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Angel Investors & Advisors (The Dream Team #3)

To conclude our look at the Walton Team, after posting The Dream Team and The Engineers (The Dream Team#2) we wrap up with Walton's Angel Investors and Advisers

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From the website:

Team Intro

The Waltonchain team is composed of a group of pioneers specializing in the integration of block chain, Internet of things, and RFID technology. The team members include Chinese and Korean elite talents from the circles of business, academy and investment. They endeavor to extend the block chain technology to the Internet of Things, with strong commitment to leading the tides of technology in the rapidly-changing times. This project is strongly supported and boosted by senior block chain developers , renowned investment institutions, prestigious attorneys, finance experts , world-class chip design experts and senior management of China’s top tech companies and clothing businesses.

The Angel Investors

Qiu Jun

Chairman of Shenzhen Hong Tao Fund Management Co., Ltd., Vice President of Shenzhen Shanwei Chamber of Commerce. 20 years of capital market investment experience, experienced magnificent market changes, achieved a number of classic investment cases, including SMIC, China Merchants Securities and Danxia biological company, etc. Danxia biological company has been deemed as one of the top ten cases of biomedical investment in 2016.

Yan Xiaoqian

Chairman of Kaltendin Clothing Co., Ltd., Executive Vice President of Shenzhen Shanwei Chamber of Commerce.

Lin Jingwei

Director of Guangzhou Jiuying Investment Management Co., Ltd.; has 27 years of work experience at large Chinese state-owned enterprises at home and abroad and more than 15 years of work experience as Secretary of the Board of Directors, CFO, Deputy General Manager of large Chinese state-owned enterprises, in charge of enterprise listing, capital operation, investment and financing for a long time.

He Honglian

Director of Walton Investment Division, Certified Public Accountant, received an MBA from Xiamen University. Previously served as Investment Center Manager of Meiya Pico, currently leads the Walton investment team to research and plan investment in the field of Internet of Things and integrated circuits.

Song Guoping

Doctor of medicine, President of Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Korea, Director of Beijing Overseas Friendship Association, Representative of Ping An International, Representative of Oriental Xu Fu Anti-Aging Center, Representative of Sumei Beauty Shaping company.

Shen Dongxie

Korean, Doctor of Economics, Senior Economic Advisor of Korea Gyeonggi Province Government, Distinguished Professor of Seoul National University, Negotiator of US - South Korea Free Trade Agreement.

The Advisors

Liu Xiaowei

Professor of Harbin Institute of Technology, PhD Tutor, 973 chief expert. Member of the Expert Group on assembly of micro - nano technology, Member of the Expert Group on assembly of military electronic components spectrum series, Deputy Director of Force Sensitive Professional Committee of Sensitive Technology Branch of Chinese Institute of Electronics, Deputy Secretary – General of Chinese Northeast Micro-Electro-Mechanical System Technology Consortium.

Su Yan

Professor of Nanjing University of Science and Technology, PhD Mentor, Vice President of the China Shipbuilding Engineering Society Ship Instrument and Instrumentation Academic Committee, Executive Director of the China Institute of Instrumentation Micro - Nano Devices and Systems Technology Branch, Executive director of Jiangsu Institute of Instrumentation, assembly expert.

Zhang Yan

Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Ph.D.Mentor. Currently serves as Associate Dean of Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) School of Electronics. Digital integrated circuit design and embedded system expert.

Zhu Xueyang

Chinese, Master of Engineering, Technical Director of Hangzhou Network Security Research Institute. Has more than nine years of IT industry experience, with an in-depth study on financial information security, cloud computing, block chain technology and other directions. Served as Product Manager of Sunyard Safety Products Division and took charge of projects of block chain application on financial products.

Ma Pingping

received a Master of Economics from Xiamen University, serves as general manager of Venture Capital at Septwolves Limited.

Yang Youneng

Guangdong Chinese Online Investment Co., Ltd. CEO, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Graduate of Economics, Visiting Professor of South China University of Technology, Associate Dean of Shenzhen Financial Research Institute of the Ministry of Finance and Finance.

Peng Xiande

Senior Lawyer, partner of Guangdong Wenpin Law Firm, expert on company law, investment and financing legal affairs with more than twenty years of judicial practical experience.

Bo Ke

Graduated from Henan University of Economics and Law, Senior Lawyer of Guangdong Ruiting Law Firm, China registered lawyer, Member of the All China Lawyers Association, Member of Shenzhen Lawyers Association, has more than 20 years of experience in legal services.

Xiao Guangjian

Senior Accountant, Tax Accountant, Senior Economist, Secretary – General of Shenzhen Sanming Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Lianjie Accounting Firm Partner, senior financial expert, has more than ten years of experience in financial consultancy of listed companies.

Jong-gil Lee

CEO, BSM Inc; Director, Division of Active Carbon of Korea Institute of Carbon Convergence Technology.

Sang-tae Go

Vice director, Editorial Department of ETnews (previous); Director, Department of New Media and Business at KI News.

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Original Poster18 points · 10 months ago

Well there you have it. It only took me 3 posts to name this dizzying array of 38 "senior block chain developers , renowned investment institutions, prestigious attorneys, finance experts , world-class chip design experts and senior management of China’s top tech companies and clothing businesses."

good work :D

This will be a massive juggernaught. Now we just need a bit of time to get over the old china news or some new re-assuring china news

Unbelievable team, it should be a crime to have Walton under 500 million market cap. This team deserves more recognition!

Dude seriously! i can not imagine how much work this must have taken. Complete Baller status!! can't thank you enough, has been an amazing read (1, 2 & 3) Really appreciated! Great asset to the community! Mad Props !!! i wish there were more posts coming haha!

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