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ArchivedStickied postModerator of r/technicallythetruth


I've noticed a number of meta posts being created, so I thought it might be good to gather everyone's ideas in one place to keep them from getting lost.


  1. Scoring System - Do upvotes and downvotes suffice, or should something further be implemented? ie: OP themselves choosing a winning comment?
  2. Enable Links - Enable link posts and story posts a la /r/MaliciousCompliance, but no memes. (Links now enabled.)
  3. Link the Sub Elsewhere - Leave an "/r/technicallythetruth" post on appropriate comments across Reddit to draw in other posters.
  4. Current Event Thread - "We should have a current event explanation thread."
  5. Limit on Number of Questions - "Having 3-5 good questions a day is way better than now already having tens or hundreds of good questions getting flooded."


  1. What should the rules for posts and comments be, if any?
  2. Is there anything you don't want to see in this sub?

Other Notes:

I created this subreddit before going to bed last night and came back today to find that it had grown exponentially. I'll soon be appointing a mod team from the people who have expressed interest.

For anyone wondering about the name, I tried a bunch of different variants on /r/technicallycorrect, and this is the only one that wasn't taken.

In any case, let's try to keep this place thriving, because it seems like the idea's taken off really fast, and it's already fun to read everyone's posts and replies!

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A game in which people ask a question, and contestants respond by giving answers that are as far away from the legitimate answer as possible, yet still technically correct. Inspired by Mr_Papayahead's [post]( in /r/CrazyIdeas.

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