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Hi all, my name is Sammy Roth, and I'm a journalist in Southern California. I co-host a podcast called The Hatch, where we're rewatching "Lost" episode by episode and interviewing cast and crew. If you were a "Lost" fan back in the day, we'd love for you to join us!

We premiered our second season yesterday, talking about "Man of Science, Man of Faith." The premiere includes an interview with Henry Ian Cusick, who played Desmond. We've got more interviews coming up with year with Michael Emerson (Ben), Sonya Walger (Penny), François Chau (Dr. Chang), Emmy-winning editor Mark Goldman, writer Leonard Dick, set decorator Rick Romer and more.

You can subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play or Player FM. Here are some links:

Apple Podcasts/iTunes:


Player FM:

If you have any thoughts about the podcast, we'd love to hear them!


Hello. So I wasn't really sure whether to post this, but it's something I've noticed recently. Well I say noticed but only two shows have made me think about this.

The first show is Mr Robot. One of the premises of the show is that the main character suffers from seemingly pretty intense social anxiety. Yet we see him not even halfway into the first episode getting laid. The second is Elementary, in which Sherlock Holmes, originally created to be essential aromantic, having (or just having had) sex.

I mean, obviously people have sex, and my point isn't that people with social anxiety can't get laid. But it seems a bit strange that two characters who you might think would either not want to or struggle to find relationships or sex are seen to be having sex in the first episode. It's almost as if the creators are afraid to make these characters either not interested in sex or to struggle with getting laid.

I know historically TV has sexed things up a bit, I mean, most sitcoms have ridiculous amounts of sex when compared to reality. But these shows strike me as less sitcoms and more grounded, so it seems almost like the creators are worried what people would think of these characters were they not seen to be having sex in the first episode. It just seems a bit strange, like it taps into a deeper issue our society has with sex, and the idea that sex is everything, at least when it comes to social status and, for lack of a better word, coolness. It's as though these characters had to be seen having sex otherwise how could they possibly be cool or interesting characters?

All that said I'm pretty below whatever average might exist for sex stuff so maybe I'm just being a bit sensitive to these things? It just bugs me, it's almost like it's done out of fear and a need to check boxes in a "cool traits" checklist. I'd find Sherlock Holmes much more interesting if he was asexual and uninterested in sex. As for Mr Robot, while it's not outright immersion breaking it definitely didn't help sell his social anxiety. I feel like him getting laid could have been a nice payoff sometime later in the series (if the series does show him dealing with his social anxiety as a an overarching plot, I haven't watched much though intend to continue watching it).

Anyway sorry, not sure if this is a typical post for this place, though I don't think it's against any rules. Just been bugging me for a while and wondered if anyone else had noticed this or feels similarly? Hopefully this isn't the sort of post you see every week though lol, maybe it's already an acknowledged trope? Either way thanks for reading.


A couple that come to mind are King of the Hill and Breaking Bad. I would also say The Office but I feel like the last few season took a little bit more serious tone, which is fine, but just not my taste.


Honestly it's easily one of the best new shows of the year, if not the best. It's a spy show from Audience. Max Irons, William Hurt, Brendan Fraser and all the others were amazing in it, fantastic music, good action, good story and pacing, always keeps you engaged, not a single dull moment. It's already been renewed for second season before season 1 ended.

And to those wondering, yes, it is based on that movie with Robert Redford, Three Days of the Condor.

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