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How valuable are GMN's really?


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well... i really hope we r highly valuable.. since ive had 95% of my capital locked for the past 4 months.

18 points · 4 months ago

About three fiddy

I gave him a dollar

Right now? 75K.

In the future it will depend on multiple factors. Returns are not currently known, and returns will additionally be contingent upon your ability to provide hash for the network. GMN's will be able to recieve the highest level of rewards, could range from being highly profitable (for those who actively provide hash) to only worth what the tokens are being exchanged for.

At this point in time, it's very hard to determine the set value of a GMN future worth. But many of us here believe staking and mining Walton will be highly profitable as we believe in Walton long term.

They are valuable by about this many much:


Are you sure its not about this much? 👋_______________________👋

The most valuable gem in all of crypto!

7 points · 4 months ago

one of the benefits of masternodes are that they secure the network. essentially they lock up coins such that a malicious actor can't buy a ton of waltoncoins and somehow subvert operations i understand.

3 points · 4 months ago · edited 4 months ago

Yes please, rub the lamp.. poor question 😢😪😢

Owning a Dash Masternode gave you 18% returns at first. WTC’s GMN is supposed to have better initial returns than Dash did.

So, I’d say it’s pretty valuable


People stop talking about price. The waltonchain is secured using GMN's. Imagine how valuable that is....VERY!

4 points · 4 months ago

I've heard 20% returns being thrown around, how is that possible?

For the start, Yes. But it'll decline with time.

9 points · 4 months ago

for the first year yea. the team actually said higher than DASH's first year rewards, which were 18%, so higher than 18% for the first year

How is it not possible?

3 points · 4 months ago

because they are small pool - there are only 1800 or so GMN, not all will mine so there doesn't have to be that much walton for 20% roi.

Per year or? What's the relation to time on that 20% ROI

2 points · 4 months ago

It sounds too good to be true

6 points · 4 months ago

because they are small pool - there are only 1800 or so GMN, not all will mine so there doesn't have to be that much walton for 20% roi.

It really doesn’t, do the math.

-4 points · 4 months ago

Did you say on r/Vechain, your second favorite r/ after Waltonchain (:D) "it's too good to be true" for the Thor program?

Vechain offers even more returns than 20%.

We don't know what percent vechain returns because we don't know the price of Thor.

3 points · 4 months ago

hahaha. hey his, math doesnt add up man.

4 points · 4 months ago

No they don't. THOR is different from Walton GMN returns

Ya the Thor movie was really good. Hulk was pretty funny. Walton isn't a movie though.

No one truly knows. We really have to wait until the next AMA and hopefully it is addressed in full.

How valuable? Here's my thoughts on valuable it will be in the future based on my opinions and the information I've gathered, firstly, the walton team has given us GMN/MN holders airdropped tokens, they didn't have to but they did. That speaks volume. It means they know GMN holders are crucial to the function of Waltonchain, it's a way of showing their appreciation.

Now moving onto childchains, is it possible we could see more airdropped tokens being given out to large sum holders of WTC? Definitely, we've already seen that with the recent Freyrchain airdrop, can we expect to see more airdrops, maybe even exclusive airdrops for only GMN holders in the future? Possibly.

Annual return would be more than DASH (18%), as it stands, DASH MN holders are making at least 40k anually, that's roughly 3.3k per month, now it's able to reach that figure thanks to it's placement on the market obviously, but to tie this in with what Mo Bing mentioned about Walton being top 4? top 3? You could see where this is going. So yes it is valuable. Valuable as your precious offspring. That's to say if Walton reaches the valuation.

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