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Where to report faulty traffic lights?

Hey guys quick question, recently tried to turn left at the 99th and lewisville highway intersection. However the light never turned green after three cycles so I was wondering where to report this to help people out? Thanks in advance :)


Boxing/kickboxing/martial arts gym?

Hello all,

I’m looking to get in better shape (daily gym goer, but looking for more), and have always wanted to take some kind of boxing or martial arts class.

Do you have any recommendations in Vancouver for adults that are overweight? I have a crazy work schedule so I’m looking for something maybe twice a week, Sunday’s and a weekday in the evenings, that won’t break the bank.

I’ve always been active, played football (lineman) for years and rugby (prop) for a spell, but had to quit because of work commitments.

Any and all recommendations are welcomed! Thank you in advance.


Traffic monster avoidance apartment swap?

You: Work in Portland and would rather not commute while traffic monster is lurking. So a spot to crash inner SE PDX would help.

Me: Spends all his time in Vancouver, Wa anyway. Just needs a spot to eat some take out & nap.

Not that I think this will actually happen. Just the next logical step after checking the weather & traffic was "how can I avoid ever coming back here".


Places to socialize for 18 YOs?

My gf (19) and I (18) feel like we're always stuck at home, and we're trying to find new things to do around here (that isn't just food). All of our friends are in Portland, and we'd like to find a more local crowd as well!

I've looked through the subreddit and searched for activities and the like, but I don't see a lot of suggestions for people our age to do on a regular basis.

We both dabble in art (Painting + Character design), and play games like Overwatch, League, and Warframe.


Any CPAs in the area with experience?

Probably not the best place for this but my boss is offering a prize for anyone at the firm who can recruit someone to fill a manager role in our public accounting firm.

He wants to see if there are any professionals out there commuting from Vancouver to Portland. Seems like a good time to reach out since traffic to Portland is only getting worse and our firm is growing like crazy. I'd be happy to share details with anyone.

If this isn't appropriate for this sub then I'll definitely remove it.


Update on traffic? I'm starting a new job on Monday in Clackamas and am looking to figure out how much earlier I need to leave.

I've worked in Clackamas before and it would only take about 35 minutes to get there, but I don't want to be late especially on my first day. I start at 6 am. Can anyone give me any insight as to how much earlier I need to leave?


A new way to oppose the tolls

I’m not sure how many people have called in to oppose the toll roads prior to their approval, but it obviously failed. This move is absolutely punishing those of us who live in Washington and work in Oregon.

Obviously Oregon isn’t going to listen to our concerns, but we can oppose it by going over their heads. Congress has the power to protect interstate commerce, and we can call our Senators and Representative and encourage them to work to protect us using the commerce clause. Please call and ask them to commit to this.

Contact info :

‭(360) 696-7797‬ Patty Murray’s Vancouver office

(360) 696-7838‬ Maria Cantwell’s Vancouver office

‭(360) 695-6292‬ Jaime Herrera Beutler’s Vancouver office


Outdoor Pools?

What are our options here in the Vancouver area for outdoor swimming pools? I know there are a lot of lakes, streams, etc. that are great. Just wondering if there are any outdoor swimming pools (like the recently closed Camas Municipal Pool). Thanks!


Best Chinese Food In Town?

I haven't been able to find a really good go to for Chinese food in town. I'm talking about classic "American" Chinese for this post, like with wonton soup, General Tso, etc. I've tried a few here and haven't found that perfect one yet. What's everyone's favorite?


Experience with Ben Franklin Elementary School or the Mandarin immersion program?

I'm considering a move to the Vancouver. We are interested in sending our son to a Mandarin immersion school. Does anyone have experience with the Vancouver school program or the Ben Franklin elementary? Is it worth limiting our work/home search to an area where our son could go here?


Girlfriend’s 21st Birthday Getaway?

My girlfriend is turning 21 soon and I want to take her on a mini vacation/getaway within a couple hours from Vancouver.

I was thinking of doing something like getting us a hotel in a small town and trying some fun events like wine tasting or river rafting, but I don’t want to be too close to home so it feels like an actual getaway.

Anyone have any suggestions? Your advice is appreciated!


Has anyone been to Szechuan Bistro on 164th?

They just opened recently, but I can't find a website/menu. Might have to take a chance!

EDIT: I thought they were open, since they took down one "coming soon" sign. But when I pulled around front... they're not open yet. I will test!


Anyone have buy earthquake insurance?

Someone told me it's a good idea given the proximity to a volcano. Ideas? Thoughts?


Padden Parkway Trail

This is mostly a dumb question, but my wife and I bought a house in Five Corners, and the end of our street has an access point to the Padden Parkway trail. I want to start running in the mornings, and this seems convenient.

Am I gonna get mugged? Is a car going to hop the median and cream me? I didn't even know this trail was there, I want to make sure it's not a popular serial killer stalking spot.


Internet / Cell Outage for an hour?

Anyone know what happened? Around 2:00 today until 3:00. Pretty weird to have them both go at once.


Is there any maps of century link or comcast gigabit fiber areas?

Ideally, I'd find a place with both in case of outages with one company.


Taco Truck Catering

Does anyone know of a taco truck that does catering? Like they will bring the taco truck to your home or party venue?


Traffic - How Bad?

So after the first morning commute, can anyone give some thoughts?
I have Mondays off and so will be looking for any adjustments needed for the Portland I-5 commute.
From what I could see on Google Maps, the 205 southbound looked pretty bad this morning, but would love some opinions of others and what they experienced.

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6 days ago

Best pedicure in town?

Does anyone have a place that they really like?


Anyone work in Portland?

Who's ready for gridlock tomorrow? Think it's going to be as bad as they say?

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