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1 can mixed beans, drained 1 dozen cherry tomatoes, halved 1 ear of corn, removed from cob Green pepper scraps, diced

Season with: Salt, pepper, cayenne, balsamic vinegar

30+ grams protein, 20+ grams fibre, 50% daily iron, 40% daily calcium. ~700 calories.


Hey there! Title sort of says it all. I'm making a vietnamese watermelon salad with couscous but I cannot for the life of me think of a complimentary protein for this meal. Any ideas>? TIA!

EDIT: Also have to avoid tree nuts as well because my daughter is allergic.


I want to buy a pan, but none of the manufacturers say what ingredients they use for the coating and if they’re vegan. It’s also pretty hard to find something about this on the internet, since everything is about vegetable pans (as in recipes).

Is there anything I have to know? How do you know that your pans aren’t made with some animal products in the coating?


The Vegan Cookbook, written by yours truly, is now available to download in e-book format for FREE all week! Grab a copy while the promotion is still running and share this link with all your vegan friends and contacts so they too can enjoy my 100 healthy and delicious vegan recipes! If you wish to say thank you, a review would be helpful. :)

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