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The man blames modern media for mental illness and suicide rates. Claiming when he was a kid nobody thought about suicide (completely untrue).

On top of his lack of any support and complete avoidance of even discussing anything LGBTQ+ related, support or otherwise (which, like, it's not hard to say you support the rights of LGBTQ humans unless you actually don't).

Or the fact that he has described Oaxis to people at seminars as a "Christian Network," a fact that he not ONCE told his kickstarter backers.

Oh and also there was that time he joked about Tara Strong having something to do with Mary Kay Bergman's suicide.

These are the reasons for my disdain. The man took advantage of people's nostalgia for a vanity project whose true intentions were not told to the public, and his views on mental illness and suicide are problematic at best.


Series like Bates Motel, how i met your mother, walking dead etc

I need moreeeeee

(no breaking bad and got please)


I am such a sucker for TV shows with good continuity. Out of what I've seen personally, shows that come to mind are Community and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. You know, character callbacks, references to other episodes, consistent characterization, running jokes, etc. It's just super fun for me, those kinds of shows hold my attention more, and I like discovering little details. It makes rewatching the shows enjoyable as well.

So what are some other shows that have killer continuity?


If you haven't learned yet, Disney just fired Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn for tweeting some pretty shocking jokes a decade ago. Since it seems like Disney will be acquiring Fox, where does this leave Family Guy and other Seth MacFarlane properties, and similar shows?

Family Guy and American Dad regularly have jokes about pedophilia, rape, bestiality, the worst stuff imaginable. All this published on a major network during prime-time tv.

Gunn shot himself in the foot by tweeting about Roseanne's firing saying that free speech doesn't mean that ABC has to keep funding her show. And he dug up decades old posts from Ben Shapiro when he was 19 to attack him politically. I don't know or care about MacFarlane's politics, but if we're going to start purging purveyors of shock-comedy from major studios I think there ought to be some consistency.

Right now, it seems like big corporations are all too willing to fire people, even very talented, hugely profitable, generally good-hearted folks like James Gunn, at the drop of a hat (took less than 24 hours to fire him once the internet mob started circulating his old tweets) whenever a mob starts raising a ruckus. This seems to apply to both left and right wing mobs now too.

So if companies are going to fire people for writing things that others don't like, shouldn't they go ahead and purge the whole roster for such transgressions? Otherwise, seems like a lot of people in the industry are only safe until a mob decides to go after them, and when a mob decides to go after you, you can lose your career in less than 24 hours.

I personally would not like to live according to the whims of mobs. Either lets go ahead and remove from public consumption everything that might offend anyone, on left or right, and just have boring centrist humor that doesn't have anything meaningful to say, or lets have companies start standing up to mobs and stop letting a few thousand angry Twitter posters bully companies into have editorial power over our culture.

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