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Jesus fucking christ the music.

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I've honestly never understood the need to add sad music to shit like this. It's already sad. You don't need to force the watcher to feel.

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It’s not just sad music, I think the music sets the tone beautifully.

It remains sad until you find out that he’s going to be okay, then the music shifts into the uplifting type of drama which, personally, is when I started crying, but I wasn’t sad at that point, I was moved.

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It just seems really grossly dramatic and cinematic for a video of something personal. It seems like it was made for an audience in mind already.

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Well i believe the mother made the video. I could be wrong; but if she did make it, I personally don’t think she would have any reason to be grossly dramatic about her sons illness.

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I know right it made me tear up

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I thought I was watching Lord of the Rings at one point.

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Epidiolex is GW’s lead cannabinoid product candidate and is a proprietary oral solution of pure plant-derived cannabidiol, or CBD.

It's interesting that Marijuana is still scheduled as "The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical treatment use in the U.S".

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I don't see why the active ingredient, cannabidiol, can't be bumped down to Schedule IV in the US, irrespective of ongoing marijuana legalization efforts.

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I believe there are bills waiting to be voted on in regards to this, I could be wrong, or just sort of wrong. I probably should look into this before answering. BRB

Edit: this might be what I’m thinking of: https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/715

Hasn’t gone anywhere though since it was introduced

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Part of me thinks our generation is being way too "greedy" in regards to marijuana legalization and it could be hurting efforts to bring pharmaceutical marijuana products to market.

I wouldn't ever touch the stuff, but honestly, criminalization creates more problems than it solves. If I could have it my way, I'd legalize the stuff, apply the same rules regarding smoking or alcohol to it, whichever is more strict, and prohibit its use in public spaces. Use tax monies from marijuana sales to fund anti drug efforts and to help combat organized crime and illicit production.

Of course, people tend to have very polarizing views about these things and just because I think there are risks to using marijuana, suddenly I'm some anti-marijuana nazi. I want to think I'm actually quite reasonable and that conservative people like me with these points of views are probably some of the best allies the movement needs right now. I mean, it really is mainly conservatives they're trying to convince, after all.

But, I digress. I've gone off largely off topic. Here's hoping this medication is made easier to obtain for patients who genuinely need it.

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I came into the comments to figure out why a video was being upvoted about epilepsy that had nothing to do with weed.

Then I read your comment which explained that this video is about weed.


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Nixon didn’t want to validate the hippies

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Doc here. We use CBD in a lot of kids with unusual epilepsy. Dravet syndrome being a big one. I suspect they were able to stop his seizures but he needed burst suppression (basically a coma) to do so. Good to hear things worked out for him!!

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Yep! That’s what the three medically induced comas where for, to achieve burst suppression. They never got the results there were looking for with the first two. It was approx. one week after he was given high dose phenobarbital (I was told at the time it was the highest dose ever given to a pediatric patient... yikes) and it broke status epilepticus, still seizing 12/24 hours a day when we started the CBD.

Edit: wording

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Nice. Did they use any long term anti-epileptics in addition to the CBD? I think Valproate is pretty standard for these kids but has a rough side-effect profile. Keppra has mixed results.

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Someones been cutting some onions near by...

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Yeah! Over here too, and it's fucking midnight!

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It makes one wonder if an extract of CBD from another source would be just as effective? Others have been effectively treated with CBD that was just that, the naturally occurring compound (Charlotte's web comes to mind).

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Epidiolex is exactly that CBD, 98%. What it is is a pharmaceutical company's attempt to patent and get FDA licensing for something that many are already using at a fraction of the cost.

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Epidiolex is exactly that CBD, 98%.

I checked on their site and found no mention of what the complete makeup of the drug is. Do you have a link to that info?

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Girlfriends niece has/had epilepsy. After about a year of taking a cocktail of drugs day in day out they switched to using CBD oil. Their family grows and processes all of it, and so far she hasn’t had a seizure in over 4 years.

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Their family grows and processes all of it

This is why cannabis in general is the boogeyman... Wonder how much money they aren't forking over (and their insurer).

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The reason I don't believe conspiracy theories like this is because the insurance companies are cheap bastards. To the point that if you have a 100% coverage plan but use too much of it (maybe because you were in a major accident), they will force you to hire a lawyer to make them honor their commitments. They would love a cheap solution.

The problem here is that while the drug war complicates things at times, it's not the one-and-done explanation a lot of folks want to run off too. The simple fact of the matter is that while I'm sure there are drugs that could be produced from CBD, it's not going to be a cure-all for anything. It's just going to be another treatment that can be tried for some people in need. It will probably just work in a small percentage of cases. In those cases it helps, it will be great..... by all means, it should be researched and used.

If this video shows anything, it shows that getting this treatment is possible. They got all the clearance to use it.... the video specially references the DEA signing off on it. Should that really be required? Probably not.... but nothing evil happened here.

Talking about things from a conspiracy mindset doesn't help anyone.

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...why do we have to label it a "conspiracy"? The insurance aspect is just one tiny one... pharmaceutical companies don't care who pays them, they just want to make sure people don't have alternatives to the drugs they hold patents to... The prisons don't care how or why they are kept at max capacity... the police fraternity sure as shit spends quite a deal of effort keeping things as they are because it is obvious that they benefit from it greatly... Cannabis was originally turned into the devil by industry magnates who sought to profit greatly from it's elimination from the market, they were heavily invested in using other fibers and anyone using hemp would pose a direct threat to their business, so they did what they did and suddenly anyone without a tax stamp couldn't work with it, then the tax stamps were never sold as intended... .. this is far from a "conspiracy". If we follow Occam's Razor, the answer is money. Plain and simple. Why is cannabis illegal? Because there is way too much profit in keeping it that way, and it was originally made that way for the same reason. Why did the US basically force every other nation to follow suit? Money.

Call it what you will but the facts are there and there is no need to throw words like conspiracy when the population has been conditioned to dismiss anything related to the word... but now that you've brought it up all proper discourse is moot because from this point on I'm nothing more than a conspiracy nut.

Thanks for that.

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You took something that is explained with basic economics and turned it into a conspiracy. People always yell about the big dirty corporations without ever bringing any solutions or research to the table. Just simple one liners that are designed to reap in the karma. It's like a broken record, honestly.

Instead of just simple one liners, maybe someday redditors will begin their comments with as much effort as you just put into defending yourself.

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People always yell about the big dirty corporations without ever bringing any solutions or research to the table

If you ignore history maybe... No worries, I won't get into this with you, I'm a conspiracy nut remember? Nothing I say has any validity.

Have a good night.

P.s. "Economics"



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I'm a conspiracy nut remember?

Well, your whole reaction proved that point. You went insane at a small amount of criticism. You can't accept that maybe you might be wrong even in a theoretical context. I'm sorry, but you are actually a nut job.

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You went insane at a small amount of criticism.

...if that's your interpretation, okay.

Maybe I can just recognize the reaction You had as the typical dismissal, and when someone inserts the word 'conspiracy' into something, it generally means there is no discussion taking place. But sure thing buddy, whatever you have to tell yourself.

You can't accept that maybe you might be wrong even in a theoretical context.

The fuck does that even mean...?

actually don't answer...

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The fuck does that even mean...?

actually don't answer...

Unwittingly it may be, but you clearly answered your own question.

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I’m so incredibly glad to see treatments like this that are actually working, especially for kids. Kids just don’t have the vocabulary or the experience to properly let parents and doctors know what’s happening when there are side effects.

When I was a little kid (3 years old) my parents followed the recommendations of all the doctors and put me on some serious barbiturates just to control my seizures. One day several years after being on them, my mother got frustrated with me when we were out because I just stopped dead in my tracks like I often did, and she asked me why I always had to stop and stand still like that, making the rest of the family wait for me. I told her it was because of the bees, she said that there were no bees anywhere and for me to cut it out and hurry up. After I tried moving by shuffling my feet, she began to cry when she realized that for the years that I’ve been on those drugs I was hallucinating the sound and feeling of bees covering me... I was taken off of them very soon after that.

Thanks to the researchers and to the politicians who are level headed and compassionate enough to not shut down this life changing research. (The rest of them can go to hell)

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The only way to make sure that more people get these treatments is to increase public knowledge of them, thus creating a demand so aggressive that no lawmaker would dare challenge it.

In other words, I'd recommend that you upvote this post as much as possible.

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On it.

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