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Whenever people start accusing a project of being a scam, I start looking into it. I've noticed people tend to call projects a scam if they're trying to create something pretty game changing. Big ones to note are Antshares, WTC, and IOTA

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BitConnect here I come!

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Check out Confido while you're at it.

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The fact that is has been slowly rising in recent days is mind-blowing to me.

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Has it really? People will speculate on anything.

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Ha you're right, 'mind-blowing' might be an oversell but anyone that digs deep enough to want to invest in CFD would also have had to stumble across the rampant 'Confido is a confirmed scam what with the disappearing dev team's disappearing twitter, FB, slack, and any form of online presence and all' articles and posts but still it slowly drifts up from 4 cents. I just don't get it.

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LOL I knew someone would say that

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If something is being called a scam = less volume, lower price = perhaps a really great investment if you do research and find it's not a scam.

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Here since 2nd Sept. Shill post on reddit, usually I dont fuck with hem but I read the entire whitepaper and it was solid.

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Saw it start pumping, so I decided to look into it. After seeing how amazing WTC was, I was sold. I thought the price was high at $1.40, but I bought some anyways, and I’m very happy I did.

I’ve gotten so excited for WTC, and am truly shocked by the community ignoring it, that I have become a “shill”, and I’m shocked i haven’t been called a paid shill yet.

I’m so happy I stumbled upon this coin and this community.

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i also can't understand why Walton is so unknown all over the crypto family. yesterday evening we could see what is going to happen when all the predictions will come true and Genesis Block will be mined. Unfortunately i won't get a GMN, what makes me really sad, i will be happy to ride the train with you guys having a nice bunch of these golden babies. Edit: read about WTC somewhere in a reddit and then first bought at $1.6 on binance

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The wolf. But more like day 30.

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Which Wolf?

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TheWolfofBinance of course, that man is a hero haha.

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/u/thewolfofbinance is a straight OG Walton homie. He got the strongest claws I've ever seen.

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There was a shill post on Reddit and I saw their team and went in

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i saw on reddit or somewhere calling this coin the sleeping dragon and i googled about it,sure it was,now its a crouching dragon ready to take off.

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I saw the market tanked when china ban ICO/bitcoin, picked out coins that lost the most gains, saw walton, read about walton, and was sold the more I learned about it. Bought into walton

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Some rumor of some Samsung exec joining some team with a name that started with Walton. Been happy since!

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Someone mentioned it in the neo sub. I used to never fall for shills and their games but I got tired of seeing coins get shilled and then moon while watching the whole thing from the sidelines. So I decided to look into wtc for the short term figuring it was a shitcoin that was getting pumped but I liked what I saw and ended up investing for the long term. Bought my first waltons in August and haven't sold since.

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Saw it on Binance and thought it was a shitcoin trying to copy IOTA after skimming through the white paper. Realized it wasn't, and decided to invest during the China ICO FUD.

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someone shilling on antshares reddit i believe

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same !

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Do you know any other Walton in the Woods right now to be discovered? No shilling except a genuine suggestion

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Noticed that it had a fairly high volume on Binance for being an unknown coin, so did some research on it. Bought on Sept 2nd.

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Older forum setup but an abundance of information there.

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My crazy Korean friend told me about it. Figured it was worth a gamble. It's still early, though. Count yourself lucky!

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Originally got into it bc i noticed on cointicker the price consistently going up and down so it was easy to day trade. Then it went from $1.30 when I invested to over $4 so i decided to read about it. From that day forward i put money into wtc weekly until Ingot my 5000. Couldn’t be any happier lol

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All of reddit calling it a shit coin and accusing everyone of shilling, and then the same people talk about how great it is once the price goes up, typical crypto. If people weren’t bad mouthing it as much I would’ve never invested at 98 cents!

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i literally one day moved my neo to binance for the free gas, at that time there were only a handful of coins on binance and i noticed walton had only been listed for a couple days and so i researched it and i bought it

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when the market crashed on the china regulation news i actually bought a bunch of walton when it was at like 10k sats

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first heard about it from youtubers (crypto daily and theycallmedan). Unfortunately didnt pull the trigger until the high $4 range.

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I found walton in coinmarketcap, lol. They were top gainer of the day. Then I bought in and suddenly china Fud came and my stack lost 50% value, but I keep it till now (sold some last month to diverify)