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Cavalry are mounted troops, like on horseback or motor vehicles. Calvary is a hill outside Jerusalem.

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I don't understand why it's so prevalent for people to even say Calvary in history channels on Youtube. These guys literally see the written word every time they research for their videos and still.

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It's because they didn't have the same seventh-grade English teacher I had who made fun of me every time I mispronounced/misused a word like this (and this one specifically).

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Do you sound out every word you read letter by letter?

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Imagine if humans had the same system but with different classes of humans.

"Wake up honey you're gonna miss your human to school!"

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Hodor hodor hodor!

"there he is!"

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Fuck you Bran! You can hold your own damn door.

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That's like an alternative reality where biological science advanced instead of physical science

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Duuude I wrote a sci fi down around that concept. It's actually very possible and fascinating. For example, instead of robots, we'd build polymorphic hydraulic limbs

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Like attack on titan, but they don’t eat us.

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sports would really suck becuase all the tall athletic people like Lebron or Usain Bolt would be buses.

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We did, and republicans still would if given the chance

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The Confederates were Democrat. They switched sides a few decades ago. Likely to switch again In the next decade.

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If you want to see Supermajors in action, check out AntsCanada's YouTube channel. He just did a video about Asian marauder ants

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Aww. I was hoping that would actually have content.

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Wow, that dude loves his ants more than most people love their kids.

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Why does this guy


like a mixture

of Christopher Walk

In, and William


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And for some reason, I picture him looking like Fred Savage in my head

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I don't think English is his first language. He's from the Philippines and made the channel while in Canada. That must be while his accent isn't typically Fillinio but doesn't have a natural cantor.

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That's where I TIL!

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Would you like to know more?

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Tyranids are from Earth?

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The Khajiits of the ant world

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Ants canada?

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dude is from Ontario. Asian guy I think living in the Philippines now.

Great youtube channel that he does every Saturday

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Mikey is a pretty cool guy, keeps ants and doesnt afraid of anything

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I also watched that Ants Canada video today

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Like the cat bus from My Neighboor Totoro? Rad

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Not what r/samespecies had in mind.

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Ants see the positive side of eugenics

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The book this is from is called Adventures Among Ants by Mark Moffett. It's very good.

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Master Blaster