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8 points · 7 months ago · edited 7 months ago

I have had different roles over the years. But all have some footing in emergency service response. It’s caused me to be first on scene with my primary role looking after the wounded and in some cases dying. I have seen some interesting stuff over the years.

I can honestly say I have felt the last breath of a human but I have felt the first breath as well.

My job has changed since then to more of an investigation role but it still keeps me on the front lines.

Edit: total years in emergency response so far: 29. I still have 12 to go before I choose to retire. I still love my job.

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I did firefighting briefly after the military, much respect to you first responders, they're the real heros out there.

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2 points · 7 months ago

I am not really sure but it hasn’t had a huge affect. There are a handful of calls I have had that still cause me to pause and sometimes I get a little emotional but it doesn’t cause me to be catatonic. I don’t really recall ever being kept up at night or having “bad” dreams.

I have asked the same question you have and sometimes the fact I don’t get that emotional scares me.

But I do have a weakness. I have had love ones show up on scene screaming and crying for their now deceased family member. That I find very difficult and I have ended up crying and sharing in their pain but once I am separated from them I gain my composure fairly quick and it’s back to doing my job.

Again, how I am not sure. My very first call I had ever done in an emergency responder role was attending a motor vehicle collision where a 8 year old boy went through the windshield. He was still alive. I manage to stabilize him and get him to hospital where he was then taken by helicopter to a paediatric trauma centre. He died a few days later.

I have some horrific stories. But I also have funny ones. And amazing ones. I try to remember the amazing ones more.

But to answer your question as to what drives me, I love trying to make a difference and a lot of the times I do. I am selfish that way.

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