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8 months ago

Daily Discussion - November 18, 2017

Please keep all memes and market talk within this daily discussion.


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Alpha TestingOct 31st – November 10th
RFID + Blockchain Off-Chain DemoNovember
Beta/Public TestingEarly December
Genesis Block/Parent Chain operationalJanuary 2018
Converting from an ERC20 to WTC tokensJanuary 2018
Information on Master Nodes releasePrior to Feb 2018
Operational Release of Master NodesFeb 2018
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@everyone here.

source source

Was anyone here for this statement that can verify this? If so, Imma need to stock up on a whole lot more $WTC.

Whoever is running his bot on binance right now. You better keep it on. Been accumulating my WTC thanks to you :) Dumb bot

Just a bit of reassurance to the less informed or newly initiated members of the Walton familia.

WTC is a game changer. Buy while it is cheap. That is all.

16 points · 8 months ago · edited 8 months ago

guyss, i just saw the Boxmining video, and i tought to myself "fuck, walton chain is a game changer in almost everything in our dayly life", can you imagine going to supermarket and instead of the cashier checking every bar code of the product, just put all the stuff in the scanner, all the product would be checked in one second, im so fucking happy to be in walton, long life to walton. after this video, i don't care of volume, market cap, whales, anything else. i'm gonna stop watching prices anymore, i will be back in 6 month and see a big pile of money

5 points · 8 months ago

the size and cost of that chip blew me away, never seen or heard anything like it

They actually already have that in all the supermarkets by me but ya wtc is gonna be huge

Dont forget to exchange your erc20 tokens in January

2 points · 8 months ago

How do we change and then store? I'm sure alot of people currently store in their cold storage through MEW. 1. How to change it? 2. Where do we store the coins now as its not erc20?

Binance has said they will do the switch so if it's on an exchange I'm assuming they'll switch it automatically. We will have to wait for more informance from the team. Most likely ledger support will be gone though as it's a new blockchain.

Just look at the volume every day on CMC and you'll see we're in for big things. Consistently in the top 20. Even a top 10 market cap coin like NEM has half our volume. What a joke

Fake volume. Some whale keeps boosting volume every morning by putting 60000 coins for sale and buys the immediately. With binance low fees, he loses nothing

0 points · 8 months ago

I'm a little new to crypto, but is WTC and NEO rival cryptos or something? Aren't they two different chinese altcoins looking to solve problems in different spaces?

Is it the best time to buy WTC now or wait for a dip?

3 points · 8 months ago

no they aren't competitors, quite the opposite.. People in a particular subreddit can become a bit pissy when another crypto is pumping and theirs isn't.

Welcome to the dip, you won't see this numbers again

Dude, i hope you're right, but I've been reading this same post since September. Everytime it's dipped lower

fuckin coinbase not letting any payments go through whatsoever. fuckin pieces of shit. tried buying btc to send it to binance so i can buy during the dip but i cant. hope i dont miss the dip.

Why are you still using Coinbase?

IF you buy LTC is better, faster and fees are lower to send em somewhere

should be able to buy ETH through coinbase still, no? They have ETH/WTC pairing on Binance, though even if they didn't you could just buy BTC on binance with ETH, then to WTC.

Nah it's with their card buying system. I get this whenever I try to buy, and I'm not the only person who's encountering these issues.

Unfortunately your transaction has been canceled by our banking partner. If your payment method was charged, you will receive a full refund as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team.

I made a purchase today twice with no issues. Sorry friend.

this is the dip!

wanted to buy a little wtc now and buy moire later if it dips more.. but fuckin coinbase isnt letting any payments through.

fuck coinbase if i miss the dip

I’d love to pass Dogecoin’s market cap at some point.

I just sold my NEO gains for some more WTC. Thanks for the cheap coins!

You should buy back into NEO when it dips again!

I'm still riding the neo wave until 50 then I'm going back to wtc, trying to catch wtc on the low

2 points · 8 months ago

Very true, I agree with everything you said. I wasn’t worried in the slightlest, just a bit surprised the price didn’t see any kind of spike with the news. But, January/February time will be magnificent, the release of the blockchain and masternodes!

I expect a pump on Monday after people sell the NEO news and run with their profits. You will see WTC pump as many will rush to get back in. Buy now in my opinion if you can.

How to buy? I don't know where to even get a wallet

2 points · 8 months ago

Buy on Binance. It's an ERC 20 coin if you want to put it on a nano ledger but otherwise you can keep it on the exchange for now.

How do I link Coinbase to Gdax? And how does that corespondent to linking Binance to purchase WTC?

Buy ETH on Coinbase. Withdraw/transfer ETH from Coinbase to Binance. Buy WTC with ETH on Binance.


Unless some other coin releases news.

^ this ^

WTC holders will be rewarded b/c Boxmining's video providing proof of working product, but more importantly because the product will have immediate traction in the market place since related companies like Septwolves are highly likely to test/adopt WTC in their physical stores.

A few remaining steps on the path to the moon will be releasing the project code to the public so it can be reviewed and verified, releasing the wallet (which already has been alpha tested), and launching genisis block (obviously).

WTC price will rebound and "hockey stick" in the coming months. The HODL is strong with this one. Best of luck.

feels so bad to see NEO's pump while sitting on WTC after switching all NEO's to WTC couple of weeks ago. really thought that i choose the right decision so far. Damn...

It's all about timing - traded all my NEO ($8 buy in) around $20 to get my WTC around $1.50...I'm still buying more WTC

No man, Neo and wtc equal parts of you portfolio dude


5 points · 8 months ago

take it as a lesson to diversify - dont be hard on yourself - neo will recover and wtc will have its day too. WTC is a great place to have your money.

The only reason it's pumping it's because you sold. You should feel guilty for slowing its rise

6 points · 8 months ago

That's why you just hodl maybe you learned a lesson

Any guesses on the next exchanges to add WTC? I'm thinking the bigger ones may list once WTC converts from ERC 20 to their own token. Thoughts?

I understand there is an upcoming AMA but I don't know where to pose this question, if someone could help me out and forward it to the relevant I'd be grateful!

Q. Why can the cost of a Masternode not be pegged to a fiat value (e.g. at moment roughly $25k)? Reason being I can't see companies signing up for a node at double, triple, quadruple the price of the previous customer if WTC goes up in value (which we all hope it does). While WTC is required to run the node/chain, can the actual cost of a node not be fixed? Please forgive me if this is a totally stupid misunderstanding of the tech!

there is a similar question asked to the team

2 points · 8 months ago

Tweet to #AskWTC

They can just adjust the amount of WTC needed to run a node

Sure but that throws up a host of other questions depending on the stability of the price. Does a company have to buy BTC and go on Binance and play the market and pick up WTC at a good rate in order to run a node?

Walton team has alot of coins themselves that they can use for customers for example. So companies csn purchase the amount of wtc they need from waltonchain directly. Thats what im guessing

This team is very smart I don't pretend to know all the answers but I'm sure as it's a pretty fundamental question they should have an answer.

Also on the live demo they showed none of the clothes had the security devices on them instead it's just in the tag but what if somebody pops off the tag.

By adding security devices you have to remove from each item you lose the benefit of not having to scan each item

Comment deleted8 months ago(2 children)

Don't look at the computer when you're drunk. Even better if you turn off your computer and stay away from exchanges as far as possible!


-1 points · 8 months ago · edited 8 months ago

Neo is one of the most FOMO coins using (fake) news for pump and dump. Binance is known to dump coins. Though I made a few trades today and gain more than 200 fresh WTC, my honest advice today to you guys is don't panic sell, or will regret soon.

And it dumps back to $30. Where are all the Neo fanboys now?

I agree with the 'dont panic sell, or will regret soon'. 100% agree with that.

I dont think NEO are using any fake news tho.. this fresh pump is based on the Ontology reveal.

Speaking as an original antshares holder, i can't keep up with the flood of news coming out of NEO. The price pump was expected since the growth of adoption is increasing significantly. WTC will have its turn though.

Speaking as an original antshares holder, NEO is one of the coolest projects with significant news popping up faster and faster especially in recent weeks. It's a giant in the making, definitely on par with ETH at the very least. Why bash another project just because you like WTC?

Nope you're wrong. I don't bash NEO JUST because I like WTC. Honestly I don't even like WTC lol. Downvote me as you guys always do, but this is a tokens that I will take a lot of cash from noobs, like I did with Antshares.

far from being on par with eth

5 points · 8 months ago

exactly - NEO has had amazinggg news for the past two months and people expect the price to stay stagnant.

Yes exactly. I hold both neo and wtc. I'm not selling my wtc stack for neo. I believe both will do well. Don't have to bash neo

9 points · 8 months ago

I don’t understand how the price hasn’t increased with all the updates, demos, competition announcements that have been made lately.. this has surely got to moon sooner or later!

Once the blockchain is released to the public (not alpha, or beta, but everyone) this thing will skyrocket. My guess is the big players aren’t going to push the price up until they see something tangible. The key is getting on more big exchanges and that most likely is pending the conversion of tokens. It’s going to be a flat ride until January and in crypto when coins are moving up 20-50% daily on some occasion we can all feel a sense of lost opportunity but as they say “good things come to those who are patient.” Hodlers will eventually be rewarded, and I can only fathom what type of gains WTC will get once the master nodes are introduced.

3 points · 8 months ago

crypto doesn't make sense - generally works in hype cycles - itll be waltons time again soon

3 points · 8 months ago


Yeah I second that, something is resisting the price from shooting up like Neo yesterday - Dying to know what this is!!!

give time to it, let's not get anxoius since that's a recipe for mistakes and fomos

It's gonna moon out of the stratosphere in January!

2 points · 8 months ago

Oh I know, I don’t doubt that one bit! I’ve been holding WTC since $1.15 and will continue to hold until moon! Just surprised it hasn’t moved with all that’s been released the last few days. Jan/Feb should be good though..

17 points · 8 months ago

Just a pointer for those selling at these low prices. The shift of focus has sidestepped BTC for the moment in favour of NEO (for good reason) and those that are buying up the weak hands of Walton are most likely accumulating. These will not be individuals like you or me, but actual teams of companies that absolutely understand the tech and implications.

The end result of this is that the weak hands selling now to 'ride the NEO, BTC, 10xAltcoin, etc etc' are seriously going to miss the train when it leaves. They will of course be able to buy back in at a loss but the net effect is a reduction of 'train riders' and increase in long term holders. This will result in, of course, moon.

sure, i am on the train. Wait wait , the train is missing the engine ...oops

Attention has shifted to NEO and at this rate not much can compete. We've just got to suck it up and acknowledge that our turn isn't yet. Some people will profit from this, others will profit later. Nobody is a loser in crypto yet. Well, of course there are people who continually buy high and sell low....

If not NEO something else will come tomorrow. Did you get my point.

Absolutely. But WTC will have another rally and when we do it’ll be an amazing day. The first rally got many people’s curiosity, but the next will get their attention.

Comment deleted8 months ago(1 child)

holding good coins pays off :)

Lol I bet I can buy back in at the same price all month Unnecessary post

That is only partially true. Take me, for example - I sold wtc yesterday at 5.50 usd after boxmining video, bought neo at 31 usd, sold it at 39 usd and rebought WTC at 4.68 usd. I am here for the long term (wtc), but a little accumulation can never hurt, if you do it right :)

P.S. Ok after reading your post again , I guess it doesnt target me, because I didnt sell at low price

It's been nothing but low price for Walton. But good on you timing the market right at riding NEO. I'm actually mad at myself for not doing the same thing thinking "maybe it will be nothing". NEO is up 60% and WTC is even lower

Hah, thats decent. There is always an exception to the rule - some people know how to play the game. I've personally not sold any WTC, only other alts to do the same thing.

That's still a good plan 👍🏼

Perfect analysis, rate it an 8/8 dawg

Question on how WTC would work.

So I know that RFID’s follow a product from creation of the product to warehouse storage to stores.

I know that several brands don’t just go to one store. Several brands can be shelved in several stores from several different warehouse companies.

So does that mean every single manufacturer, warehouse and store that is involved in the products lifespan from creation to sale has to run the WTC blockchain?

They would need the appropriate reader/writer (which couples as a node) and this data is automatically uploaded to the chain. They don't need to really 'run' the chain in any complicated way other than use the reader/writer - which they will because its how the system works.

The savings in logistical errors/counterfit/theft/etc etc will be exponential in relation to the amount spent on acquiring the reader/writer.

So let’s say a shoe store sells both Nike and Adidas.

Nike uses WTC Adidas does not use WTC.

What would happen?

You’re saying that everyone involved will automatically be willing to use WaltonChain? I sure as hell hope it gets to that point one day, that would be awesome.

But for some reason, I can see where one company might be too stubborn or too traditional to make the switch, or they do understand RFID benefits, but they just choose to use a different RFID system because they don’t care about blockchain.

I seem to recall something about parent chains and child chains in the communique issued before the alpha testing, there is probably more info on the website...

Good questions. I'll try to answer as best I can. There is a HUGE advantage to producers who use walton at the manufacturing stage. This grants them the authenticity that high value brands require, it also provides the proof of origin value that industries like food or pharma industries do/will require. Supply/logistics companies that get on board will be able to provide/sell transparent data on the supply chain operations. Wholesale/Retail operations will achieve never-heard-of optimizations at the point of distribution or sale. Regardless whether they manage to follow the entire process or not, each step enables stunning business advantages that can not be ignored.

Thank you for the explanation. I understand the benefits that each individual company would receive.

However, In regards to the bigger picture, There are 4 steps

  1. Production 2 Warehousing

  2. Logistics

  3. Stores

Disclaimer: I don’t know how clothing industries work exactly, but I’m certain that each step can be an entirely different company. Please correct me if I am wrong.

So hypothetically, lets say we have:

  • Manufacturer A. The manufacturer runs WTC.

They create products for brands B and C.

  • Brand B wants to run WTC

  • Brand C doesn’t want to run WTC because they’re traditional. So Manufacturer A doesn’t uses RFID for them.

  • Brand B uses company D to ship their product. They also run WTC.

  • Brand C uses company D to ship their product as well, they run WTC. But they also use company E to ship their product. They do not run WTC.

Both Brand B and C are shipped to and sold at stores X and Y.

  • Store X runs WTC.

  • Store Y does not run WTC.

So from A to B to D to X We have a full history of transactions and everything on the blockchain, because all companies involved run WTCZ

But what if we went from A, to C, to D to X? A, D and X run WTC. But Brand C just doesn’t want to use it for their products. So how will shipping company D track those products? And how will store X handle brand C.

Their entire store wants to use WTC but they have one stubborn brand that doesn’t want to implement it.

Obviously for stores like H&M, Nike, Adidas, etc, they’re their own brand, and probably have their own manufacturer, shipping method and store. So they can adopt it with no problem.

But then there’s stores like Foot Locker where there are SEVERAL brands involved. What if Nike runs WTC, but Adidas doesn’t? Foot Locker just can’t use WTC because Nike is being stubborn?

Yeah. You describe the adoption issue very well. I think that they might be using Setpwolves etc. to execute on the production and retail use cases first. Those companies are probably able to retain enough control over both to make it work. I imagine warehousing would be implemented next and logistics last since there are many more actors involved. Like you said, I think initially they will have to stick to stores selling their own brands (H&M etc) until there is a tipping point in adoption. In the end, adoption will depend on the magnitude of the business advantages that WTC will create. Hopefully those advantages become undeniable.

Don't panic sell guys. The current downtrend is because of NEO's FOMO!!!

FOMO? I feel stupid for not riding it, it was pretty easy to see it coming

Still amazed about the NEO hype. I have friends in China and they report me that the Govt is activelly acting against cryptocurrencies (when they try to replace the actual country's money). Lately, even against Bitcoin miners... I don't believe this is gonna change anytime soon, but anyway good luck to NEO's investors.

I honestly can't see the rumor of ICO's in china only running through NEO happen. Even if it does, it will not be anytime soon (just my opinion). I do expect WTC to go on a bull run starting december once the blockchain and wallet come out



This has been happening for days now.

yeah lol

2 points · 8 months ago · edited 8 months ago

Any news on when part 2 of the boxmining video comes out?!

Also, just a thought. If any institutional investment firm (like the ETFs being developed), or someone that had a decent sum of $ let’s say (50k WTC worth), which at this time isn’t a lot... could swing WTC drastically. Working in the technology field... there are many early investors which 50k WTC Is a very small investment for the potential return.

In my opinion WTC is the most undervalued coin in all crypto right now. Above VEN and MOD which i HODL both of... any any non block chain competition (RFID Solo). I’m very impressed with the boxmining video... and this is the first crypto that I see a multitude of investors trying to purchase. (I doubt WTC would sell, but who knows).

The amount of partnerships / use cases / utilization’s of their working product is amazing... also this makes me even more stoked for all of the master node HODLRS out there.

Just wanted to throw a thought out there and see what anyone else thinks.

Cheers! 🎉🎉

do not ignore the fact that market is not looking at them favorably and there may be reasons for it that we normal people doesn't know from distance. Worth not ignoring this fact.

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