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It seems like all you want to do is enlarge the schism between left and right to make the centre more appealing and to be honest I think thats a good idea only executed wrongly. Putting people in boxes is wrong.

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No. I'm pissed off with the kind of wanker that thinks this trial was a good idea. So I recreationally argue about it.

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I'm pissed off with the kind of wanker that thinks this trial was a good idea.

Are there that many people (beyond the people who brought this trial forward obviously) who hold that sentiment? I hang with some circles which you would probably describe as SJW-esque and there is almost unaminous agreement that the only thing this guy should be guilty of is being an edgy moron. It was a dumb, stupid thing for him to do, but arresting him over it is just being silly.

This isn't even a case of "political correctness gone mad" as it were, it's a law being demonstrated as a testing ground for suppression of free expression under a government that has a hard on for control.

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The thing is, it wasn't even brought forward because of a complaint. The police acted on it themselves... 3 million views and zero complaints is "grossly offensive" obviously.

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That's the thing that is particularly fucked up in this case. Like I'm perfectly fine with the idea that if someone causes someone offence then the police can come in and basically be like "yeah could you stop doing that" - that's the entire premise of common law.

The precedent this case has set is that someone can be prosecuted without either a motive or a victim. That's the kind of legal basis that can lead to cracking down on political dissidence.