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This is no small company boys. More chips than you can count

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Really appreciate these "meet the team" videos! so nice to see who we are invested with and amazing to watch the members of the team to take some time out their incredibly busy schedules to give some insight on their role and what they are working on specifically within this huge and dedicated team!!

Couldn't be happier to invest in a project more than Walton chain, and i know that i am not alone. Been an incredible journey so far and we are only at the start of implementing some amazing world changing technologies!

Here for the long run !! All the best WALTON TEAM !!!! can't wait for the BlockChain Launch !!! gonna be flawless victory!!

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Keep it up Walton - you guys are crushing the communications.

At the beginning of the video, he says that in 2015 his company was awarded the honorary support of the "Xiamen Double 100 Program." I am curious if anyone can give some additional info about this program? I wonder if it's funding related?

And remember guys -- this is a lab, not a polished sales office. Anyone who's worked around these types of guys (scientists) knows they come to work in shirts / shorts every day. These are the types of guys that get their hands dirty and actually build prototypes. We are in good hands fellas.

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This is all I could find:



Looks like a Xiamen University talent/recruitment fair/convention of some kind. Guessing Xiamen Silicon (technical base of WTC) won some kind of endorsement/sponsorship at this event.

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this is by far the most promising team in cryptos

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It's funny how people these days put so much weight on how flashy things look, video editing, appeareance, filters etc. Basically superfiscial, fake things that are added to make something look better than it is in reality. I think people get fooled by it all the time, putting too much faith in how things look, without considering the real substance. Millions and millions have been lost that way for sure.

Fundamentally there is nothing wrong with all the eye candy, it's all the same to me, if the substance is there. The intruduction video to WTC is an example of that. People have this silly fear that they are investing in a garage company, if every video snippet isn't like a music video. Personally i know, that if they wanted to do music videos, they could, but i don't mind this at all, i apprecciate it. Especially in these kinds of quick authentic introduction vids.

Look at how Steve Jobs dressed in his presentations. And he was presenting to the intire world as the biggest CEO in the WHOLE WORLD. I bet there were people advising him like "shouldn't you wear a suit to make it look serious?"

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I would buy this man a case of Tsingtao if I could

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Probably the best one yet, great stuff

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I love these videos. as one other poster mentioned, nothing flashy just to the point. Walton is doing a great job instilling the trust with its hodl'ers on top of being imo one of the best project out there to date. Seeing all the tech and patents also got me more excited.

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That wall of patents and awards man... my penis can only get so erect