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Meet the team #2: Office in South Korea

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44 points9 months ago

Fuck I love their gang signs. BULLISH


I thought that was just a Korean's a W for Walton?

I thought he flipped me off at first

It reminds me of a hand symbol called "the shocker"



34 points9 months ago

literally everything the Walton team communicates is platinum and every person you see on their team is platinum. how the hell we are still not at AT LEAST 1 bln market cap is beyond my understanding.

17 points9 months ago

Just be glad we're early investors! It will reach that marketcap once everyone realises what they're missing out on :)

2 points9 months ago

Once more exchanges pick it up ;) People are lazy to sign up for binance to buy one alt coin.

I totally agree

Look at the crypto with $1billion market cap or close to it, and how many of them are only on 1 major exchange? Zero, I believe Cardano is the top crypto only on 1 exchange and they had a huge ICO which put them up so high, and Cardano is only $570million market cap.

Be happy with the relatively current low cap for Walton and keep building your pile while its cheap!

They definitely should invest in a marketing team. I really do love this team ad love these organic videos though.

That DICKHEAD You-tuber called Cryptosomniac reckoned WTC would tank & is not worth it !!!! I said to him I thought it would reach the billion dollar marketcap by the end of the year & he bet me 1 bitcoin it wouldn't. I accepted that bet !!!!

Did he say something again about waltonchain?

He's just pissed off because his neo coin that he put all his life savings into has went downhill.

I own neo and bought in the early antshares days, I still love the project but I think waltonchain is more developed and it's a better project.

I also went off on that asshole because all he picks is shit coins and is too much in love with technology. He didn't research fully wtc and talked trash about it. Fuck that dude.

It's only $129,777,022 market cap now. I somehow doubt it will get to 1 billion MC by year's end. Get your 1 BTC ready.

This is a real team, real hard working people, not some fantasy promise shit coin company

This is their "moment".

You can see it in their eyes, in their body language, their maturity. They have worked their lifetimes to accrue the skills and knowledge to do this, and their plans and work they have put in over the last few years is starting to pay off, and they are getting recognition they deserve. You can tell by their excitement, their love of their work, and the deep respect and humbleness that other people are recognizing their work too.

I love Walton.


1 point9 months ago

Exactly, it's a big team instead of a 2 person team with 10 "advisors"

11 points9 months ago

Omg it's all CGI I told you guys /s

9 points9 months ago

Nice to meet you all! Thanks for taking the time out for this

25 points9 months agoedited 9 months ago

Holy shit WTC is going to explode.

I've allways stayed very rational and conservative about wtc since the very start and have not gotten too excited. Any wise person knows that in crypto anything could happen at anytime. New 'revolutionary' projects start up all the time and people jump on the hype train only to see them go dormant or stagnate after a few months. Now I can finally see Walton truly seperating itself from this crowd. All the peices of the puzzle are falling into place day by day. Their team is overwhlemingly large and they are coving ground so fast. I'm now genuinly concerned I don't have enough money in wtc. This is a retirment coin 100%. I'm giving this till March 2018 and we'll be at 1 billion+ market cap and it won't be speculation growth like 70% of the other coins in the Top 100; it will be stable organic growth that will continue to grow in the years to come.

Glad to see you're finally fully on board, I recall reading some of your posts before.

Hi Office In South Korea Nice to meet You :v

Someone please xpost this to r/CryptoCurrency

Empirical proof that Walton is gangsta

2:40 "Thank you for your attention to Walton Chain, and Walton is expected to be on an Korean Exchange"

Upbit is going to have 110+ coins.

Great! But really I can't get too excited as I couldn't invest much. If it gets to $1000 a coin one day I will happy ;)

I will be happy then too!

No altcoin has done this before though but the Original Bitcoin (unless I am mistaken).

Really hope so too..but I wonder what it's max value can be, no one knows ofcourse right now.


3 points9 months ago

Haha I love this.

That's a claustrophobic office :O

Get some plants guys!

We will be traveling with speed of light :) Go WTC

when he said korean exchanges to be listed very soon, it had my mouth watering!

simple things like these videos, help keep the confidence in your investors. good job walton!

1 point9 months ago

with every new and video they share, i fall deeper in love with that team.

I will buy more WTC as soon i can :)

1 point9 months ago

I want to watch this but it says the video is unavailable. Anyone else getting this error? Or anyone have another link? Thanks

oh man i truly love walton from the begining , today im 100% wtc!!

Not sure why everyone in the South Korean office is Chinese..?

-21 points9 months ago(0 children)

Yeah, they should drop getting WTC on other exchanges, working on the wallet, finishing their blockchain, etc.... and go full production mode to satisfy you trolls.

5 points9 months ago

haha nice one

Original Poster12 points9 months ago

No need to feel sorry and don't worry, Stanley Kubrick will make a full length film about the Waltonchain-team after the meet the team series. ;) This is what blockchain is about!

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