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7 months ago

November 28, 2017

Please keep all memes and market talk within this daily discussion.


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Beta/Public TestingEarly December
Genesis Block/Parent Chain operationalJanuary 2018
Converting from an ERC20 to WTC tokensJanuary 2018
Information on Master Nodes releasePrior to Feb 2018
Operational Release of Master NodesFeb 2018
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1 point · 7 months ago · edited 7 months ago

Cheers all. Yep, when I set up Blockfolio I found it really sluggish and slow to use and it would take a few goes to set up any alerts. I’ll take a look at Delta.

Edit: it is sooo much better after just a quick play around!

So I’ll probably get banned for this but doesn’t anyone else think Walton had incentive to make that announcement so they could pump the price and dump some shares. That is how they get their funding. It’s not really a secret or conspiracy.

What do you want them to do, just not tell us when masternodes will start?

Plus doesn't look like there's any movement out of the top wallets on etherscan

I’m not blaming them at all. That’s what their funds are for. I just see 90% of posts crying about whale manipulation and think it’s just the company doing what they need to do.

agreed, you can't blame a big announcement off as a pump scheme. I mean if they really wanted to pump the price to offload, there are much bigger and bullish things to be announced.

I see the exact same pattern here for walton as I have for iota. In hindsight, iota was such an obvious winner with all the hints that were being dropped left right and centre. And then bam! They drop the news with partnerships.

The price was doing the opposite for all the news coming out, for quite some time. They were only on one exchange then - bitfinex. Price grew after they entered their second main exchange - binance.

Walton is another winner here.

So obvious, it's not even funny.

P.S. i am invested in iota and walton.

1 point · 7 months ago

Hi guys,

I really don't get it.

What if I have a masternode at 10-december 2017 with a guardian status on MEW. How can I hold this Guardian status without losing it when I turn it into a Walton Chain wallet when it comes out? Then I would lose my Guardian status?

Would like a correct answer!

I'm sure they are taking that in consideration and automatically assigning your new waltonchain-address the GMN status during the conversion.

I wish bitcoin would just hit 10k on gdax already, this is ridiculous.

My tokens for the masternode are stored on in a trezor, using the MEW. Does anyone have an idea how this will work for the transferring to the new blockchain.

I'm confused about it since their message said it's automatic, but aren't my coins offline currently - or maybe I don't have the right idea about how it works.

Thanks for any help! Pumped for December!

1 point · 7 months ago · edited 7 months ago

Is there a good app for iPhone price alerts for WTC? Currently using coinwink for email alerts but an app would be more handy. Ta.

Edit. Blockfolio is looking useful.

I've just been using Coin Ticker to check the price. I might try Delta. Blockfolio is trash now.

I've switched from blockfolio to delta. Much better in my opinion, lacks a few very minor features from blockfolio but nothing you don't need. Much cleaner look too.

2 points · 7 months ago

^ This. Blockfolio has become so slow lately it's annoying to use. Delta is quick and clean.

oh god. abort. delete that thing. trust me. i deleted it and haven't gone back. life is much better.

Does Walton have anymore great news coming up soon, guys? Just wondering so I can be ready for the price to stay the same and do nothing.

Price will stay the same even after good news. Up until we get to a new exhange I guess

Was making a joke

If only I was too ;)

Literally read the top of this page. Public beta testing is in December. So I'm expecting a slow climb up from here, followed by takeoff in January and February. But who knows, news could drop any day.

I am hoping it falls back in the low 50k stats so I can grab more. I am thinking it will once bitcoin breaks this $10k wall.

5 green ticks in a row, reversal?

Set a super low buy order and go drink a beer.

I have nothing better to do for the next 5 hours other than watch the chart

As a user stated below, after the 10th, a Guardian Masternode will no longer be available and Walton team said Guardian will permanently receive the lowest mining difficulty and highest rewards so all the whales manipulating the price on Binance right now will have to move their funds to a wallet like MEW to own the Guardian status. Obviously a bigger exchange will still help ten fold but this will significantly reduce the manipulation.

Comment deleted7 months ago(4 children)


They already said if the number of WTC drops below 5000, the guardian masternode status will be gone. Even if you top it back up to 5000 after. You need to have 5000 WTC in your personal wallet by December 10th and it needs to stay above 5000 to keep guardian status. So yeah, this will greatly reduce supply and whale manipulation on Binance.

Thanks for clarifying

And also since multiple wallets with 5k each will give more rewards. So this gives whales a reason to split it up and keep it all in their wallet instead of only holding 5k in a wallet and the other huge stack on the exchange to manipulate prices.

Even if it takes a while to get on Bittrex, after Dec 10th the amount of manipulation on Binance will probably drop, surely? Given that most big holders will keep their tokens in a GMN rather than on exchanges.

Didn't think about this, this could be huge. Whales accumulated to get a lot of WTC. And after the 10th, you will never be able to own a Guardian Masternode so they must transfer all their funds.

you are assuming whales make less with manipulation than what Guardian nodes returns .. hmmm - ignorance?

Yeah this is a good point. Before this week, whales were getting a guaranteed 5% every week, and this past week some have gotten a hell of a lot more. I'm sure this eclipses the benefits from a guardian MN.

Fair point, did not think about this earlier. But atleast the Guardian return are pretty much guarenteed. Hopefully that helpes!

Surely it will drop. It won't be totally gone, though. Whales will keep a bunch of guardian masternodes, but they'll keep a large portion for trading still, so they can accumulate and make a ton more masternodes. They'll make more money doing that than just holding guardian masternodes.

But again, it will be reduced. We need another big exchange though to really put a stop to the absurd manipulation.

Idk - if they keep the guardian rewards secret until the 10th, the speculation of substantial upside might keep whales honest and in a wallet.

That would only lower manipulation until the reward info is released. Once they find out, they could decide to move their coins out of the wallets and continue trading and manipulating while holding onto a bunch of guardian masternodes on the side.

Comment deleted7 months ago(1 child)

I'm saying they'll make more money trading than staking/mining because they're whales.

December, jan en february are going to be legen...wait for it....dary!

agreed - same line of thinking. Although buy pressure may ease up at that point too, as the GMN opp has passed. tough one to call

But people will still want a regular Masternode.

The timing for the guardian node is really nice. It incentivizes holding now, and the price is still good for people sitting on the fence. Also, After the cutoff date we’ll be able to see on the network how many wallets will have guardian status.

I made significant gains yesterday and even sold at the top and bought back in for more but wow am I disappointed with the current price. Ah well, obvious manipulation but at the end of the day they want to profit too. Expect a huge green candle once the weak hands are gone.

Guardian may be a blessing but also have negative impact. If the reward is too great it could hold back new money if there’s already an established hierarchy of earning potential.

2 points · 7 months ago

This is my fear too. If you don't hold 5k, it really doesn't seem worth it to hold any other than to trade with.

You can still stake!

1 point · 7 months ago · edited 7 months ago

Its design philosophy in my view is this. It will weed out people who are more interested in short-term gains, and gives incentives and highest rewards to the early investors who actually took the biggest risk by believing enough in the team, product, and mission to fund the project. Remember, if you ever drop below 5000 WTC, you lose that Guardian status, forever. IMO, a year from now the people holding Guardian will be very small compared to people holding regular nodes. Regular 5000 wtc nodes still get rewarded more with seniority as well. I dont think the difference will be to great tbh, but it only makes sense to give the highest reward to the pre-release funders.

Even then, they have to stay commited, or they can say bye bye to their guardian status.

I feel another big green dildo coming on.

feel it too

1 point · 7 months ago


Chart is giving out the vibe

your dreaming...

I admire your optimism.

6 points · 7 months ago

I knew I should have sold yesterday. When will we get on another big exchange? I'm tired of this b.s. on Binance.

It won't be listed on another large exchange until the parent chain is released.

Guys I sold all my MOD yesterday because of the guardian master node news and literally right after that MOD started mooning :(

I traded both and got a win in both. Should hedge your trades.

Go check out ENG. it's looking ripe.

I just checked it out...and found out it was hacked during its ICO, losing millions...and lied to investors by increasing the total supply...


Alternatively, load up on civic. It's chart is screaming for a pump.

I still think WTC is going to pump hard as we near the 10th of December. Maybe once December 1st hits, the psychological aspect of time running out will kick in.

Me too, I think Whales are shaking and baking for maximum accumulation. They are going to milk this for sure.

But easy 10% almost every day if you trade it.

I dont daytrade anymore, sorry if I gave the impression I do.

wise :-)

Whatever. Walton is the better project. I predict you'll still win out with Walton over MOD.

Yeah same. I realize MOD is undervalued and have quite a bit in it, but WTC is the better bet, especially with the question of whether or not the dividend is responsible for the MOD tokens' value, and whether or not that dividend will even be any good.

I hear you, it just gets me extra riled up because I was sitting on a good amount of it, watching it go sideways since the start of the month, only for it to start climbing only an hour or 2 after I sold... :\

I feel ya. I’ve be watching every coin moon since sept except mine.

New investors should be thanking the manipulating whales on binance. They get to buy a guardian master node for 25k, and they are LATE

How many different addresses can you control with a single ledger nano?

Once you log into MEW through your nano, it will show 5 ETH addresses by default, but you have the option to click 'more addresses'. I've heard up to 60, but can't confirm that number.

For anyone just ordering their Nano, order 2, not 1. You use one, and keep the other sealed in a dark cave incase you ever need to 'recreate' your lost, or stolen one.


I think it depends on what asset. For example, I feel like i can only have one NEO address but I am defaulted with multiple addresses for either Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Whale watch: This person seemed to like the news coming out today.

$650,000 dropped straight into Walton... 20 Guardian Masternodes at the ready, dayum.

Not at the ready yet! He's going to have to split those up into separate wallets. This will be interesting to watch all the large wallets disappear. The largest wallets will only have 5000 wtc if they're not stupid.

My guess is the top wallets won't care enough to split - but I agree any mere mortal should be splitting. So in that way, if you put 5025 WTC's in your wallet you could be listed in the the top 50 WTC's come Dec 10th. ha :) followed by pages and pages of 5000-5010 addresses

2 points · 7 months ago

asking for a friend - but if you have multiple nodes, you should be holding in multiple wallets yah?

Yes. But do 5000 + $change in each wallet so you have enough to cover transaction fees when moving it. Would be a shame to have 5000 in a wallet, send it to the Walton wallet later, and then have 4999.9 wtc or whatever, losing that guardian node forever.

What? ETH covers the cost there, right? In this example, the address has only WTC so he/she'll need to transfer ETH to move the WTC.

Ohhhh true.

In that case, it may not be useful at all to have more than 5000 wtc in each address. Because you can't move any of it anyway once it's in the Walton wallet. Or you lose the guardian status. So yeah. I guess exactly 5000 is perfectly fine and no more at risk than any amount higher.

good point - noted

Yes, that was in the twitter release, bottom.

Thanks ginga

We desperately need Walton on another big exchange. Binance is terrible. We will not increase in price if we only stay on binance, it truly is sad that this amazing coin is subjected to manipulation on this level.

Oh please. I wish I got into WTC months ago. Binance makes it super easy to accumulate more coins from a decent amount stack.

Thank God we are only on Binance. Just use it to accumulate more via the constant bot P and D and then hodl until we get on Bittrex and it goes parabolic.

This is true - but Walton guardian nodes are an absolute genius way to incentivize holding of WTC even prior to the genesis block being mined in Jan.

Dec 10th is about a week and a half away, to crypto traders that is a lifetime -- they have plenty of time to sell walton now, go make bucca qabiliions riding pumps and come back to WTC before the 10th. We will rise again around Dec 9th, if not sooner.

Don't get hyped until you hear what the exact incentive is. No one knows its going to be that enticing.

I seriously doubt a guardian MN is giving us any less than 10% per year.

It's really obvious. Large sell walls everywhere.. Sad but true

I'm trading the shit out of it. It's brilliant :-)

I’m with you there. This volatility is great for trading

Won't somebody think of little Timmy.

People need to think a little less deep about the price going up and going down so fast. The pump is coming from Binance and controlled by the whales. They time it with any news coming from the twitter. It’s never a sudden massive influx of new buyers. WTC is just not there yet social media wise/word of mouth. Most people still don’t know what it is. The word doesn’t travel that far right now. One day this will change. But right now it’s predictable as fuck. Most coins do not hold value after a 30-40% pump. ESPECIALLY Walton. It’s the same every time. 20-30% high, straddles a support line for a bit breaks that, straddles another and then comes back down to 0-10% price increase by the end of the day. General rule, it won’t hold value until something fucking huge happens eg added to a very large exchange, blockchain release or social media outbreak (like NEO). Today was news off giving early birds extra rewards and knighting helpful community members. Neither or which are super incentivising for new investors.

14 points · 7 months ago · edited 7 months ago

This daily is seriously disappointing. After yesterday, we should be thanking the crypto gods for every dip. The point of a Guardian Masternode is to both reward early adopters as well as long-term holders. Today's price means NOTHING. We should be talking about those amazing AMA answers...

Edit: here is my favorite:

Q17 Collin‏ @CollinsCustomIP Nov 18 Q17: Please address the wabiico competition & specifically describe how your patents protect your specific (hopefully novel) RFID technology. #askWTC #bitcoin #btc #usecase #blockchain #rfid

Answer: The Waltonchain system starts at an integrated circuit level and will be incorporated directly in the manufacturing of electronic devices and products. At this stage, no human interaction occurs—thus the chain of authenticity begins. We can also integrate our RFID technology at higher levels in the manufacturing/supply chain, such as in packaging, as other competitors might. Our patents and IC RFID designs incorporate technology not seen in the RFID space before.

That is fucking amazing. Talk about competitive advantage. No other RFID tag in the world can do what Waltonchain's RFID tags can do. The concept is quintessential to the trustless supply chain. The chain of authenticity can begin before the product is even off the assembly line. Revolutionary.

Username checks out.

Infuriating, good news and the price is back to normal level 12 hours later.

1 point · 7 months ago

It was only good news for a handful of people.

bruh -- any incentive for a whale or masternode level investor to hold coins for a long time is good news for all.

3 points · 7 months ago · edited 7 months ago

Alright everybody. This time.... this time I think it's different. We seem to have bottomed out after the pump. The US is waking up soon and it looks like we are coming up. I don't think we'll be seeing $5 again anytime soon, and if we do it won't be for long. Too much good news, the clock is officially ticking for masternodes, and the race to get in has started. I hope everyone gets in at the entry point they are looking for, because the rise is starting.

we’re at $5 already lol

Well. Not $5.00...

we were at $8. who would’ve thought we’d be right back to the $5 range


We'll be at $5 in a couple days but I like your optimism

I mean.... yeah... but.... Maybe not???

10 points · 7 months ago

I really don't understand all the FUD. If you're in for the long term investment, then the daily price action is generally irrelevant. Just buy more when it's cheap if you have the means. Cheaper price for the investor is normally a good thing. If you are trading and losing money, then you need to improve your game. People love crypto for the huge gains, but that also comes with huge dips. It's this volatility which makes crypto so lucrative. The moral of the story is, stop whining every time the price goes down.No one is complaining about Binance when the it's pumping, are they.

We are still in circular pump season. You have to sell early, or else your gains will just go back to baseline and the FOMO will move to another coin.

Either hold for a full alt season or sell the spikes and buy the dips.

What is a realistic long term price for walton?

2 points · 7 months ago

If they deliver on the product they can easily be in the top 10 coins on marketcap. As most in top 10 only have a concept instead of a actual working product. That would mean a 2.5b marketcap instead of the 135m right now. So do the math. This all depends on if they deliver and it might take a while to get there, but it is a good possibility.

Top10? Its unreal.

1 point · 7 months ago

Can u tell us why do u think it's unreal ?

Because our market cap doesnt grow, and the other top20 coins market cap are exponentially growing.Until we have a working product the rest of coins market cap waaaay beyond us. And until then, new coins are coming, they are potentially can going to the top10-20. We should be happy if we can hit the top25. We are in the same position like 2months before, but the total market cap high asf.

1 point · 7 months ago

Other top20 coins actually have working products (or atleast chain, wallet, etc.), are listed on more exchanges (WTC volume is 98% on Binance -> easy manipulation) and are on the market much longer than WTC. He said ''if they deliver'', not next week...

Im pretty sure walton is ahead of omg. Omg doesnt have its own blockchain and saw a meteoric rise to where it is

Based on some other cryptos i have expected walton to higher.

Good thing is lower prices help accumulate

1 point · 7 months ago

I agree. Where would OMG be without Bittrex and Bitfinex? Or POWR without Bittrex? Binance whales/bots would tear them apart as we see now on WTC. Look what happened to Chainlink. Same case...

By February, when the chain and wallet are released, as well as masternode specs, and one other big exchange, no coin will have anything on WTC and we can certainly be in the top whatever (10 or 20 or whatever) of coins. I don't think $20 is unreasonable at that point, and by 2019, when WTC goes into mass production, WHO KNOWS. Depends somewhat on the entire space. Personally I don't see $100 as farfetched, though speculation on price is pure speculation.

for top 10 marketcap. it would need to be 3 billion.

we are at 142 million, so to 3 billion that would be 20X

that would put as at 114.8 per walton to get into the top 10

What an annoying coin. It's so clear that so many people believe in it by the immediate FOMO on any news. It's a shame it gets manipulated so hard. I'm kind of tired of trading right now, so I've just been watching my money bleed. It's funny though that I feel like waiting a month for it to boom is an eternity. It's a shame what crypto has done to my patience lol.

It’s not even a month. Crypto time is mental. 1 day feels like the equivalent of 1 month.

I noticed it when I thought back to the BTG fork being months ago yet it was only 2 weeks ago...

My perception of time from checking Blockfolio every second has gone out the window lol!

Wow long time hodler here and I have to say that’s the quickest pump and dump of this coin I’ve seen so far. What a shame :/ the manipulation is off the charts

How far will it bleed! Wanna buy back in. Sold out entirely this morning around 7.3 and have some pocket money

think 5.10. Especially with the upcoming BTC = 10 k

19 points · 7 months ago

Binance is fkin pathetic.

Is the price dip really from the bots of binance? I sometimes wonder if there are other reasons, wtc has many good news now but it no longer attracts investors like in our first moon (sep/oct). Dont know why

$5.30... back to yesterday value... or worst :(

Not for long ;)

Every coin breaking ATH and we went down in value. We didn’t even have a pump (we pumped cause of news, not overall market booming). Every coin rose like 40% due to new money and we just sink, why the fuck.

Even MOD has broken out after having similar manipulation on Binance for a while. And the worst thing is I knew for a near fact this would happen, yet didn't sell yesterday

Don't worry mate this is exactly what we want. We need to give the public enough time to take as many coins off these whales as possible. I'm still trying to get my guardian masternode. Once the node info is released and the genesis block is mined, coupled with being added to a few more exchanges, we're going past the moon and headed to mars

I hope you guys add cold staking

All this WTC wash trading is going to be good for my Binance (BNB) holdings. Someone really wants to keep the price down for now.

Yep... WTC is so reliable in its price drops; how this surprised anyone actually surprises me. This literally happens EVERY-TIME WTC move up. If you can’t see the pattern by now, please stop trading. This is the most manipulated coin in crypto. And it will stay that way until they do the erc20 coin swap.


22 points · 7 months ago

Is this a joke? Back to 5 dollar? I can't even..

WTC is a Strong Buy at $4.25 later this week.

5 points · 7 months ago

The price is going absolutely nowhere until better exchanges.

Headed back to $4.XX

Because of bots. Just wait till we have a wtc wallet and then we get listed on bittrex and huobi. We will be massive

Good news is totally wasted as long as we’re only on Binance

This is walton. If it wasn't crashing back to $5 after every fakeout, I wouldn't even recognise it

But this has only been happening recently. 2 months ago we were testing new highs, with support levels at 7 dollar.

Can someone please break down what is required for running a Guardian Masternode on the WTC Blockchain? I don't know if it's PoS or PoW, which is problematic because if it's PoW I may not have access to the hardware needed to compete with others. Does anybody know more? I would really appreciate any response

The Guardian Masternode is POW, so yes, you will need additional hardware. What exactly, we don't know yet.

16 points · 7 months ago

Btw, this is how you announce big news. Just flat out announce it on your official twitterpage. Well done, Waltonchain!

lol wtf is wrong with this coin. Hate to say this but it's the biggest PnD coin out there and will remain so as long as it's only on binance.

There's no doubt it is manipulated, but it's not the coin's fault. The coin is solid and backed by an incredible team and plan. Unfortunately, we just have to endure this manipulation until we can get on another exchange. Once we're on a Korean exchange, just watch the increase we'll get when the Koreans have the opportunity to buy/trade a Korean (partially) coin. It'll just take a little patience. I'm a huge believer in WTC and IOTA. Considering the MC of WTC, I think it is the most undervalued project in crypto land (compared to other cryptos...not traditional valuations).

This coin should be already around 30 dollar a piece, its one of the best coins with exacly real life use instead of alot of promises walton deliver

Honestly kind of surprised how fast wtc is bleeding right now. I thought we would hold 6.4 for a good bit.

Look at the buy sell books. Sell books show multiple 30-90k WTC dumps. Buy books showing multiple 30-50k WTC buys. Whales are awake. They didn’t expect the news. They want to drop the price and scare the weak handed so they can buy more.


-6 points · 7 months ago(0 children)

Sometimes I enjoy making coins off the whale's manipulation. However, sometimes I can't stand him and just want to watch my coins go up in value without his crap.

Is this Bitcoin/crypto run sustainable? We’re adding 10-20 billion market cap per day!!! Easily will surpass 500 billion this month if this pace keeps up

Surely its gotta come down at some point

4 points · 7 months ago

No one knows exactly. The upcoming future market is the last step to a multi trillion dollar market. This connects the traditional financial market with cryptocurriens. Therefore: Chance are good that this is substainable

So if an eth address has 5k wtc or more on December 5th, then those tokens will be eligible to make a guardian masternode on mainnet?

3 points · 7 months ago


Yeah and is there any more clarity on the type of hardware needed to run a guardian masternode?

1 point · 7 months ago

Curious also. That’s a big investment

Guys If you haven't Sign Wolf's Petition to show Bittrex that we would love WTC on their exchange please do!! Over 600 Votes so far :D.

Video about how internet of things combined with blockchain technology can greatly impact the world. Walton is a pioneer in this and will be big soon!

Hi so this may sound like a silly question but if you store your 5k wtc on the ledger nano s through mew will it count for getting a masternode on dec 10th? Trying to understand what "traceable address" means.

The coin needs to be on the eth chain where you control the private key so ledger nano counts.

3 points · 7 months ago


7 points · 7 months ago · edited 7 months ago

I've always been in WTC and Iota (all in either one or a combination). I got 100% in Iota last night and was asleep during the WTC run up. I'm back to 50/50 now. I'm glad I wasn't in just BTC. I truly think these two projects are the premier crypto projects (of course BTC and ETH are there as well).

IOTA staggering at .80 for that day or so was a clear buy indicator.

Free 40% for anyone that just remotely watched the coin and it’s chart 😏

Hey guys, I have a spare 4k wtc outside of my masternodes that won't make another standalone masternode. Do you think I should still keep that 4k wtc in another wallet, or should I split it up and add it to the my other wallets that each have 5k wtc already in them? My question is because the team has stated that more guardian nodes will yield higher returns than simply one giant node with all your coins in it. Since I have spare wtc that doesn't make a full masternode, do you guys think it would be more beneficial to stake it separately as a regular node?

I know we don't have exact info on this, but I want to hear opinions on what you guys think before the 10th so I can decide whether I'm divvying them up amongst my guardian masternodes or not.

If there was a trustless way to share my WTC with you somehow and split WTC rewards, I would do it with you, lol.

5 points · 7 months ago

Buy another 1000 Walton.

Problem solved. Thank me later.

Would if I could but I'm completely tapped out. There's nowhere I could get several thousand dollars from.

1 point · 7 months ago

Trade out of a different crypto? Lolol

I've been all in since sub 1 dollar. Doing pretty well but don't have other cryptos.

it looks like the guardian masternode is the best possible staking so why not just put it all in there? Seems like that would give you the best percentage. If you could make two guardians that would be great, but making another separate masternode later won't be better than the percentage the guardian will provide. That's my understanding of it so far.

I think the answer depends on more informance about the nodes but theoretically you can keep them all on one guardian node and once you make 1k wtc through mining / staking you can move 5k coins into its own masternode.

Yes, once I make enough wtc through staking/mining, I will add to the 4k to make a masternode with it. But I'm wondering which will give me a higher return, and thus give me those remaining 1000 wtc faster. Either spreading the wtc amongst the guardian nodes, or having the 4k as its own node.

Hopefully there's more informance on this before the 10th. It's not a HUGE deal, but I would like to maximize my return regardless.

We don't have enough info to say for certain but in your shoes I would find a friend who had 1000 WTC to share or add your 4000 WTC to your GMN and then when it builds up to 5000 WTC move it to a new MN.

NVM, "POW" I think I have answered my own question lol. it's all good brother :D

Hey dude!!!! What are your thoughts on making more than one "guardian Node, Or Master Node"? As far as I kind of grasped it so far (even though it hasn't been confirmed) it might not matter holding say 1 x 10000 Node or 2 x 5000 nodes the rewards might be the same overall yea? Do you also think along these lines or do you think that making 2 wallets and running 2 Nodes will potentially grant you more rewards overall?

It was confirmed you get more benefits 2x 5k nodes than 1 10k node. Same thing 3x 5k is better than 15k. Diminishing returns as it increases above 5k

Thanks for the reply though :)

Yea I read it after lol, sorry was at work today really busy and checked the price and read only part of the post.

This block chain sounds off the wall I'm so excited!!

Mods could you update the exchange listing on then pinned faq? Right now only lists two.

Uhh... I just saw 100k WTCs moved within 5 minutes or less but the order book almost didn't move at all in price. What's going on?

how do you see the move ? Noob here, sorry

Just look at the market history where you see all the trades taking place. Ok, looks like at least 200k was moved in 10 minutes. That's a million dollars lol.

2 points · 7 months ago

Kinda makes me think it'll dip again before the blockchain release.

You think so? Why would they make their big purchases now then?

When there is no price movement and the volume is inflated its probably artificial. Make me think when the volume is no longer inflated the price will drop. Of course who really know what will happen.

It’s called wash trading Google it This is mentioned every day

What's the purpose of it in this exact situation? Make it seem like there is bearish volume so that people sell?

Increases volume in a fake way And tries to entice noobies to sell or buy with large orders

Whales weren’t expecting the news and price increase so they’re scrambling to lower the price

-2 points · 7 months ago · edited 7 months ago

Should i buy more or sell now ? Thanks

I'll sell it and wait until below 6$

Interesting! Thank you for your assessment.

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