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The 4 Animal Combat Styles by Eulinden in videos

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The heck is happening in this comment section?

The 4 Animal Combat Styles by Eulinden in videos

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Stupid projectile characters are broken. Time to practice my powershield game!

The 4 Animal Combat Styles by Eulinden in videos

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Being a projectile main, I found good use for Rushdown and Grappling moves. I even have seen clanwars using spacing perfectly with long spears, truly op. A bit of respec goes a long way.

The 4 Animal Combat Styles by Eulinden in videos

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Damn that mantis grabbed a bird! Wasn’t expecting that

The 4 Animal Combat Styles by Eulinden in videos

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I swear I'm not doing that, someone is trolling me

edit: wtf

The 4 Animal Combat Styles by Eulinden in videos

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That squirrel has balls of steel.

The 4 Animal Combat Styles by Eulinden in videos

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Love the thumbnail

Edit: Wow, gold! Thanks, kind stranger!

Hot mic at the McDonald's drive-thru by Pikamander2 in videos

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Yeah what the fuck why do people still bitch about portrait videos? I don’t want to have to turn my phone sideways to watch the shit.

Hot mic at the McDonald's drive-thru by Pikamander2 in videos

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That's fucking retarded. Because you know what's next? Can't call people slow because that's offensive. Let's take every offensive word out of the language and let's all play nice. Fuck outta here, slow ass.

Edit: Well I didn't expect this to blow the fuck up. Anyway, most of you are fucking slower than a vat of molasses being dripped into another vat. Especially the negative voted people. Let's break this down so your brains can handle it at least collectively:

1/3 of the comment was an attempt at being funny.

1/3 of the comment was an attempt at making fun of the above commenter.

1/3 of the comment was an attempt at showing how fucking ridiculous this whole shit is.

I am aware that "slow" is also offensive. That's the fucking point you morons. At this rate, every word in the dictionary will slowly be turned into something to make fun of someone else or call out someone and then that word will be, in essence, banned from use because "it's offensive". "Being nice" is subjective to a lot of people. And honestly I will take someone being an asshole over "fake nice" because they're afraid of the consequences from using certain words. We know what these people mean when the word is said but you choose to believe it offends "large groups of people" so you can be offended and be recreationally angry.. Some retard below said this:

words being censored and words having consequences are not the same thing.

Yeah. It is the same thing. Especially now. If a censored word is said, consequences happen. James Gunn made offensive tweets or whatever the fuck they were 10 years ago and he is being punished for it now because PC/"I wanna be offended" culture. In essence, he is being censored by the big mouse. Threatening people's livelihoods based on what offensive shit they said is absolutely ridiculous to me. Especially if meant in a joking manner. Some people have offensive senses of humor. You gonna throw them under the bus for that too?

Whenever I see this shit happen, I think of this clip towards the end:


Homeless man talks openly about being addicted to heroin by Lowzy in videos

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I've worked with Heroin addicts in the Cleveland area. People need to understand that most of these people have the same story.

1) They get injured at work and get a pain med from the doctor.

2) Pain med runs out and either they got addicted to the pain med, or they still are in great pain

3) Doctor refuses to perscribe more, so they have to find another source

4) Go to a dealer for oxycotin or percacet. A single pill costs $100, but they pay for it (this is in Cleveland area prices)

5) They continue until dealer offers them something stronger and for 1/4 the cost, heroin

6) Addicts says they will never inject, only eat or snort it.

7) They start injecting within a month

8) About a month into injecting, they stop taking it to get high but just to feel normal because the withdrawal is so bad.

During that time they could have stolen from freinds and family to feed their addiciton, leaving them alone and without support. Plus what they are taking is no longer heroin. It's fentynyl, or carfentynel which is SO much stronger, because a dealer wants to be known as giving the "good stuff".

A friend worked in a lab for drug testing and he told me the last few years he was finding METH in heroin. I've been told by addiction medicine doctors that they are starting to see a trend in stimulents like cocaine and meth start increasing. It's a pendalum, it'll start switching back to stimulants as being the main problem, it already is in places like Miami.

These people aren't criminals, they are sick.

edit: formating, because I don't post often

What just happened by bengjisims in videos

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"Guess I'll fucking die"

How the "Be." battery-free toothbrush faked a demonstration video by GauchoNose in videos

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"Investors" is a bit of a strong word for people duped by a kickstarter campaign.

Liana Blackburn: BODY LANGUAGE by MangeStrusic in videos

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I am obsessed with butts, they're all I can think about when I'm in public. The grocery store, on the sidewalk, in line at the airport, I'm always aware of every single fit booty within a 50 ft radius around my balls and sack. The first thing I do when I enter any room or walk down an aisle in a store is scan for butts and if I find a good one then I will formulate a quick strategy for looking at that butt as much as possible in a reasonable time frame, of course so as not to seem like a weirdo. I never say anything to the butts owner, I never make more than normal eye contact and a brief smile perhaps, my only goal is to rack up the amount of time that my eyeballs absorb the light that is bouncing off of quality butts. I'm fucking consumed by this and the force that powers my affliction or gift is seemingly never ending.

This lady has a primetime butt. Yoga pants are the only proof a god might exist.