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All of us who mined before block 200.000 should be paid now.

GMNs got 3 WTC instead 4 WTC per block. After the final Tokenswap they will pay the missing rest.

Check your wallet guys 😉


is there one with extradata filter?


At the moment, Waltonchain is one of the biggest and most promising projects in the Crypto field. People, at Waltonchain, are building the future with their ambition. As for me, Waltonchain is my favorite project in the space. However, the team has recently released Whitepaper 2.0 and it has received a lot of criticism from this community and other crypto communities because it was kind of vague. To be honest this leaves me bothered and worried. I can't really understand how such a big project like Waltonchain could drop such a low quality Whitepaper. Taking a look on the partnerships Waltonchain has gained so far and the blockchain institute they started up in South Korea, I cannot believe this happened. I would like to hear the opinions of people here about this matter. Thanks in advance.


Hello guys, Hi Walton Community, Dear WaltonLovers,

i did it and i know why i spent more than 16hrs of lifetime into this sheets of paper.

It is some sites longer than the original WhitePaper. Mine has 87 sites of manually handwritten translation.


It´s my unofficial translation of the WaltonChain WhitePaper 2.0 in german.

Let me teach you, what the reason was.

WaltonChain is one of the most exiting projects i´ve ever heard before, because their goal will be huge for all of us.

I wrote some articles about WTC before i did this translation and i´m invested since nov 2017 after i heard about the first time. The first thing i did was reading and understanding their project. Many hours later i started to search per google too and hoped to understand what they explained in the WhitePaper 1.0.

It was hard for me, because there were many words i never heard before.

Today i know what they meant and i know what they will hopefully reach in the future, but i know the most barrier is the language.

A lot of people out there are to lazy to understand the tech behind the coins or just ignore it, because they think "i´m rich in two weeks", and other guys can´t read/speak english and stop to read after some phrases.

Jep, people who want to understand but didn´t understand another language have no chance. Their door will be locked forever if nobody translate it for them.

There are more than 185million people around the world who speak/read german and 105 million german native speaker.

Perhaps i can reach some more of them if they understand what walton is creating for the entire world!

Enjoy and thank me later ;-)



Does anyone else have this app downloaded on their phone? I believe it's a app but I could be wrong. It's made by PrograMonks and it's a gold/black icon.

Now before I get started on my rant, I just want to acknowledge that I know how the community feels about the VeChain bashing or comparing the two at all in terms of competing with one another. However a portion of my rant will include how unfair it is that VeChain is given 1000x more publicity via the news section on this app. So fair warning. Also, while I am all in WTC and hold no VET, I wish VET all the success in the world and personally I do not feel 1 must fail for the other to succeed. I actually think the success of VeChain would help drive WaltonChain's success.

Ok, now that I got that out the way let me explain what I'm upset about.

When you go to the news section for WTC on the app, there is a total of 6 articles the latest of which was added on 4/17/18 and is the only news article that doesn't completely trash WTC. The other 5 consist of articles such as "Top 5 Crypto Fails of 2018" (which also has VeChain tagged in it coincidentally, not that anyone would ever see it because they get several new articles posted every single day and this article was posted like 6 months ago.)

Yes VeChain is higher up in the top 100 and has a much higher marketcap so it's understandable there would be more news about it and if that was simply the case I would have zero grievances with it. But it's not just that, here is what really pissed me off and caused me to write this thread:
On Aug 31st Crypto Coin News posts an article titled 'Bitcoin at $7,000: Market Recovers After Drop, WaltonChain Surges 30%.'
THIS FUCKING ARTICLE TAGGED VECHAIN AND BITCOIN only!! The entire article is discussing Waltonchain for the most part and doesn't mention Vechain one single time yet if anyone goes to the news section for WTC on the app, the article is no where to be found.

So basically any and all possible new investors who are doing their research on this app (which is the most popular coin app on android.) are very likely to only see a very shitty list of articles and none of the good ones and then decide not to waste their time researching any further.... I mean where's all the news about our partnerships? What about all the awards the company is winning? How about that news about the shopping center thing? Sorry I'm exhaused and can't remember most of the good news we've had over the past year but I know we've had plenty....

So what do you guys think about this? Any ideas on how we can fix this issue?

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