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A redditor did that a while back, posted a picture of the pregnancy stick joking he was pregnant. Someone told him to get it checked out and he indeed had testicular cancer.

Someone else please find the link. I am lazy

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Well now I'm just going to save on teste tests

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There’s a lab test for women called an hCG Beta that is used to test the “level” of pregnancy by measuring the hormone hCG. That same hormone is elevated in a man with testicular cancer. I learned this by thinking a Doctor was a moron for ordering it on a guy but it turned out I was in fact a moron.

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HCG Beta is often used to differentiate between molar pregancy and placental cancer - for pregnancy ”level” you can use total hCG.

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To test for pregnancy you can analyse beta hCG.

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there's a test that doesn't test the beta sub unit?

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At least in Finland there is.

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Are you sure? The reason that's the target is that it's the only bit unique to HCG, otherwise you get LH reacting too. or at least, I thought that was it...

This is interesting http://clinchem.aaccjnls.org/content/55/11/1900

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I used to install sustems into medical labs and ran across this. Was told that there were several kinds of cancer for which this was used.

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Does this mean my girlfriend has testicular cancer?

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This is proof that pee is stored in the balls

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Or that he's pregnant, either way he's in for a bad time

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Not impossible, ask Arnold.

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Maybe that actually was a story about testicular cancer?

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It's not a toomah!

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You have a 3 kilogram tumor in your abdomen because of metastatic cancer. And you only now come to the hospital because you toughed you where pregnant... as a male?

A movie for the whole family!

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Is it impossible, u/GovSchwarzenegger ?

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Both will cause something to grow in the body and cause a lot of pain

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I'd take cancer over a kid, any day.

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Well they're both gonna cause you a lot of money and pain, so pick your poison

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At least cancer will kill you and put you out of your misery

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Your kid can do that too... after they've drained you emotionally and monetarily

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Can, but if not youre stuck with it for 18 years

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Well, pee is stored in the balls, so this makes sense.

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I remember seeing that post and thinking he needed to be told he had testicular cancer. (I used to work in a clinical chemistry lab and remember asking an older tech why guys were having quantitative pregnancy tests run. Those tests measured how pregnant someone was, not just whether or not they were pregnant.) Went to comment and saw someone else had already done it, so I went on about my day.

It was, in retrospect the Reddit equivalent of thinking, “Well, someone else has footage of Kennedy being shot, so I can just delete this video off my phone.”

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SLPT - If you ever get testicular cancer or pregnant, randomly leave positive pregnancy tests in plausible spots at peoples houses to freak them the fuck out.

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If a man has testicles, he may have testicular cancer.

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May? Does anyone know the odds?

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if a man has HCG in his system, something is very very wrong and you need to see your doctor. Not an endocrinologist, but the only reason i know off the top of my head is as a tumor marker.



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So it's more that you can have a tumor and just not go positive, but generally if you're positive you have a tumor?

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Yeah, basically.

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Can confirm. When I had stage 3, I was told that I was “6 weeks pregnant”.

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So... did you die?

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No but he probably lost one of his best friends

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Arnold Schwarzenegger disagrees

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This is life saving advice. As a man and to other men, I do this at least once a year. Having tests around is smart anyway if you are sexually active, but it could save your life. Dollar store tests work just fine! I think I read somewhere that they are actually more sensitive. 2 "false positives" and you should see your doctor.

Edit: tests, not testes. Testes are good too though.

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You mean tests. ..?

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Yes I do! Autocorrect is tricky.

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Also, if it comes up negative he still might have cancer

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First sentence: "you probably wouldn't want too". Typos are great at undermining a message.

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I work in a lab and it's always funny the first time a new person calls a Drs office saying "LULZ U jus ordered a preggo test fur a MAN" and the Dr is like "Um yeah I know....."

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Why is this not part of a standard yearly check up for men?!

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Because running scattershot tests with no idea what you're looking for is a good way to end up receiving a ton of unneccessary and dangerous interventions. Not a good idea, at all.

For example, this guy got chemo because he was igA deficient and had heterophilic antibodies and it caused a false positive HCG http://theoncologist.alphamedpress.org/content/13/11/1149.full

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But most testicular cancers don’t produce anywhere near enough bHCG to give a positive home pregnancy test (around 10 vs. in the thousands). So don’t try to use a pregnancy test as a cheap cancer screen if you find a lump!

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Yep. WiFi sucks in hell.

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Proof pee is stored in the balls

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Not to blow your mind, but if a man pees on anything he may have testicular cancer