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I could really go for a high quality production with great acting for an adult "CYOA" type of show. It can be any genre - sci-fi, fantasy, romance, crime investigation - but at the end of an episode, you get to choose which direction the story goes, so you choose a particular episode number to continue. For sure, there has to be enough episodes in the series, so that you can actually have a wide variety of story lines, maybe each episode can be around 20 minutes so that in total you can have more. There will of course the kind of episode where the show immediately ends, e.g. attempting to fight a monster instead of running away. After you reach one ending, you can then re-watch it again but choose a different outcome.
I can imagine the discussion on such a series, maybe lots of arguments on which story line is the best. As well as confusion if somebody missed a good episode by making a different choice. Then of course, somebody will just watch every episode and who knows what kind of story that makes. It does depend on the creativity of the show runners but having read CYOA books when I was younger, it is quite a fun experience.
So what do you think? Could it work?


It's hard to see differences between one funny, lazy mother and bad cook from Married with Childred that made us laugh while other one evil character from Sons of Anarchy that everyone wanted her dead.

She really was amazing as Gemma Teller from Sons of Anarchy. I thought she played one of the best badass TV female characters and her performance is hell brilliant. I loved how she gives so many memorable badass quotes. I also love her storyline and secrets what she did in past. That was awesome when spoiler. She is really amazing and well deserved to win GG, but she deserved way more than one award.


The actor that plays Marcus has always reminded me of Ike Barinholtz, to an annoying to degree. I actually thought he was kind of ripping him off. “Who does this guy think he is?,” I thought, despite finding him funny. Just now was reading about the cast a little bit and saw the actor’s name: Jon Barinholtz. No wonder he reminds me so much of his brother. I never got around to seeing the Dumb and Dumber prequel or anything so I guess he just wasn’t on my radar.

Also, for fun, if you search his name on Google, under “People Also Search for” the first person is Ike Barinholtz and the picture of him is hilarious.

Also, I was NOT watching the new episode tonight, alerts for spoilers please! Thanks.


Patrick Warburton decided to show up dressed as his character David Puddy from Seinfeld at last night Devils game.

"Gotta support the team"


On my third rewatch of the series, and I must say, this is an amazing episode of an already amazing show. Everything about this episode just oozes sleaze in the best way possible, and exemplifies the message being delivered throughout the entirety of the shows run.

Anyone else agree? Whats your favourite sopranos episode?

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