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Ok so we all know WTC is a giant by now, I know the WTC investors are intelligent and won't be bothered by the fud. But for the new Waltonians I need to share this.

Working closely with the WTC mods I can tell you guys that nothing has changed. the ALIBABA cloud partnership is still on, the latest tweet was about FUTURE announcements.

I can help clarify this by adding a few words to the latest tweet since many feel its very unclear:

Due to the CURRENT uncertainty of blockchain policies (IN CHINA), our team has decided that in the FUTURE we will announce major partnerships depending on the situation so as not to affect the real implementation of blockchain technology (IN CHINA).

Also here is the official medium link for the announcement of the agreement if anyone should ask or fud:

Hold tight team, everyone is trying to fud WTC for several reasons. 1. They want lesser GMNs in the GMN pool. 2. They want cheaper Nodes (while we have had these fuds volume has gone from 20 mil to 80mil!!! people are acquiring Masternoodes very cheap form the panic sellers don't be fooled we are still in the accumulation phase. 3. Open fud war with "competitors" and dedicated WTC fud team. 4. Youtubers lowkey fudding the WTC investors for own gains (shilling competitors coins, WTC team probably didn't want to pay them for PR).

The removal of the last tweet shows how close WTC and the Chinese Government works this is to me even more bullish news than the ALI BABA CLOUD or CHINA MOBILE partnerships.

Hold with strong hands team, WTC is a Giant.

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Agreed, but jesus please remove the "We're highly intelligent" part that's some Rick & Morty fan level stuff.


I need some of that Walton Sauce.

The winner of 1 gallon Walton sauce goes to...Walton!!!

And just like that a new meme was born today

Oooooh eeeeee

4 points · 4 months ago

Walton needs more FUD? Can dooooooooooooooo!

lol im dying

not now mr vechain butthole!

haha I laughed reading that too

IMO a large percentage of WTC Redditors fall into the category of "buy/sell the news crypto investors" I almost don't know why I even bother coming to this sub anymore, its just annoying reading all the panicked comments. Its as though the general investor or pissed off wannabe investor, can't even see that for a coin that has only been around since August last year, It has done quite well in price action; considering the recent BTC bull run everything is playing out normally. I guess I shouldn't expect anything less than decisions and discussions purely based on news, granted cryptos are primarily speculative. In my defence, I like Waltonchain and I come here hoping for less of this crap because they have a great use case product; am i wrong to be frustrated by the constant whinging? p.s. my comment just found its way here. It is my general thoughts on the majority of threads.

The last week has been pretty eventful, and we have had more visitors than usual. I think the level of discourse will rise as things normalize.

Agreed, i think the "buy/sell the news crypto investors" is Reddit investors full stop. Not just seen in Walton but we see it more becuase the Walton PR team make it easy to pick out flaws. As many people have stated the price of walton would be so much higher if they didnt have a twitter account. I personally wont be selling for a long time. While the whinging and constant FUD is fustrating, I read the team releases and use that as a basis (on Medium not twitter). Not opinions found on reddit. Sometimes you just have to laugh, glad i gave up day trading and only invest in long holds now.

Personally I'm worried that the panicky buy/sell the news investors are vocal enough to impact the success long term. If there was nobody addressing FUD with counter-FUD would the project be as successful as it would be with people attempting to guide the panicked hivemind back into rationality?

I think people stare ATH too much here and how it is supposed to be an indicator of the future. Let's say Walton peaks at 1000$ and would now be at 150$. I think sub would still be full of comments about how underrated it is and how its gonna moon.

My investment in WTC is by far the most of my portfolio. It’s tempting to go all in on it, but this sub is hard work and not much fun when I want to play in Reddit and read about ur investment.

Countless ridiculous attacks, in nearly every thread. I don’t know if it’s a Ve thing or what? But this whole community has become paranoid and defensive.

Once real life application arrives i pray the great people in this community will be able to express and communicate relevant thoughtful updates.

Y huge "Giant". I was huge WTC fan but man this Homepage is literally a joke. Explain this to me pls cuz i dont care about giveaways but i care if the company im invested in has the fckn worst Homepage in the World Wide Web

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Chinese Government: "Dear world: we are still figuring out this crypto thing. Without more regulations, we don't really want everyone involved in it just yet."


Waltonchain: "Hey guys! We are a crypto based company and just got involved in a huge project for smart cities with Alibaba Cloud! The project will promote blockchain in China and also happens to be national level and the smart city is endorsed by the President of China himself!"


Chinese Government: "Whooa Waltonchain...would you kindly consider scaling back that announcement on Twitter? Now that you are involved deeply with government projects on a national level, we need you to be on the same page as we are. Lets not have crypto companies announcing how bullish China is on blockchain until we get some official information out there from official sources. Thanks for cooperating!"


Waltonchain: "Of course we will take it down, our is our goal to continue to work closely with the Chinese Government on these huge projects."


~~Deletes tweet and issues vague message that is not specifically referencing the Chinese Government...because doing that would defeat the whole purpose of deleting the tweet at all~~


Seems like a pretty straightforward and likely situation to me.

Original Poster7 points · 4 months ago

intelligence at maximum capacity, as I have stated! That is more or less what has happened.

I’m a big walton fan, but maybe a lot/most of the “fud” is well deserved. Two days after their twitter snafu, which put a bad taste in most everybody’s mouth, they announce a huge partnership. Then a day later, after hardcore Walton fans made a fool of themselves talking Walton up, they delete their partnership tweet possibly topping how bad they looked with the giveaway. I sold my Walton immediately after they deleted that tweet, I may or may not buy back in later.

It’s important to take off the rose tinted glasses and look at the project you are invested in. I still believe in the idea, but something funky is going on with their team, at least their PR team.

And that is why you left and that’s ok. Their PR is not going to be their legacy, and that is why I stay.

Great point, that’s why I hope to buy back in later at some point once this blows over. PR is important though and walton’s doesn’t reflect well on the team.

I don’t disagree with your comment. I try to step back and see big picture for the long term. Walton’s disarray is a combination of culture, language barrier, the infrastructure of a foundation versus a single corporate entity and lack of priority to Western PR. It’s still all lipstick to me as I do think they have their act together in Asia and that’s what will drive world adoption at some point.

and that's why a chinese coin is a gamble. But you pick the right one - and you're rich. Knowing the alibaba partnership is there but waiting clarification is like being told the answers before going into an exam..

These two comments pick up a couple points that most people totally overlook. This is a Chinese venture that is focused on China. It really doesn't give any emphasis on the West at all, and nearly every poster here on Reddit expects a Western-focused company. When they don't deliver on that criteria, you either panic, get pissed, or get critical and want them to change their focus. Let them do what they do. Otherwise, invest in something else. Western PR is about as important to them as learning to eat with chopsticks is to me. When it is important, it will be addressed. Until then, live with it.

But you pick the right one - and you're rich.

Provided you sell before the dump.

That's the tricky part.

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So the sa me as every crypto. Ever.

We now know that the Chinese Govt. are meeting on the 15th to discuss new regulations and Walton was told to remove it. They were also not allowed to say "the government told us to remove this tweet". As for the giveaway...that was made out to be something more than what it actually was. If you believe in the project invest. If you don't thats ok too.


We now know that the Chinese Govt. are meeting on the 15th to discuss new regulations

Need any links possible on this you guys have. Thanks in advance.

5 points · 4 months ago · edited 4 months ago

I don’t feel I made fool of myself. I didn’t sell and I don’t see a reason to sell either. So basically you sold because how they announced/handled a partnership with a company that has 1mm paying customers.

To me that makes no sense

Keep in mind, It’s hard to sell if your have a GMN. Really easy if you don’t.

I hear you Papi. I wanted to sell so bad in the 40s but I didn’t wanna lose my gmn. I think I’ll never sell unless the rewards are way less than anticipated.

Agreed. The fools are the ones that get emotional over reddit/twitter.

I jut don't understand how people are making decisions based of Tweet management.

This. Since when is twitter the most important thing in a business? Absurd the way people think in this market...but in the end, none of that will matter, and neither will the people who sold because of twitter.

Especially when twitter isnt the main form form of communication in China, because its been, you know, banned there since 2010...

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poor investor.

Well if you knew China well enough(like me living there several years) you would understand the situation. This is not a big deal. The government controls everything and they can do whatever they like. This does not change anything for walton that is why I did not sell a coin. Here is the thing. They said the walton team that hey be easy man dont get so much attention as you know our government`s attitude to crypto. Keep this low until we sort this policy thing out. Then you can twit anything you want.

Guys you should know that Alibaba is so important for China. So I am not suprised with this twit deleting thing.

Question, serious here, if the latest tweet was about "future anouncements", why did they delete the tweet about Alibaba?

I have no clue if this is true or not but the theory would be that either Alibaba or the Chinese government didn't want them to tweet the news either at the time they did (possibly Alibaba wanted to announce first or the government warned them that policy was still being crafted) or using Twitter as a platform (I read that Twitter is banned in China). As a result they deleted the tweet and replaced it with a vague message about handling future announcements differently.

Why doesn't their website have the announcement?

Walton's website? Again, this is conjecture, but for the same reasons they had to delete the tweet. They were in hot water with the Chinese government or Alibaba. Or it's all a scam and they're dumping their tokens on us. I still have confidence in the team and their technology so I tend to believe the Chinese government has their hands in this whole situation but I have no crystal ball nor insider information so at this point all you can do is ask tough questions and try to read between the lines.

Think about the political climate in China. Their public stance on crypto assets. The credentials of the Walton team. The astonishing technology they have already demonstrated. Is this all an elaborate ruse? My money is on no, but for your investment that is a call you will have to make for yourself.

I was responding to a retort that Twitter was banned, so I asked why it's not on their site, websites are not banned and announcing partnerships is not banned.

Gotcha. Like I said that's just one theory I read. No one knows for sure until Walton comments ...

Who buys coins based on PR instead of tech and partnerships?

Bitconnect had some of the best PR/marketing in the world and look where that got their investors...

What's going on? Well besides the Waltonchain management being a pile of clueless crap, who have lost me an assload of value with their complete lack of PR skills, the entire crypto space is on fire. Why? Who f-ing knows anymore.

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Man youre an idiot stop talking like you can predict the future

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Original Poster2 points · 4 months ago

You clearly have not read and understood the stuff I wrote at the very top of this thread. Walton has the biggest partners in crypto history atm. And there has been 0 lies.

I mean, saying they have the biggest partners in crypto right now is literally a lie.

The wind doesn’t care what trees it knocked down. The trees shouldn’t take it personal.

Other forces dumped btc every day this week at noon. It will happen again tomorrow.

Alts will take it in the teeth again when btc finally bounces off its lowest support line in a few weeks.

This time wtc is just taking the brunt of it.

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I dont this post. The whole market is down?

My issue is that all this has basically set WTC back almost 6 months, growth-wise. I'm just not willing to wait for what will probably end up being a year for WTC to get back to where it was, value-wise. They've first got to get people to be willing to forgive all that happened, and then slowly get back to investing in it.
Again, I'm not willing to waste that time when there are so many other opportunities ready and waiting, especially when considering the risk factor that's much higher now than it previously was. I moved almost everything (including all of my WTC) into GVT, and won't look back. It's been outperforming BTC for a good while now.

0 points · 4 months ago · edited 4 months ago

All coins built on ethereum blockchain are scams (including GNT and WTC and many others). Do you know why? Because everyone can make his own coins very easy on ETH blockchain. They don't need team behind it, nothing, only marketing. Why are you so stupid people? Why don't invest in XRP for example ?

So you think because a thing is easy to make, then that thing would automatically be used as a scam?
Nobody would actually make things that drive original ideas that end up as useful products?

Bricks are easy to make; anyone can make a brick.
That must mean that Frank Lloyd Wright was a "scammer."

(If you truly believe what you stated in your comment, you must be one of the simplest simpletons in existence.)

Frank Lloyd Wright has made his own structures not building on top of other structures! Real projects make their own blockchain !!! And investing time and money and real people behind not making some project with no real use case and ask for money through ICO's. That`s why most people are scammed. (If you truly believe what you stated in your comment, no offense but you must be one of the dumbest dumbers in existence.)

a giant?? there employee shares the same computer to take turns using tweet. they either can't afford another one or are scamming.


0 points · 4 months ago

This is a scam, no need to be highly intelligent to see it. Try to get out if you still can.

I used to hold WTC but the twitter fiasco followed by the Alibaba fake news just broke me. I checked their website and this whole project looks iffy. I didn't like it. I'm all out on WTC now. This smells of scam very very much.

Man people like you need to understand it was not fake news, the partnership is still up

Source? And also what's your view on the Twitter scam fiasco?

Original Poster5 points · 4 months ago

source is provided already.

0 points · 4 months ago

I'm thinking of investing in WTC. Do you think it's a good time to buy?... and why? I'll be converting from other cryptos (BTC or ETH).

logged in just to type this:


I know the WTC investors are intelligent


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