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Also you guys shouldn't be airing how much money you have. I get that you like to jerk yourselves off but it's somewhat poor judgement.

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We see that too often in crypto subreddits

"I just made Xthousand ask me how" "I bougt X at $0.X and I'm swimming right now"

I just read "Hey you, yeah you with hacker skillz, come at me bro!"

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Using my throw away account for this one. 19 masternodes reporting here, and hoping to round up to 20 by the end of this month. Holding steady, looking forward to 2018.

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I aspire to join you one day senpai, .... I'm only 90% away from my first MN... Rip :(

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Good stuff man.

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Considering it takes approx $25000 to buy a master Node. I think I'll start with the one!! Walton a great project, but it's not going to be the only great project, and there's other massive opportunities out there to make great gains. NEO like walton has being very sluggish lately, but it's due a nice bounce. Bitquence and Power ledger also have great potential. It's never a great idea to put all your eggs in one basket, no matter how sure you are that they are going to moon!!

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Sluggish is good! Gives us time to accumulate :)

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I have around 11, may in the future try trading some of my stack for more but not doing that until we've hit $50 or so, in case I miss out on the next big run

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But is 11 enough? ;)

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Jesus. You guys make me feel super poor. And I'm actually probably on the above average end with 1/5 of a MN

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i have 1/5th masternode myself and i dont have the 20.k for more so i am planing on gathering some 1/10th and 1/5 guys to make a MS together depending on the posible divedents :)

but im stil waiting on the MN info to be released

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I'm in the same boat as you guys. One thing I've been considering is trying to get to a level that I could then grow the master node myself. Say I get to 3,000 soon. Staking those should probably eventually build that stack into a master even if it takes years, right?

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Have you guys ever thought of pooling together? Obviously, tons of variables there but it's an interesting thought.

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I'm definitely interested, but I'm not sure how it would work. I understand Dash has masternode share facilitators, so surely this is possible...

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I could totally see it working based from trust.. Again variables there :) But it would be interesting to see if you could pool resources together as well..

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Wow , that's sick

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I'm pretty much all WTC baby

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you guys make me feel less crazy ;)

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Would be unwise to trade WTC for more WTC after it hits $50. You'd lose your seniority that has built up over a long time. You might get more WTC by trading, but you'll receive less in dividends by resetting. We don't have details on dividend %, but I imagine seniority is attractive.

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So with the seniority thing - does it matter if you have moved it around your wallets, does it start counting with their wallet coming out or is it straight up the first issuance of said token the ticker starts?

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We don't know exactly how it works, but most of us assume the clock starts ticking as soon as you start staking and if you stop staking, it resets.

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That makes sense. Really looking forward to that official testing results!

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Jesus Christ 11 Masternodes? Here I am just trying to trade up to get one.

The diversity of people on Reddit is amazing

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Have a few myself, more the merrier

I have already spent alot on lisk last week and am spending another on 2 more masternodes for wtc and thats all done for me for this year on cryptos.

Will just hodl every coins I have got til Jan, thats where I will fiddle around.

Back to focusing on my stock daytrading.

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3 master nodes! :)

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but with apartments or Real Estate in general you get to fix leaky faucets, can't do that in crypto ;)

I guess you need to know the ROI, does anyone have an idea of what it will be? I have enough for some Zcoin MN's and like their anticipated rate. Right now i have the option to add to that (Zcoin) or get enough WTC for a MN. I like the idea of spreading it out and hedging my bet but an estimate of what WTC's ROI would be will help make the decision. Regardless of whether i get enough or not i like WTC as a long hold.

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What's a master node?

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How many WTC is it for a master node?

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Thanks, I got a ways to go if I'm ever going to get a mn lol

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You can do it sir!

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Since i'm terrible at trading, I will just own as much as I can.

Passive income > sweating at trading

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Where do I find the financial benifits of a MN, and what hardware do I require