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Thanks I appreciate this post. Sometimes it’s hard to find some decent details and clear information.

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::cough:: GlaxoSmithKline ::cough::

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I decided to put in only points that other posts didn't cover, and more actual "tech/roadmap" news than partnerships.

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Excellent info. Some really strong points here. Hadn't heard about the Bluetooth before.

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Cheers to all the bros!

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"wazzup bros"

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Why did you write it is non-hype sort? The points did increase my hype-ometer ;-)

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Because no partnership or child-chain info, which is what people hype of.

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great post bro this is so good i love it

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Excellent post, appreciate your work!

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Hey bro :D

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So they revealed the secret 3rd chain to be one of those?

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His first bullet point is inaccurate. We only know that 1 of the 6 chains is a smart city in korea, and another 1 of the 6 is in the agriculture industry. That's all. We don't know what the other 4 are, but we can speculate based on the industries that were mentioned in the conference. Cannot confirm anything, though.

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Clothing/Textiles was announced as one of the first the phase 1 child chains, no?

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Out of the 3 original child chains launching alongside main net, we only know 2, confirmed in the recent AMA to be a Korean smart city monitoring air particles (we don't know which city), and an agricultural chain (no info on this).

The third child chain was said to be "secret" and will be revealed in February.

Then we had the annual meeting and they upped it from 3 chains on launch to 6.

The clothing/apparel child chains are definitely going to happen, but they are not confirmed to be any of the child chains that are going live on launch of Main net.

They very well could be, since they upped it to 6 chains, but we don't know yet.

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Thank you :)

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At the very start of the conference there was a video (the one with english subtitles) which showed 6 types of industries (six bubbles placed in a ring formation with wtc in the middle). As the video did not translate what industries were displayed in the bubbles, I thought people might like to know what was written there for more context of the video

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Thanks for the information bro