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I know nobody here wants to read this shit but I know people here can relate.

Don’t let weed take over your life.

I started smoking 4 years ago in grad school and smoked heavily throughout. i love weed. It can make so much of life’s problems and day to day struggles just disappear. It can relax you and it can also inspire you to think in new and creative ways.

But it can also isolate you from the outside world. It can let you be completely content with doing nothing and going nowhere. The ultimate cost of weed is time. It may not be deadly or debilitating as other drugs but the loss is just as permanent.

I know most people do not get addicted to weed and, if you can do it casually, more power to you. But I also know that people use it to medicate like I do. Stressed? Weed. Depressed? Weed. Bored? Weed. Insomnia? Weed. This snowballs until weed is the default. I have free time? Of course I’m going to smoke! What else am i going to do?

Before long, just looking at that bag getting empty is depressing. And when you cant get a hold of your plug, you’re fiending. Things seem boring if you’re not high. Your appetite isn’t the same. And all the stresses and problems that smoking took away just come on back with a vengeance.

I am addicted to it, no doubt. It may not be heroin but here i am without it and all I can think about is getting some. All I want to do is smoke. So, regardless of how others live, take an honest look at your life. Many people probably feel like they function just fine if they’re high. And I too can act completely normal, study, etc. but I also think this is kinda bullshit. being high makes all thoughts and ideas sound a lot better than they really are. Don’t delude yourself. Don’t let weed get in the way of your potential.

Know when you need a break. Know when/if it gets out of hand for you. And take care of yourself.

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