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When the little clip breaks and your tired of the Ethernet cutting out

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Or spend 2-10$ to replace it.... This is more like r/techsupportgore

I totally agree... the broken cable sheathing and absence of any cable shielding makes this even more worse than the broken plastic clip... perfect cable to have a bad ethernet performance

Ethernet doesn't need shielding and the jacket being broken wouldn't cause performance issues.

Look closer, Lenny... The next cable down in OP's photo has a whole bunch of straight wires. The pairs aren't even twisted in this shoddy job, which is what eliminates the need for shielding in light-duty applications (RF emissions roughly cancel out on twisted-pair wires, because radio physics works that way)

Without that twisting as we see here? Crosstalk hell and one very congested network.

Did not see that. Was looking at the cable above it.

If it's only for an inch or two it's going to make literally no difference. I'm not saying don't replace the cable since they are like a buck. But chances are that cable would perform just as well as one that's brand new.

Not sure that a lack of twisting is going to cause congestion on the network, at least in any switched network

It could lead to poor performance to that one device but it won't affect much else.

You'd be surprised at how hardy Ethernet can be. I actually have an entire drum of "cat5e" with zero twists. I've actually run gigabit over a reasonable distance (between two high end switches) without much issue or complaint (no errors reported). Wouldn't recommend actually using the cable for anything serious though!

Can't be Cat anything if there are no twists. Even cat 3 is "UTP" class cabling, aka: unshielded twisted pair.

Ethernet is indeed hearty and will put up with a lot of crap on good network gear. You're correct, but the harder it has to work, the longer it takes to deliver your packets. I mean, we're talking microseconds of difference, so.... Most people probably won't notice or care, but there's still a difference.

what kind of shitty wires are those..

The kind of cheap shitty ones you get off of eBay. For some reason they think they just need to put a piece of plastic to separate the pairs instead of twisting them. IIRC the wire even looked like tin instead of copper in the ones I've seen.

10$ vs 120$ for a retail cable tho

It's actual garbage though. You can't even get gigabit Ethernet over long lengths of it.

I have a 50ft cable and I could speed test at 900 Mbps fine, but that's probably not long enough to matter

I have a 30m cable stretching through my house through floorboards so wouldn't be just $10 to replace. Clip broke but there's no way I'm replacing that

Just get a cheap RJ45 tool and some plugs and put a new one on it. Not even 5 mins of work

Take your logic and get out!

OP said it’s a 100ft cable run under his house.

Snip the tip and replace it FFS they are MAYBE a buck a piece.

It’s like 10 bucks for a crimp, cable tester, and bag of 20 tips

Crimp, tester... Flathead screwdriver and hammer will do it. I can guarantee.

Depends on the length of the cable, if it is long and super expensive and hard to find this would seem like the better solution.

Just cut the end off and crimp a new one, takes all of 2 minutes.

I thought premade cables couldn't be reterminated

Nope, they are all just your standard CAT<number> cable at the end of the day. Just cut off the plug, strip it back, line up the wires in the proper standard (B cable standard is the most common, make sure they match at both ends), trim off the excess so that just the cable jacket goes inside the jack slightly, then crimp the new connector on and you're good to go.

Learned this trick for remembering the best standard to use years ago by an old cranky tech. They said B standard is short for Business. And the A standard was short for Asshole.

Can confirm... Wal-Mart requires all ran Cat cable to terminate “a”

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make sure they match at both ends

this.. I was having problem crimping a [edit: replacement] plug on a long cable I was running, I thought I was just very unlucky and some of the wires were just a little bit short to make contact. After 5 tries and much frustration I actually looked at the other end and saw that it wasn't in a standard order (neither A or B, just seemingly random) so no wonder nothing worked while I was trying to crimp according to 568B.

It's good practice that they match but not essential - you'd just end up with a crossover cable if you used A at one end, B at the other, and virtually any piece of Ethernet equipment made in the last couple of decades has auto-MDIX and can deal with it.

Very true, but it's still best to promote best practices.

You can easily reterminate them, it just won't meet cat6 standard, but it won't affect anything except in the most extreme use cases where absolute performance is critical.

Probably not Cat6 as no internal separation divider

Original Poster30 points·3 months ago

The reason that I haven't replaced it is because it's a 100ft line and I have to run it under my house. I know you can replace the port but I don't have to tools to. In other words, I am very cheap, plus the computer that the Ethernet cord is running to is someone else's and they have a slow computer anyways and was complaining about their computer running slow.

17 points·3 months ago·edited 3 months ago

don't worry dude, the other 99'11" of this line is still good, no need to rip it out

Something like this should have everything you need for under $15 - will sort you out perfectly.

It took me about 20 minutes to learn to use the tools, and now whenever I need a short cable I can just make one. Boot split and frayed? Who cares, I'll just replace that bad boy, no throwing out the entire run for me. Drilling through a wall to feed a cable outdoors, how will the plug fit? No problem. So convenient as a future-proof ability to have under your belt.

Unsurprisingly, excellent instructions for dummies like me are incredibly prolific on the internet, including lots of great YT videos

As others have mentioned the interference from multiple unshielded cables right next to each other will be slowing your entire network down right now (loads of dropped packets and failed attempts), so I agree this is more r/techsupportgore than MacGyver. Fix this right and everything will be significantly less laggy, plus you only gotta buy cheap tools once and then you're set to be able to make incredibly low price Ethernet lines wherever you live for the rest of your life

don't worry dude, the other 99'11" of this line is still good

It isn't though. The pairs aren't twisted. I bet OP only gets 100 meg over it.

oh shit, I thought that was just crappy crimping, the entire cable is untwisted??

hahhaha that's only fit for drying laundry. jeez true r/techsupportgore here

You can get a crimper that often comes with ends for around 15 bucks at a home Depot. Cut off the end, strip wire and make your new end.

Should be ow o gw b bw g brw br.

Don't even have to strip the wire. Just remove the sheathing and straighten out the twisted pairs

I do them in my sleep at this point.

Look at the cable part way down, it's the cheapo shitty Ethernet cables where the pairs aren't even twisted. All of those cables ought to be replaced

while my zip-ties needed slight further cutting this method is quite elegant and stable and triggers some perfectionists in just the right way

Might want to replace it anyways if this is the same kind of cable as the one next to it is, it doesn't look like it's twisted which means the performance on that cable is total shit.

You can crimp it with a flat screw driver and a bit of patience.

Yeah, but you could also buy a pair of crimpers for $15 and save yourself $25 worth of frustration and Band-Aids.

That would be the correct way. However, if you don't have crimpers on hand and you need to do just 1 single jack, it's going to work just fine. Remember, we are at r/techsupportmacgyver

Yeah, but if the guy doesn't have crimpers, he probably doesn't have an rj45 either.

your tired


I know those cables, the way the sheath breaks off at the connector.. They are the cheapest possible things you can find on aliexpress.

Never worked for me, but I found that small pieces of tape each side of the connector (the kind you put on walls when you're painting) are enough to keep the jack in place

Oh my God. The Ethernet port on my laptop has this annoying ass flap on it. It broke so every Ethernet cable just falls out. I bought a USB to ethernet adapter.

Most people will probably say "Just crimp a new plug on there" - and they're definitely correct.

I say, bonus points for using a rubber band.

I don't quite get why these are always broken. I used to rack/stack servers so I've never broken one of these tabs off. What are you people doing?

If you unplug one and try to pull the cable out through a tangle of other cables, you can easily snag the tab on another cable and bend it backwards. The little boot things that cover the tab help prevent that, but I've definitely still lost a few that way.

I honestly don't know. You can't even rip the cable out, which is what I would've expected...

Just don't fuck with your Ethernet cables everyone.

I think you're in need of at least 2 new ethernet cables ... the "fix" is just not worth it..

Just replace the clip with one of these:

ClipFix RJ45 Connector Repair Clip

Overpriced? Yeah, but if you don’t have a crimper or the experience to do it, this will fix it.

looks at my bag of 50 RJ45 tips that cost like $4

Listen man, that middle blue cable ain't right.

I love the lack of twists in those pairs.

If your going to rig an Ethernet cable, isn't hot glue the go to?

Monoprice is dirt cheap and decent

I usually cut the end and crimp a new one, but couldn't find my crimp tool one day. Now my Windows tech station has an ethernet cord hot glued into the NIC.

3/4" drywall screws do well.

Learn to crimp.

Your tired. My tired. Our tired.



Dude, patch cables are cheap.

You are also probably losing performance on those stretched af cables. The next cord is probably getting some crosstalk.

gosh, even if you can't crimp worth a dam (the second ethernet cable is evidence of it, you could always replace the patch cable rather cheaply.



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