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Meet the Team #4: Suk Ki Kim

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Thanks professor Suk Ki Kim ! Keep up the good work, we are all proud of how serious WTC is and how incredibly fast you guys are making progress. I couldn´t be happier with WTC team. You guys are the best.

25 points · 9 months ago

Yes! Guys this is the first time we see this awesome man in a video!

Original Poster16 points · 9 months ago

..but not the last time ;)

WTC is conservatively a 500 million dollar project selling for 150 million.

Buying WTC now is akin to being able to buy dollar bills for 15¢ to 30¢.

It's simply a matter of time before the price reflects the true value of this crypto currency.

$50 per WTC by end of 2018 (if not sooner).

I predict sooner because of the general bullish trend crypto is in even during the china FUD. Plus walton is better than a lot of projects in the top 20 even top 10

Please explain why. Why is the token worth so much when it's only used for tracking (utility feature). You do NOT own even a tiny bit of the company. You only own a certain amount of tokens. So please tell me why the token should be worth more.

because when companies start lining up to use this technology they will want to buy masternodes. Which is going to drive the price of these tokens up, then I sell a % of my tokens to said businesses. is this ok sir?

5 points · 9 months ago

If you think it's "only used for tracking" you didn't read the whitepaper

Note: ether is also a utility token

If I'm not mistaken, a certain amount of tokens need to be held to verify transactions on the Walton blockchain (provide stable ledger and trustless verification)...the more WTC is "staked" the more efficient the chain. 5,000 WTC staked from your stack, and you start earning rewards (dividends in form of WTC tokens) for holding because you've increased the efficiency of the network. The more people that hold to earn rewards and improve the network, the less supply there is, driving price to purchase upwards.

You essentially own a piece of the blockchain, because without the ability to verify the ledgers with the tokens the blockchain is useless.

Check out this post here and run a way while you can

31 points · 9 months ago

But but but wtc is a scam! Paid actors!


Fuck you fudders.

My thoughts exactly! haha

40 full-time paid actors :) But yeah jokes aside it's good to see the real people at work (never had much doubt in the first place but nice to be sure)

Nope! This is actually Hologram!


Dude. Every Crypto out there are shitcoins until proven otherwise. I believe that Walton is just a scam, and they can get away with it, because they are not hurting anyone from China. Do you even know what they are holding on their hands? Go hear and find out.

Yeah so your post there doesnt say anything either. You guys are sad.

The packages that they are holding on their hands are BNC connector, but you are too blind to see that of course. None of their videos shows what they are working on, because it's fake.

2 points · 9 months ago

Let me guess. That guy is fake too, right? He's gone his whole life in academia and high tech positions and he's doing this to scam people?

It doesn't matter if he really worked for Samsung, plus I still haven't find any credible prove of that. They are obviously showing staged videos here. Why is it so hard for you to see this? I was also stupid enough to believe on them. I invested back at $1.2 and was lucky enough to get out at $7.7 Why keep lying to yourself. Analyze their videos and you will see that they just keep talking and saying thinks like "this is our lab" but when you look at the background, all you can see are empty desks A few pointers on this particular video. -Slow down the video and pay attention to those packages. They clearly focus the camera on them because they want you to believe that does are prototypes, but if you stop the video you can clearly see that they are just BNC connectors. That have nothing to do with RFID. -The guy sitting down is just staring at the monitor not doing anything, plus the mouse and keyboard are not even next to him. -how many monitors and desk do you see in the office? Now count the number of chairs?

2 points · 9 months ago

Any credible proof of him working at Samsung? He has verifiable articles online at 3rd party websites that state this information. I think you're making wild assumptions about things. When we hold office meetings we clear out the chairs as well. I can buy an rfid label online and show it in a video. Would you rather they did that? If they release everything on time in the next month then what.

I'm not assuming anything here. Do you even know what a BNC connector is or what it looks like? There is no reason for them to move the chairs, the focus was on the guy talking and nobody else. According to the AMA they are supposed to release the mainnet and wallet this month. The month is almost over. Now you just have to wait and see. Just because he worked at Samsung doesn't mean that Walton has a working product or makes it a legit project. If SHTF he will not be blaimed for this.

The month is 51% over. That isn’t ‘almost’.

BNC connectors are used for radio frequency connections you moron. Do you know what the RF in RFID stands for?

The guy's keyboard/mouse is pushed out of the way because there's clearly multiple textbooks open in front of him. He's doing nothing because his bosses are standing over his shoulder filming a promotional video while he's trying to read.

redditor for 2 months

only posts FUD about walton. enough said

😂don't make me laugh. If you really don't see the red flags even after someone points them to you, then you deserved to get scam.

16 points · 9 months ago · edited 9 months ago

Well played Xu -- cheeky bastard knew exactly what he was doing fiddling with those RFID hardware prototypes 👏

I find it hilarious that all the team members start fiddling with their rfid tags on cue. We love you fam, don't go overboard on trying to appease the non believers.

I agree with you, but it truly will silence doubters who will say "But they don't have any actual hardware yet.."

So again I say well played.

RFID hardware. Are you blind? Take a closer look at the shit they are holding. You have to be an idiot to fall for this shit. Look at the stage office with all those monitor, but not chairs. SCAM ALERT!!!!

16 points · 9 months ago

It astounds me that Walton are keeping us as updated as they are. Absolutely amazing. Hats off to the Walton team 👏👏

Yeah we got mad scientist our team, patents, massive team, successful trials, big partnerships! I can't believe this is overlooked.

I can't believe people are still complaining about the current low price instead of using this time to increase their holdings before Walton transforms into Godzilla!

im so happy everytime they put up a new video. pretty hilarious to think that like a month ago i never thought i would ever care about investing in tech-companies :D

Is this the ex-Samsung boi?

Yep! 👍🏻

Monitor is bae, you do such a great job at slack!

10 points · 9 months ago

The legend


This is awesome!

Go teammm goooooo!!!

B..But he's not supposed to be real!

Suk ki suk ki, 5 walton

childish nonsense

That's gonna be one expensive bj next year...


Fellow Waltonians! Lets gather all together and do our sign! Long live Walton!

It's exciting to be in a project that has a hardware side to it also. Looking forward to buying my first shirt with one of these in it!

These videos are starting to come out faster and faster! I'm really excited for later videos when they get into more technical details.

Nobody flashing the Walton gangsign? sell sell sell!!!

Haha, great video guys!


2 points · 9 months ago

There should be no more doubt now. This guy is easily searchable and all info can be verified.

  1. Some academic papers at"Authors":.QT.Suki%20Kim.QT.&newsearch=true

  2. Easy search on Korea university's website to find him as a current professor.

On your point no. 2, just to save folks some manual searching:

Listed on the faculty page:

The homepage displayed upon clicking on his profile card does not currently work at this time, however, archives are available (here is one from 2007) which has some cool information:

Good research man - this should be added to the "proof" pinned post

Comment deleted9 months ago(11 children)

This I'm fine with because they aren't in a marketing phase yet and it's simply a basic introduction video. They're focused on the product development. I'd be more weary if their videos were more flashy and overproduced.

Comment deleted9 months ago(0 children)

Because all of their money goes into advertising so that they can steal your money, rather putting money into their product....

How to make millions dollars.....

Spend 40k on marketing, advertising, a white paper, website, and ICO.

Raise millions of dollars.

Sell coin.

Fuck investors.


7 points · 9 months ago

Isn't that precisely because they're a shitcoin? So they can get people do buy their product without actually delivering anything

6 points · 9 months ago

xanlis the type that buys a fatty burger based on photoshopped images. all flash no substance

You have to remember these guys can barely speak English!

It's just a quick introduction. I don't know what the fuck you expect them to do.. they are not trying to make movie.

Haha you took the words out of my mouth 😁

I kind of appreciate that they are unpolished. Having worked a lot with academics and people in the sciences, I can say that most are more focused on their project than with the hype.

Marketing people (no offense, marketers) tend to be really good at putting a spin on things and making them look slick, but very often fail to understand how the product works.

The fact that this isn't slick makes it all the more authentic, which is what I expect when I hear from a technical team.

There are also cultural forces at work...the west is awesome at entertainment, advertising, etc. The east (from India to China) values the sciences above all else, and so they tend to be weaker in fields like marketing, entertainment, art, and literature.

Also, they aren't exactly highly-fluent in English, so I'm not expecting Sir Anthony Hopkins.

They're real. I like that.

I agree with you, they are amateur for sure. No need to get downvoted. However that doesn’t phase me, as this isn’t a movie studio I’m investing in. Blockchain nerds and old fashioned business men don’t make pro videos without a little help or practice. Good thing that’s got nothing to do with the product.

For what we care about, it’s a super solid team, and I couldn’t be happier

3 points · 9 months ago

fine ill give u an upvote but like B4M said. shitcoins focus on the flashy marketing to manipulate investors into buying a product that does not even exist to begin with. the walton team's video has improved in image quality since the very first video. they are not focused on making professional videos atm but trying to iron out existing bugs and delivering a product that can match or surpass investor's expectations.

I love waltonchain :-*

-9 points · 9 months ago(0 children)
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