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Dave Grohl of The Foo Fighters invites Fan Dressed as Gene Simmons on Stage and The Kid Shreds. Austin, Tx 4-18-18 by gunner_gunner in videos

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I had NOOOO FREAKING IDEA MY NIGHT WAS GOING TO TURN OUT LIKE THAT!!!!!!!! I was there as a DIE HARD fan just like everybody else.

I still keep thinking back to it questioning if that really happened or just an extremely vivid dream from last night...



This video is part of your regularly scheduled reminder that Steve Harvey is a jackass by -69SMK- in videos

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Woah woah woah, what is this? A respectful discussion where two people are learning from each other? Not on my Reddit.

Mohamad Bzeek is a 62 year old foster parent who takes in terminally ill children in Los Angeles. by TheDinnerPlate in videos

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If every person lived their life according to the kindness that he shows that humans posses, it would be a far better world.

Edit: TY for popping my gold cherry Kind Stranger!

Puffer fish releasing water by NicolauJunior in videos

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Get you a fish that can do both

Apple SUES iPhone screen repair shop and LOSES! by Adamine in videos

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I sued Apple once for a really petty reason - I think I posted about this on /r/pettyrevenge once and was later told it was more /r/maliciouscompliance, but anyway - I had numerous issues ongoing with my laptop and iPhone, and every month Apple was requiring me to change my Apple ID and password, to the extent where I could never remember the password anymore because it was changing faster than necessary. I had AppleCare+ on my devices, but your Apple password is required to make a Genius Bar appointment. This sounds more petty than I think it should, since I'm skipping a lot of the issues I had with the "Geniuses" not fixing shit, but I ended up taking them to court for the replacement value of my MacBook and iPhone since they weren't working as expected, and I had a copy of the AppleCare contract which made no mention under the responsibilities of the consumer of needing to play along with their shitty password games.

Court date #1 - Apple sent the local Apple Store manager to court to defend, and the court didn't accept this. As a corporation, they could only hire an attorney, or send Tim Cook himself. However, he did say he could make a Genius appointment for me right now and he'd guarantee me their Lead Genius and an absolute fix to my problem if we took a continuance. Judge encouraged to me to go with that, and I did.

Court date #2 - Lead Genius had indeed fixed my issues and even synced up with corporate to figure out why some idiotic setting with Apple ID was forcing me to change my password at an increased rate. However, I had still spent $60 in court costs to file the action and intended to recover them. The same store manager showed up again in court, and the judge said once more that he should not be there and that they need an attorney, but made an exception because the docket was huge and we had to move on. I made my plea for my costs, Apple manager said they shouldn't have to pay, and before I could get through one sentence of reminding the judge that Apple's own terms don't require the password-changing barrier to get an appointment that led to all this nonsense, the judge said "you know what, you'll split it. Apple pays /u/Matchboxx $30," gavel.

I'm not happy with this because my state law specifically states that I'm entitled to all of my court filing fees on a judgment in my favor (which the judge had entered), so I filed an appeal to the Circuit Court.

Court date # 3 - Same fucking manager shows up. New court, new judge, so he doesn't know about the history, asks the manager where their attorney is. Manager says that he has a letter from Apple's general counsel saying that Cupertino is okay with the manager representing Apple. The judge says he doesn't care what Cupertino is okay with, the state law isn't okay with it. Apple manager then moves for a continuance. Judge asks me if I object. I say I absolutely do, because this is now the 3rd time the manager has been told to not show up and instead defer to an attorney, and Apple keeps refusing the court's lawful order. This rightly made the judge pissed off at Apple and he said "continuance denied, and now you need to sit there and not speak, because you're nothing more than an observer here now."

I made my appeal to the same state law, saying that not only should I get my $60 for the lower court fees, but the $160 for the circuit court appeal fees especially since Apple defied the court's reminders repeatedly. Judge agreed, judgment in my favor for $220.

Apple refused to pay after 30 days and I actually have an email from their paralegal saying that they disagree with the court's judgment and are "continuing to review their options" (the timeline for a motion to reconsider had passed, so the next step is the state Supreme Court, which most likely wouldn't hear something so small potatoes).

I asked a buddy who worked there what bank their payroll checks were drawn on. I filed garnishment against Wachovia and collected $260 (garnishment costs got added on).

TL;DR Apple repeatedly defied court orders and wasted manager pay and even more cash (even though they certainly have enough of it) rather than just doing what they were told and saving themselves a lot of headache, because "hur dur we're Apple we're pompous"

Rick Astley got invited to sing with a choir in Toronto and actually showed up. by waxonmain in videos

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You could argue that Rick has been one of the biggest influences of the 21st century.

You make this song and grow older and don't think much of it anymore. Then it shows up on the internet.. and it gains steam. All the sudden people start recognizing you and your back to doing some fun stuff.

I think its cool he has embraced it. He gets to just have fun with people and they get a good experience too. It is a win win situation.

but really think how far and deep rickrolling has gone. it is has been and will continue to be everywhere for a long time.

He has marked his place in history in a way that could never be done before the internet got to where it was.

I just think it is a neat story when you really think about it.

Crowd starts clapping mid-performance, so the maestro motions them to silence. Then he gets a better idea. by enigmatoid in videos

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This guy does it every time they perform it, the audience participation is part of the performance, nothing special that he came up with in the heat of the moment.

Plus it's a damn Arabic/North African song where many times clapping is part of the actual song itself. They're not at a Billy Joel concert, clapping along with a pop song...it's part of many ethnic songs from that region.

Kid is locked inside the car and car key is with him. by imran-shaikh in videos

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In case anyone was wondering, this is what it feels like working tech support for consumers.

Elsa Has It All Figured Out by row101 in videos

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Do feel free to knock me down a number on your arbitrary scale and never look at my videos again. I won't lose sleep if someone with a 1 personality designates me a 6.

Woman wins $1 million in 8 seconds by leakybreaks in videos

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Just what a faginshube would say.

Woman wins $1 million in 8 seconds by leakybreaks in videos

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there are no google results for the word "faginshube"

Woman wins $1 million in 8 seconds by leakybreaks in videos

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The Genie laughs as he grants you 1 million dollars, but every time he gives you a dollar you look more and more like a faginshube.

Kendrick Lamar has won the Pulitzer Prize for music for "DAMN" and PBS can barely contain their shock and excitement. by EZ_does_it in videos

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Suddenly I feel really unqualified to do this haha but here you go:

I'd start with Food and Liquor by Lupe Fiasco. It's a really solid album, Lupe is easy to understand and it has some good depth to the lyrics, but not to the point where he sounds preachy (you can absolutely skip the 12 minute outro track, though). If this album really strikes a chord with you, look into "conscious hip-hop".

If you want something a bit more 'classically' hip-hop than that, I'd check out Ready to Die by The Notorious B.I.G. Also known as Biggie Smalls, Notorious B.I.G. does use slang quite heavily on this (you should check out genius.com if you're struggling with lyrics by the way, amazing resource), but the real beauty of the album is not so much in what he's saying, but how he says it. "Flow" is a quality that is often mentioned in regards to rap, and Biggie is one of the masters - listen carefully to how closely the rapping fits the beats on some of these songs. If you really enjoy this, search out more 'boom bap' rappers and albums (Nas and Mobb Deep are famous examples)

If you don't like the 'gangsta' aspect of the Notorious BIG album, you should have a look at The College Dropout by Kanye West. I appreciate that most people who aren't in to rap probably don't have much time for Kanye, but this is really an essential album. This is Kanye's first album, and is in fact his (incredibly successful) attempt to turn the tide of rap music against the dominant 'gangsta' sub-genre that the likes of 50 Cent embodied at the time. This album touches on subjects as diverse as consumerism, school, family, work and even religion. There's a lot of guest artists on here whose work is worth checking out if you enjoy the album - Common, Talib Kweli, Mos Def and of course Jay-Z.

I've already mentioned Nas, and his album Illmatic is like rap's equivalent of The Godfather. However, I'd actually recommend first listening to good kid, m.a.a.d. city by Kendrick Lamar. The albums are stylistically different - Illmatic is 20 years older, for one thing, and the fact the two rappers are from opposing coasts - but they're conceptually similar in that both are incredibly vivid portraits of ghetto life, which feel as much like watching a movie as listening to an album. You should definitely use genius.com here to try and keep track of the overall story Kendrick weaves throughout the album; it's reasonably straightforward, but there's definitely some things you only catch on your fourth or fifth listen, and that's totally fine. All of Kendrick's work is worth exploring, but he's an artist who changes his style a lot, so don't be too surprised if you love this album but don't like his others as much. J Cole is one of Kendrick's great friends and rivals who is worth checking out (2014 Forest Hills Drive is a standout album), but if you want to venture deeper into the West Coast style, Vince Staples and Earl Sweatshirt are making some of the most exciting and genre-defying rap going just now, along with Kendrick's label-mate Isaiah Rashad.

Hopefully that's enough of a range of stuff that you'll like at least one track, and it's enough to push you further into hip-hop music. It took me a while personally to push through, but even if something doesn't stick right away, try relistening a few times and seeing how you feel about it. On a personal note, my first real hip-hop album was Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) by Wu-Tang Clan, which I think is kind of a nuclear option, but if you want to go right into the deep end, you could always try starting with that.

Steve1989MREInfo opens and consumes one of his oldest MREs ever, a 118 year old British Emergency Ration by StevieTV in videos

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You would just get some disease that no doctor has ever seen. Fucking House M.D. would be called in as you go into convulsions and a coma and would be racking his vast intellect for any clue as to what you have. Lupus? No, it's never Lupus. Polio? Legionaries disease? A rare neurological disease only ever seen in mice and octopi? No, none of those things make sense.

So he unethically sends his crew into your MRE and military artifacts house to snoop around. They find the rusted can and bags of meat and death powder. Was he making chemical weapons? Is he an Alt-Right turbo Nazi terrorist? He DOES have a stahlhelm, which the Nazis wore.

So they administer the antidote to Ricin poisoning, assuming that is the poison that he was making for his terrorist plans, but suddenly he gets even worse! Goodness, they made the wrong call, House was wrong and his patient is about to die!

House is distraught and as emotional music plays in the background he is throwing his ball against the wall, his leg obviously hurts, he can't concentrate. Wilson comes in and starts to make small talk "Man, that guy is kinda a loon right? Collecting all those war artifacts, guy must have been real obsessed". Suddenly House jumps to his feet, grabs his cane and limps out of the room. Wilson is flustered because House just leaves him without an explanation.

House busts into the team room with the white board and calls his team massive idiots and berates Doctor Foreman for being black, Doctor Chase for being a poof, and Doctor Cameron for not jumping his dick. He then explains that Steve1989MREInfo is suffering from a rare and previously thought extinct form of food poisoning from eating 115 year old beef.

They inject him with magical drugs and he wakes up and is fine. House insults Cuddy and the show fades out on House looking sad and popping Vicodin as everyone else is shown having healthy personal relationships outside of work.

Insta-Justice by mattlikespeoples in videos

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Yeah exactly. I just look down at my enormous penis and realize it's not worth starting a fight.

Edit: Thanks for the gold! Made my day.

Insta-Justice by mattlikespeoples in videos

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Naw sorry, I never let people like that in, if they hit me their insurance pays for it and I win in the end either way.

Zucc Goes On A Date by Sasquanchiest in videos

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Thanks so much, dude. That's very kind of you to say.

Zucc Goes On A Date by Sasquanchiest in videos

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"Do you wanna know how I got these scars?"

5 years ago I made the front page of Reddit - the soulful ginger singing Hit the Road Jack. Now my band has performed and won Showtime at the Apollo, thank you Reddit for all the opportunities that have come from your support. by jerome_landers in videos

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Okay, I have a few honest questions for you, if you don't mind.

I know this is a lot to ask but please take a minute to actually read my entire comment and then please, please, please take a minute to consider it before you answer. I am genuinely curious and am not trying to attack you, I promise.

First, here are the facts:

Steve Harvey, when specifically asked by Joy Behar if he believed that only religious people are ethical and moral (because he recommended in his book that you only date people who believed in God), responded by saying:

"No, I just believe that if you don't believe in God then where is your moral barometer? That's just me talking. You can believe what you want to believe but if you're an atheist then you're basing your goodness and morality on what?... I mean... but what is an atheist? I don't really get into that. I talk to people all the time [who say] 'I'm an atheist' and I just walk away. I don't really know what to say to [them]."

Then when she explained what an atheist was he said, "Well then to me you're an idiot. So I'm cool with that. But if you really don't believe in God... I mean... well, you gotta have an explanation. You just can't tell me this spun out of a gastreous [sic] ball and then all of a sudden we evolved from monkeys. Why we still got monkeys?"

While his answers are pretty ignorant, at no point did he "dehumanize" atheists or say anything even remotely resembling hatespeech regarding them. Outside of that and one other similar but much shorter answer he gave in another interview he has never used any of his multiple, prime-time, nationwide TV shows as platforms to discuss his beliefs or demean atheists, nor has he ever called for violence against them or anything else hate related. And by all accounts, even by the kid in this very video, he is a remarkably nice, accommodating and welcoming man to all the guests on his shows.

You can see the segments of both interview here so you can see for yourself that I haven't tried to deceive you about his responses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWJ9ylZkS2s

Now on to the questions:

Do you honestly think his personal opinion on atheists, as admittedly ignorant as it is (I'm an atheist too btw), which he only shared because he was asked about them directly, is boycott worthy or worthy of all the insane amounts of blind hatred he gets on reddit?

Also, upon further internal reflection, do you think you came by that over-the-top negative opinion of Steve Harvey by looking at all the facts honestly first or do you think that, perhaps, you might have fallen prey to the hate-fueled hivemind/echo chamber of reddit a little bit?