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Daily Discussion - April 01, 2018

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Wallet with Full-Node Mining SupportMarch
Genesis Block/Parent Chain OperationalQ2
Converting from an ERC20 to WTC TokensQ2
Operational Release of MasternodesQ2
Airdrop Reward Payout to MasternodesQ2


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What's the T in WTCT? Test?


I think it stands for token


Lmao atleast make it rhyme

A tweet from Jimmy Song. "Heuristic: Hyped things have overblown promises. Real things have overblown FUD."

Which one do ya'll think we fall under?

Mined 4 WTCT in 20 hours and knowing absolutely nothing about mining. Super excited about the results!

What do you estimate your electricity costs are for running 20 hours of equipment? Just curious about what actual gains would be around.

Hopefully less than my rewards 😂... honestly I have no clue. I need to buy an electricity usage monitor.

Thats insane to be honest. I mined btc with nicehash with a 1080 ti and 3x 1050 ti..each 2-3 weeks I got a deposit on it on binance which I could then change to 2-5 wtc.max.depending.on.price. with 1x 1080 and 1x1050 ti I got 10+wtc in a day which is awesome.

It is awesome! I got 6 WTCT now in the matter of 32 hours just on a gaming PC, no mining rig. Hey, question for you. Right now I’m CPU mining on my Ryzen 7 but my PC also has a Radeon RX 580 GPU. Would it be more beneficial for me to continue CPU mining or switching to GPU mining? Thanks in advance.

No idea, not an expert on that, but I think that cpu will get more hash as my 1050 ti only got about 12K hash on my other rig, and when I switched to cpu it is something about 71k

Gotcha. Yeah I think I’m going to continue CPU mining until they improve the GPU mining feature. I’m hearing a lot of people getting low or no rewards on GPU mining. Thanks!

That’s a good haul. My miner seemed to stop mining over night unfortunately. Then I had connection issues later on. If I can mine 24/7 reliably that would be great.

Ouch, yeah I have my PC running with Ryzen 7. I just keep it connected in my back room running without any disruptions. Getting about 220k. Why did the connection drop?

Not sure. Checked on it after leaving it running to come back and find network disruption and then over night the program still saying it’s mining but hash 0 and no CPU usage. Could be I had my internet go off for a period. Not sure.

Gotcha. I have no devices connected to my router and have a hard line Ethernet cable connection to my PC.

Same, direct line. I have other PCs plugged in to it though.

Damn I thought mainnet and mining would be positive to the price. For Pow, there's not much incentive for people to hold or buy wtc given that the big mining companies would come in to mine massively and sell for profits?

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There’s not many coins issued with POW mining... negligent almost. About 200 BTC a month. Daily volume Is double that. Edit: my math may be wrong may be even less than that, maybe around 65 BTC a month. All depends on price of BTC vs WTC.

So, I am cpu mining, overnight got 2 WTCT, which is legit? On the new chain these wtct will have the value right? Also, should I cpu mine i7 or use my gtx1080, what will give better rewards? Why is info on this so non-existant?

legit,yes, think 1080 is better than your i7, look in the /r/waltonchainmining reddit

Here's a sneak peek of /r/WaltonchainMining using the top posts of all time!

#1: Mining is Live - GPU the facts
#2: Walton Beta 1.3 - CPU Hash rates
#3: [Test] Please ignore! :)

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I never said I predicted that it would. But I reminded everyone constantly that prices are extremely volatile, and corrections of 75% or more are common. Crypto grows in bubbles. Bitcoin will come back eventually and prices will rise. Fiat pairs will also help with the volatility. I've been in crypto for a long time. I cpu-mined 6 Bitcoin back in the day before ultimately losing them in mt.gox. Lol. Point is, I'm no stranger to volatility. And I have been through this level of correction several times now. None of this is worrying. You sound worried. Or you're concern-trolling.

(I'm guessing this is a reply to me)

Now you're arguing two different things. One that crypto will rise again with another speculative bubble (something I agree is likely to happen), and two that the eventual true price of WTC once the hype has all ended and the coin is used purely for utility will still be just as high (something which is basically guaranteed to not be true).

Bubbles are called bubbles for a reason. This isn't a magic never ending money tree. The prices may rise again with another hype cycle, but that doesn't translate to the utility of crypto tokens requiring a high price, when said hype has fizzled out.

See: dotcom bubble and current price of those stock

Every bubble has a higher floor than before. I'm arguing that bubbles will raise wtc's price over time.

That won't continue indefinitely. Maybe the eventual resting price will be higher than the current price (or maybe not), but it isn't going to be 100x the current price


Does anyone know how we stake?

No staking yet. No tokens are swapped so what do you plan to stake with?

That was my point. Is it only POW right now?



Hi plebbit faggit

don't be rude. use Mr

I was wondering about wallet for Mac I only saw info for windows. not sure if i am missing something.

2 points · 3 months ago

the roadmap says wallet for ios is later

1 point · 3 months ago

What roadmap are you looking at?


1 point · 3 months ago

Seems I was mistaken, it's the iOS mobile wallet

All works well now with gpuminer :D insane value what we are getting if u perspective:p

Are you able to mine with more than one GPU on a system at the same time?

I think its only using one going by my temps but fuck it I am happy

1 point · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

I have 6 EVGA's showing in my device manager. I'm running the mining software with the correct wallet synced, but no gpu's are showing. any advice? thanks.

edit: Three of the gpus are twitching but not fully spinning and nothing showing in mining software. any advice appreciated.

Are you using a bat file or wallet built-in miner, if you don't mind me asking? I've never got any other except a first GPU to show any signs of life mining Walton, but the first one is running on 100%. Also what do you mean by "no gpu's are showing"? Where?

Bat file. No gpu's spinning. I now have 6 twitching back and forth. was referring to no GPU's showing in mining software, but do show in device manager.

Limited to 1 gpu right now per rig I heard

Run 6x VM and use PCI pass through to get one card per VM

Day trading success. Dumped 0.00171 into that poor sap who bought 30,000 WTC.

Reloaded around 0.00138 WTC/BTC

BTC literally needs to pump soon so I'm banking on a short squeeze any moment.

Otherwise BTC is going below $6000 and it's going to get bloody for most alts.

sellin gmn for 200k. :cries:

sell when they want you to sell ay

One thing y'all need to realise (applies to any crypto not just WTC) is that regardless of how amazing the team, project, partnerships, real world utility, etc is, that doesn't change the fact that the token prices up until now have been driven by 99.9% speculation and greed-driven hype, not real world utility or function.

So just as easily as that value was built up, it can get completely destroyed. People in this space need to consider the very real possibility that even when these projects are fully active and being used on a large scale in the real world, that doesn't mean the individual token prices are going to sitting be on the moon ("when buisinesses start using WTC, we're going to be at $1000!"). They could very well be even lower than they are today.

Means you don’t understand how it works. WTC is an utility token and when the system will be fully functional, token price will increase the more it is used

It could drop to 50 cents before it eventually starts slowly increasing once utility comes in, and may never ever reach anywhere near its $45 high which was created entirely out of rampant speculation.

That's what a bubble is, and anyone who isn't aware of this possibility has no idea how this market works

IoT industry will be 20 trillion in 2020. If Walton captures a small percentage of that, prices will be very high. Data is valuable, and Walton is a big data company. More adoption means more wtc to be used for smart contracts and transactions, and using and trading data amongst industries, which directly translates to a lower supply, with increasing demand over time. Walton will be worth thousands in the future if they are successful. Given their deep govt ties and laundry list of customers and partnerships, I think they're going to do just fine, and the price will be reflected in that.

The internet is huge, Cisco is huge, yet it still isn't worth anywhere near what it was at the peak of its dot com bubble hysteria, and the same goes for basically every other company of the time (bar Amazon, a total anomaly).

Thinking that a technology becoming widely adopted translates to prices mooning forever is the epitome of delusion, it's never been reflected in theory or reality. Prices in crypto are built up on speculation (including the current market price of WTC, or any other coin), when that speculation factor disappears prices will collapse too, even if adoption thereafter increases. The only question is how many more speculation/hype/greed driven bull runs we have left.

Don't twist my words. I never said that WTC would moon forever. I said that the price would be in the thousands if they are successful. Price can stabilize afterwards, or go with several other scenarios.

Also, the token dynamic in crypto, and specifically wtc, are totally different from the stock market. WTCs price is indirectly attached to its adoption through supply and demand.

We are far from the peak of the dot com bubble as well. Cisco hit 550 billion, and is around 75 billion today.

Walton is at a quarter billion. So yeah. Walton will be in the thousands if it's successful. which I predict it will be. Tremendously.

Which is a totally arbitrary made up number that doesn't actually have any relation to anything other than the hope that the same massive % gains seen so far in the crypto market will continue into the future.

Which of course could happen, but that doesn't change the fact that it will be an entirely inflated, speculative figure that doesn't relate to actual adoption or utility or anything tangible, and subject to massive collapse when the bubble bursts, as they all do.

This past three months should have taught people this, but it seems they never learn. WTC's price should have gone to $100 with mainnet, child chains going live, etc, right? I'm sure you predicted it would as well. Except that the market suddenly stopped pumping up cryptocurrencies with hype, greed and speculation, and so everything tanked, with much of that speculative value being wiped straight off, even though Walton is closer to real world use now. And there's no reason why the prices can't drop another 90% or whatever from here.

You seem to think: The gains we've seen so far will increase at a similar rate with adoption. The reality: The gains we've seen so far are completely irrational and inflated, and if the prices were ever "reset" to a reasonable value prior to adoption gradually happening, your price prediction wouldn't even be on the map.

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I did not predict a price rise with main net. I anticipated a price drop.

You anticipated the price going back to $8 (when WTC was at $45) after mainnet? Got any proof of this?

I anticipated with the current market that Walton would dip from the 10 or 11 dollars to 8 or 9 when main net was released. Because people sell the news and there is no actual adoption that goes in hand with main net. Once the chain is secure enough and all phases of main net (mn, gmn, reward structures, data uploads from child chains) have rolled out, then price will probably start ticking upwards again.

Yeah the question is when is the next bull run(s) coming and how big can the crypto market get at its peak. I do think it will go into the trillions, but that again will be an entirely speculation based value.

When it comes to investing in crypto, your aim should never be endless hodling. You should be aiming to make money during the periods of ridiculous growth, and taking profits on the way up.

This will eventually come tumbling down and the prices that these tokens eventually "settle" at when (if) they are actually being used for utility may be orders of magnitude less than what people hope.

this statement doesn't properly take into account how the limited amount of WTC affects the price. Cryptocurrency is very different to shares in this regard. This coupled with the system Waltonchain have, child chains and all that; this coin is in a better position than most others.

5 points · 3 months ago

It can happen, but i dont think it will.

So you think some thousand private investors can drive the price higher than when adoption by big companies is happening 😂 good joke my friend.

These companies can literally save millions of dollars by using Waltonchain, so you should read again how markets work.


-26 points · 3 months ago(7 children)
-25 points · 3 months ago(0 children)

I say, would you mind awfully not using racist terms? Ta very much, cheerio.

You actually think Market Cap is the Valuation of a company? LOL! When companies acquire other companies, they do not pay market stock value. This daily has lots of morons in it today with a sub 80 IQ.

Is that bad?

Is that bad?

Is that bad?

They pay more actually

Holy cow!

I'm a simple man, I see RSI<30 I buy.

what, and sell when it is up on the same time frame on the same day? i mean...

3 months ago people were angry if you predicted less than $200 for EOY. I’m genuinely curious what peoples price predictions are for Q2, Q3, and EOY.

If you’re going to give me some “progress over profits” lecture, don’t. I’m just wondering what people think right now.

And for everyone who’s saying its because of BTC, our SAT value is less than 50% of what it was at our ATH, and its fallen since main net release.

I’m hodling, even if its just because I refuse to sell at this price. But again I’m just trying to gauge everyone’s predictions.

Price predictions for this kind of timeframe is pure luck IMO. Choose a shorter timeframe and you might be able to guess it if you choose the correct predicted scenario. Every good TA has alternate scenarios/predictions.

Yea, a few months ago when wtc was around $20, i got called a moron for predicting it might be around $40-48 by 2018 eoy. One guy said $500 eoy, the other said "people just don't know the fundamentals, it'd be easily in 100s"

Now I think I'm still a moron for not selling when it hit my predicted price.

Well the trend does seem to be to sell the rumour and the news at the moment so im thinking if all goes well we may see 50c by december!! think of how many masternodes you could buy!!!!

8 months away, and suddenly a $200 price point or even $50 is unlikely? Wow, the internet has destroyed a lot of people's sense of time.

You forget that staking hasn't been implemented yet. When that happens, one does not even need to care about mining difficulty. Oh and GMN pools, and lower difficulty. But yeah...lets forget about that, Walton will be $10 in August, yup.

It was a question..

12 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

TLM, Network Traveler, Yayoman... you guys around Reddit. I haven’t seen a comment on mainnet day or after.

Would be nice to get your guys POV on how things went and how you view the future.

Thanks and happy Easter

lol they constantly answering questions on slack whole yesterday

Unfortunately myself and majority don’t have access to slack. Spread the love to Reddit.

Try to click on the slack symbol on the wallet, not sure if the invitation link ist working though :)

Sweet I will. I thought invites were no longer acceptable.

I read some comments of tlm and yayoman this morning so not sure what this comment is about honestly

I would just like to hear some feedback from our leaders. I think mainnet went great and would like hear comments from them.

First of all they are not our leaders and second there is a big difference between the fact you want to have a feedback and them hiding...

Yeah your right. I shouldn’t of said that.

Just a word of caution. Beware that a lot of people who spread FUD are trying hard to get you to sell. They are the ones who will have the large low bid buy orders when panic sets in. Pyschology plays a big part in Crypto. Trading with emotion almost guarantees you will lose out long term. I know some people who own a lot of WTC that aren't on Reddit and their sentiment is much more positive about this investment. Make your own decisions, but try not to get influenced by a loud minority of unhappy reddit users. Happy Easter!

Yep, I'm amazed at the stuff I read here every day. Terrible investment calls and decisions surrounded by negativity. If you come here looking for reasons to hold or sell then you're gonna do really badly ay investing. I try to ignore it and find news and the like but damn its hard even when I 100% know better

I hope it stays $9 until Monday. I can finally finish up adding another Masternode to my stockpile.

-13 points · 3 months ago(5 children)

Same as Alibaba. The partnerships are there but not visible. Hopefully China changes their stance soon in front of media, so we can come out.

And why are other partnerships visible then? Makes no sense to me

Because those arent state owned

Is this your new FUD topic?

For asking for a proof for the chinese telekom partnership? How delusional are you guys?

All the hate and downvotes only for asking....

Seems like a lot of bag holders are afraid

Well, it wasn't exactly a painless launch but we are up and running.

I think it went great tbh

So, so. Lots of confusion with cpu/gpu which wasn't announced beforehand. Which addresses to use, MN and GMN status and so forth. But we are up and running.

It was perfectly clear and laid out in writing - MN/GMN delay, which address to use etc

Are you one of those who can't read and just clicks buttons with angry grunting?

I think they were perfectly clear with what address to use tho?

Was anyone able to mine with more than ONE GPU per RIG? Am I just missing some settings or is it DISABLED for now? Been trying to get it to work with multiple GPUs for 6 HOURS and I'm going INSANE. PLEASE ease my craze.

1 point · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

The miner either CRASHES or still uses only one GPU even if I configure it (perhaps wrongly) to request more OpenCL devices. Is it impossible?

It really feels there are a lot of people on this sub claiming to have tons of $$ invested, but really don't. If you have hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in this, why would you be shocked by the lack of extra mining incentive for MN/GMN? Did you not read anything leading up to launch? That level of irrationality doesn't make sense to me, so I can't help but conclude there is just a ton of people making shit up.

It literally says that staking and MN/GMN rewards are coming a month after main net launch. People who are upset about this can only point the finger at themselves

Hi. Anyone knows how many wtc u get for mining a block? I have never mined before so don't know anything about it.

You get 2 WTCT, I'm also completely new at mining but left my ultrabook on all night and got 2 by the morning, was a nice feel :)


I'm using CPU, I have a 2 or 3 year old Laptop with a i7 4720. When i started the mining yesterday the difficulty was around 2.000, in the morning was already at 11.000 so I don't believe I will get this luck again, even so... I still left it trying ;)

Haha thanks for the info.


So I've mined for 18 hours straighed with a hashrate of 60.000 and haven't gotten a single block. Not even any statistics showing up. Why is that? Is this just unlucky or what?

60,000 / 13,000,000,000 *100 is your % chance of finding a block....

But it's so weird. Either I get 2 WTCT or absolutely nothing. Is it even worth mining then? Does the chance of finding a block increases if I just keep mining? It doesn't right?

Your chances remain the same but you essentially have more probability finding if you mine longer. It’s simple probability. That’s how all mining works. If you’re gonna pay more in electricity may as well stop lol 230,000 hash rate will now find 1 block on average every 40 days based on my calculation

With hashing difficulty it takes around 18 hours to mine a block with 240.000 hash/s. around 18 hours.

lol alright. not worth for me then. Just tried to be lucky at the beginning. Didnt work out quiet as planned, but its ok^

12 points · 3 months ago

Sub10$... Im in ATL sinc december :(

If you believe in your research and the coins you pick, remember the whales play the game so you lose hope and sell at a low/loss. They are sure to be buying soon and are already accumulating. Its as simple as that for investors ...also for wannabe traders who are just trying to gues the top and bottom.

4 points · 3 months ago

I bought wtc at 1 and 2 $ mostly so its ok. But still hurts, could have sell at 40$..

Perhaps we are going to see Bithumb soon now that mainnet is out?

-21 points · 3 months ago(6 children)

Why People who are saying hard the right words are gone down voted? Thats why influencers get richer and richer... People just want to see sun not the dark...

How is that "right words"?

Bithumb is listing new coins and Walton team said they came to an agreement long time ago, so pitapalace's comment was just pointless

-2 points · 3 months ago

I mean the whole market is scam!!! And don‘t tell me you are here because of the nice technology, every one hopes to make Money here...

8 points · 3 months ago

Wow dude you made a reddit account just to fud WTC..? You'd sad twat 😂

What an ass. But in fairness WTC has dumped... let's hope we see it return to a more reasonable price soon.

Funny how you made this account only to fud, did your last account get banned :(

Left my 1080ti to mine over night, but nothing happened. Latest drivers and everything. My CPU starts mining within a few minutes with around 160k hashrate. When do they plan to enable GPU mining? And will it be possible to mine with CPU and GPU at the same time?

I'm running the GPU miner and not the GUI Wallet. Received 2 blocks so far in about 6 hours. 256k hash rate consistent.

How do you do ?

I click on mine and whatever I choose it doesn't do anything. I don't even hear my fans going up.

I've a GTX1080 and a Ryzen CPU.

To everyone here, be careful around this HODL mentality. Stay level headed and think it through.

I’m the same as you I think Walton can become massive. There’s so much potential.

Right now though everyone is listing reasons why Walton is great and you shouldn’t worry.

Stop doing this.

It doesn’t matter shit right now what partnerships they have, what goals they have and how much more is left to be announced.

Start looking at Bitcoin and the market as a whole instead. Walton could partner with Alibaba, Google and Microsoft and we would still go down to 3$-4$ if Bitcoin drops to ~5k.

Everything is still tied to Bitcoin, remember that.

But this thing is going to pop and when it does u gotta be in it to win it. A little late to dump

sound advice. I already sold everything and went in fiat at the mainnet pump and now it's waiting to see what BTC decides.

Probably 1/3 of the market is just waiting on the sidelines to see what happens.

It’s also manipulated to the extremes. Both now and when we reached 20k. It can’t have reached $800b for the first and last time.

Then again we’re almost at 6k again, so like I said. Impossible to know.

this is the worst advice ever, ok if you said that when we hit 800B market cap , i would say wow smart move , but now we are at the bottom we just need to w8 it out. if you move your money to btc you're taking bigger risk that all of us. if you have walton and you hold it until now, just keep holding bc from 3$-4$ to 10$ i will give it one week on stable market. so instead of thinking on the market every second just take 3 months off from the market let it play it self (even 2014 crash we bottomed after 6 months )

I think you misunderstand me. I’m not saying sell WTC for Bitcoin. I do agree that when the market turns Walton has much more reason to rise significantly compared to Bitcoin.

What I’m saying is some people seem to think it’s 100% certain Walton will explode eventually. Like there’s 0 risk. Dangerous thinking when we’re so tied to what Bitcoin does.

"right now we are at the bottom"

that's a bold statement

been hodl since the early days, it never fails if you know where the future of all of this lies. If you are stressed out over price, then you broke the #1 rule (invested more than you could afford to lose).

That’s what I mean. We Don’t know what this future will look like.

Blind faith in a project is dangerous when you also have to think about what Bitcoin will do.

Good for you if you’re so sure where this will go. But this place gets turned into an echo chamber and so many doesn’t even see this as risky.

Yes this VERY true but for alot of people Hodling its easier and less stressful than selling to BTC and buying back in, especially as the market is 24 hours and alot of us have don't have the time to trade and watch charts when we have families/regular jobs etc.

6 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

We have to move away from bitcoin and his manipulation, so each individual coin can be priced by itself and get the credits they deserve or not deserve. instead of following every btc fart.

We are moving away. Wtc is going down almost the hardest.

will never happen, it's like saying all stocks should move away from the US dollar..

Not necessarily true, many exchanges are loving toward usd and other fiat trading pairs. As much as I love bitcoin, it’s not good that the main trading pair for the market is so volatile. When bitcoin stabilizes in the future, then it’d be great, but as of now it’d be great to get more fiat trading pairs

btc can be replaced by a better coin, it would just take a long time -_-

The btc dominance at least will be less when fiat pairs is coming.

I have an i7 and gtx1080 so what should i choose for mining? cpu or gpu? i hear gpu is not available yet? currently running cpu but don't want to waste my time if i should be using gpu. thanks!

CPU. Or just test both and see as I don't know what i7 you have.

So in the announcement Mo Bing said "the mainnet is compatible with the basic Ethereum technology.."

Does that mean wtc will still be able to be traded on AirSwap after the token swap?

-8 points · 3 months ago(0 children)

is there a functional explorer live ?

Have we got an updated list of all the gmn and mn now?

how do i join slack? need to ask some q for ppl who understand the one click miner. mine gets hash rate and then goes from 50% cpu to 0% and my hashrate drops to 0 after 3 minutes. not sure how to fix

Mine was doing the same. I reset my date and time multiple times along with uninstalling and reinstalling the Miner until it worked.

what indicated it worked? connections went to 10 or so or constant nonzero local power?

No one talking about the fact that the price right now is going to absolutely shit?

Seems like a lot of pissed people are out

There is a lot of targeted FUD. The sub is filled with irrational hatred towards Walton for every decision they make. Sadly the team just adds fuel to the fire by doing stupid shit at every launch.

The mainnet by all means has been success and the wallet UI they have released is pretty polished and easy to use. But they had to launch GPU mining without warning. And even then they didn't mention GPU mining is capped at 1 card in their launch post. Which gave fudders all they needed.

There’s absolutely no reason to be pissed, mostly just people who didn’t read the roadmap or the amazing fudders we have.

We have the best fudders 👍🏻

Superente - a side note - can you stop bashing ven in the cc sub!!!!

puhleeez look at the entire market, it's all following btc.

We're dropping ranks on CMC. Rank 51 now

which will be undone when btc goes back up again.. you watch

Dropping in ranks is not the same as dropping in price. Dropping in ranks means people are selling due to other factors besides the bear market.

Or maybe other projects have just moved passed WTC?

but that doesn't fit the 'panic' narrative.

5 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

Good for them im loading up for a 1000 dollar coin at least summer 2019

I really dont care about some opinions in cc or anywhere around on reddit. If people still dont understand the use cases for walton after yesterday video its better when they leave.

We tanking

7 points · 3 months ago

damn, i havent checked the price in a long time, thats unfortunate. ah well, the bear continues

Is anyone getting anything significant back from CPU mining? I've just turned off 8x of my i7-8700K's systems, 1x i7-7700 and 1x Celeron. Last block was over 5 hours ago. All systems had between 6-25 connections and were running 100%.

Kind of wish I bought a few Threadrippers instead so I didn't have to list so much on eBay lol. I was really pumped for mining, at this rate electricity is going to come close to closing in on profits so ill cut my losses and sell the hardware straight up and buy GPU's once rewards for GMN's is up. Hopefully we have some better cards by then. Anyone in Sydney message me if you want some discount hardware.

please can any one give me the detailed list of the hardware needed for highest GPU mining , note I have 1080 and I need to know the detailed list including cables, accessories, and if gaming computer needed to have good performance? thank you in advance I am a long term holder and GMN holder and I really need this help

go to mining sub, there were several related discussions.

Still mining since launch and no WTC received. Would have been nice to get something... Even just a fraction of a coin. Should I turn it off and stop wasting my time & power?

Mining since launch w a 200k hash, I’ve mined 6 so far.

Mining is a lottery unless you join a mining pool (which I don’t think people have created yet). It’s possible to mine for a day with nothing to show, or it’s possible to get tons of coins.

When mining pools are up, join a mining pool if you want a more steady mining experience

Are you sure you are mining tho? Can you confirm CPU/GPU usage? If yes, then it's only a matter of your equipment and luck finding a block. I've mined 3 blocks (6 WTC) so far. :)

What's your hashrate?

I am not too sure, my friend. :D See if this helps: P.S. wallet in this picture is opened on a different computer, miner and MSI afterburner are displayed on a remote desktop.

I'm running about the same. Fluctuates 70k-140k.

i got 2.0 wtc overnight on i5 desktop... it is what mining was meant to be... a lottery

Depends on your equipment. How long you’ve mined means nothing if your hash rate isn’t competitive.

Hopefully he isn't doing it with a Pentium II

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