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10 years after Guitar Hero 3, someone just became the first to 100% Dragonforce on expert while blindfolded by PurpleHarley in videos

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Thanks so much for sharing this! I got this yesterday after about a week of grinding this for about an hour per stream of mine. I know this song a little bit more than I'd like to admit lol.

Btw, sorry for shameless self-advertisement, but you can also check out my twitch account here where most of my content is made. :) https://www.twitch.tv/randyladyman

Kid orders bong. Package arrives and his mom wants to see him open it. by Illegal_Avocado in videos

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Well the e-cigs of 10 years ago are hardly similar to the e-cigs of today, so I'd say that some time has still passed =]

My 4 yr/old son asked me to film him crawling through a tunnel to send to Mom at work. Things evolved from there. by Augray_Sorn in videos

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I guess I also need to explain what happened to child number two, or little man as we call him. He never wanted to do more than crawl through the tunnel. The other business was far too complicated.

Edit: Oh, and for anyone saying that I show favoritism, that's crazy and downright rude. He thought the other obstacles were too hard, and considering the fact that I don't like him as much as my older son, I didn't address it.

Why Hip Hop Hates Will Smith: The Darth Vader Theory by TollboothPuppy in videos

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As someone who grew up throughout the early 90's (was my high school years) and someone who loved and was entrenched in hiphop culture. I can tell you definitively why Will Smith was not embraced by hiphop culture.

Back during that era there was 4 sub genres of hiphop.

  • Gangsta (The most respected sub genre and at the heart of the hiphop culture...Groups like... Wu Tang, Biggie, 2 Pac, Snoop, Dre, Mobb Deep, DMX, etc.)

  • Radio/Mainstream (basically upbeat/pop hiphop... groups like Will Smith, Sir Mix A Lot, Heavy D, Mase, etc. The biggest money could be made here, but the least street cred.)

  • Black Thought/Conscious Rap (More intellectual lyrics, sometimes hit the radio, but not all of it... Hugely respected sub genre by hiphop culture though. Groups like Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Roots, Common, Mos Def, KRS 1, etc, etc.)

  • Underground (all the crazy experimental styles and flavors. Some of it hit the radio, but most of it didn't. A few of loooooong list of big names were like Busta Rhymes, Pharcyde, Fugees, Smif-n-Wessun, Pharoahe Monch, Camp Lo, Boogiemonsters, etc etc etc... too many greats to list in this category)

Each of these sub genres had a huge following, but not all of them had respect. In that era being hardcore and "keeping it real" (which basically was code for "keep it street"... is what was respected (in hiphop culture and in hiphop music). That made the "mainstream" pop flavor of hiphop always "soft" in that era, zero respect what so ever. You would not hear tracks like that playing in the most roughneck areas, it was not "street" enough. Just playing that kind of music would make you a target. This is the category of music Will Smith was in. See the problem already?

That summertime track is what really put him on the map in hiphop culture. All his previous stuff was not widely embraced. That track literally became the summer time anthem (that summer it came out) on every hiphop radio station. Even hardcore hiphop heads know and love that track. However, out of all his music this song was the only one that kinda got a "pass" from hiphop culture.

Fresh Prince show made him more liked as an actor than a musician in everyone's eyes. Keep in mind though, that a lot of people (even in hiphop culture) have respect for "Will Smith the Actor", but have zero respect for "Will Smith the Rapper". Once Will Smith did Fresh Prince and went onto to do all of the movies (and making theme songs for each movie), he penetrated that white culture barrier that mainstream hiphop in that era of time could never do (example; white soccer mom's were not singing wu tang clan and 2 pac, but they were singing stuff like "getting jiggy with it". That just made Will Smith's street cred hit ground zero.

However, it didn't matter that "real hiphop culture" didn't respect him anymore. He was outselling everyone in hiphop anyway (at that time), because he finally was selling to a bigger audience. He basically turned his audience from black to white (in an era when that didnt happen in hiphop at this level yet) and made a fortune doing it. He paved the way for a lot of hiphop being part of white culture now a days.

Now a days hiphop is ubiquitous in white and black culture. Back in early 90's if you were white listening to hiphop at all you got called names like wigger constantly (hate from both white and black culture). You were a bit of an outcast among "normal" white people. A bit of that still exists today, but only in rural areas. In most populated areas now hiphop is widely accepted. Hell you even hear hiphop in some pop country music these days (which blows my mind growing up in that culture from the 80's to current days)

Anyway I digress... this is straight up why Will Smith was never embraced by hiphop culture. It is also why he went on to be a bigger hit than most of them ever did.

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It snowed in Charlotte, and our local news introduced us to this lovely lady... by chaseholfeldermusic in videos

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I absolutely love this lady. I think the ability to be able to make statements like this and know yourself that they are true, and to be as for real happy about it as she is- when it's such a simple thing, staying home eating soup keeping warm against bad weather, and to not mind that you'll probably get fat, and to want to be, even to use the word, sassy- is actually the most noble, down-to-earth, non-pretentious thing in life to aim for. I'm sure she's seen all sorts of heartbreak and bad times but that is one hell of a well-adjusted attitude to life and for that I admire and respect her. I'd rather be indoors eating soup with other people than, well, anywhere, really.

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Someone in VRchat has a seizure while playing, everyone stops what they’re doing to make sure he’s okay. by TheMotion in videos

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I hear a faint, reminiscent voice, "aw man, are you okay?" The camera pans up and Morty is standing over the guy having a seizure, using the Morty voice, asking if he's okay. Sadly, I lost it and had to back out of the video. I hope all is well.

Thanks for the gold, g-money frankenstein!

It snowed in Charlotte, and our local news introduced us to this lovely lady... by chaseholfeldermusic in videos

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Every part of her face moves in different directions at all times. It's like watching a lava lamp.

Someone in VRchat has a seizure while playing, everyone stops what they’re doing to make sure he’s okay. by TheMotion in videos

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Can you imagine coming into consciousness and being greeted by a bunch of cartoons concerned for your well being.

Someone in VRchat has a seizure while playing, everyone stops what they’re doing to make sure he’s okay. by TheMotion in videos

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Paramedic here.... Normal seizure. Yes, even the breathing. Most people wake up confused and it's called being postictal. Some recover from that state in 5min others hours later.

There are many conditions and various triggers for seizures. Each person is different. Could have been triggered by the game or not. Assuming it's caused by the game is incorrect to do though.

In a situation like this all you can do is watch and hope the seizure breaks on its own. If the seizure lasts longer than 5 min without breaking or multiple seizures in succession adding up to over 5 min then it's more serious and called "Status epilepticus". Only someone physically with the person could help by calling 911 (unless there's an option in VR chat to get someone help via IP address?) and ensuring the person has room to have the seizure, put them on their side, etc.

The best you can do via VR is please note the time it started and how long it lasted using a clock. 30 seconds will feel like 10 min to you watching this. Once the person wakes up... encourage them to call 911 or let family know if someone else is in the home. The person may be aggressive or stubborn afterwards and that's normal too... just patiently encourage them to seek help and write down the information about time and length of the seizure.

If you're ever with someone that has a seizure. Give them room and move any dangerous objects out of the way... call 911... and help them to their side... do NOT put anything in their mouth.

Most people wake up from seizures after only a few moments and while scary to watch don't cause any lasting harm. They should be evaluated by EMS, but they most likely won't be transported. They should inform their regular MD as well about the event in case their meds are no longer helping them to avoid seizures. Don't let someone drive after a seizure either. Confusion is a real possibility and some places have laws pertaining to seizure patients and driving.

edits because mobile typing sucks

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Someone in VRchat has a seizure while playing, everyone stops what they’re doing to make sure he’s okay. by TheMotion in videos

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It likely wasn't hurting. It is not likely that he is a photosensitive epileptic, not impossible but fairly unlikely. Even at that, from the sounds he was making his episode was likely over. I'm not saying that the person wasn't being a dick by thinking he was hurting the person... but I don't think there was any way he could have worsened the situation. I imagine the player had an aura. He was able to make it onto the ground and onto his side. When you fall you have a hard time making it onto your side. That's the silver lining here is that the player likely knew the episode was coming. The dangerous part is that he was alone.

I just wanted to write this to respond to all of the comments I have been seeing. Flashing lights can cause seizures but only in a very small percentage of epileptics. Most epileptics are tested for this when they are diagnosed. The vast majority of epileptic seizures occur from other triggers or missing doses of meds.


What can you do if you witness a person having a seizure?

  • Sometimes epileptics get warnings called auras. They may begin to act erratic or simply lie on the ground in the middle of conversation. If you see this try to guide them to the ground and onto their side.
  • Move what you can out of the immediate area.
  • Do not put anything in their mouth.
  • Do not restrain the person
  • If the seizure persists for more than 5 minutes call an ambulance.

Now obviously witnessing this in a game isn't the same but the last one still applies. Even at that, its unlikely that the person's identity could be tracked down in time to render aid. Such a feat would require steam to cooperate with emergency services. It might at least be worth a shot though.

Edit: thank you for all the discussion being had in the comments below. Thank you as well for the gold. I really wanted to clear up the misconception of the commonality of PSE. A few of you asked if I was a medical professional. I am not, I am simply an epileptic who has gone through episodes like this young man more times and he can count and wanted to share some information. Thank you all for the discussion.

Someone in VRchat has a seizure while playing, everyone stops what they’re doing to make sure he’s okay. by TheMotion in videos

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So this is genuinely happened at the end of September: I was raiding in Destiny 2 with a bunch of random guys when one of them started to have a seizure. Like the guys in this video we all thought he was messing about at first before me & someone else quickly realised it was for real.
The others didn't take long to seemingly stop caring especially because they thought there was nothing we could do, while I still continued to panic thinking there must be something. I was even willing to make an international call to the US emergency services but there wasn't anything I could have told them as none of us knew this guy or anything about him. But I was still determined to do something.
So after a bit of detective work and a lot of luck, I managed to track him down on Facebook, messaged his girlfriend and a bunch of people I assumed must have been related in the hope that least one of them would see the message and check on him. During that he had finally come to but had no recollection of what just happened, but he was still breathing heavily and seemed dazed.
We kept asking him if he was ok and told him what had happened, but it didn't seem to register as he wanted to carry on playing as if nothing had happened so we agreed and carried on. Shortly afterwards someone knocked on his door so he left to check who it was and we overheard some mention of Facebook so could guess what it was about, but he came back to us and carried on playing... The woman wouldn't leave so he left again, came back and asked us if one of us had messaged his family on Facebook. I admitted it was me and told him again what happened and everyone else chimed in backing me up confirming we all heard him. He sounded slightly shocked and told us he's never had one but his dad has a history of epilepsy so he's going to hospital to get checked out and left us.
His girlfriend eventually contacted me thanking me for what I did and kept in touch letting me know he was doing ok. Turned out his aunt had seen the message but thought it was a joke at first, but I'm really glad she decided to check on him anyway.
Edit: Oh wow, I honestly didn't expect to get gilded for this! Thank you kind stranger, the sentiment is definitely appreciated! But please, put your money towards a better cause in the future :) (especially of the animal variety). Edit 2: Holy macaroni on a sandwich - gilded a second time! You really shouldn't have. Seriously, your money is better off going to a charity to help those in need (animals even more so!).

This man raps about giving his cat a bath (while giving his cat a bath.) by Lizijk in videos

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Thank you so much for this. I had to put my cat of 15 years down this past Saturday and watching these is making me smile.

How a TV Works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys by m2carbine in videos

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I mean, in a sense it's more technologically impressive than an LCD. In a modern flat panel display each pixel gets an electrical connection to a controller that tells it what to do, which requires fancy fabrication techniques but isn't particularly finicky. In a CRT, it's not so simple. Rather than send electrons to each pixel, it literally shoots the electrons at them. Every handful of milliseconds, the CRT cycles a set of electrostatic plates so precisely that the beam of electrons hits every subpixel exactly -- and more impressively, the controller modulates the electron beam to deliver the exact amount of electrons required to make each subpixel glow at the right intensity. On Ye Olde 17 Inch Trinitron that I played Starcraft on back in the late nineties, that meant that the beam was being steered to precisely sweep 1024 rows of ~0.2mm tall pixels every 15 milliseconds. On each row there were 3840 subpixels about ~0.06 millimeters wide, that the electron beam slewed across in about 3 nanoseconds. The CRT's control system managed to modulate the intensity of the beam on a nanosecond scale in perfect synchronization with the scan pattern to recreate an image. Compared to modern LCDs, which just have to signal each pixel how bright to be across a wire, that's incredible.

EDIT: Wow, so this blew up. A couple corrections that have been mentioned to me below:

1) It has to be pointed out that there was more room for alignment error in a CRT than my post above suggests. Color CRTs used three separate cathodes that projected electron beams at the front of the tube from slightly different angles. These combined with a screen of carefully-etched holes (in a shadow mask) or an array of vertical wires (in an aperture grille) that prevented the electron beams from striking any portion of the phosphor coating except the one of the color it was intended to excite. This allowed the beam to be larger than a single subpixel while still creating relatively crisp images -- in my 1280x124x60Hz monitor example above, that meant that even though each subpixel is only lit for about 3 nanoseconds, the electron beam has about 10 nanoseconds to change intensity before scanning across the next subpixel, which is slightly less impressive. Thanks to u/ParrotofDoom for pointing that out.

1) The analog nature of CRT means that the phosphors aren't directly analogous to LCD pixels. The intensity of the electron beam has a sine-wave-like pattern that means that even if the alignment of the beam to the phosphor elements isn't perfect, the phosphors will still approximate the intended image -- this is why CRT monitors could operate at a wide range of resolutions, though some were a little blurrier than others depending on how closely they aligned to the dot pitch of the aperture grille or shadow mask. Thanks u/gcm6664 for the clarification.

Kid orders bong. Package arrives and his mom wants to see him open it. by Illegal_Avocado in videos

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His choice of phrasing reminds me of that time I was stopped by a cop with weed in my car and when he asked if I smoked, I responded out of nervousness:

"Oh good heavens no"

like some 80 year old woman who was vehemently against cursing