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Posted byFawks News38 minutes ago

Way too many Micron posts right now.

I get it, we are all excited. My shares and calls look beautiful. But stop making new threads.

Talk about it here.

Summary of previous posts:

Micron is up big in premarket

PT Raises

Deutsche Bank: $68 -> $72

KeyBanc: $72 -> $80

Credit Suisse: $70 -> $80

Stifel: $105

Rosenblatt: $115

Moody's upgraded Micron's debt

Here is a new Micron report after analyst day from BofA Merrill Lynch


He had tennn billionnn dollaaazzz burning a hole in his pocket.

He went Y O L O on $MU.




  1. Micron recently announced buyback of $10B worth of shares
  2. Micron raised its guidance from ~7.2B to ~7.7B in sales
  3. RBC Capital and Bidaskclub upgraded the company to buy
  4. The sector of semis will grow 7.7% to 450B market valuation.

But Jim Cramer, the most coked out investor I've ever seen, thinks that there's some "tightness in DRAMs"

It's clear: load up on puts

Posted byI've come to terminate your stupid asses1 hour ago

Trading discussion only. No memeing or shitposting.


Sangamo therapeutics is in the sexy but still infantile (pause) gene editing industry. While the CRISPR/cas9 stocks ($edit, $ntla, $crsp) tend to make the headlines, they have a long ass way to go before they have anything close to a commercialized product. Enter the red headed stepchild of gene editing, zinc finger nucleases (ZFNs). This process is slower and more expensive than CRISPR but is highly reliable and already established in clinical trials -- SGMO has been working on this shit since 1995. My point being that ZFN will have a niche to succeed even if CRSPR ends up being all that it is hyped up to be, there are pros and cons of each method.

SGMO is 42% off of its 52 week high of $27.50 which it reached in April and appears to have established a solid base around $15. Some shit must have gone down to tank it that far right? Not really. First, a senior exec had their email hacked for a period of 11 weeks. Emails getting hacked usually = free tendies after weak hands panic sell. Oh, and SGMO holds all the patents on ZFN so I don't see how a competitor could utilize any stolen info for shit. Next up we had some insider sales which further scared autistic bagholders. I have always taken insider transactions with a grain of salt unless they are on a huge scale. Worth keeping in mind however. Lastly they initiated a secondary to raise $400MM which appeared ill timed due to the recent pullback in share price. More on this in the next paragraph.

Welcome to paragraph 3. I'm trying to space this out for you idiots. Let's talk a little about the pipeline -- SGMO has a superb pipeline of 10 products with six already in the clinical stage. Here's a quote from their 1Q earnings: "we are announcing data on their expect potential clinical data readouts from 7 studies in 2018 and 2019, beginning in late summer of this year with anticipated data from our hemophilia A gene therapy and MPS II genome editing programs". The MPS II data is the big catalyst coming late this summer and I expect anticipation to build. Some dude on stocktwats went to ASGCT18 (gene editing conference) and took notes on SGMOs talk, his username is biotech if you wanna check it out. notable quotes:

"when we show the first clinical results, that will persuade everyone that what we have is really remarkable" and "I think the future is almost upon us".

SGMO has an excellent balance sheet and just initiated a secondary after a 42% pullback. They have been hiring like crazy and the CEO is throwing around quotes about how the future is almost upon us. They also have a 20 year head start over crispr. Could they be preparing for commercializing some dank ass products? I believe so. This gene editing shit is the future and I hope you guys have some of it in your portfolio to hold for the long term. Low volume on options so this might just be a shares play, and don't risk more than you can afford to lose and all that bullshit. Also you might wanna wait for it to show a little more strength before going long.

Posted byAnyong Haseyo!23 minutes ago

leading electric vehicle (EV) charging station owner, operator, and provider

First Quarter 2018 Highlights* Include:

Total assets increased 335.4% from $2.7 million to $11.7 million Net income increased from a loss of $3.1 million to income of $2.2 million Liabilities decreased 76.7% from $38.8 million to $9 million Charging service revenues increased 14.1% from $267,874 to $305,747 Network fee revenues increased 16.3% from $49,238 to $57,251


Cfo just dropped a major hint at buybacks

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