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If you take a walk over to the VEN/BTC pair on Binance, you'll see a hilariously low amount of VEN actually being listed as Sell orders right now (40k).

That means if someone (either an individual or company) wants to buy a Thunder node right now on the open market, there aren't enough open positions to fulfill that in a single market. Sure, they can then convert some BTC to ETH and take an extra hit in those fees. Then you check the VEN/ETH pairing and you see another ~50k total on the sell market.

Yes, as larger orders are fulfilled and the price drives upwards, it'll push more day-traders or holders to sell for short-term gains. But, all-in-all, the actual liquid supply that is on the open market looks to be extremely low right now.


what does this mean? How should I go about this? I don't know anything about this stuff and I am invested in Vechain because it's evident it's the most effecient and used blockchain in the game right now. But what does it mean if it's a security? I don't even plan on reporting it anywhere but do want to gain some knowledge on this in case of any legal problems


Like many of you I am a Vechain enthusiast as I truly believe it is one of the most promising projects in the entire cryptosphere. With that said, what effect do you all think the mainnet will have? VEN is currently trading around $3.20 as the market dropped this past weekend. Do you all think the mainnet will have a large permanent boost on price? Or do you think it will have a boost and then drop hard from selling? Curious to hear others perspectives.


Let's say BTC falls to 3-4K. Once mainnet is released, the price of VET would be $.015 (approx). IF BTC keeps falling and coincides with the launch of mainnet, I can see a lot of disappointed investors selling their bags which would be devastating to the price. VET at less than 1 penny and THOR at $.00001 (as example). IF this were to become true. What would you do with your bags? Invest more, hodl, sell? Can an alt really ever break from BTC? My opinion is no unless we have unlimited fiat on ramps. The prevailing theory over at r/bitcoin for the moment is that we will see a bear market for years to come and the bottom could lie somewhere is the 2016-2017 prices of 500-1000$. That would wipe out all alts, no? im curious.


Less than 2% depletion in a news-packed quarter.

"Once the enterprise pool is empty we should experience some serious pumps!" Yeah maybe in 10 years

Oh wait, " While most of our business partners acquire VETs on the open market..."

that's why the price has flatlined for 6 months

This is all very telling. Basically the scale of these partnerships/customer deals are about 1 order of magnitude less than people have been assuming. Overhyped, underdelivered. This also tells us that THOR consumption will be piss poor when mainnet launches. Enjoy your bags


Here's something to ponder.

That address withdrew 4,000,000 VeChain from Binance this year.

They just moved 1,000,000 VeChain back to Binance.

Still waiting to see what BTC decides to do. Break $7000 or head towards $9000 and draw the triangle out a few more weeks before deciding the direction.

Ideally for VeChain the release of public beta and source code gets price just under 0.0006 VEN/BTC and then last 2 weeks we get a break out leading up to main net launch. some lines I drew to support my claim. I expect once VEN/BTC breaks 0.00061 and can hold above it then FOMO kicks in.

If BTC breaks below $7000 in June then who knows. If BTC is breaking down then I don't have high hopes for any support lines for any alt/btc pair. People will start dumping especially with over 100,000,000 VeChain on binance and people rather have Binance do the token swap for them and why not dump while my coins are on binance waiting.

Can't wait to see how eager big money is to get in. Will they get lucky with BTC breaking down and can buy much lower, or will BTC somehow go up as big buyers accumulate higher before next leg up. With Coinbase and other exchanges making it easier to jump right into many people are buying BTC.

Anyone that accepts BTC should be well aware of alts and start being able to accept multiple alts.

Everyone has their opinion on BTC. If BTC would continue falling from here and take the alts with it...would you rather buy discounted BTC or make 2 clicks and buy a much cheaper altcoin with good outlook (VeChain).

Do we have to go down before alts overtake BTC by making BTC tank more then the alts and then alts recover more than BTC till alts over take BTC? Or will BTC buyers stay #1 for year(s) more?

This is why it's a long term hold. It's like knocking over a vending machine. You have to rock it back and forth a few times. With crypto you have to pump and dump a few times before you overtake the beast that is known as BTC.


Can we reach .50? 1.00? Is that even feasible?


Hi all,

Made the tough choice to sell half my VeChain last night.

I've been invested in the project for a while and love the community, but I felt it was time to reduce my large-ish stack of VEN.

I'm looking for growth over the next 6 months and I genuinely feel that Ambrosus (AMB) and OriginTrail (TRAC) will have greater profits over that period as VeChain has already passed a lot of the checkpoints such as Exchange listings, Testnet launch, partnership announcements etc, while both of the aforementioned coins (TRAC in particular) have quite a lot of milestones to look forward to in future.

More notably, VeChain is already a top 20 coin with a massive 2 billion market cap, so i'm not really sure how far it will go.

Just my two cents. I genuinely hope VEN does well in the future as i still have quite a bit invested still. Please let me know if your thoughts!


Hi traders, does any of you know a good exchange where Vechain can directly be traded with a USD/EUR/USDT pairing?


I’m interested in buying some more VEN. I’m debating if it would be best to buy now, since BTC is down a bit it will be easy to get some coins at a discount.

On the other hand, mainnet is around the corner and some people are sure to “sell the news.”

Would you buy now or after mainnet? I know no one has a crystal ball and VEN/BTC could do anything but just want some advice.

Thanks all!


Hi Guys Whats your opinion about the price of Venchain in the end 2018 ? and summer 2019 ? Thanks a lot

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