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Meet the team #5: Lin Herui

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I feel like the guy on the computer behind him is just shopping on Alibaba.


I think its possible he's doing some kinda work...I mean they're big focus is retail right? haha

no one of them seem to be working on anything, also in other videos...i don't know if this is a typical china thing (showing off how it would look like on a normal day in the office but not showing any secrets). I find it a bit odd, and as i'm heavily invested i hope this is not something to worry about.

Relax bro, they're on camera lol.

They have an entirely different attitude to doing business in the east than what we're used to in the west. Their work culture values progress over presentation so in china B2B industries rarely have any sort of public marketing that resembles what we see here. Instead they focus heavily on producing tangible products. Resultantly, they have probably never filmed something like this in their lives, so it would feel very unnatural to them.

17 points · 9 months ago

this team is the key

12 points · 9 months ago (Comedy) Video of when Walton chain team was put together ✌️


11 points · 9 months ago

Very glad I'm in WTC. I'm about knee deep at the minute but I could be persuaded to increase that to maybe left nut. I'll probably be both nuts if genesis block + wallet are out before the end of Oct. Thats way ahead of their original plan.

Hopefully by then one of my low cap coins will moon too providing me with additional funds :)

I am excited af. Waltonchain has such a great high educated (motherfucking) great nice awesome team i cant believe. I am all in and i swear i am excited af.

3 points · 9 months ago

lol relax

4 PHDs and 13 engineers on the team. We believe we can make a world of difference!

25 points · 9 months ago

Yup!..... welp.... I hate to admit it buuutttt..... Goodbye NEO :( I feel so bad SORRY DA HONG FEI !!!! BUT IM GOIN ALL WTC BABY !!!

dude.. NEO is good to

Holding both, but realistically I can’t figure out if Walton chain hits 1 bil before NEO hits 5 bil.

You dare to foresake the illustrious Da Hongfei?

Always good to diversify your investments!

Wow the guy on the left was already for things to buy with the money👎

Gangsings on the wall to ! HELL YEAH

He didn't throw the gang sign

The only reason I watch these vids :(

Super happy that i invested in Walton. Fucking A these guys rule. Can't wait till this explodes

Why don't they make only 1 video with all the team member ?

17 points · 9 months ago

They're not all in one location. Their team is huge and have members from China and Korea. So getting them in one place at one time would be tough. Also getting to know each member one by one feels more personal than trying to cram them all into one video. I'm really enjoying the weekly team member meeting video's.

I am also invested in WTC but something about those videos doesn't seem right. Nevertheless it seems like i am the only one feeling that way.

They just do things differently in different parts of the world. For us, it may look awkward and seem weird but for them it may be normal. Just like Western blockchain startup videos that we think look normal might look weird to them.

There is a big difference in production value in these videos, also it probably doesn't seem right because is scripted since the script makes their speech very unnatural.

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