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Tourist from the 90s7 points · 1 month ago

The biggest problem, I think, is that rejuvenation advocates are putting the cart before the horse.

Preventing age-related death is unquestionably going to require monumental efforts in terms of research, advocacy, and finances, but won’t it pay for itself a million times over when, a hundred years into the future, you and your loved one may still be together if you so wish? Would we really rather have our hearts broken horribly than acknowledge how aging menaces our happiness and do something to prevent it?

You need some functional, consumer-grade therapies out there before such a thing as longevity activism can catch on. Otherwise to the popular mind this is wild speculation at best and futuristic fantasies at worst, "where's my flying car?" kind of stuff and all.

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Couldn't agree more. Need to pull it out of science fiction before you can expect people to get excited about it.

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People today can't get their heads around the fact that if our society can make the transition to individual superlongevity, one, the people living after the transition will call this state "good health," and the technology to enable it "health care" instead of "transhumanism"; and two, that when this becomes the new normal, they won't understand our dumb rationalizations for accepting the previous status quo for as long as we did after the revolution in our understanding of biology started in the 1950's.

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