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The scariest last 5 words of any video i’ve seen

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“I can’t move my legs” for those who are wondering

610 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

And for anyone wondering, it’s probably not cause he’s paralyzed. It’s cause his muscles are exhausted from seizing. At least that’s my assumption.

Just to put my bit from a below comment in this one:

Seizures like the one depicted in the video CAN* exhaust every muscle in your body until there’s no energy left. The fact that his legs move while seizing shows the neural connection is intact. It can take a few minutes for him to get any strength in his legs. Longer before he’s able to walk reliably (ie, without falling).

Also, as someone else pointed out, the description indicates he’s not paralyzed.

269 points·5 days ago·edited 4 days ago

Epileptic here. Grand mal seizures.

You are right about feeling exhausted but never have I been so exhausted that I couldn’t move.

The best way to explain the feeling after a long seizure is that you just ran 10 marathons with no water.

Luckily there is some great seizure medicine out there and I’ve been lucky enough to be seizure free for quite some time.

Just my two cents.

EDIT: autocorrect mail to mal

That's pretty much how my Dad describes his. Just complete and utter exhaustion. Like an all day workout compressed into less than 2 minutes. He'll have a seizure and then just sleep for, like, 12 hours or more to recover. Luckily, like you, he's on some really good medicine now and hasn't had one for nearly 2 years.

Is it possible to get serious muscle tearing from such convulsions?

Absolutely. Especially in young fit men with long convulsions. Shin splints are common, where the tendon microtears off the bone. Also intramuscular damage when under tension for long periods of time, the lactic acid will literally eat away the muscle. A bad day with 6-10 seizures would cost me 10-15lbs from the dehydration, lack of food intake and sheer effort expended by my muscles. When possible, avoid seizures.

Hmm, I'm not sure. I don't think my Dad has ever had anything like that happen, at least not that he's mentioned. I guess it could be possible though.

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16 points·4 days ago

I had seizures from taking antidepressants, doctor decided to up my dose and add another and I ended up with serotonin syndrome.

I have a question for you, when it started the first time was in the car (passenger seat) and I remember screaming 'I'm going to die, I'm going to die, please take me to jail, take me to jail'. I felt extremely violent (meds related) and I thought I was going to do something incredibly stupid but the seizures kept me shut down.

Is it normal to feel like the world is going white during a seizure? I've been curious about this for two years, I would see a glowing white heat and I'd then go into convulsions. My girlfriend says I was just screaming nonsense but I could hear myself telling her what was happening, I kept telling her to record it because I needed to show the doctor what was happening and she said I was just screaming nothing.

I would turn back to look at my daughter in between those episodes and tell her I was so sorry that this was the way she last saw me and that I loved her, again just gibberish but I was saying it clearly in my head.

I've been looking for answers, I don't know if it was really a seizure or something else misfired and made my brain super sensitive to all stimuli and overwhelming me in a vulnerable state.

The shaking was the best part of it, the worst of it all was the feeling of slipping away into a white void and knowing it was the end of me. I was fighting it the whole time, I'd feel it coming and would try to stay away from blacking out. By the end of it all I was at the hospital parking lot and I couldn't move my legs, they were just frozen and my hands were grasped onto them, I couldn't move them either. The only things I could move were my head and mouth.

Once I got into the ER and was given a valium I stopped convulsing within 2-3 minutes and I never blacked (or white'd) out again and began my taper off the meds.

So it is normal to see that white sun coming at your face ready to take you with what would feel like a bat to my face before the convulsions?

When I watch this video, the guy is trying to say 'help me help me' and it hurt so bad to watch because I felt that and my daughter saw it all happen. There's nothing I can ever do to erase that memory of me losing all control.

My girlfriend works in the medical field and told me 'that wasn't a seizure' and so did the ER doctor but they didn't see it all happen from beginning to end, the first half of it I was alone in the car.

Thanks for at least reading.

I had seizures from taking antidepressants, doctor decided to up my dose and add another and I ended up with serotonin syndrome.

Dude what the fuck. I know sketchy stoners that know how/why to avoid serotonin syndrome. What ended up happening with your doctor?

6 points·4 days ago

I have a history, I've gotten high a lot but never heard of serotonin syndrome before I got to the hospital that time.

I was following what the doctor asked but little by little he kept increasing dosage by 25mg every two weeks. I had told him that I was feeling really high after eating and at random times when I was in a good mood I felt extremely high/stoned. He literally said 'that's interesting' and increased my dose again, I read later that's considered a severe side effect and symptoms of serotonin syndrome. I wasn't really all present anymore after the 100mg a day mark and just went with it, I let life just happen and kind of just coasted on.

Hallucinations started at 275mg and I started getting in trouble, became aggressive and unpredictable, unreliable at work, so on. Doctor says that it's probably the clonazepan prescription that I had for sleep so he switched me to trazadone for sleep which is another antidepressant. This is when I start getting violent, this is when I started losing entire days of my life, memory wasn't reliable and I couldn't drive anymore because I kept seeing objects and people pop up in front of my car. I told the doctor leading up to the 350mg dose and trazadone at 100mg at night.

He started blaming me, said I was just 'being an asshole' and I should stop finding excuses for my behavior. I've never been a violent guy. When all this happened and I'm at the hospital I decide to call the fuck and tell him what just happened but there's no answer at 11pm so I email him and explain that I need to taper off immediately because I was at the hospital after some episode that I considered seizures because I mean wtf was that? He calls me back immediately to tell me it's not the meds and he doesn't want me off of them and maybe I just need a higher dose. I fucking lost it, the hospital staff takes my phone away because my heart rate shoots back up to 180bpm and that's while under the effects of Valium. The ER doctor gets my phone and tells this prick that I am getting off these meds immediately because of the reaction, they had tested me and I had no other drugs in my system and no history of anything like this before. The guy argued with the ER doctor until two other doctors come by and tell him that they went over what happened and my medical history and believe I should taper off immediately.

I lost it because I told him what happened and he said 'pase, it's all you, the medicine doesn't do that, you need to learn to control your anger', this is after me telling him that I WANTED to be off the meds. He said he has hundreds if not thousands of people on the same dose and has never had a problem.

I'll stop there because it's getting to be a lot.

It took over a year to get back to near normal. The tapering process was basically a battle between my body and my mind, my body wanting to live and my mind always looking for a way to die. I was never suicidal before the pills, I went to this guy because I get anxiety and I'm somewhat antisocial and my girlfriend didn't like that I hated crowds, we always had to leave everything early. He diagnosed me severely depressed and sent me off.

Holy fuck man, I'm sorry that happened to you. I've heard of terrible doctors but this takes the cake. He shouldn't be practicing medicine. Period. Being a dick is excusable if you're really good at what you do, but when you have no idea what you're doing? He sounds like a legit sociopath.

If it hasn't been more than a few years I'd at least try to contact the medical board or find a malpractice lawyer. The shit he did doesn't even make sense. How would taking clonazepam at night make you an aggressive asshole during the day? This is shit you can find out skimming wikipedia for christ's sake.

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Just FYI - “Grand mail” - in case you wanted to change it. You know what it should be.

I have been so exhausted that I couldn’t move my legs. Very scary on the first instance. Tried standing up too quickly and fell. Another time I tried walking too quickly and bent my big toe under my foot while walking because I wasn’t lifting it like I subconsciously do while walking.

Long time ago

It’s actually grand mal.

Yeah I thought it was always pronounced mal, unless this is a massive whoosh right now.


I know. Instead of correcting him I was just pointing out what appeared to be an auto-correct error. :-/

the way you wrote it looks like you're saying "grand mail" is how it should be, rather than pointing out that's how he said it

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better known as hella bad among us epileptics.

He knows, dude. That's what he's telling the other dude

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Grand mal

From the French, I think, because the other term is 'petit mal'


Comment blew up and I look like an idiot thanks to autocorrect.

Nice catch. I'm editing now.

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Fuck epilepsy. Glad you have been seizure free for awhile. My wife has it and likewise has been seizure free for awhile. It sucked though when she wasn’t.

Same here. Nothing worse than seeing your SO having a seizure and not being able to do anything about it.

Are we carbotrol buddies?

I was a carbatrol buddy for a couple years, but I've been a Keppra Kid for 12 years or so.

I couldn't do keppra. I felt like a walking zombie and had to change meds all together.

Yeah, I get the classic keppra rage. But I've gone as long as 20 months between seizures. I never got more than 2-3 months prior to that. Luckily mine are petit mals so I just black out for a bit. I had some in high school after finding out what they were and I would just put my head on my desk when I felt the aura and put my jacket over my head. By the time anyone noticed, I was usually awake again.

I did lamictal, topamax, and carbatrol for a bit. lamictal (or topamax, I can't remember) caused a LOT of focus problems for me. Unfortunately for me, that was also my Senior year of high school. I'm pretty confident it was the biggest cause of poor ACT performances. I just couldn't focus on questions and remember what anything said. The reading part especially. I'd completely forget the story by the time I got to the questions, so I would have to scan through it for the answers. I would also lose track during stories a lot. My brother talked to my neurologist about that and said during my week stay in the EMU (epilepsy monitoring unit) when I was taken off my meds there was a HUGE improvement in my communication skills. This was the summer after my senior year.

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Also an Epileptic (kind of)

In 2001 I was in first grade and was diagnosed with epilepsy. I would have between 1 and 3 petit mal seizures a day that lasted roughly 20 seconds a piece. In 2007 I had a Grand Mal at school and haven’t had a seizure since. I’ve been off meds for approx 5 years and seizure free for about 11 years so I’m not sure if I still count as an epileptic haha. But I’ve only had one seizure that’s kinda to this level (that one being the Grand Mal at school) and I could walk directly afterwards. Not sure how long I was actually seizing and I had a very noticeable limp, however I could definitely walk.

Oh god and the headaches. Same experience for me. I always try to stand up immediately after I come to. Nothing worse than waking up to a bunch of people standing over you trying to analyze your level of consciousness by asking stupid questions like "do you know where you are? You had a seizure, can you say something?", in this weird relieved yet concerned tone.

I can always stand up within a minute of regaining consciousness, my balance and equilibrium usually have other plans though.

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I've seen thousands of seizures (work in EMS) that did not look quite like a grand male or clinic tonic type seizure. If it was his recovery time would have been longer before he could talk. This was brought on by sudden impact of his brain, when that happens spinal injury is a huge concern. It's possible he injured his spine for sure but it's also possible the injury was temporary and brought on by swelling or just loss of nerve sensation. Either way they needed an ambulance.

I’m glad we all agree he needed an ambulance!

Maybe just a police officer. On second thought, man we don't need no stinkin' police.

If he's American probably concern about cost I imagine.

Just FYI- it doesn't cost anything when a first responder comes to you for evaluation and treatment. It's only the ride that they end up billing you (or your insurance) for.

I've called 911 twice and had medics check me and someone else out, neither time it was necessary to go to the hospital, so we were never billed.

Still sounds like complete shit to have to worry about.

I mean, you can make that decision after you’re evaluated. If your circumstance is life threatening, you should take the ambulance. If not, you can go to the hospital via your own means or make other arrangements.

Right, and I'm saying if someone you love has collapsed and you aren't sure what it is but your choices are to either have the ambulance take them to hospital or take them yourself, the extra stress of having to decide and potentially have a massive bill sounds like complete shit. I suppose nothing that serious has actually happened to you which is why you still write it off as an easy, rational decision.

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This is why I’ve only been to a hospital once. I know I’ve been injured a dozen or more times that should have been hospital worthy...but my folks would have taken me and I knew we’d be in debt forever.

I was lucky though, no permanent damage. Some aren’t so lucky.

2 points·4 days ago·edited 4 days ago

Sometimes I forget other people don't have to worry about cost... I had huge regrets over stuff like calling an ambulance once when when accidentally sliced open my wrist when a window broke and I didn't think I could drive myself and was scared over how much blood was coming out. It wasn't as bad as I initially thought and could have just bandaged it up myself and gone in for stitches later. I didn't actually take an ambulance ride so I'm not sure if my dad had to pay for that, but I was a bit embarrassed over having called 911 and everything...

Another time I really badly sprained my ankle. I thought I might have broken something when I still couldn't put any weight on it a couple days later, so I gave in and went to the doctor. No break, just a couple thousand dollar bill for a $20 boot, $1 worth of elastic bandage, and some "ice it and elevate it" advice.

That was 8-9 years ago now and it was the last time I went to the doctor for anything but my free annual physical.

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When I had a seizure, I was literally full retard for multiple days. I didn’t know anything, I barely remembered who I was

Was it drug induced? Just curious btw not judging

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Had a seizure about 4 weeks ago. I walked out of a store and collapsed on the sidewalk. Woke up in an ambulance. Couldn't stand for about 6 hours after. It's scary.

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Wife is epileptic, but let me start with a disclaimer. Epilepsy is like autism in the sense of the spectrum, you can have 2 autistic people, and you would never guess that had the same disease. Epilepsy is the same way. Her first seizure she couldn't walk for 2 days. Now after a big tonic clonic aka grand mal the same lack of being able to move legs is now 5-15 minutes. But every seizure is different. And what's an epileptics favorite food you ask? Why a ceasar salad of course!

Epilepsy is like autism in the sense of the spectrum, you can have 2 autistic people, and you would never guess that had the same disease.

That's very, very true. I'm saving that analogy.

Why a ceasar salad? I’m also quite fond of them.

Seizure salad :)

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I landed on my head like that once, and blacked out. When I woke up, I couldn't move my legs, panicked a bit, blacked out again, came to once more, and snowboarded back down to the lodge. I think it may have had something to do with the shock to the brain I got.

My brother hit his head very hard when he was 14-15 and a couple years later began having seizures like this. When he has them (on meds but still has them maybe once or less a year) he can’t get up right away. Afterwards he’s coherent like the boy in the video but has to lay there on the floor for awhile, usually falls asleep for about an hour and then he’s ok.

at least that's my assumption

lol you said it with such authority tho

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Thanks for this.

24 points·5 days ago·edited 4 days ago

It's even worse being the person saying those words.

Looking at you legs, seeing them splayed in front of you, touching them, feeling them with hands, but its like you're touching someone elses legs. Its like they are there, but not. You can see them clear as day, but its like a void has opened up from your hips onward. Best way I can explain the experience.

I had a fall at school, slipping in a patch of water when stepping backwards to my stool (art class with old, lumpy lino floor and high tables). Fell straight on my coccyx bone with full body weight. When I tried to pull myself up via the table edge something audibly popped in my lower back and I was instantly in agony from the hips up and it was like my legs had suddenly disappeared. Nothing but a weird ice cold in my hips and a vague tingling. When I tired to move my legs there was nothing.

Don't remember much else from that day cause I was so focused on my legs and trying to force them to move. I was taken to hospital and after 3hrs feeling and movement finally came back, but have had lower back issues ever since (doctor finally saw me just as most feeling and movement had come back). Doctors think the impact caused the nerves and small part of spinal cord to go into shock and shut down as a protective measure.

It's been over 20 years since that happened and the sensation and utter terror is still distinct.

I once met someone who said that he just woke up paraplegic. His story was that he went to sleep and just couldn't move the lower part of his body since.

I was still a kid asking insensitive questions so maybe he just said it to fuck with me and scare me for life, but it quite worked...

A few years later, while I slept at another place deep in the woods, when I woke up in the middle of the night it was so dark (clouded night, no street lamp, no electronic idle led) I couldn't see ANYTHING, just a black void. I didn't have a light torch nearby, didn't remember where the light switch was, and started assuming I went blind... Never have I been that scared for my health and I've had a couple "crashes" on my motorcycle...

Lol. I mean, I guess it's not outside of the realm of possibility, but I'm pretty sure he was just fucking with you

"I should've worn my helmet"

what it might as well be

*ought to be.

Thanks, fucking reddit mobile randomly stops playing audio and there’s no way to get it back. This app has become such a cluster fuck.

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I don't think we need an ambulance?? wtf. If someone just walking suddenly falls to the ground and has a seizure, you call an ambulance.

541 points·5 days ago

That's what happens when you risk being in debt super bad if an ambulance is called.

It's surprising anyone does anything in the States other than walking upright or sitting in a chair.

A lot of us do very little more than the latter.

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If you're ever concerned, call for an ambulance. You don't have to get in it and you get charged nothing unless you do. The EMTs can give an assessment and first aid.

29 points·4 days ago

It's crazy this even factors into a life-threatening injury.

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Huh, TIL

One time I passed out in a restaurant and woke up being dragged by my arms out the front door. I was informed that an ambulance was on the way and sat down at a bench outside.

Can confirm I avoided any costs by explicitly rejecting a ride to the hospital, and they did clean up the cuts on my chin from the fall while they were there and asked me some basic questions.

You don't have to get in it

And what if a person is having say, a seizure, and is unable to make that decision? Do you still get billed if the paramedics carry you in without you explicitly giving consent? Or do they put a pen in your hand and force you to sign a piece of paper where you agree to the costs?

Jesus, what a fucked up system regardless... I'm guessing your firefighters also want payment in advance before starting to extinguish anything.

yeah I think they toss you in there and you have to figure it out later. This shit is fucked

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Yeah Uber is way cheaper

5 stars if the driver knows first aid.

In the video they say he's 15, so he should be under his parents insurance (assuming they had it), and I know that if I ever had a seizure at that age my parents would commend my friends for calling me an ambulance, no matter what the cost.

45 points·5 days ago·edited 4 days ago

If his parents had insurance. His buddy asks him if he can remember his birthday and he says he was born in '85 so this would be around the year 2000.

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Yeah, no, insurance doesn't always cover the const of an ambulance. I've called an ambulance for my mother for an allergic reaction and my grandfather for breaking a hip, and both of them had to pay the ambulance costs out of pocket. And they have the insurance they can afford to have so no, they can't just switch.

But I think the kids just didn't know what kind of help he needed and got confused, rather than worried about ambulance costs.

This is always so sad to hear, this should be "free" in all developed countries.. What percentage of your salary is taxes? We do pay a lot in taxes for this though, about 30%.

I really do hope you guys get a proper health care system, I see so many stories of people being bankrupt because they had an accident...

On average, americans pay more between taxes and healthcare than 'highly taxed' europeans.

Wait what? Doesn't at least kids have access to free health care in the US? I thought that whole insurance thing only applied to adults.

Nope. Plus, even with insurance ambulance or hospital bills could still cost you thousands out of pocket.

Your country is insane.

The land of the freeeeeeeeee (but not health care) and the home of the brave.

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How do kids get health care if they don't have any parents with insurance and money, or any parents at all? Are they doomed?

Go to the doctor, don't pay the bill, never answer your phone again.

If they have no parents they are covered by Medicaid. You are Medicaid eligible if your income is below a certain amount. Since he is a kid and I doubt he works if he is 15, then he is below that level of income since his income is zero.

Many states will cover most, but not all uninsured kids. Obama Care helped. My state, for example, went from 11% of kids uninsured to 3%. One of the worst states is Texas, with a little more than 9% of kids uninsured.

They dont. Welcome to America.

Hahaha no... America is a fucking dystopian hellscape, man. With health insurance it could easily cost me thousands to take an ambulance to the hospital. I've had friends drive themselves to the hospital with broken bones before, because they simply couldn't afford the ambulance.

Welcome to the US bro. That would be socialism and we would end up like Venezuela. Everyone knows that.

lol, no. I almost died of bronchitis when I was about 8 years old because I didn't have insurance.

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Nope, the whole point of conservatism is to hurt other people so there’s no reason to give kids free healthcare. They’d laugh at him and tell the child to get a job.

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I had a similar experience with a friend. We were playing flag football and my buddy dove for a catch slamming his head into my knee as I was running. Had a seizure and everything. Called the ambulance. Ambulance gets lost while on the way there. We we’re literally three blocks away from the hospital and it took the ambulance a half hour to get there. When the ambulance got there they checked him out to make sure he was ok but they did warn us that we should drive him in the car and not have them take him in the ambulance because the bill would be at least $1000. I guess the point is that maybe call the ambulance but unless you’re dying, don’t let the ambulance give you a ride.

assuming they had it

Kind of an unfortunate thing that we can’t assume that

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This is the reason I fight tooth and nail to save the NHS here in the UK. Knowing that anyone, anywhere, can get the medical assistance they need is absolutely invaluable but even more important is that no-one will hesitate to help or accept help because they are worried about money.

The fact that anyone wants to privatise healthcare here blows my mind. I can only attribute it to insane selfishness by the healthy/wealthy who probably already have a private plan.

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I love my NHS ♥ Worth every penny of tax.

Everyone needs it eventually.

2 points·4 days ago

It is worth it indeed. It's a shame the tories think otherwise.

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Only in America

That's not what they were thinking at all. They're kids...

When we were kids skating, this was exactly what we were thinking, “oh fuck, my family will kill me if I put us in debt for going to the hospital”

I had one friend who wouldn’t leave the state because his parents told him his health insurance wouldn’t cover him outside our state.

Shit sucks. I had asthma attacks that nearly killed me and I hid it or waiting til I almost died to go to the hospital.

I just feel like it's more likely that just the thought of going to the hospital would come up before debt. Or a million other things.

But you seem to have more experience to than me with the mind of a skater kid so maybe I'm wrong.

Not in America. My brother dislocated his shoulder on a half pipe and we had to pop that bitch back in place ourselves. Fuck calling an ambulance. People with mangles body parts will insist that you don't call an ambulance here. If you really need to go to the hospital, drive yourself and you'll save a couple grand.

Ok but calling an ambulance for that is a little extreme

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Nope, you make the mistake of taking an ambulance, it could cost thousands, and thousands more if you have to take out loans or pawn your stuff..

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Clearly just a bunch of kids in their mid teens, maybe a bit younger couldn't even recognize it was a seizure. I know when I was that age I hated hospitals and for skaters I can imagine calling 911 for a cop or EMT is the last thing they want to do.

All things considered, I think they did a great job. Supported his neck to prevent further damage and called 911 immediately. They were just scared as fuck for their friend. I hope they started wearing helmets after this.

And this is why I could never live in the USA, sure my jobs would have benefits. But would my kids jobs, and their kids?

Universal health care, pay your taxes and don't be a greedy cunt

9 points·5 days ago

Sponsor me to live wherever you live.

Try to live in New Zealand! If this happened to me tomorrow, and I had to take 2 weeks off work, I'd get paid for 80% . I'd get free treatment unless I went private, in which case they'd pay for half.

Once I went back to work, if the doctor advised me not to drive, I'd be assigned a driver, or get free taxis, depending on the situation (the taxi company would claim it so I wouldn't even have to pay them).

This is all because of our national insurance program - we all pay levies towards it though things like vehicle licensing and business ownership.

Tore my MCL playing soccer. GP visits, x-rays, surgery, pain killers, leg brace, 6months of physiotherapist. Total cost $0.

Cut the tendon in my thumb at work. 2 different hospitals, surgery same day, pain killers. Total cost $0.

For all our bitching about house prices, fuel tax, inadequate wages, you gotta love the ACC.

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3 points·4 days ago

Any room for a broke family of 3?

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I don't understand how countries function outside of this.

Not really. Most epileptic people don't need to go to the hospital. They usually will deny transport when they come to and that's fine. Of course, how is a stranger to know the seizure isn't a common occurrence. But this seizure was brought on by trauma and needs immediate medical care.

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-2 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

I have epilepsy, I wear a bracelet that says specifically not to call an ambulance if I have a seizure, because it just happens to me and I dont want to pay for a big ass ambulance bill.

The kid probably had epilepsy and didn't know about it until now. Maybe was having them in his sleep and didnt sleep well before, didnt drink enough water, and being out in the sun and getting dehydrated triggered it. Plus the bonk on his head.

Or it could have just been the bonk on his head, but it didnt look like that big of a hit to the head.

Edit: Im not saying he shouldn't have gone to the hospital, Im just saying he will probably be fine.

They witnessed a kid hitting his head! You call an ambulance if someone hits their head and starts convulsing! Your bracelet is great, fantastic, but it is by no means a common thing!

Just want to say that as someone that doesn't have epilepsy and has never had a seizure, I'd absolutely want to go to the hospital if I had a seizure whether I'd just hit my head or not. If you already have a diagnosis of epilepsy you can treat seizures with some degree of normalcy, but you've gotta get the diagnosis before you can do that.

Like, a normal person's reaction to an otherwise healthy teen suddenly having a seizure shouldn't be "Eh, I'm not a doctor, but it's probably undiagnosed epilepsy, he'll be fine if we just give him a minute."

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Original Poster419 points·5 days ago

Wear a helmet people

PSA: Helmets are only designed to take one hit like the one in this video. If you're involved in a hard collision to the head with a helmet on, please replace it before going back out.

PLEASE READ THIS^ anyone who rides bikes, motorcycles, skateboards, rollerblades, anything... helmets are designed for 1 hit and 1 hit only. Even if you drop a helmet off a table and it lands shell down you should heavily consider getting a new one after reviewing damage.


Buy a helmet with a certifications like MIPS from a company with a crash-replacement program. I’ve cracked (which means they worked properly, like crumple zones in a car) two of my Bell Super-R enduro helmets and they’ve replaced them for like $150.

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Fuck, that guy couldve ended up like the dude in OPs video. Thank god for helmets.

I feel like that guy would have ended up in a completely different subreddit if you know what I mean...

This guy gets it

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omg that is amazing

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Which would you rather?

"It looks stupid" "Its uncomfortable" "They'll make fun of me" "Im just doing one trick" "I can't feel my legs"

That's also how I think of it, when I'm out on my bicycle. They don't think helmets looks good on them. Yeah... Having a skull fracture or a permanent brain injury doesn't 'look' that good either.

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Oh pish tosh. I've strapped on my helmet thousands of times and it only saved my bacon once. Think of the inefficiency!

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If you ever see someone take a blow to the head and assume the fencers pose (arms suddenly spring straight out in front like a zombie pose, or upper arms sraight out with elbows bent hand hands pointing at the chest), immediately call an ambulance and do what you can to keep them laying still and avoid moving them if possible.

That pose can be a sign of brain injury that could range from a really bad concussion to severe brain trauma.

Better to get them checked out and walk away with a really bad headache over them suffering irreparable harm or sudden death.

And for the love of whatever deity you like, wear a helmet. It could make the different between a bad headache or being permanently impaired/dead.

And for the love of whatever deity you like, wear a helmet. It could make the different between a bad headache or being permanently impaired/dead.

Just look at the difference between how hard this kid hit his head, and the "I love helmets" guy. I'm sure he had a killer headache afterward but at least his brain didn't get liquified. Did anyone else see the brain video on r/videos today? Imagine that fragile lump of tissue being put through something like this.

Spoiler: This kills the brain.

The 15 year old kid in OP's post looks like he took a light tumble compared to this guy, and look at the difference that helmet made. Always wear one, especially if you're amateur, immature, and irresponsible enough to think it has an affect on how "cool" you look. Chances are, if you think it's acceptable to forgo the helmet because it's not cool looking, you haven't been doing that sport long enough to understand what it'll do to you and therefore need the helmet more.

...Wear the helmet before you get a permanent vegetable helmet.

Wear the helmet.

Wear the helmet

It’s called decorticate posturing when the arms go straight out. Decerebrate posturing it’s when the arms go off to the side and flex inward (it’s the worse of the two.

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Should you do anything like put pressure on the wound? Or just let it bleed freely?

If there is a wound involved and its freely bleeding yes apply pressure, just try to minimize how much you move the victim while attending the wound. It's mostly a precaution just in case of internal bleeding, mobile/fractured bone in the head or possible unseen damage to the base of the skull/neck depending on how the person was hit/fell.

In their shocked/confused state the person may try move around or get up to try walk away from the danger and potentially do themselves more harm so its best to try keep them laying down and still as possible until help arrives.

A friend running tours in Vancouver, Canada (tourist trolley driver) told me his fun story of having a drunk patron climb a sculpture and fall, hitting his head on the way down. He tore his scalp and was bleeding bad cause head/face wounds bleed like crazy, but thanks to friend securing him and getting others to help carefully hold the guy and stopping him from trying to get up and walk in his concussed state he saved the guy from possible paralysis. He had hair line fractures in the top two bones in his neck and if he'd kept moving around he could have made things so much worse. The guy was released from hospital the next day and sent home with a bad concussion, neck brace and a few staples.

Thanks for your answer man

From the video description

"Me: josh irving, david bouse, michel ward,preston cheek, jeff mains. We were out filming for the Altered Skates video called (HALLUX) !! And a big thanks to all my boys for saving my life! And Prestons quick thinking and he grabbed my head and stopped it from slamming on the ground. If he didnt do that i would be dead or a vegetable!!"

wow that head hit was pretty insane...I see he is ok now but going thru something like that could've ended worst..Glad it didn't.

Is he okay? He can't move his legs.

72 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

He's still uploading skate videos on his channel, so he's good!

He also continued to not wear a helmet.

What a dumb fuck

He might have brain damage though.

I believe the appropriate quote here is: "you can't fix stupid".

Seriously... you hit your head, have a seizure, experience temporary paralysis... and take no precautions to prevent it from happening again.

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I'm not trying to say it's a good thing, but nearly nobody who skateboards wears a helmet.

That's good. Thanks

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he's not okay. he likely had a concussion. when I had mine (with helmet on) I seemed normal and didn't feel any pain. the only way my friend figured it out was that I kept asking the same questions over and over.

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112 points·5 days ago

Seizure aside, concussions are no fucking joke. People don't realize the side effects of a concussion other than a headache. You could feel like you have the spins for days, you'll try to fall asleep only to be almost "shocked" awake, you could forget what just happened for the past hour, your balance can be all over the place, and you could have random spouts of nausea, all of these for an unknown period of time.

If you're riding a bike, wear a helmet. If you're skateboarding, wear a helmet. If you're playing a sport with contact, wear a helmet. If you're snowboarding/skiing/other extreme sports, wear a helmet. If you're doing any type of work where there's something heavy or solid above you that could hit your head, wear a helmet.

If you think you're cool and don't care about the risks you're putting yourself in maybe you should've been wearing a helmet your entire life.

I sympathize more for the families of people that get injured in situations like this one. Their child could be gravely injured and it's sad, but the fact is that everyone knows a helmet is important, there's really No excuse for it.

you'll try to fall asleep only to be almost "shocked" awake

This is a fairly common thing that is not necessarily related to having a concussion. Just pointing that out so people don't freak out.

Absolutely true, good call.

It could happen more often with a head injury that can interrupt sleep multiple times a night rather than every once in a while as it normally would.

A higher occurrence is reported in people with irregular sleep schedules.

That probably explains why I get those fairly often.

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A particularly bad concussion put my life on a different track.

I was attacked randomly while I was walking on the street. Someone punched me and my tooth went through my lip and my head hit the concrete sidewalk hard.

I have no memory of the event, 15 minutes before or 15 min after, but I was in sight of my friend's house which was my destination. My friend saw what happened and caught me up later. I was walking to his house and was quite a ways away and then I was in his bathroom with blood streaming down my face. I was still out of it and called another friend who was studying to be a nurse and left a message asking if he could stitch me up.

After a few minutes I was a bit more cognitive and rode my bike a couple of miles to the hospitable. I was in my early twenties and was fully able to call a taxi or an ambulance, but riding my bike was the decision I landed on with the amount of brain function I had at the time. I told ER what happened but they didn't give a shit beyond stitching me up and sending me on my way. The police were never called and they didn't give me any treatment for head injury.

I had always had some depression, but I managed it. In the months following my incident, that was no longer the case. I couldn't leave my house most days and it made it difficult to pass my college courses. I would pass a few classes by appealing to professors about having issues, backed up by the campus medical office, and would offer to do some extra work to make up for late assignments and missing class. Still, I was in a real bad place and didn't even want to keep going. I petitioned for a leave of absence.

After it was granted i moved home and worked in construction. It was a long road back to being alright. I never went back to college and am just now thinking about getting a degree about 10 years later.

That's awful.. have you considered cognitive rehab?

Other than that I think a good way to jump back on track and still work is community college, or maybe if you're still doing construction try a trade school?

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Never thought a helmet for snowboarding was necessary. One major concussion, a punctured lung, and a diminished short term memory later, I wear helmets.

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I've had a handful of concussions throughout my youth as I grew up racing dirt bikes competitively and I never really chalked any of those symptoms I have as to them. It does seem to answer a lot of questions I guess I never really even had, I just thought my sleeping patterns were weird or I stood up too fast all the time or I hadn't gotten enough sleep the night before. You know how you can stand up too quick and your legs get wobbly, that seems to happen a lot more often now and sometimes my vision goes to shit or even black and I work my way to the ground until I get my bearings straight.

The last one I had was the scariest since it happened pretty soon to the one prior and it fucked with my sense of smell/taste. Everything smells and tastes different since the last one which is a bummer but at least I've gotten used to everything now. There are just a few things that I can't stand anymore, like sour cream or colas. I don't smoke but never minded the smell of it really since my parents smoke all the time but the way smoke smells now, even campfires, is really nasty.

I quit racing after that last one. Hoping one day I'll get my original sense of smell/taste back but it's been years now.

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The description on the video for those interested:

Me: josh irving, david bouse, michel ward,preston cheek, jeff mains. We were out filming for the Altered Skates video called (HALLUX) !! And a big thanks to all my boys for saving my life! And Prestons quick thinking and he grabbed my head and stopped it from slamming on the ground. If he didnt do that i would be dead or a vegetable!!

Sounds like the guy having the seizure wrote it so we can assume he's 100% fine after this, luckily. So sleep easy. With a helmet.

This happened to me while I playing paintball. I collapsed in front of a bunch of people and had a seizure. Super embarrassing, but I was touched at how many people came to my aid. I legitimately scared a bunch of people. I don't remember anything.

Also, an ambulance ride, MRI, and one night in the hospital was $14K. Ouch.

$14K?! Freaking hell!


This is America

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14k? Man im so fucking glad i dont live in america. My 10 day stay at the ER would have financially gutted me probably.

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Comment deleted4 days ago(7 children)

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Details??!!!?!! What ended up happening? Is he paralyzed?

No, it's just post-numbness from the seizure.

Source: prolly.

The guy who owns the channel is the guy in the video. He says in the description he's fine.

Scariest first 7 words of any video:

This video contains content from Jukin Media

I will never understand the desire to "look cool" superseding safety.

I skateboarded for 10+ years. Never wore a helmet. I was lucky.

It is very very stupid. I had no reason for it besides not wanting to have a heavy helmet on. It was laziness and being a kid and feeling invincible.

It's less about looking cool and more about it being big, clunky, hot, and therefore inconvenient. Add the facts that most people know how to tuck and roll and slamming your head on the ground actually isn't that common, suddenly to a teenager a helmet doesn't seem that necessary.

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It's not to look cool. I've skateboarded for over a decade in Southern Florida. Helmets make your head insanely hot. Not wearing a helmet was more of a comfort choice than anything. It's also heavy, annoying, and pretty distracting.

16 year old me from south Florida agrees with you. 34 year old me thinks that sounds silly.

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Sure beats paralysis and/or repeatedly slamming your head into the ground while having a seizure though.

Judging by his screen name, perhaps maaaaaaaaaybe he has hit his head a few times...

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Its ironically a trait that the opposite sex finds attractive often enough.

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Him slurring "help me" while seizing was a hell of a lot more unnerving than anything else that happened in this. That's somebody who thinks he's dying, and has every reason to think that, since his brain is going haywire and he just smacked his head.

I've got TLE and occasionally have seizures where I'm aware, and when it happens, it really does feel like I'm dying. However, I at least know what they are, and mine don't have a motor component. This guy discovered what that's like out of the blue, while out in the city, after a serious injury, all while his body is spasming uncontrollably. Even if he recovered without any serious permanent damage, I imagine that fucked him up in the head for a while.


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That gave me anxiety

He's not paralyzed, here's the same guy skateboarding a year ago.

Motherfucker still not wearing a helmet.

3 points·4 days ago


oh god i know it's terrible but my fucking sides dude

The scariest moment in this video is "no I don't want to go to the hospital" the thought that the cost of care would be the first thought ....what the actual fuck .... sorry I have universal health care and yeah, send the fucking ambulance....

Someone mark this shit NSFL pls.

not safe for lesbians?

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what's the update on this video? did he actually become paraplegic?

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I'm half a second in and I'm already kicking myself. I should have known what this was using just the title and the thumb.

Nope. Nope nopenope.

According to the description for the video on Youtube (2010), he's fine:

Me: josh irving, david bouse, michel ward,preston cheek, jeff mains. We were out filming for the Altered Skates video called (HALLUX) !! And a big thanks to all my boys for saving my life! And Prestons quick thinking and he grabbed my head and stopped it from slamming on the ground. If he didnt do that i would be dead or a vegetable!!

“What do we do?”

  1. Call 911

  2. Wear a helmet next time

Easy. Can't move my legs? i think you meant scariest 4 words.

Helmets mother fathers.

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So what happened to Josh?

"I'm fine, I'm okay... oh by the way I can't move my legs."

Helmets are cool kids.

And this ladies and gentlemen is why you wear a helmet

I slammed the back of my head into the pavement while skating a few months ago, whole body went numb, and i definitely couldnt move my legs for a good minute and a half. Perfect timing skating down a big city main road. He's probably not paralyzed, I wasnt.

Skater.exe has stopped working.

Always wear a helmet.

think this needed a NSFW label. poor guy

A helmet saved my life.

I've also had the I hope I can move my legs moment at the same time..

I was four wheeling and ended up losing control at around 65 mph.. next thing I remember my friend is flipping the ATV off my legs. luckily I only shattered my collar bone and broke 4 vertebrae in my lower back .. we self transported to the ER and I have no long lasting repercussions.

He is goochi fanuchi

I was scared it was gonna be "I don't want to die"

And here I thought "I'm just gonna send it" was bad.

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