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I think this will be a good week for Walton. Hopefully we get a wallet upgrade or airdrop pre-announcement.

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Can somebody help me understand the airdrop that is supposed to occur in Q1. Will wallets with masternode status get "free tokens", how many per masternode, etc. I have never been a part of an airdrop, Thanks

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MNs and GMNs will receive airdrops. If you have a GMN, then your coins are already stored in your own wallet, off an exchange. If you have enough coins for a MN, then get them off an exchange and into your own wallet.

You don't have to do anything. They'll just send you WTC. We have absolutely no idea how many WTC they will be sending us.

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Thanks for the response, does it only apply to masternodes that were bought prior to a certain date, or can I buy one in two weeks and still participate in the airdrop?

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As long as you have a MN before before the snapshot for the airdrop, you will receive the airdrop. I assume the snapshot will be close to the aidrop, whenever that is.

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Who else has been staring at the charts waiting for 100k Sats to be taken down?

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If they tweet something good tomorrow, we can demolish it.

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lmao, yep. But to be honest we need some ignition to break it. at least we seem to be pretty stable over 90k

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Guys totally new to cryptocurrency and have been advised by two knowledge people to invest in Walton.

My issue is I cannot register for Binance as it's not taking any new registrations.

Can someone please advise me the best service to use? I have money sitting in my coinbase to spend!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ps by Money I mean ETH.

Many thanks

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Welcome to the club :)

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You can try kucoin exchange. Volume is lower, and price is a little higher. But we have no idea when binance is going to reopen registrations. :/

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Probably easiest on kucoin. Go www.kucoin.com

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There's a list of exchanges in the All-in-One thread. I think you next best option after Binance might be KuCoin. There's not nearly as much volume so you might be paying a little bit of a premium compared to Binance.

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That might depend on where you are. For example, OKEx has a WTC/ETH pair, but does not service some areas of the world (including the US).

Have you seen one of these before? Lists (almost) all of the pairs out there for a given coin. Let us know generally where you are and we can recommend!

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I cant wait for some institutional money to flow in! Real projects like WTC will get huge boost in price and shit coins like XVG and TRON will get dumped :).

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I have a feeling that the third child chain they are calling a secret is going to be huge. I can't wait for the mainnet launch so we find out what it is. Staking rewards announcement + mainnet launch + bithumb = $100 WTC

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Probably not. They said they've been working on the child chain already, and they made a point in a recent interview to say there is no partnership with Samsung currently. So I can't imagine it would be.

We're all very curious, though. I think it's gonna be big.

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Dude..if that happened..holy fuck!

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Anybody got a link regarding the Korean regulations? Is it 3 months? When did it start?

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They said they'd announce the secret chain in February!

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Q1 will be absolutely huge for WTC

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Really? Wow even better! Super pumped.

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Come on, guys. We just hit the front page, but with only a measly 95 upvotes. There are 2276 of you online right now. Let's go!

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Voted, lets go everyone!

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Thanks for the post! Let’s get this to the top!

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Hmm... 14.7$ on Binance and 19.5$ on Coinnest.

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yea what is up with that?

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Its always more expensive on korean exchange, glad that cmc didnt mark it as outlier this time.

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This sub is sooooooo different when the price is going up

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So many weak hands and panicy people who can’t handle normal crypto swings.

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the enemy isn't here to FUD?

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I haven't wrote anything negative about walton ever,the only thing I got slack for was when I agreed with another guy that it would be smarter to convert some wtc->ven for short term gains to increase my wtc position.

Been here from 4.8$ and plan to stay a lot longer.

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I assume theres a great deal of loyalists who only speak up when things are going good and then a great deal of people who are just looking for profit who only speak up when things are going bad... And then there will be those that just like speaking up.

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I'm thinking of hiring an infographic artist to bang out bi weekly WTC material. If some people can help me with content I'll pay to have them made. Thoughts?

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make an multiple infographics that essentially introduce walton to people who have never heard of it, but carry slightly different info in each one

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Thank you!!! Ready to upvote some awesome material ;)!

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You would be the man!

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Great iniative, would be very helpful!

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what a ninja

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One infographic that shows a summary of -

1) Basic description of project, RFID + supply chain

2) Team: qualifications, papers written, patents held etc

3) Business partnerships: including brief description of each company, marketcap etc

4) Government contracts

5) Roadmap for 2018

Would be massively useful. I know this information is out there, but if it's presented in one eye catching package and spreads then it could really get people's attention

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What about a nice infographic about the organisational structure? Or a map with the location of government contracts and the scope of the projects, the other companies involved etc. Maybe an infographic about the business partnerships, marketcap of the companies and sector the business is active in. Or maybe one showing the process of Walton's RFID + blockchain solution.

Idk, just ideas. There is information on these all over reddit. I think it's a great idea and definitely makes it more easy for new people.

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Appreciate the ideas, I'll do some digging

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Maybe an example of an actual use case for Walton?

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I'd like that. Walton makes the vague world of crypto into applications and it'd be good to show that.

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Good idea

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So it says the company will take a snapshot of your wallet and make a copy of the address for the new chain, but how do I go about claiming these new coins? I have MEW setup with a trezor. Thanks!

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I asked the same questions for ledger in this thread and am really hoping someone with definite answers can respond. I'm concerned that many people who use a hardware wallet will be temporarily locked out of their wtc, unless they decide to compromise their own wallet security.

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Yes from what I read you need your private key which ofc is your hardware wallets seed words. I am hoping they just announce when it is going to be done a few days in advance and I can send everything over to binance for the switch.

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Airdrop or switch over? For airdrop you don’t have to. One day they’ll appear like magic

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switch over.

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Is it okay to have mine on the exchange during the snapshot?

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No problem at all either way.

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That sell wall of 100k sats is quite big. Imagine what would happen if that sell wall breaks...

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Now there is a second one at 99k.

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12.8k wall. Will definitely be tough to get through without some big news

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Or if it gets pulled...

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Ayyyy who just saw it hit 15.40 :O! Gonna be a good start to the week fellahs!

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16$ bro :>

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Are they gonna airdrop directly into MEW wallets ?

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what about binance?

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You don’t have a real wallet address at binance. It’s a question for binance team. If you have over 5000 coins on an exchange you should likely get them into a wallet anyways

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Ah right, I forgot that it was for MN's only, nvm ,;p

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Definitely considering mainnet won't be ready.

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Walton(gang)chain, Walton(gang)chain, Walton(gang)chain

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Walton(gang)chain, Walton(gang)chain, Walton(gang)chain

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These last 24 hours have been a much needed confidence boost for this sub. Positive thinking and less panic goes a long way

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wtc is selling for 17 bucks on coinnest

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Over 18 now

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we might be seeing 20 bucks sooner than later

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It was a good day. No matter what tomorrow brings, we will have more good days. Many more.

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Glad there was progress today :). Let’s keep it up with the great community and nicely informing others about all the great things about WTC!