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'This is our research lab' points to lockers

That made me chuckle... But seriously this is excellent. The comms from Walton are amazing and I am half wanting to go all in but mind can't let me sell all my NEO.

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The train has left for NEO Until they release their roadmap products NeoX etc Going to take a long time for you to make more money unlike Walton I'm all in for the meantime Your call goodluck

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This is the thing.. I'm very confident that NEO will get to BTC prices in the long term but short term you are most likely right in that Walton is very likely to 2, 3 or 4x way sooner than NEO.

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I would disagree that 'train has left for NEO until they release their road map products'. Just speculating, but IMHO there may be some positive news for NEO towards the 19th or 20th of this month if the Chinese Govt clarifies its Crypto regulations favorably. Walton is my number 1 holding ATM but still holding my position in NEO.

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Wise man !!! We are privileged to be in both these great projects. WTC is leading the way with communication though ... imagine if NEO made regular videos like this !!!

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Welcome to Waltonchain future <3

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Best video yet - definitely inspires confidence with someone like him leading the technological aspect

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Yes and his English is good

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Hey Waltonians, I posted the link to this video 10 mins prior to this post. I've only just started posting on Reddit (long time lurker) and could do with some upvotes! It's great to see some quality communications coming from the Walton team :)

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Thanks for the introduction 🙂

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I love these meet the team videos. Walton team consistently takes community feedback and addresses accordingly.

I just attended a local talk on crypto and it was amazing how few people had heard of WTC let alone read their white paper. As communication channels develop/grow... WTCs value will undoubtably follow.

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October will be a good month.

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Superb comms....glad to be invested in the best project in crypto

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Very nice! Thanks for taking the time! ✌️

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Thank you WTC... we appreciate your efforts.

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This is a top team and a top project /company. No comparison with 90% of the crypto crap floating around

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"decentralized encryption, anonymity, immutability and global scale" - Wei communicates the blockchain value so well, and in english!

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The communication from Walton Chain is second to none

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Fantastic! They really know how to inspire and keep the confidence in their company.

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Good to see these videos. Feels good. Almost too good.