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Share Your Portfolio - Winter 2018

Hey guys, post your portfolio so everyone can see. Let us know if you want a critique and if you have specific requests in the area of critique.

Look forward to seeing everyone's portfolio!

Past thread: Fall 2017

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Hey everybody,

I'm a UX Researcher & Designer currently pursuing an MS in Human Centered-Design & Development, and with a BSc in Web Design & Development.

I'd love to get some feedback on my portfolio! :)

Also, I'm currently looking for UX internship opportunities for the summer in the USA, but having a bit of trouble getting over the issue with companies being worried about hiring an F1 student (I'm originally from the UK). If you know of any internship opportunities I'd love to hear about them!

Wow this is one of the most beautiful portfolio's I've seen lol. Wish I could provide more feedback, but not sure what else you can add. I think you especially did a fantastic job of walking readers through your design process. Wish you the best in your job search!

Thank you so much!

I've got about 6 years under my belt as a UX Designer at some pretty large businesses, and I have to say this is GORGEOUS.

The description of the process you used is exactly what we look for in a UX portfolio, much more than the graphical design aspects. In fact, the process you used for Lyft is what a lot of us are struggling to "get to do" in our industry!

Even so, you still convinced me you have the design chops just by how the portfolio is designed and executed. Beautifully presented (even got some Death by Powerpoint in there! ;P) and extremely professional.

Extra cred for the cookie that makes sure the intro animation doesn't play when I return to the site a second time!

Thank you so much! I have a really hard time explaining the stories of projects in a way that’s digestible but sufficient, so really pleased to read that :)

And you’re one of the only people to notice the cookie functionality! Hopefully that’s a good thing that it goes unnoticed most of the time haha? I can’t lie though, it was live for about a year without the cookie detection before I fixed it! Dread to think how much annoyance it caused before haha.

Thanks so much again for taking a look!

Wow! I am super impressed with your portfolio! It is so clean and easy to navigate. Keep up the good work! (:

Thanks so much!

This is a really pretty portfolio! I'm curious, did you develop the website your self or used a website maker?

Thank you! Yep, developed pretty much from scratch apart from the framework (Zurb Foundation) that I use for ease of media queries, and some heavily modified tabbed functionality that you can check out in the personas section on the Lyft portfolio page :)

UX Designer1 point·2 months ago·edited 2 months ago

One thing I want to note - why not make the upcoming projects (that aren't links) appear differently from the projects that are links/case studies. They appear the same but behave differently upon hover.

Another note - all of your links are the same color as your static/non link text. It makes it so a person may be unsure as to whether or not things lead anywhere without hovering to check.

Why is good evening blue? It draws in the eye in as the only colored portion of the page but it seems to serve no purpose in that regard.

Why do you have projects in progress and projects underway? Why have these distinctions been made? It seems that the projects underway are actually Newer than the "New Project", which actually means "Complete Project" or "Complete Case Study".

I think these points/notes are relevant for someone who will be looking critically at your portfolio, but less so for people who are flitting through it looking at your work. So take that context into consideration, too.

Overall its very clean and looks nice. I like the hierarchy of the information for each of the projects and I appreciate the completion times added to the projects underway.

Thanks so much for having a look through! You’re definitely right with the confusion that could result from the wording and grouping of the projects depending on their current status, thanks for pointing that out.

I was just wondering which links you were referring to that would be problematic for the user not being sure about their status as links or not due to the similarity in color to the main site text?

Also with regards to the blue of the initial greeting, that’s just the color I chose as the highlight color of the site, you might notice it in subtleties like the underline on links when hovered, or elements like the ordered lists within portfolio project pages.

Thanks again for pointing these things out though, really appreciate it!

Really terrific portfolio! So clean and straightforward, especially your explanations that include clear references to the theories behind the designs and layouts. I’m currently thinking about pursuing an MS in Human Centered Design. Would you mind sharing a bit about your experience with the masters program, either here or over PM? Would really appreciate any input!

Reposting since I posted in the last week of the Fall-Share your portfolio.

Just finished a year long certification program in UX, and also a lot of self taught work. I'm sorta coming out of left field with a career switch, I've worked as a research scientist for most of my career and I'm hoping to utilize my science and research background with UX. I've been seeing an increasing need for it with medical devices, health apps, and research equipment, so I'd love to bring it full-circle one day.

Hoping to land an internship or junior UX position with this portfolio which is mostly student work, and continue to build it with some professional pieces.

Please let me know what you think!

Hey Martha,

Your work is quite solid, I have no doubt that you'll land an internship or junior UX position soon. I like that I can actually click the images presented in your projects.

Here's what could be improved upon:

  • You have some grammatical and spelling errors throughout your projects. The Fry's case study has some sentences that are missing periods. Double check or get someone else to!

  • I would have liked a section on each project dedicated to what you would have improved upon in the future, or what you ultimately learned when conducting the project. A conclusion that sums up your findings and ties it back to the question/problem you are attempting to solve. It helps to understand your thought process better as an outsider and see that your work inspires some form of "action".

  • The homepage with the skills depicted in a bar graph isn't needed and doesn't provide any semantic meaning. Let your work speak for your skills.

Thank you so much for the feedback! Spelling errors are always embarrassing, I'll read through it another 10 times :) Also I've been hearing skill bar graphs aren't that helpful, I guess everyone is still seeing it everywhere, like I did, and felt the need to include one.

Mixer - Storyboarding - To bring the user's persona to life a storyboard was was sketched.

1 point·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

Since it’s the mobile age, you should take care about the mobile experience of your site.

There is horizontal scrolling on your page on iOS Safari and big images with text are hard to read on a small screen.

Showing that you have every common device in mind, even on your own website, is an essential part of your job and something I would like a junior to do.

Edit: by looking through the other portfolios here it seems like the horizontal scrolling is a squarespace problem. Do you use it too?

Didn't use squarespace. Used Webflow, I think its because i have background images set at an z=-1 so its causing some funky stuff to go on. I'll continue to work on it being more responsive, thank you :)

Hey Martha,

I love it! I'm in the process of choosing my own builder for my portfolio - how did you like Webflow? I'm deciding between that and Squarespace at the moment.

Hey Martha, the first two sentences on your introduction are fragments due to missing a subject. Loving the colors and Dynamics of your portfolio! Just some grammar as others have stated.

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An updated version of my portfolio for 2018. 👨🏻‍💻😄

Hi everyone, I have designed my first UX/UI portfolio draft and I am looking for some constructive feedback. Your response is much appreciated.

WOW! Amazing portfolio! I'm currently putting together my UX/UI portfolio, and I LOVE how in depth you went with your case studies

Thank you. I would love to see your to when it's done =)

UX Researcher2 points·3 months ago

Great visuals but what research was done to validate design decisions?

Thank you for the feedback.

  • I have done some secondary and primary research to validate the design decisions.

  • Also, usability testing with various users from which I was able to retrieve valuable insight and do my final iterations.

UX Researcher2 points·3 months ago

you should include it in your portfolio. Some people will see what you have currently and think you are a visual designer

Comment deleted4 months ago

I like the sections that open and close to allow either skimming or perusing!

On the Home page, I might put your introductory text on a background/in a box so the "squiggles" behind don't distract from the text.

Great work, your resume stand out from others for me!

Hi everyone! I'm currently in a boot camp for UX and UI. My Behance only has one project so far. Let me know what you think!

It's not clear how your personas led to your choices for the wireframes. A UX hiring manager would want to know how the one influenced the other.

Also not crazy about the image-only format of the project. Viewers can't resize the text for example.

How would I fix those mistakes?

Basically, which user Goals led to which features/decisions?

A good way to tie the two together might be a user flow

Here's the portfolio I'll be using when applying to UX/Visual Design internships this year. Let me know what you think!

The text stretches pretty far across the screen on some of the pages and on the Food Saftey project, some of the images are pretty pixelated for me. Might not help I'm on a widescreen monitor though.

Trying to make jump from old school "Web Designer" to UX Designer:

Would love to get ya'll's thoughts!

Here is mine for everyone to view.

Very nice graphic work but a UX hiring manager is going to want to learn your thought process for the decisions as well as any user research that backed it up. The first two projects on your site don't have any contextual information explaining them. The text explaining the Watch Your 6 project is too small to read easily.


Just a heads up, the way you present your case studies doesn't work well for mobile users. Text comes out super small when the image is downsized. Might want to reconsider your approach.

To me, you've got too much work to chose from. Am I to assume the latest is your best? If I've only got a few minutes I'm going to be relatively overwhelmed which would put me off. Your James Bond Museum piece has the wrong text as well, I couldn't get my head around why you kept talking about cigars at first!

back on the job search... any feedback or critique appreciated :)

I think the Kayak project is very successful at communicating the usability testing. I would have liked to see more in depth discussion of testing on the other projects.

thanks! the testing on my other projects was a lot more.. perfunctory, for better or for worse. tight deadlines, tight budgets, you know how it goes. do you have any advice for writing about/working in situations such as those?

Even showing it to a friend can be a usability testing. Not saying to embellish. But it's amazing what even one user can show you.

for sure. we were able to do some testing, just not as in-depth as i did for kayak. i can probably try to write some more about those testing sessions.

thanks again!

On your About page, your name bumps over a couple of pixels at the top.

2 points·4 months ago

Hello everyone, I met up with a UX Designer to pick their brain and they gave me some good feedback on my portfolio site which I went ahead and implemented. I’m planning to apply for jobs this week, aiming for intern and junior like positions, so I’d welcome feedback! Does everything look visually appealing, flow correctly, did I explain my process fully for my projects or are there areas that I need to expand etc. Thank you so much!

You might want to make sure margins and padding stay consistent. You probably don't want interviewers drilling in and asking you why it looks like that. Example would be in your Taste of Morocco case study, your side margins disappear in the middle of the page, forcing users to expend more effort to read your text because now their eyes have to travel more distance.

Also, I was curious about the selected font for the body text. I checked your contrast ratio and its 2.61:1 which fails to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. While you and I can read it, it may cause eye strain for others. You might want to look into changing it.

Hi Reddit.

I just fixed up my portfolio and would love some feedback on it. I'm a UX designer at an agency so just about everything I've done recently is under NDA. My portfolio includes work from the one client who doesn't mind me showing finished products, a case study with sensitive information removed and a volunteer project.

Any feedback or constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks!

Great job mapping out your UX process! Absolutely love that font choice as well by the way.

Perhaps the only criticism I would have from a UI perspective would be to put a maximum width on some of your content, looks great on laptop and phone but it can be cumbersome to read the entire of the way across the screen on a larger device.

Hope you get the chance to work on some more projects not under NDAs, having the same issue myself 🙃

Hey! I'm a first year masters student and I finished my first term. I'd really appreciate your feedback :)

1 point·3 months ago·edited 3 months ago

Great looking portfolio, especially how in-depth you went in your case studies. If you don't mind me asking, how did you build your site? (Site builder or coded)

Thanks for the feedback! I used squarespace my website.

Amazing work. Also congratulations for your success in Indian Prime Minister's Office Application Contest. Love the in-depth analysis in each case study. Clean simple and functional website. Brother, that's some neat stuff.

Thank you for your feedback!

Comment deleted3 months ago

Thank you for your feedback! I agree, in hopes of making the process page look unique, I chose to use cursive, I'll add some alternate images with text for better readability.

Second year HCI student, looking for internships this summer!

What about a resume review? Any critique or advice on how to improve it?

As far as community ... I noticed you did not list Reddit.

Looks good, maybe post the link to your website or portfolio, if you have one.

UX Designer1 point·2 months ago

Ewww, frat.

Kidding. The tension of the light blue box to the text below it really bother my graphic design sensibilities.

Other than that looks good. I'd ask people who hire/recruit about tips and tricks for content details/ATS mastery.

Hi everyone! I'm an undergrad graduating in May, and I recently decided to relocate for a job after school (I sort of have a job now in Hawaii). Unfortunately it feels like I missed out on the recruiting season...

I'd very much appreciate any feedback on my portfolio to make me stand out:


Nice work! Really solid visuals.

The one thing I would change is maybe drawing more attention to your findings from testing your prototypes. Just skimming through, I didn't really see any mention of testing so I was going to recommend that you do a project with it, but then I realized that you had actually tested some of the projects with people. I also want to point out that you misspelled "challenge" on your Drive Electric Hawaii case study page. Other than that, great job!

Thanks! I’ll definitely try to emphasize my findings and make them into specific sections. I know my case studies are on the longer side (I tried to format them like news articles since they read like stories) so that can definitely help users see that I do test and take feedback into consideration!

Thanks again!

Love this look!

Hi! I have been a professional UX Designer for a few years now and have a MS in Info Architecture. You can look at my portfolio here:

It also has a lot of puppies on it.

I'm sure you get plenty of job offers with such a professional portfolio? Is being a UX designer come with the need to find a new job every year/other year? I'm not sure I'd be be able to handle such job instability... I'm currently on my second year studying to be an interaction designer.

There are a lot of contract jobs out there. They can be a year, 6 months, or even open ended. I don't think there is any need to find a job every year, it depends on your personal satisfaction with the job and if it is pushing you toward your ultimate 5 or 10 year goals. If the job you have doesn't match up with that then it is time to leave. I am a full-time employee, not a contractor, at my current position.

Hey everyone! I'm a visual designer trying to switch to UX. I'm going to start applying to jobs soon, so any feedback would be awesome! Also, I'm still working on one project which should be up by the end of this week.

2 points·3 months ago·edited 3 months ago

I am a UX Designer + Developer currently finishing up my last year of school. I really want some comments and feedback :)

Hey Kevin I loved the simplicity of your design, Following are the minor suggestions that you could use which might improve user-experience

  1. Something is wrong with spacing of about paragraphs.

  2. Project images are not clickable.

Hey guys, I'm transitioning into UX Design after completing my B.S. in Engineering. Mostly have designed a few side-projects of apps I wanted to create. Would love some initial reactions and feedback of any kind. Also if anybody is from the Seattle area, I'd love to chat!

Think you have good content, but it's really hard to read through your case study. I'd recommend just reorganizing your content to follow the design thinking workflow (empathize, define, ideate...etc). At the very least it'll give you a framework to better communicate your process. Your process seems all over the place right now. Also,

  • Why is the entire case study an image?

  • Paragraphs are wayyyy too dense. Break it up into smaller chunks with clear headers

  • Paragraph text needs more line space. Go with 1.5x-2x font size min

Okay! Thank you so much for the feedback and I'll work on reorganizing/trimming my content. This was really helpful! Oh and I used Adobe Portfolio which seems to have limited presentation capability, so I had to get creative on how to display content, hence the case study being an image. Do you think it's annoying to put the text in an image? I might move off Adobe Portfolio and use Wix or something more flexible. Thanks again!

Hi everyone! I just made a career switch into UX Design and I've been job hunting for the past 2 months. I haven't received much feedback or responses from the companies so I was wondering if there was something in my portfolio that needed to be changed. I would really appreciate if you guys could provide some feedback and advice on my portfolio.


Would love all feedback!

Comment deleted2 months ago

My initial reaction is, “Why are you trying to sell me this thing?” I want to know what you did (which you explain well), what the initial ask was, and why you made the choices you did. That’s what helps me evaluate your design instincts.

Comment deleted2 months ago

Sounds great!

Hi guys so I received feedback on my portfolio about 2 weeks ago and have spent time redesigning the website based on peoples' insights. I placed an emphasis on explaining my design process and the overall "look and feel" of the experience. Would love some initial reactions and any feedback you have! Let me know if you'd like me to critique your portfolio as well!

Comment deleted1 month ago

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Been a little bit since I've updated it, but i always love critique =D

2 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

From a UX perspective, I would recommend leading off with something other than the ZZ Top project. I think Brooke was pretty interesting and showed a variety of artifacts/processes. For the game project, I'd prefer to know less about the game itself and more about the decision your team went through when designing. For example, did you hit any dead ends and have to redesign something? That will show your thought process.

Also there were some typos.

Love to hear your thoughts on my portfolio, it's strictly ux (ui) but a mix with ui, id and research


Link: portfolio web

Super interesting projects! I didn't watch the video and it took me a while to get what the point of "Creating a conversation" was. The "Question" and "Solution" are super abstract so wasn't sure you were talking about a voice device until you show the competitors.

Haha thank you -

I'll solidify those sections more~


Hey guys! I'm currently a junior looking for my first UX internship for the summer! I just finished building the first version of my portfolio, so any feedback would be great!

I checked out your SmartCart design solution. Do you feel as though you solved the given problem adequately? I personally feel as though you should look into reducing the number of options a user has on any given screen.

Also, the final visual designs need further work. They're currently still mid fidelity honestly. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I'll try to improve the final designs, is there any particular reason why they still look like mid-fidelity? Do they look too simple?

It's not about too simple, just try to look at the UI trends and UI kits. There's a certain polish that's lacking, that's all.

Hey all! I'm looking for my first UX job, so any feedback is appreciated. I'm based in the UK if that's relevant.

Hey Evelina,

Good portfolio, but as u/roadartz said, it needs more projects.

Also, on a couple of images I'd really like to be able to click to zoom/see detail - for instance on your wireframe sketches - but that might be personal preference (I'm really nosy!)

As an aside, can you tell me what you thought of the CareerFoundry course you went on?

Thanks and good luck!

Hey, thanks very much for your feedback, much appreciated!

As I mentioned in my comment to u/roadartz, I'm trying to find some projects I could work on and add to my portfolio. I don't like the idea of fake projects too much, so hopefully I'll manage to find something soon.

Will keep in mind that people might want to see the detail on pictures too. I didn't want to make the page too picture heavy, but I guess I could add a link with close ups somewhere.

And sure, I really enjoyed the CareerFoundry course. I think it did a good job of covering the basics, however as with every similar course, this is just the beginning and there's so much more to learn. I feel I would have enough confidence in an entry-level position not to be fazed by the process or tools. I think they've also changed the course around so that current students end up with more portfolio pieces rather than just the one, but I don't have access to the updated material.

Hope this helps, and thanks again!

You'll need more work to show for that interview! Otherwise, pretty solid research and analysis from the looks of it. The Visual Design aspects still need work. Go through more behance and dribbble shots for inspiration.

Thanks so much for your comments!

I'm currently trying to find some real-life/volunteering projects I could add to my portfolio, so hopefully I should be able to add something to it soon.

Will definitely spend some more time on my Visual Design skills too. Do you by any chance know of any good online Visual Design courses I could look into?

Comment deleted4 months ago

A thought: Say I want to see more about you using your left-hand nav, I go down the list with my cursor, your drop down menu for your portfolio pops up and blocks my desired destination.

You might want to look into having consistent top and bottom padding for your text, especially your headers. Using your QuickUp case study as an example, padding is really inconsistent with your h1 headers, sometimes there's top padding and no bottom padding, sometimes there's bottom padding and no top padding. This might seem trivial but consistent and clear padding allows for your content pieces to breathe, things feel organized and there's a clear hierarchy established - these are all things that help users scan information and you want to make that as easy as possible in hopes that they scan, find something they like, and THEN actually read your content.

Comment deleted4 months ago

No problem! I checked your portfolio again and I think you made the right choice in handling the drop-down issue.

Posted before, graduated May 2017 with a BA in Psych, revamped my portfolio. Looking to start rolling out applications next week, would love any and all feedback possible.

I love the graphic on your homepage, it is really good in leading to your projects and was unexpected, in a good way. The rest of the portfolio was kind of plain, which was a little disappointing. Also wondering why your headers are images instead of text? I can tell that the headers are bitmaps and they look off compared to the rest of the body text.

Thanks for the feedback!! Do you have any tips on how to improve the case studies, like a change in direction, etc?

I created the portfolio in Adobe Muse, so when it exported the html file, the headers came out like that, not really sure why that happened. I'll look into fixing them.

UX Designer1 point·4 months ago

Overall, I think your work is pretty solid. Your Instamator projects are the strongest, so it's good that you have those up top.

You should probably get rid of the "Extra" link up top since that page is empty, though.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I wasn’t able to go with my initial plans for that page so I’ll definitely take care of it.

I just finished building my portfolio, so any feedback would be great!

Dependent on who you're targeting, they may not know that they need to click the Dribbble or Behance link to view your work. Took me a couple of seconds to realise you didn't have any work on it.

Other than that I love the illustration!

Is it too minimalistic?

Hi everyone, first time posting here so thought I'd share my portfolio. Only 6 case studies at present but hopefully they show the range of projects I've worked on. (Three more in the works) Also included are speculative design ideas, and highlights from my sketchbook.

On the lookout for a new role at the moment (London), so feedback appreciated.

Student following a media and design study. Would love feedback on my latest project I made for school. Thank you in advance!

I've been the UX Designer / Lead Designer on the team for about 5 years now.


Structurally it's good but certain areas are lacking content. I'd expect to see more in the "conclusion" section of each UX story and a short description of each visual design artefact (PSN app refresh for example is just a title + one image, did you create everything, who was it for, was it a personal project etc.)

Hey, I like your work. I would like to know if you went to any design college (or have undertaken any courses in design). I would suggest reading little about design principles and color theory stuff. Also you can try different styles (add polish) to different UI projects. Do add a bit of process / research and more projects. Good luck.

Thanks prakash I'm working on my own portfolio website I'll soon add those. Btw I didn't went to any design college I'm doing my bachelor's in CS, but I love to design from the very beginning, I love to create new things and stuff.

Can I see your portfolio, I'm sure it'll help me.

Here: I just graduated. Hope you like my stuff. It's a mixed bag. Have a nice day. :)

Hi. Just graduated. Would love some guidance:

(also this is my first time on reddit). Thankyou.

Third year Communications student, aspiring UX Designer. Get at me!

Comment deleted3 months ago

Gotcha, what about the rest of the vibe?

Hey everyone, I'm interested in UI/UX/Graphic Design/Web Design and am about to start putting together a portfolio. I'm trying to decide between Squarespace and Webflow. Any thoughts? Thank you.

Comment deleted3 months ago


Would you mind telling me what the main differences are?

I’m currently a graphic design major and web design intern (light coding and designing), however I’m getting more interested in the design side of it (aka the UI side) and I’m trying to put together a portfolio that will get me hired somewhere where I can design UI’s.

I️ don’t really see how Web Design is different from UI design, could you enlighten me? It’s an interface that the user is interacting with, I️ don’t really see how it wouldn’t fall under the umbrella of UI/UX.

I would love some feedback on my portfolio:

Mainly: 1.) What are your overall impressions of the home page? Do you like the look and aesthetics of the opening banner?

2.) On the homepage, do you like the set-up of the portfolio pieces?

3.) On the homepage, do you like the footer with the portfolio pieces listed for clickable action?

4.) Are my case studies organized in a clear and easy to follow manner?

5.) Is my about me page relevant, easy to read, and interesting?

6.) Do you find my “contact me” page to be easy to use?

7.) Usability wise, how does my site fare? Color schemes, clickability, etc.?

I love the simplicity of the overall layout. I think adding larger spacing between each piece and your footer would be ideal. I enjoyed browsing through your work overall. It's simple and not distracting, which is good.

Thanks for the feedback! Were you on a mobile device or a personal computer when you went onto it? How much padding would you suggest?

I was on my personal computer, and I think double would help, especially in the portfolio section.

Hi everyone,

I do not have a website yet. Here's my Behance portfolio.

I'm an Information designer and am looking to receive feedback, in the area of UI/UX in my projects. Would love your feedback.

Thanks, Vinod

Hello! I'd appreciate any feedback on my portfolio.

I know that one thing I can improve on is to talk a bit more about each project in terms of its research and mockup phase. I'm working on that atm.

Hi! I dabble in UX in working with brands and building out custom Shopify stores, Shopify apps, and content, etc. You can look at my portfolio here:

Prior to working with UX I had a side project that involved selling pots, and was a full time copywriter.

Not UX related, but, I love how your portfolio is so plant focused!

Thanks! I'm spent a lot of time working with them, love them, and on occasion have been known to breath oxygen.

Have you seen any other plant heavy portfolios? Especially animation wise?

I am a digital product designer. How's my portfolio? I tried to keep it sort and sweet.

UX Designer1 point·3 months ago

Viewing on my laptop.

  • I personally like to jump over to people's LinkedIn profiles, blogs, etc., so I'm surprised that I don't see any links on your site. Also, no "About" page, which I also like to read. Not necessarily bad that these elements aren't there, but you might want to consider that people may want to learn more about you on your portfolio.

  • The impression that I get from your two projects is that you're more of a visual designer than anything else. Is this true? If not, you should consider spending more time explaining other aspects of these projects.

  • The images and motion graphics seem to be too big. They're causing the pages to load slowly, and there's a lag when I scroll.

Thanks for the feedback duly noted!

Hey all,

I've just finished a portfolio revamp and would love some feedback/critique!

First case study is password protected but the rest of it is open to check out.

Comment deleted2 months ago
UX Researcher1 point·2 months ago

I see you popping up almost every week on this sub. How often do you resubmit you portfolio on this sub? Seems very frequent

I’ve recently graduated with my m.s. in ux design. I have a portfolio but I don’t have much real world work ( I have a couple things) but mostly its projects I worked on during school. Please take a look at my portfolio and give me some ti-s on how I can improve it. I’m trying to break into the industry and having some trouble.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Looks awesome! I especially liked the "Achievements" section on the homepage, very unique. From what I'm seeing in other people's portfolios, I'd recommend expanding your design process and design choices a bit more. One thing I saw a lot of great portfolios do is explain their research process (not sure if that's relevant for UX design jobs tho) and emphasize why this design is best for the users. You have some great projects and I wish you the best in your job hunt!

Hi everyone,

I am currently a web designer who wants to go into more user experience and product design focused.

I also just revamped my portfolio and resume. Which are both in my website:

I would really like some feedback and thoughts on how I can improve it or my work too. Thanks!

Looking for feedback!

UX Designer1 point·2 months ago

It looks awash in white. For some reason it asked me to if I wanted to translate the page even though it was in English. Some function of the template maybe (I have no clue).

I hate how big the menu bar is it takes up needless amounts of space.

Pretty layout and nice transition for the project pages.

The project information seems to get cluttered with information that is outside of UX design. Maybe save the visuals for after story?

Appreciate the feedback! Hm that translation thing sounds weird, will look into it!

Do you think the menu bar is too big of a problem where I should change?


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I think it is huge and for UX design hiring especially it might have people going "hmm, not great ux". It doesn't need to be as big as it is. I think people are looking for easy reasons to disqualify candidates.

Hi Everyone, I am a student building towards a career in UX. Any feedback on my portfolio would be great.

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Thanks for the feedback. I know I need to get more work on there, I actually just started on my second portfolio piece. Do you think it would be worthwhile to have graphic design work I've done on there as well, or limit it to my UX work?

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Nothing incredible really, magazines, posters, artwork, nothing that directly relates to UX.

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For sure, thanks for your time and advice!

Hi y'all! I'm currently an undergrad student approaching my final summer before graduation, and I've been trying to land an internship, but haven't had much luck. I would really appreciate any feedback on my portfolio! I've been wondering if maybe that's the problem area :)

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It's inline with what I'd expect from a student portfolio - there are improvements you can make but nothing gamebreaking. I would expect you to be able to gain an internship - this may depend on how competitive your area is though.

Now, to be nitpicky:

Senior Mobility Case Study and Solution Prototyping THE ASSIGNMENT: A 5-week investigation of accessibility in San Diego for the class Design 100 (Prototyping) at University of California, San Diego.

I'd suggest removing stuff like this - we don't need to know that it was your college assignment for X class.

Personas developed based on interviews

You skipped a few steps here - It's the very first image in the showcase without much context. How did you decide on just two personas? What insights led to their development?

Based on the stakeholder insights listed above, my team and I identified the four main problems to target as information accessibility, senior independence, service affordability, and technology difficulty.

Technology difficulty was one of your main insights, but your solution is technology-based. Having worked in UX involving call centres in the past, I can tell you that the eldery are absolutely the #1 group when it comes to hating our automated voice channels - they always "want to speak to a real person". -- Your insights may have differed here, but this stood out to me.

Overall I'd have liked to see more of your process rather than your final concepts. One of the key things employers are going to be looking for is that you can follow a sound process to get to your result.

Thank you for all the feedback! I'll definitely look into showing the process more in my write-ups :)

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Ooo you had good feedback. When I post my portfolio in a week or so do you mind if I tag you?

Sure - happy to help.

Hey guys! I am an aspiring UX Researcher and I need some advice on how I should improve my UX Portfolio. I am trying to collect as much feedback as possible so that I can figure out what to prioritize and how to present myself better. I would really appreciate it! Thanks!:

Hey guys! Just launched my first UX Portfolio! Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks.

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In your home page there are 2 spaces between the words "products" and "that".

In your about section, this sentence reads funny. "...and discovering ways to improve user experience."

I would change it to: "...and discovering ways to improve users' experiences."

The experience is weird going from your home page to a case study, in that the top navigation goes away and the page styling is very different. I thought I was on another site and clicked back to verify what your name was again.

On this project,, You mention that you worked on a team of four, but four what? Were there four designers?

I wish your images were larger, I want to read your tables.

You are making claims that I can't verify. You say "During our comparative analysis, we noticed the use of progress bars, illustrations, minimal layouts, and high-contrast colors in the more user friendly configurators." How did you measure user friendliness?

Use numbers when you can. How many people did you do the card sorting exercise with? You say "Most people had questions about the products." but I don't know what that means. Was that 2 / 3 people?

You said that most people were asking "if they needed the product" which sounds like you didn't ask the right people, which leads me to think the rest of the project is built on a poor foundation. I wouldn't ask my brother-in-law who runs a car dealership to tell me how he thinks a cattle farm should be structured. Likewise if someone doesn't need a security system I wouldn't ask them to design a process for buying one.

Thanks for your feedback. I took your advice and changed the sentence that read funny, I hadn't noticed til you pointed it out.

As far as the styling goes, you're the first person to have mentioned the weirdness between the home page and case studies.

As far as the level of detail in my case studies, I've heard mixed things. I understand you're criticism, and I agree. I'm working on writing better narratives of the ux process.

Thanks for your feedback.

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Great feedback. When I post my portfolio mind if I tag you?

Do it :)

Hey All! I'm a Product & User Experience Designer transitioning from a background in Web, Interactive, Publication, and Rich Media design. While I develop my skills further, I wanted to get your thoughts on my portfolio showcasing my product and ux experience:

Your thoughts and feedback is greatly appreciated!

Hi. I just finished the general assembly ux immersive course in la. I would like feedback on my portfolio. Thank you.


Looks awesome, I think you did a great job showcasing your design process and walking readers through your design. I loved that you had a timelapse for your Affinity Mapping, never seen that before and it came together really well! Good luck with your job search! Do you mind taking a look at my portfolio as well? I'm searching for junior UX design positions as well!

Hey, I'm relatively new to the UX game, so lemme know what you think. I'll take all criticism :)

I'm User Interface & User Experience Designer. Feel free to contact me for Hire: or add me on skype ( razon.cic )

Hi All! I’m new to UX and I recently finished my portfolio. All feedbacks are welcome!

Also, is it unprofessional for my url to not be my name?

This is my unprofessional opinion, but I kind of expected to see "Sea of Mirrors" somewhere on your site. There's a bit of a disconnect when I look at your URL, see the text, but then it's completely missing from your site. So while I can't comment on whether or not it's unprofessional, it did cause a bit of dissonance just as a random visitor. It could very well happen to others.

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Hi all! My name is Vinita and my portfolio is at . I am UX Researcher/ UX designer. Currently masters candidate at UMD and graduating in May 2018. It would be great to get some feedback about how to highlight projects, things to mention and style related comments. One question, how to present User Research on portfolio?

a couple things from a dev perspective;

  • the transition you are using for the portfolio items on the front page only works on webkit browsers ( safari and chrome ), -webkit-clip-path will not animate on firefox or internet explorer. you can get an (almost) equivalent, but more widely supported effect using flex and transforms, or an even more widely supported and exactly equivalent effect using border and setting a transition on border-width.

transforms are generally supported well ( consistently, even with vendor prefixes like -webkit- ) and usually run with better performance than regular CSS transitions. The scale transition in the example is faster than a border transition by a mile because it doesn't take the CSS box model into account for each frame and can also use GPU acceleration when that's available.

On the other hand, setting a border width and adding a box-sizing:border-box property will give the effect of shrinking without scaling the children, which isn't really possible to do with scale transforms.

consistency notes:

  • the circle buttons have a box-shadow, but nothing else does. It's a little inconsistent, because you have a nice flat design everywhere else. It looks fine, but is a little distracting for someone finding nitpicks for notes :)

  • inconsistent capitalization is the bane of my existence. My DESIGN PROCESS, About ME are distracting. If you change the color of fully capitalized words, it may change that by creating a pattern of color, rather than breaking a pattern of capitalization

  • there are a couple of grammar and spelling mistakes, like in the <title> for the dropout dashboard page. These are hard to catch, because the code always looks so much different from the page. I would suggest copy-pasting each paragraph into something with a spell checker, like google docs, or grammarly for the subtle syntax stuff.

  • if it is a link to another page of the same website, please do not use target="_blank" in links. they break the back button on the browser and sever the experience unexpectedly. Where you're using that property well though is in the external links. External site links should use target="_blank", because you are sending the user to a new experience, on a different site, without breaking the flow of your own.

  • Check the HTML on the park map app page. there is a stray </li>. For the toasters under PROCESS, using display:flex on the container and flex:1 on the children will cause all of the toasters to have an even width without all of the headaches that come with using float rules, which are meant to make text float around an image and never really did their job well with positioning other elements.

  • good blacks are dark dark blues, they look the same but are easier on the eyes, especially on non-AMOLED screens that backlight the screen for blacks.

  • for dark containers with bright text, set a padding of 0.5em or so so the text does not bleed visually into the surrounding space.

if setting padding is messing with container sizing,

box-sizing: border-box; 

prevents that effect by counting the padding and borders into the size of the container, so that they will act more like the intuition that everyone has of how they should act. I generally set that rule on the body element, because I very rarely want the default behavior. It will also help you reason about floats, if you can't use flex because you have to support older browsers ( although flex is at 97% global support nowadays, if you have to support ie8 and the like, I am so, so sorry )

There is more great advice on web design and my portfolio. Thank you for reviewing. I am going to prioritize and fix most of the issues.

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