh that champs broken, oh they just got lucky, oh I'm getting camped". So really my question isn't so much league related as life related. Anyone who has struggled with ego in life and had it impact your league performance how are you able to counteract it? In my daily life and at work I have no trouble squashing my ego when needed but there's just something about league, maybe the competitiveness or my desire to actually be good at the game that prevents me from humbling myself. I've never struggled to be good at a game like I have with league. Edit: Also if there is anybody who would like to 1v1 shit stomp me or go over gameplay and roast me to help stomp my ego that may help as well.


When I was using champions like Kalista, Xayah or Twitch I just don't know when to use it. I just having problem with calculating the damage. Sometimes I feels like it's gonna kill the enemy but it doesn't, sometimes the damage is enough but I hesitated resulting the enemy to flash away.


I'm a mid gold mid main and right know I feel like I'm plateau-ing. I'm looking to see what I can do in game to push myself further and climb. However, my problem is that I don't know what it is I'm missing.

I feel like a big problem is because wins are stomps and I can't carry when myself or my team is behind. So when I win it just seems like everyone is winning lane, winning fights and it snowballs into a 20 minute surrender, so I can't really tell if I'm doing anything in particular or if we're just getting lucky. Then when that doesn't happen 90% of the time I lose. I can be doing well and making good plays, taking smart fights and smart decisions, but it doesn't seem to matter.

Mechanically I have no issues(I'm by no means some LCS player or anything), so I don't believe it's that. How do higher elo players carry their games? What do they do that I'm not?

I know this may be difficult to answer without reviewing games, but I'm trying to get some insight or advice.

Posted by
Platinum III
12 hours ago

Hi there, I am a platinum mid laner and I am trying to figure out how I can climb in the current state of the meta. The problem is that I was so much better off before the mid season changes came about as I played champions like Kayle, Velkoz, Veigar, etc. My playstyle is a methodical one and if I get past 25 minutes I win the vast majority of my games. That being said, next to no games go past 25 minutes and I play none of the meta mid laners (Talon, Fizz, Ekko etc) I feel like I am not able to have enough influence on the game early and I don't know what to do to get ahead. Generally I solo kill my lane, but not early, usually around level 9. I don't die to ganks hardly ever and have decent warding, but this defensive mindset isn't working in the meta. What should I change to fix this? Do I need to find new champions? Can I make the lategame champions I play work better? =


Original thread:

Credit goes to /u/rlarma

Original video link:

"The reason why current patch feels so sloppy is because ADC's are not popping out all the time and we are seeing double brusier compositions. But honestly, i think playing ADC is better than double bruiser compositions. Lucian and Kaisa especially are better than double bruiser compositions. If you are going for double bruiser compositions bottom, play something like Ryze or Vlad. Yasuo bottom is just bad. The problem is that when your team loses to double bruiser composition bottom, then your team thinks they lost because their bottom played ADC + support. But the current double brusier composition works because ADCs were overpowered before and now they are weaker, but that doesnt mean double bruiser is better.

Now everybody is talking about meta this, meta that but unless you are top 20 in Korean solo queue, meta doesnt mean anything. You can win regardless of meta if you play well. They blame the meta if they lose but honestly its because you played bad, not because of meta. If i ask you what the meta is, most of you probably have no idea what the meta even is. If you are going to complain about the meta, open your notepad and write down "what has changed this patch? what has become good as a result of this patch? What picks are good? Why is it so good? Is it good regardless of composition? Can you first pick it?" Think about these things and analyze it before you complain about the meta because the meta really has not changed that much.

I admit Irelia at the current state is OP, but shes going to get nerfed next patch and master yi + taric/ nunu karthus has been nerfed, and ADCs are getting small buffs. Regardless of this patch, double bruiser bottom is a fad. It's only going to become popular for 1-2 months before everything reverts back to ADC + Support. We are seeing double bruisers not because bruisers have been buffed but because ADCs have been nerfed. Double bruiser bottom is only temporary.

The bigger problem is not ADC nerfs but the Master Yi + Taric / Karthus + Nunu. This isnt because those champions suddenly got buffs but it was discovered this patch that the combination was good. It could have happened on previous patches but it was discovered right around the time when ADCs got nerfs so this patch feels sloppy.

Anyways, i like this patch because ADCs were too overpowered. Before, if your bottom won, you won the game. The game is more balanced now. Now if your top wins lane, your top has a chance to carry the game. Now its important to get your top fed, previously it didnt matter if your top won lane or lost lane. Now getting your top and jungle ahead is more important than getting your bottom fed. Even in Solo queue i win more games when top and jungle are ahead compared to when our bottom is winning. Previously it was like playing a lottery every game, whenever you hear double kill in bottom, the game was decided at that moment. Then all top, mid, jungle has to do was to camp the winning bottom lane and then you win the game. Even in losing bottom lane, top , mid, and jungle tries to cover for the losing bottom lane but end up losing regardless. The game was heavily centered around bot but now everyone has equal footing.

Anyways, i dont like to talk about the meta so much but looking at chat is so fustrating because everytime the chat is filled with meta this meta that. Meta doesnt matter, its just solo queue, play whatever you are good at and you will win."

(Then he dismisses rumors of him coaching LCK team Griffin saying that its not true and he has no connections with the team)


In this kind of situation .. i'm anivia and anivia just love to stay in mid and push to turret as it's more safe for her than freezing or farming under turret or even roaming (the 3 options just make me lose more than i take) if my jg just don't give me any ganks (which is acceptable as anivia almost lose the lane priority), can i take his raptors or wolves if my opponent is ahead of me due to ganks or just a bad matchup ?

Edit : i don't know why this threat is categorized as jungle, but anyways i want the advise from jungle players more than mid laners


Note that I have experienced this in an organized play (like a plat-diamond league). But I went against this yesterday in a scrim and, to say the least, we got screwed. Mid died level 1 because of the all-in from taric + yi, especially since taric took stun lvl 1. Then they continued to take all the camps and objectives, and even invaded and killed our jungler. From there, the only lane that was winning was top. I don't see many ways to counter this strat except for cheesing them early and setting them behind, but at the same time, they'll just get back into the game. Was wondering if there were some clear strategies/picks to counter it. Thanks.


While crit sure was good on Vayne, she benefits more from non-crit than most other ADCs; attack speed is crazy with her W, CDR increases her kiting, Q/AA reset scales with AD, and she's a mobile kiting champ so she benefits a lot from lifesteal too.

Now what comes to the bruiser botlane meta, isn't Vayne pretty good against bruisers? She has been tried on top lane even, although it never worked out due to ganking potential on her, but that shouldn't apply as much on bot lane. She has great mobility and disengage from bruisers (QER), and is good at poking.

Why isn't Vayne strong right now?


So I never really understood what mechanical skill meant. I used to play a lot of injustice, mk, and other fighting games so i thought I would play a mechanical role. I was told that adc was the most mechanically demanding but also least game knowledge demanding role.

Well now I've played for quite a bit, I really dont think ADC is that mechanically demanding. From what I see, Ryze, Riven, Azir, and zed are probably the most mechanical champs, although I probably missed some out. I thought mechanics was pressing buttons in order and getting down good timing. ADC on the other hand is more right click based and positioning based, and the only really mechanical ones to me seem like Kalista and Draven, although varus and ezreal are definitely harder than something like sivir. Kiting took some time to learn, but it's doesnt feel like it's super mechanically complex. Walk back, press A(or whatever you bind attack move click to), walk back more, repeat.

So I'm confused. What makes adc Mechanical, and what are mechanical champs in case I want to get carpal tunnel and a fucked up keyboard?

Joking Aside, I really like champs that require a lot of complex mechanics. In my fighting game career, I've mained Sektor and Smoke for MK, and Robin and Black Canary, and if you have played fighting games you would know that those aren't exactly very easy to execute high damage combos on without really good mechanics.

Edit: Thanks for the replies. I'm trying to leave silver, so I obviously probably haven't been required to play super mechanically intensive yet, and as a side note, I haven't seriously played Lucian or Vayne ever, so there also goes some mechanical ADC's.

Posted by
Silver III
20 hours ago

Hello, I am a Silver 2 ADC main and frequently have trouble against a hard lane that could poke me out or easily all in me and win. I've heard that one way to keep the lane even is to freeze the minion wave just before your tower by copying the attacks of the enemy ADC. It seems easy enough but I keep losing track in game and always fail to do it effectively. I also have questions and knowing when to begin freezing, and whether you keep track of the attacks of the enemy ADC or what minions they kill. (Ex: If they kill 1 caster minion, do I kill one?) I would also love to hear some tricks on freezing the minion wave or how to practice it more effectively because it requires another ADC to do.

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