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Posted byu/[deleted]1 month ago

I have OCD and anxiety, today I got my first tattoo!

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I got my first tattoo! It's an imperfect circle. It will remind me that no matter how overwhelmed I get from OCD and anxiety, for things in life not going right, for how perfect I want something, that life isn't perfect and yet it's still beautiful.

When my obsessions and compulsions are bad I will look at this circle.

I have checking OCD and although I'm better now, I still have it. It affects me with things like checking the door is locked 10 times before I go out or making sure my pug has water before bed or I think he would be dead by the morning. Things can feel messy and I get overwhelmed with trying to "fix" the mess. But it can never get fixed, it's all in my mind.

With OCD you know your thoughts are unreasonable or unrealistic but you still do it anyway. It's a viscous cycle, for example: I locked the front door > I think of someone breaking in and taking my pug > Did I lock the front door properly? > I open the door > I lock the front door. Repeat ad nauseam.

So hopefully this imperfect circle will keep me based!

Edit: I forgot to add the tattoo parlour! This was made by Sophie Wilde from Original Inkhouse, Leigh-on-Sea, UK.

That is beautiful

Huh... I do those things... does it also happen to you that 2 or 3 hours after doing something it’ll pop into your head that you didn’t do it and you are convinced you didn’t do it and have no memory of it, and when you check it turns out you did do it all along? Like “oh god I never emailed in my assignment...(frantically checks email, sees sent email) oh? What? But I never turned it in...”

Very cool

14 points · 1 month ago

Serious question: does the fact that it’s not a perfect circle mess with your OCD?

18 points · 1 month ago

Honestly no, it doesn't. OCD isn't about perfectionism, although people with OCD can have that, It's known as OCPD.

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Learned something new today, thanks

For real, I hate when people think I have to have everything be neat and tidy because I have OCD. I wish that were the case because I'm fucked up with harm OCD.

Ya OCD is about doing something a specific way or a specific amount of times. I have OCD and ADHD so usually mine is the dishes in the cupboard have to be a specific way, my clothes are hung up a specific way, I count to 40 when I brush my time, the volume for the TV and Radio has to be at a multiple of 5, and things like that. Then my ADHD kicks in with me fidgeting so if I click a pen when I fidget I have to click a certain amount of times. Also I probably do have a little bit of OCPD; but it probably just blends in with my OCD. Oh and plus I’m a germaphobe which means that that and my OCD make it so if I think a dish is dirty I wash it two more times and that kind of stuff.

You masochist, you.

That is really sweet and clever. I love simple, geometric, black ink.

As a tattooed person living with OCD and anxiety, I really appreciate this. Giving me ideas for my next tattoo already! Have a great day.

5 points · 1 month ago

This is really cool.

Cool idea and tattoo

Cannot be unseen

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