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They need to investigate Jehovah’s Witnesses. They are a cult that protects child abusers and practices victim blaming. Go google Australian Royal Commission and Jehovahs Witnesses.

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21 points · 7 months ago

She will be. Fist one of this new season.

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Better add Mormonism to that list too.

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23 points · 7 months ago

I'm a faithful and believing Mormon, and I've gotta say, be my guest. There's probably things that the leaders of the church don't necessarily want floating around as general knowledge, but I have some pretty serious doubts as to any big conspiracy. If there is, I guess I'd want to know though.

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That's good you're open. I know a ton of Mormons would freak out if it included videos of what happens inside the temples.

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12 points · 7 months ago · edited 7 months ago

Okay, but what exactly would that be exposing? I mean, first off, those videos are already available in abundance, so it's not like it would be anything new. Also, having been through the temple, I can confidently say that it's not some huge cover up or conspiracy, it's just something that's sacred to us that we don't choose to broadcast to the world. It may seem pretty different to say the least, but it's not like it's a menace to society.

Edit: To add, I can say I would personally be a little hurt if my close friends, having discussed this stuff with me and knowing how I feel about it, chose to seek it out online. It's something that's personal to me, and I'd hope that they could respect that. That's likely where overly defensive Mormons are coming from.

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This stuff being new or not or already available online is besides the point. I'm sure I can get most of the info in Leah's videos from other sources online. Regardless, I'm still glad she made the show anyway.

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What happens in the temples ?

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Yeah out of theloop heretoo

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Here's a small part of what goes on in there.

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I’ve been outside the church inside the church, and out again. Mormonism has its problems with the truth and historical whitewashing, but it really doesn’t cross the thing, wavy line between establish religion into cult status.

I know it’s not a popular opinion on Reddit, but their practices do not mirror that of the cults I’ve looked into. Jonestown, aum shinrikyo, heavens gate, children of god, etc. It can be seen that way in the beginning (what religion doesn’t, really) between polygamy and general interpretation/addition to the Bible. Mormonism should have been stamped out early

In the modern day, they do what other churches do. Sponsor families, raise money for the homeless, help the community of Mormons/inactives. They even have a robust volunteer first response team for natural disasters. The central tenants of Mormonism don’t revolve around sex, power, or the other classic cult mechanisms, but more around an America-centric interpretation and expansion of the Bible. I don’t see how the church or overbearing family practices are fundamentally different than that of Catholics other than interpreting and prophetic shit.

But I’m interested in what people have to say on it, I hope it doesn’t devolve into one of the non-productive conversations that normally swim around Mormons.

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-7 points · 7 months ago(More than 10 children)
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No I haven't. Head on over to /r/exmormon and just ask what the church is not telling you.

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It’s funny how people who have left know more about what happens in that church than actual members.

Most people in that thread are pissed off ex Mormons that are angry they were rejected based off of their views.

I’ve looked into it and it’s just a bunch of he said she said with ill informed people starting rumors or generalizing a few instances to a whole group of people.

Every religion has its issues and cover ups. ( the Catholic Church priests raping children for one example or the hundreds of years of countless cover ups.)

But it seems like everyone loves to hate this church who’s base members are some of the nicest most sincere people I’ve ever met that would take the shirt off of their back for a stranger that are constantly accused of being in a cult. While other churches who have linear history of corruption are thought of as churches.

There’s so much Misinformation that if you would take more than 10 minutes to read a handful of articles from legitimate news sources you would know their main objective is service and helping.

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I have nothing against Mormonism. I just find a lot of their beliefs to be bat shit crazy. That being said, yes, Mormons are known for being friendly. But I think you can find people like that from any religion, and even non religious people.

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I’d agree there are more good people than bad. I also understand how a lot of their ideas or practices seem crazy and even crazier without context. That said I don’t understand how that defines them as being a cult.

And I’m not saying your calling them a cult.Just a majority of people have mentioned them in the same light as Scientologist who have had hundreds of members speak for other sceintologists who have been accused of rape to get them off the hook.

While also having a grip over the LAPD and can manipulate laws to help rightly accused Scientologist.

The funniest part is if you’ve ever seen “The Book of Mormon” play by the south park guys. That does nothing except slander them.

They have taken an ad out saying if you want to learn more about the Book of Mormon visit in the pamphlet they hand out to the play goers.

I’m just saying i couldn’t find another religion that will take their criticisms as a chance to teach what they actually stand for.

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Just curious, how does the play The Book of Mormon slander them? Slander would indicate that they were portraying them in false ways....which my understanding from talking to Mormons who have also seen it have said it’s pretty damn accurate. To a point that the Mormons in the show don’t even curse or “take the lords name in vain”. Sure, the one character “makes up” stuff, but it’s made very clear that the information he is spreading isn’t accurate.

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Maybe slander was the wrong word. I didn’t mean it in that context more than I meant harsh criticisms. I think it’s a great play and funny as hell.

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It definitely does have a decent amount of criticism....but in my opinion, religions should be able to handle criticism. And I honestly do think a lot of those criticisms are valid.

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1 point · 7 months ago

It’s funny how people who have left know more about what happens in that church than actual members.

Are you serious? How myopic. People who have left do know what the actual members know because they were such members. It's not like they lose their knowledge or experience when they leave it behind. And they also tend to know a whole lot of other stuff as well, including the bits that members tend to stay away from. Yeah, some of them are bitter and angry and tend to congregate at r/exmormon to vent their anger. But in many cases they have legitimate reasons for it, and those reasons are almost never what members close-mindedly assume (like you've done here).

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Exactly! It's that greater than average church knowledge that eventually lead me out of the church. The more you know....

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144,000 babies killed by Herrod. Don’t cry for them.

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wtf are you talking about? Are you implying that people hurt by JW policies brought it on themselves. Even children?

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He posts nonsensical shit a lot. Best to downvote and ignore.

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Future JW here, I don't even know what the hell he's talking about

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