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Probably a similar story in many places around NZ, but it sounds like Silverstream?

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That's the one.

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I remember that. I was at St Pats at the time. Lived in Silverstream so used that crossing many times a day.

About 14 years ago I was riding on a southbound train from Upper Hutt pulling into Trentham Station when a guy sitting on the steps of the pedestrian over bridge suicided in front of the train.

I still remember hearing and feeling the extremely loud bang as the train ran over his legs. He was still alive, right under where I was sitting. When they pulled him out he was absolutely covered in red/purple grazes head to toe (well, not toe, because his legs were both severed). He was still breathing but he died on the way to the chopper that had landed in the car park.

Victim support were awesome. The people affected the worst would undoubtedly be the driver, and the guards that found the guy, but also the people waiting at the station. As you do, you watch the train approaching, and to completely see a man jump in front and get run over and tangled under the train would be the most horrific sight. The looks in their eyes …

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I was at St Pats at the time.

We probably went to school together lol.

Although I don't recall the Trentham one, the gates installed at Silverstream happened due to the death of one of my classmates and I also lived in Silverstream so witnessed that mess first hand.

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Small world eh. He was a few years younger than me, in my brother's year group I believe. It hit the community hard that's for sure.