The following is meant as a brief overview that you can skim of what is not allowed in r/television. It is not an exhaustive guide to how we moderate and we ultimately reserve the right to moderate at our own discretion as each situation is unique. We also enforce site rules. If you have any questions about the rules or our moderation, feel free to message us here.

1. Image posts

Direct links to images, image albums, and articles that are primarily image based will be removed. Self-posts that contain only an image link will be removed as well. Self-posts that are about an image are allowed, but writing up something and giving it a little context is needed. The subreddit for the show, /r/gifs, /r/funny and other subreddits may be more appropriate for your submission

2. Spoilers

  • Spoilers in submission titles are not allowed.

  • When viewing a thread that's about a specific show you should expect untagged spoilers up to the latest officially aired episode, unless OP specifically limits the range of spoilers (e.g. OP says "No season 5 spoilers please").

  • Keep in mind that when you enter general topic threads such as "Which series had the best finale?" you should be prepared to see untagged spoilers for any show that has had its finale.

3. Piracy

Requests for or links to streams, torrents, etc. will be removed. Posts that appear to be veiled requests for piracy may also be removed. Talking about piracy, admitting you pirate, etc. is okay, we just don't want people linking to the websites or asking for such links.

4. Spam

We generally follow reddit's spam guidelines and self promotion guidelines. Regardless of site rules, spam is ultimately what we determine it to be and we will act according to our own judgments. If you are submitting content that is yours, be wary.

5. Duplicate submissions/stories & old news

If multiple links about the same topic are submitted, all links but one will be removed, unless a submission has new or updated information in the title. Factors such as time of submission, time of moderator review, upvotes, quality of the title and so on will affect which submission is allowed to stay. This rule primarily concerns news, not other things like multiple threads talking about the latest Game of Thrones episode.

6. Non-top-level sources

The original source of information for a bit of news or a direct link to a video of interest is preferred. Rehosted content (such as a copied article) is not allowed.

7. Listicles

Articles and videos that are list based, such as "10 shows to watch this summer!" and that sort of clickbait will be removed short of it being merit worthy as determined by the reviewing moderator. Best of/worst of the year retrospectives are exempt from this rule.

8. Some politics

Political content from "talking heads", such as news reporters, journalists, daytime talk show hosts and so on is disallowed, with only late night talk show hosts being an exception. Such late night talk submissions must directly link a video, not a video embedded in an article. Political content from regular television shows, such as comedies and dramas, is okay.

9. Gossip

Gossip is only allowed if the news may have a direct and immediate impact on an entertainer's career. Depending on the nature and source of the gossip we may remove it if it does not meet some minimum level of credibility.

10. Bad titles

Titles should indicate what a user can expect to see or read in your link and should attempt to remain relatively neutral. A title must contain the show's name if applicable. A title with only the show's name in the title is insufficient. Submissions with titles that are vague, sensationalized, sufficiently biased, or misleading may be removed. Titles should not contain the website's name unless it is directly relevant in some way.

11. Recommendation requests

Recommendation requests for new shows to watch will be redirected to the Weekend Recommendations threads. Making a separate thread to suggest shows to other users is okay, but requests for shows must go into the weekly thread. Inquiring about a specific show in its own thread is okay, but generalized "What should I watch?" threads are not allowed.

12. Requests to help remember a show, actor, etc.

These requests will be redirected to r/tipofmytongue.

13. Low quality comments

Low quality comments, and the discussions spawned from them, can be subject to removal.

14. Requests for personal information or money

Any links or posts appealing for personal information or money will be removed, such as links to crowdfunding campaigns (Kickstarter, IndiegGogo, GoFundMe, etc), forms requiring signatures or other personal information (petitions, surveys, Google Doc forms), etc.

15. Text posts with little to no text

Text posts require more than just a title, they also need the "text" field to be filled out when submitting. 100 characters or more is required. If your post includes links, then when the post is manually reviewed by a moderator, the URL will not factor into the 100 character minimum.

16. Blog / Twitter posts

Instead of directly linking to a blog or tweet, consider making a self-post or linking to a more reputable source. An article may also be removed if it primarily sources tweets, especially for speculative information or articles claiming some sort of outrage.

17. Low effort posts

Submissions that are low effort, such as links to IMDb and Wikipedia, music from a show, or a basic question such as "What time is Game of Thrones on?" are subject to removal.

18. Satire / False Information

Articles that are satirical in nature or contain false information will be removed. Satire is allowed if the title explicitly notes that the submission is satire.

19. Being uncivil

If you are being hostile, hateful, a troll, inflammatory, etc., you may be banned.

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