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Posted byWood enthusiast4 years ago
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Work in progress


  1. Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

  2. Chainsaw (suggestions?)

  3. Chisels (suggestions?)

  4. Slick (suggestions?)

  5. Google Sketchup plus the Sketchup Timber Framing Extension

  6. Felling axe

  7. Broad axe



  1. A Timber Framer's Workshop by Steve Chappell. Recommended by u/keltor2243 via /r/woodworking.



  1. Grand Oaks Timberframing

Professional Organizations

I'll edit this as we go.

Add suggestions in the comment section. Include what/where/why (e.g. The Alaskan Chainsaw Mill is the bee's knees because it's inexpensive and portable.)


Hey. just stumbled in here wanting to ask a question. Im building a small 5m x 5m house. Due to code restrictions Im not allowed to build either a second story or dig down . I am however allowed to build upto 4.3m (13') so I wanted to put a beam spanning the centre of the room in so i can but a bed up there, under the roof. Ive looked around and since I have no prior woodworking knowledge I could use some input here. The beam will be pine and I think it should be 10 cm (4') x 25 cm. (8-9') Im not sure if this is correct? due to lack of space Id like to not place a support underneath, but is that a good idea or? Any and all help will be appreciated. cheers


I've been working in the remodeling side of the trades on and off for years - it's mostly finish type stuff. It's ok, but I've recently become fascinating by Timber Frames. So I started calling all these companies looking for a job, and haven't had any luck yet. 1) Are there any schools that teach Timber Framing? I imagine that would greatly increase my odds of landing a job. 2) On average, are Timber Frame homes more or less expensive that your average platform framed house?


Hello timber framers!

I'm looking to build a timber frame workshop in the coming months and came across this, My questions are; is anyone familiar with Timeberframer HQ, and if so, what are your thoughts on these plans? Thanks for the feedback!


They have been doing this twice a year for the last 20, but last weekend was my first time I was able to participate with the VMI timberframe society in raising a pavilion for the Rockbridge county High School. What a great time, I am hooked.


I am designing my timber frame house and am getting read to start the roof but I want to do all my load calculations before I start on that. I have Ted Benson's book which has some good tables in the back but it is missing a couple species. I am going to be milling red oak for my main posts and beams, then hemlock for floor and roof joists. The book has charts for oak but not hemlock. It does have charts for douglas fir which may be similar to hemlock but I am not positive, can anyone confirm that?


Hi, I’m trying to decide between a mafell, which I’ve used fairly extensively, and the swisspro. It would appear that the swisspro has some interesting features above and beyond the highly proven mafell. Thanks


I'm located in Austin, TX and I'd like to get the opportunity to work with timber framing in my off time to feel it out as a career transition in the next year or two. Anyone know how I can get some exposure to the craft?

Thanks in advance!

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Wood enthusiast
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