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"Moichandizing...where the real money from the picture is made."

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Came here to make sure this reference was made. Well done. Praise be to Yogurt and may the Schwartz be with you.

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Anyone else see that movie on like TBS Superstation on a summer afternoon in the late 90s early 2000s and getting scared of Pizza The Hut?

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SPACEBALLS THE FLAMETHROWER! The kids really love this one

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Worked for The Boring Company.

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Space balls the T-shirt!

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"Even in the future nothing works!"

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Spaceballs: the flamethrower!

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unless you produce one of the new star wars films. then that shit rots on the shelves

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Modern Star Wars merch sucks, Hasbro cheaped out, they did it to themselves.

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I have been quoting that way too much when people ask to bring back a show.

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And the real reason they made the sequals

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That's like $1.40 per person.

Somebody else covered my share.

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That was probably my nephew

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You are obviously not a parent. Everything targeted to kids 5 and under is either labelled with Princesses (pink) or Cars (blue). Everything.

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I just get them empty cardboard boxes.

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When I priced clothes at a donation store every little boy thing was Cars I was so sick of it!

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Paw patrol is holding it down these days

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I'd say about 22% of that income was my son's McQueen collection. He's got dozens and still finding ones he hasn't got...

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I barf every time I see a "fashion montage" or where a character has to go to a radically new area - it is solely to introduce alternative versions of the toys.

What do you do when you already have a Lightning McQueen? Why you get him the shiny version, the dirty version, the beach version, the UK Drive on the Left version...

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See: every Marvel movie new new outfit and Iron Man 3 mech

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It’s like Paw Patrol. My 2 year old nephew is obsessed and has Paw Patrol everything. My son is 10 months and I’m in trying so hard for him not to get into it.

Those Paw Patrol people have a racket on literally everything.

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I've never seen my girlfriend's kid watch Paw Patrol and she still knows all of them and has their stuff

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I had never even heard of it when my kiddo starting talking about it.

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They're turning kids into furries

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At least its subtle though. Not like space jam which pretty much hijacked your brain into liking rabbits

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The 70s Disney Robin Hood movie is where all the furries came from.

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Chase is on the case!

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what have you done

you only made it worse

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Obama’s putting chemicals in the water that’s turning our frickin kids into gay anthropomorphic animal sickos

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Just wait until the day he decide he doesn’t want one thing that is paw patrol. Literally one day it happened and we had to de-pooch the place.

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We have so far managed to keep our kiddo from being a brand whore mainly be exposing him to a lot of different stuff. We don't let him watch one show over and over (for everyone's sanity). So he gets to watch a few Paw Patrol episodes but later if he were watching more shows we put on something else.

So far we've managed to keep each brand of toys to a reasonable amount partially by simply saying "No" and partially by making sure he doesn't obsess over one thing.

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I get what you’re saying but does it make sense to you to try even little to stop a kid from liking a certain toy?

I understand businnesses bank on this but you dont want a kid who grows up with a brain telling him “yet again im the only one without a cool job, cool girl, cool car, I dont fit in”. Let the kid have this patrol thingy if everyone around has it, this is not the time for your kid to feel unique or be raised in a unique way, kids already have that power, now they need to enjoy their time with everyone being the same.

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Haha, not going to stop from liking a toy - mainly just try and avoid the constant exposure, that’s all.

And partially all in jest.

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That's funny, because I love it for this number. Although I do wish it had ended with a "4" to make it a palindrome.

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$454.545.454,45 (normal) €389.499.104,- €389mil $454,545,454.45 (murica) $454 mil

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Disney makes so much money it's unbelievable. And they still keep raising the prices for Disney World every year...

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I don't begrudge them for it. It's one way of then controlling the numbers to the park, by pricing out a percentage of visitors.

Can you imagine how hectic and packed it would be if it were free entrance?

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In the mid 80’s Michael Eisner started pricing the tickets to the parks to be comparable to a ticket to a Broadway show, when put into context it’s not that bad of a deal.

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When Broadway theaters have a 1500 seat capacity and Disney Florida has like 330,000, the scale is a bit off.

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But the cost to run Disney World isn't the same as that of running a Broadway show.

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Also a broadway show lasts 2 1/2 hours or so while Disney’s parks are available for 12-13 hours a day many productions running constantly throughout the day rides and many different forms of entertainment. It cost me 170 dollars to see my fair lady it would cost me 120 dollars to be in the parks for a full day.

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I see you fast through the daylight hours

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Do you want me to account for peeing time as well?

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LONG AGO comment, but I'm just reading your reply.

No lol I was talking about the food expense you didn't mention, the time is whateva

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You could make it so prohibitably expensive that it's seen as a status symbol. Rich people love that shit.

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Honestly, if someone did a west-world type thing, I would consider it even if it was outrageously expensive due to it being so cool and the experience being worth it.

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You just want to fuck those robots don't you

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Don't kink shame

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I mean...if I'm already paying for it....

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That's what Club 33 is for.

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Keeps out the riff raff.

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It wouldn't be any more packed than they are at Christmas. They have a limit to the number of people they can let in the park.

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I wouldn't begrudge them for it if it wasn't for the fact their employees are treated like shit.

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Imagine? Nah, ain't nobody got time for dat!

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I live near Disney Land and they do the same thing here. They raise the prices, take away benefits and people keep coming back anyway. Half the fucking park was closed this year but people still renewed their passes.

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Disney, like any other business, isn’t going to use their profits from other ventures to fund the parks.

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Until attendance drops, expect more of the same.

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Yeah that’s how inflation works mate. Cost of goods and services increase year on year in most industries.

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We get about 35000 to 60000 visitors a day

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This is why TLJ is such a big bomb. The movie did fine, but the toy and merch sales tanked. They released the film right before Christmas, and didn't hit number one for brand sales that month.

They are literally one of the (many) reasons Toys R Us went bankrupt. They took up so much shelf space but no one bought. Toys R Us pinned their hopes on Star Wars and lost.

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Bb8 is obvious trash....

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So that's why they made 2 sequels even though cars is the worst Pixar franchise

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Have you seen the end of Cars 3? It actually made me angry. They need to add a scene where they get disqualified cos you can't change cars half way through a race.

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Have you seen fuckin' Cars 2? That pile of shit makes Cars 1 & 3 look like masterpieces.

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The only reason why that movie exists was because John Lasseter wanted to make a spy movie.

It was an Okay movie, but It lacked the charm the First and Third movies had.

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The first and third are mirrors of each other that's why.

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Yeah, But I still liked them.

Heck, it's a Nice Break from the Usual headache American Motorsports give me. (ESPECIALLY NASCAR, GOOD LORD I HAVE NEVER SEEN A MUCH MORE BROKEN BASE GOOD GOD)

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Did you say Cars 2?

(loads trebuchets)

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But do you know how many fucking toys they made from that one? There are at least 20 different Mater’s, I know because my wife keeps buying them for my son on eBay. All three movies suck, Mater and Guido and Luigi are the only funny things, and they ain’t that funny.

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Click and Clack, ie the Rusteze owners were great too. Though nostalgia might be biasing me.

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Don't drive like my brother, tears up

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Sad to hear the dead one in the third one, but still cool that they put him in there. Sometimes I’m listening to that show and they go to commercial and say the air date and it’s 20 years old but you’d never know.

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It's literally explained in the movie that it's perfectly legal as long as they have the same number

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I believe thats just the coach car that says that, no way it's actually allowed, otherwise you'd change car every few laps, it'd be like 26 people running one mile of a marathon each against people doing the full thing. Of course the relay would win.

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No I'm pretty sure the announcer confirms it.

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Formula E would like to have a word. /s

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Actually, in that universe it's essentially the same as changing drivers. So Technically, It's not against the rules.

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The Cars lore is deep yo

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I don't think you are allowed to change drivers halfway through a race either, unless specifically mentioned in the race rules. That would be for something like an endurance race like LeMans, not for a standard race.

What do I know.

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Per Smokey, he said only the number had to be out there. Yes, my son is currently obsessed and I have the whole damn thing memorized.

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Spoiler alert* Geez

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Wait, are you really frustrated about the logic in a universe where a car won a race because he stuck his tongue over the finish line in an earlier movie?

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Wait what happens

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where the real money from the picture is made

They change cars half way through the race.

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But have the same number on both which the logic as to why it's okay.

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I have, and while most if it was dreadful I liked the Italian F1 car in it, he amused me. The spy stuff was urgh.

And there was no stupid ending along the lines of, "okay you can change car halfway through a race"

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Have you seen the end of Cars 3?


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idk why Cars gets so much hate, I loved that movie. But the sequels did kinda suck.

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I dunno about that man, the r/trebuchetmemes mods seem to be big fans

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Can verify, have 3-year-old nephew who owns every Lightning/Mater variant known to man

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I have always believed that the Cars franchise only exists to fund the other, more substantial movies by made Pixar.

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Having seen Coco last night, I'm fine with that.

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I'm a grown man and the last 15 minutes of that movie reduce me to an ugly mess of tears every single time.

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Right there with you. My son loves Cars, so I can't really escape them. They're decent movies, don't get me wrong :) I just prefer others more.

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It's Pixar's "One for me, one for them".

[–]sweetcuppingcakes 9 points10 points  (1 child)

Another fun fact I realized recently: Lightning McQueen technically doesn't win any of the climactic races in all three films.

Cars 1: He gets 3rd after stopping to push the veteran over the line.

Cars 2: Something with a bomb happens and I don't think anyone finishes the race. My son has watched it 5 times but I still can't really remember what happens in that pile of shit movie.

Cars 3: Spoilers since it's somewhat recent. Lightning stops yet again and switches with his protege/trainer Cruz. His "number" wins, but it's Cruz that crosses the finish line.

[–]Laszerus 19 points20 points  (0 children)

Yes, he has 7 piston cups by 3. We just never see him win any of them lol. Which is what bugged me most about 3. Storm is trashing Lightning McQueen all movie, in reality, Lightning would be an absolutely untouchable legend of the sport, 7 championships? His mentor won 3 and was considered the champion for the ages, and Lightning has 7? He'd be the Wayne Gretzky/Michael Jordan of car racing.

[–]Bearlodge 22 points23 points  (1 child)

I know people abhore this franchise, but I thought the first movie was somewhat decent. Don't know why they skipped to Cars 3, and never made a Cars 2....RIGHT?!

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As an aside, CarsLand at Disneys California Adventure is prob the best section in both parks

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The merchandising revenue is probably how they justified Cars Land.

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I can't even imagine how much frozen made of merch.

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So much they kept it a separate franchise instead of making them part of the Disney Princess line

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Frozen = Disney2

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I wonder why they didn't sell Cars-branded cars.

[–]Xacky 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Kids might get hurt running into the road seeing a "real" Cars-car.

[–]sweetcuppingcakes 2 points3 points  (1 child)

The fuck are you talking about? I can't make it halfway through my 5 year old's room without drowning in an ocean of different sized Lightning McQueens and Maters.

[–]rikkirikkiparmparm 18 points19 points  (0 children)

I think he's talking about actual, working, full-sized cars. Like if Nissan or Honda or Toyota were to start making a Lightning McQueen model.

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Just the little toy cars from Cars were 10$ a pop for hotwheel sized shit.

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Pixar movies are just really long toy commercials.

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It did start with Toy Story

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I got all the Coco action figures!

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I will agree Cars is essentially a 2 hour commercial but, c'mon. You mean to tell me Wall-e, Toy Story, The Incredibles, Coco, etc are equal to a toy commercial? Pixar movies have some of the best writing and character development in animation.

[–]Lord_Dreadlow 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Toy Story

It's about toys. They introduced new toys with every sequel.

The others just take advantage of regular merchandising opportunities.

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Pretty mutch any animated movie is.

[–]Lord_Dreadlow 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Yeah, I remember the G.I.Joe and Transformers cartoons were just half hour long toy commercials.

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Thats why we cant get a Tron 3. Regardless of how good the movie was, and how much money it made, it wasnt a good merchandising money maker. Wish theyd sell it to another company so we can get some closure as to what the dood became after reuniting with clue and what Olivia wilde did in the real world :(

[–]filanwizard 6 points7 points  (1 child)

There is a youtube clip out there from the movie SpaceBalls that pretty much explains this.

"Merchandising, Where the real money from the movie is made"

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I came here to post that... but I was not fast enough!

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Half of that was from my kid alone...

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I CAN ATTEST TO THIS. $200 Lightning McQueen bed because kids lol

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I should know. We spent roughly a million on Steve McQueen cars for my son.

[–]antiriku930 1 point2 points  (1 child)

You mean Lightning McQueen?

[–]Ole_Robin 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Oh yeah.

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I'm sure Hot Wheels was happy about it

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This is accurate but it's also kind of misleading. A $20 lunchbox counts as $20 toward that $10 billion, but Pixar earns maybe 50 cents on that -- and that's aggressive. The rule of thumb is that the licensor gets about 5% on the wholesale price, and the wholesale price is about 40% of retail -- or about 2% all said and done.

$10 billion in total merchandising revenue is, therefore, "only" about $200 million in net revenue to Pixar -- and therefore about half of the gross box office receipts.

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No shit, I believe my two year old son and wife secretly purchased Pixar stock. My home is essentially a mountain of nothing but Cars crap...

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Merch is literally the top reason movies and cartoons are created.

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Why can’t anyone learn to use “its”?

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Seriously, its not that hard!1!

(This was actually painful for me to type.)

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I love you’re comment.

[–]prince_harming 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Thank you! I hope it doesn't go over there heads!

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That's because it is one of the very few things that Disney sells that is not related to Princesses. So if you are a boy or girl who doesn't want to be a Princess, Shrek, or a Troll(The brand not the internet kind), then Cars is your only option. If you think this is a lot think of how much they make off of all the princess merch. It will make you laugh when you think about how they are playing hard ball with their employees over 1k each.

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All Disney films are basically toy adverts at this point.

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TIL Disney basically prints money.

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Now I know why there 3 of them

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Can confirm, my little brother has gotten easily over $500 worth of cars toys in birthday and Christmas gifts over the years. He wasn't even alive yet when the movie was in theaters, he was born in 2007.

[–]Jebbeard 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It's still happening. Bought coppertone sunscreen that was Cars branded just yesterday.

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I believe it. My son is obsessed with Cars, at least once a week I'm buying something with lightning McQueen on it lol

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Makes sense, I have like 10 toys for my two year old that come from that movie, but nobody in my house has ever seen it.

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I bought my youngest brother a Cars car a week, for almost 2 years. Not gonna lie, I was a bit jealous. They were decent quality, quite durable and some looked awesome. Top it off, they weren't that expensive.

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I could be wrong but isn't that pretty much the backbone business strategy for them?

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No surprise with the mountains of shitty Cars books and stuff I had to stock out at work when it first came out.

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Cars 2 suddenly makes sense.

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We personally continue to contribute to that revenue.

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so if cars made that much i wonder how much frozen merchandise made

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Hmm. Wonder how Frozen has done then.

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My store still has their fucking shit

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The games were the shit.

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And has yet to show a profit.

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Aren't all Disney productions basically just ads for toys?

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Mattel made Zillions of diecasts of Lightning McQueen and Mater

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That is because the movie did not make any money.

No movie in hollywood has ever made money.