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What technology needs to be in place for a cryonics patient to wake up? Let's say they have one type of cancer. When that type of cancer is cured will they be woken up or is there much more tech that needs to be invented first?

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At this time, a lot more technology is required. There are a lot of major problems that need to be overcome.
The brain, for example, is very fragile. It is a very soft, fatty mass full of extremely delicate synapses. Freezing the brain does not preserve these synapses. There is a method called aldehyde-stabilized cryopreservation that can keep the brain intact at a molecular level but could not keep the cells biologically viable.

Another huge problem is that frozen cells throughout the body have a tendency to no longer function once they are thawed. This is usually avoided with the use of cryoprotectants. But due to the size of a human, it is currently impossible to use cryoprotectants to protect all the cells of the body.
Even if you can protect large tissue masses like internal organs, they are still susceptible to fracturing, as well as tissue damage from dehydration.
There are other problems, but those are the big ones. It may be that the first people to be frozen will never be successfully revived.

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Forget the diseases, the technologies required are the ones to un-dead them.

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Green food coloring, a thick white liquid, and a cheap dollar store syringe.

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Original Poster1 point · 25 days ago

yeah all we need is this im sure ray kurzweil is gonna invent it by 2020 so everything's good

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Post in r/futurology, there's more activity there. I unfortunately am not educated in cryogenics so I can't answer your question.

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Scishow on YouTube had a video about just this a while ago, am on mobile at the moment so can't easily find it but it shouldn't be hard to find. IIRC o e of the major obstacles is preventing/repairing freezing damage to cells

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