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Can we change the preception of time for our brains?

Is there a way we could, for example, do the thinking of one years in just one hour ?

Is it possible to "speed up" our brainand change our preception of time?

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That'd be super useful. Technically it should be possible, if we could find a way to apply the same time perception we can have in dreams, and then introduce more parts of the brain to assist with that so we could actually still function fully.

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Do drugs man

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Be careful, we'll end up with multiple life sentences happening in about 5 minutes.

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Miles O'Brien must suffer.

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You are asking two different questions, one is about perception and one is about processing power.

There already exist certain drugs that can drastically alter your perception of time.

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I heard someone describe mushrooms having this effect but the amounts you’d have to take would make you pretty useless at doing anything useful with your extra time

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Of course we can speed up our perception of time, but not in a useful way. You'd just need to eliminate the parts of the brain which provide you with a sense of time passage. There's no reason to do this though; it won't make time actually go any faster, it will just make you less aware of the passage of time. It would be debilitating: affecting your time management, focus, even degree of consciousness, etc.

It wouldn't mean you will be able to do all the mental work of one year in an hour, that is ridiculous. It would be similar to the way you lose track of time when you're playing a video game, for example, but all the time.

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I think this can be made possible thru thanshumanism or mind uploading of which the idea is to transfer one's mind content into a code. That means that if you program your time in your mind to make time shorter, or longer for that matter, then it will be transferred to that code like some sort of programming. I think even immortality is possible to be programmed there if that is what one's mind has set into. This is in the virtual world of course.

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Well, when I'm drunk I'm sure af my brain speed up.

Haha, just kidding, it's only a thought.

Btw once I heard, don't remember where, that in a second there are tons of "moments", like 40 trilions I think or something very very bigger.

This means they're not infinite, so maybe we can increase them or decrease them?

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Original Poster2 points · 28 days ago

I think you are talking about Planck Time (tP).

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Pheraps, I stopped getting interested in quantum physics 'cause it was annoying for me to understand it only on a divulagative point of view.

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I watch all youtube vids at 2x speed now. I suspect in 10 years, if 10X speed is allowed, I will watch it at such, and understand it, as long as the accents are not too thick.

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