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It doesn't exist in most countries. America is the exception where it goes in overdrive. Some North-east Asian countries are great at following America though.

That simply isn't true though. Germany, Sweden, Israel, and Austria all have higher rates of lawsuits, the US is just slightly above the UK. This "Americans sue everyone for any little thing" circlejerk is stupid and goes to show how few people even bother to google something that can be proved false incredibly easily.

It's not a circlejerk. It's the truth.

Power of suit is not in everyones hands in America, that's the problem.

How can you say it's the truth when the data blatantly says otherwise. I'm not making up numbers and I encourage you to look into it yourself.

America has a lot of problems but the idea that you can't look at someone the wrong way without being sued here is complete bullshit.

As for "power of suit" which is not a term anyone's ever heard before I assume you mean ones ability to sue someone else. Which you may have a point but isn't what you were claiming in the comment i replied to.

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