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  1. Download wallet
  2. create new address
  3. go to mining tab
  4. insert public key of the address you just created (DO NOT USE YOUR MEW ADDRESS) into the Receive Wallet Address" window
  5. click CPU mining under Mining Model and whatever CPU resource allocation you want
  6. click Start Mining

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"insert public key of the address you just created (DO NOT USE YOUR MEW ADDRESS) into the Receive Wallet Address" window"

How will this mine from your GMN/MN if you don't put in your MEW address?

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Today has nothing to do with gmn or mn status. We have to wait for instructions on those later.

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any word on when that is coming out?

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On original roadmap, masternodes were coming out 1 month after main net/mining launch.

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I'm told in other group that we should use ERC20 address to receive, but that's incorrect?

We should use the address given to use in the WTC wallet?

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Yes use the one given to you in the wtc wallet. Those arent erc20s.

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You have to wait for the token swap to be completed to have access to the tokens currently on the eth network.

See here: https://medium.com/@Waltonchain_EN/notice-on-wtc-token-swap-129a2c127a67

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Why not GPU mining? Is it not working yet?

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he token swap to be completed to have access to the tokens currently on the eth network.

See here: https://medium

wondering the same thing

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The wallet gui is not full screen capable and some of the content is off screen/inaccessible. Anyone else have this issue? Any help would be appreciated.

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What resolution are you using?

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Why cant i use an existing wallet? If i use metamask can i just create a new wallet there?

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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but... you're not mining an ERC20 token any longer. You're mining WTCT... their new token, per mainnet launch. So you have to send this new token, the mining rewards, back to your (new) WTCT wallet.

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That is how I understand it as well.

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So even though the program has an option for GPU mining, it is not functional yet, right?

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does gpu mining work yet? how do i tell if my cpu is better than my gpu for mining?

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Hi does it increase my chances of successful mining if I am holding Walton in my wallet ? I usually do some day trading so I leave it on the exchange

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No, they are currently two separate coins. The newly mined ones are not able to be withdrawn yet.

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how do you know if you mined a wtc? just refresh the wallet every few hours and hope?

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I am also wondering this, as I've left my computer mining (CPU) all night long and then checked the wallet and it has apparently been mining but I can't see how much or anything. Checked the waltonchain explorer and it says 0 blocks mined so far. So has it mined nothing?

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Correct - many others are mining with more resources.

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So it is only worth mining if you got a rig? Hmm...

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Well, usually if you're a small fish, you'd be part of a pool. You'd get constant, smaller rewards. There is no "real" pooling right now, unless you get a bunch of friends and all mine to the same adress, then split the rewards...

Right now, use the number of local computational power and divide it by network power... Then multiply by 100. That is your percentage of hash power of the network.

So if you're at 0,003%, then you have 0,003% to be the one finding the next block. You could be very lucky and find 3 blocks in the next 10 minutes.... Very unlikely but not impossible. Or you could have a huge mining farm, having 50% of the entire hash power, and not find a single block in the next 30 minutes (also unlikely but not impossible).

Every minute the network grows, every minute you have less % and less chance to find the next block.

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From what I've heard it's an all in one gui wallet/miner

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Do you know where it can be accessed?

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Check out the official Github, located at https://github.com/WaltonChain/WaltonWallet_Win_x64.

Create a new wallet and use the 1 click miner to start.

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says theres trojan in it

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Claymore does that too

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what is claymore?

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Eth miner :)

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Many thanks!

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so is this legit?

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Yeah as legit as it gets anyway. Be sure to only download from the official Github page.

There are other people saying the miner triggers error messages or warnings, not sure why that happens. To be sure always create a new wallet so nothing bad can happen that way.

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Do you need a MN or GMN to mine? Can I with let’s say 100 or 1000 Waltons?

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You don’t need any tokens to mine

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Great, thanks!

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can someone set up a guide to how to get to this point from a mac?


thanks. greatly appreciated

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I'm trying to mine with GPU and it doesn't appear to be working. Local hashrate is 0. Is this not supported yet?

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wow these instructions are awful. They dont give any instructions on actually configuring your wallet address into the miner, also I'm getting a listen error that I have no idea how to correct.

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100% worst GPU mining experience in the world.

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Yeah it gives me an error saying denied the request.... No info on how to fix that.

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im a newb,

so what happens when i click extremely fast under CPU resource allocation as oppose to regular?

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also how soon will i see a reward from mining?

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it depends on your hashrate, it could takes hours

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When gpu mining available?

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What about GPU and CPU mining ? Wallet only lets you pick one. I attempted to run the gpu miner seperately, but cpu/gpu miner share the same filepath - walton.exe. Stumped

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Does anyone know if the GPU mining option works? I am using it, but the value is 0 for Local Computing Power Estimated Value. I did have 10 connections. Been about an hour.

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https://github.com/WaltonChain/WaltonWallet is this the correct address to download the wallet from? thanks

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Throw your computer/rig directly out the window. I promise this is absolutely positively the most profitable approach.