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Well there you have it. It only took me 3 posts to name this dizzying array of 38 "senior block chain developers , renowned investment institutions, prestigious attorneys, finance experts , world-class chip design experts and senior management of China’s top tech companies and clothing businesses."

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good work :D

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This will be a massive juggernaught. Now we just need a bit of time to get over the old china news or some new re-assuring china news

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Unbelievable team, it should be a crime to have Walton under 500 million market cap. This team deserves more recognition!

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Dude seriously! i can not imagine how much work this must have taken. Complete Baller status!! can't thank you enough, has been an amazing read (1, 2 & 3) Really appreciated! Great asset to the community! Mad Props !!! i wish there were more posts coming haha!