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Is 'The Wire' the greatest TV show ever? by Plainchant in television

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Shortly after I started watching The Wire I was driving somewhere and I saw a homeless person. I didn't just notice them, but rather I had this startling realization that I had spent my entire life until that point in time avoiding any awareness of how terrible things are for people in my own community. This poor guy on the street was a person, maybe a drug addict, and I really hoped one day he could get his shit together well enough that his sister would let him upstairs to have dinner with her.

After the wire I felt compelled to do something, even if it is 99% pointless. Volunteering with a community workforce development center and I wrote/maintain a computer/technical literacy program that's been active for about 10 years. I also do some fundraising and leadership nonsense with a foodbank.

So, for the past 15 years I have done about 5-10 hours of volunteering/community/fundraising a month - and The Wire taught me that while it's almost entirely not worth the effort, and I'm probably just making it easier for someone to OD on meth - however on the off chance it does some good to one person, that's actually worth it.

Is 'The Wire' the greatest TV show ever? by Plainchant in television

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Disagree. Having watched both several times, I'd say the difference is that The Wire is introspective for the viewers as a society, whereas Sopranos is more introspective on a personal level even though both tackle personal and social issues.

What I mean by that is that when you watch The Wire you question how our modern society works. It makes you think about social determinism, the issues around corruption, police incompetence and how it relates to political motivations. The rigidity of our society and how it pushes out kids who don't fit its mold be it with season 4 and the problematic school kids or with Hampsterdam. It brings up social issues like drug use, urban poverty, the absurdity of valuing test scores above actual learning, prositution, prison and the justice system, etc...basically the problems of society.

Sopranos touches on those subjects too (racism, immigration, the taboo of mental illness,...) but less so imo. On the other hand it delves deeper into metaphysics. It makes you question who people truly are: In the Sopranos you can see it on several levels, who they are in regards to if they're good or bad and how they each have their own moral compass, the confused identity of 2nd 3rd generation immigrants, having to follow in your parents footsteps etc... It also makes you think about if people can actually change or not and how you evolve as a person over time. Relationships also play a bigger role be it within your own family, your clan, your lovers, your psychologist etc...

Tl;dr Both are entertaining but both also makes you ask questions. The Wire moreso about society and Sopranos moreso about yourself.

T.J. Miller arrested for calling in a false bomb threat by nyquil32 in television

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Sexual assault is no laughing matter.

But it's still funnier than the Emoji movie.

/s *sorry.. that's horrible but it popped into my head.

T.J. Miller arrested for calling in a false bomb threat by nyquil32 in television

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I think a lot guys like him have a hyper, overactive mind coupled with an anxiety disorder. They are simply incapable of self-soothing and only feel okay when drunk or high.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) by BoogsterSU2 in television

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Oh come on. They think they're doing God's work because the Judeo-Christian God is a wrathful, hateful son of a bitch. Protesting and shouting hateful words is nothing when God would have you literally razing towns if just a few people within it preach blasphemy. And we can pretend Jesus prettied all that up in the New Testament but that's bullshit. He declared that not one iota of Old Testament law fall from practice until the completion of God's plan.

Hateful people can easily use any major God to justify their hate because any major God is even more hateful.

Let's get over this "they aren't real Christians" or "this isn't any God's will" lines because it's fucking bullshit. Archaic and disgustingly hateful texts are given power because billions of people believe in their literality to at least some extent.

We'll do a much better job of shunning these types of hateful attitudes in future generations if we can honestly look at the issue. Part of that is acknowledging that most major religions have been vehicles for hate for centuries on end because it's written into their very foundations.

They are doing God's will. And God's will fucking blows.

'The Simpsons' To 'The Problem With Apu': Drop Dead by Brownhops in television

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Indian guy here. let me give you my perspective. haven't seen THE PROBLEM WITH APU yet.

Apu, by far, is the most notable Indian character in American media and it's infuriating in a way because that's all people see when they see me or my dad. The "thank you, come again" refrain, the absolutely god-awful Indian accent Hank Azaria does, the fact that he's an awful person (constantly cheap, cheats on his wife, immoral in business, etc.). it paints an awful picture of Indian people in general.

But this isn't just the fault of THE SIMPSONS. It's pretty much the rest of media too.

See, I can't fault THE SIMPSONS too much because they actually have an Indian guy on their show. Others don't even fucking bother. The only other guy I can think of is Raj on The Big Bang Theory and he's not much better in terms of dispelling stereotypes. The other racial stereotypes on THE SIMPSONS are sort of softened because there are TONS of other representations of these groups in media (like Hispanics and Bumblebeeman, the Hibberts and blacks, and there are so many Jews in Hollywood that Krusty is pretty much a hilarious meta-joke). But Apu? Apu, after 30 years, is still the best we get. It'd be like if black representation was still stuck with jigaboo characters and people doing blackface.

So when I see Apu, I see pretty much every dumb, cliched joke thrown my way because that's all people really ever see of me. It's unfortunate but it's also hard to suss out why it's so problematic because the whole situation doesn't exist in a vaccuum. I think it's getting better though; BLOCKERS has a major Indian character who's not a caricature and it's great so who knows what the future holds.

Anyway I enjoy the show but I get everything on all sides I do.

edit: huge shoutout to /u/Sebaceous_Sebacious who PM'd me to tell me he had an Indian girlfriend and didn't hate Indian people but told me I had to go back. That guy's dick must be 15 inches long

Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert - Discussion by NicholasCajunWestworld in television

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Judas is killing it.

Edit: and Jesus.

Edit 2: and himself.

Lord of the Rings TV Show Has a 5 Season Commitment, Potential $1 Billion Budget by RunningJokes in television

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In the Shire Justice System food-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In Hobbiton the dedicated shiriffs who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victuals Unit. These are their stories.

New CBS procedural 'Instinct' copy-pasted scenes from two episodes of 'Bones' that aired almost 10 years ago by brokenhumerus in television

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Not necessarily.

Karine Rosenthal is married to Tim Rosenthal, CEO of "Media Food Arts", the catering company to almost half of all TV shows produced in Hollywood. Manta.com reports their revenue at over $18.5 million last year alone. Tim's brother, Jonathon Rosenthal, has 2nd Crew directing credits on the Academy Award winning movie "Life of Pi", but also has directing credits on the tv show "Three's Company.

So, half of all TV shows, Three's Company, Life of Pi...

Half Life 3 confirmed.

Sinclair employees say their contracts make it too expensive to quit. by AdamCannon in television

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I edited it because my anger was misdirected, and your mature response made me realize it.

You deal with difficult people a lot on reddit, so sometimes I (and presumably many others) anticipate hostility where it doesn't exist, and thus perpetuate it.

Sinclair's script for the local news stations that they own by wordboyhere in television

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Fuck Ajit Pai.

Edit: Thank you kind stranger for the reddit gold!!

Sinclair's script for the local news stations that they own by wordboyhere in television

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The result of this is that the only narrative that exists in the mainstream media is one that is at the very best uncontroversial as far as wall street is concerned.

What about all the liberal-leaning cable news channels that support wall street regulation?

and yet the American people keep buying into this meaningless, partisan, identitarian horseshit.

Maybe it's because the parties support completely opposite policies.

One party is funded by the people that pushed this shit on local news channels, the other party constantly rails against it and supports public broadcasting, but yeah you're right there's no way to tell the difference between them!

Sinclair's script for the local news stations that they own by wordboyhere in television

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This is the most terrifying thing I have ever seen... Communist? Na, we got nukes. Terrorist? Na, we got drones. We can fight them. But how do we fight this? This is a demonstration of how not only a new script can be pushed but how it can be done with almost 0 question by those being forced to "report" it. At this point, its not a question of if the problem exist but rather for how long and how do we fix it?

This is not just dangerous to democracy, this is the poison that kills democracy.

Rejected test animation from Titmouse for the now cancelled "Deadpool" FX show. by xgamerwarp in television

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his line of men's underwear

I believe they're called Childish Pampinos

The Wild Wild Country sex cult documentary is the craziest thing on TV by StephenKong in television

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Yeah, but the Christians were never harassed.

It was baffling - the antelope people are pissed that these folks who have bought the land are coming and having sex on their own damn land?

What exactly was their anger towards these people...?

The same number of buses and noise will be coming from a massive Christian camp. They did construction too - probably with more heavy duty machinery than a bunch of hippies in the 80s.

But nah. It’s only a problem when the rajneeshis moved in.

Don’t get me wrong: the Rajneeshis went nuts over time. But I’m not cool claiming that the antelope people were good people.

They just didn’t want outsiders, even though those outsiders were initially there 100% legally.