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I did not know that green rice existed. For those curious like me:

Jade Rice is a short to medium-grain white rice that is dyed green with bamboo juice. The juice gives the rice a mild green tea flavour and aroma. The chlorophyl in the juice gives the green colouring.

Source: http://www.cooksinfo.com/jade-rice

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Chlorophyl? More like boreophyl

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Got chlorophyll man up here talking about god knows what and all she wants to do is make out with me.

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I'm here to learn, everybody. Go on with the chlorophyll.

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It's good stuff, I buy the Lotus Foods brand, it has a nice subtle bamboo flavor and a soft texture. It's basically nicely flavored white rice.

I suspect our man Andrew Rea is using the same brand because he shops at Whole Foods and that brand also makes madagascar red rice which is a wonderful brown rice.

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In Thailand there's a lot of colored rice with different flavours. Green is normally flavored with Pandan leaves whole blue colour comes from Butterfly Pea flowers.