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Aubry knows she’s not winning, look at her face when Jeff reads her votes

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IIRC she said she knew she lost after filming FTC

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Jeff Probst is still pissed about this

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Imagine being still so bitter all this time later. Probst and Dalton Ross are shook.

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The greatest moment ever when Winchelionaire Fitzgerald beat Aubrunners Up Braco. I still maintain that Winchele was robbed of her respect.

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Having to see that god-awful jacket again from Kyle Jason. Just the worst

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I love that jacket.

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Queen, I love her!

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Not only did she slay but she looked stunning when she did it

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Imagine still being bitter about this 2 years later can't relate

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Yay Queen did it

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good times!!

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Gotta love it! Michele is one of my all time favorites and to this day one of my favorite winners!!!!

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    To be fair, you came into a thread celebrating Michele only to talk about Aubry. It’s annoying that you literally can’t find a Michele thread without Aubrey’s name brought up in it.

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    I mean, you're right.

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    u/Aubry_Was_Robbed you better see this.

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